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About This Center

Aya Madre is a shamanic healing center outside of Iquitos, Peru. It is owned and operated by master Shipibo shaman Estela Pangoza and her family. Maestra Estela is a renowned healer who works with the power of ayahuasca and mother nature as part of an ancient system of holistic treatment. Come heal your physical, emotional and/or spiritual illnesses, and connect more deeply to nature, yourself and higher states of well-being.

Maestra Estela has owned this property and been hosting a wide range of guests, clients and patients for over 5 years. In 2018 the center was officially founded as “Aya Madre.” Maestra Estela's vision is to open a space deep in the heart of the jungle for people from the around the world to experience the deep and profound healing of mother nature.

While “ayahuasca tourism” has boomed in the Amazon jungle, with tourists seeking the sometimes thrilling visions ayahuasca can offer, Maestra Estela practices a traditional form of Shipibo plant medicine. This tradition sees ayahuasca as one of many master plants which along with a range of other plant treatments, can act as a powerful diagnostic tool, purgative, and ultimately, help us connect more deeply with the healing power within ourselves and all around us. This form of Shipibo plant medicine has been practiced for thousands of years, and at Aya Madre guests will be immersed in the full system of healing under Maestra Estela's care and guidance.

Venue Highlights

Aya Madre is located about an hour from the international airport in Iquitos, Peru. The center lies deep in the jungle, off Carretera Nauta (KM 22), down a dirt road just past the tiny village of Nueva Esperanza.

The center is fairly remote and secluded, and is currently composed of 5 individual tambos, a larger shared guesthouse, a kitchen, a large maloka, and 2 outdoor bathrooms (construction is under way for 2 additional bathrooms and 4 showers).

These simple, rustic, yet comfortable buildings are located in a large clearing filled with white sand, mysterious (and rare!) patches of soft jungle moss, and a nearby creek for swimming and bathing. As the center continues to grow and expand, we anticipate building several more individual and large tambos/guesthouses, a common area, a medicine & vegetable plant garden, a house of medicine, and more. The property contains approximately 22 acres of land, much of it pristine rain forest.

Come stay at Aya Madre and help us build a traditional yet innovative healing house and community for the 21st century!

Note: please be aware that the amenities at the center are quite basic (or “rustic” many would say). This is not a luxury retreat. It is more like a homestay with a family of healers and dreamers! The tambos are small huts made of simple, natural wood, the bathrooms are simple compost toilets, and the food and kitchen are also simple and minimal. We want to ensure your expectations meet the reality. It's kind of like camping, but with a little hut, a mattress, a mosquito net, served food, and a powerful shaman and lovely community looking after you :)


Guests stay in simple wood huts (tambos), either private or shared. They will have a mattress, mosquito net, sheets and pillow. It's fairly simple accommodations, but everything you need!

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


The center serves 3 meals per day (except days of ayahuasca ceremony where there is no dinner), and the meals are usually quite simple. They are a variation of the standard "Ayahuasca diet": rice, lentils, noodles, veggies, eggs, etc.


Guests fly to Iquitos Airport in Iquitos, Peru. Flights are available from Lima, Peru (about 1 hour, and $125). They will be picked up at the airport by Aya Madre staff. The trip to the center is about 30 minutes on the highway (on a "mototaxi") and then another 30 minutes on a dirt road. From there guests will walk about 20 minutes, sometimes through some puddles and mud. But someone will carry their bag. It's a bit of an adventure!

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  • Amy   August 23, 2020

      Rustic Real Revelationary

    I had the privilege of spending 10d here late 2019. Life changing experience and 8 months later am still processing. So grateful. The Centre is about 45min outside of Iquitos then a 5km Keke/mototaxi off the main road into deep jungle, off grid. The facilities were clean, simple and rustic but very beautiful. Small group of ppl not a massive commercial operation. You get your own hut. The dieta is delicious and ample. The plant medicines here are selected for YOU it's not just about ayahuasca. The staff are always smiling and happy. There is very little English but the facilitators helped when important. Maestra Estella is humble, kind and a very powerful healing entity. Pearls- do not pack suitcases like silly me use a waterproof backpack, do bring gifts for the staff/families or leave items behind they can use like batteries, flashlights...do not try to "tour" Peru after go right home you will have alot to.process, bring a bag you can put electonics in with those silica packs the humidity is 100% lol, send messages home from Iqt Airport when u arrive before you get picked up it's difficult but not impossible to get messages once you are at the centre, come with an open mind, trust you are protected and guided, come with some intentions but realize the healing journey may take you on a few tangents first the nature of which reveal the true intention anyways. What else, just be yourself and know you are exactly where you need to be. Will be back someday. Love to all of you on this journey and Maestra and her staff/family.

  • Estelle Arlaud   June 13, 2020

      The Real Deal!

    Maestra Estela is a great human being and a fantastic healer. Trained by her Shipibo grand father, worked in centers for 30 years and finally was guided by Divine Light to open her own. While I traveled through Peru I asked travellers if they have met a great shaman, and 7 different ones told me her name. So on my return, I booked a month at Aya Madre. I was so happy that she re discovered the mother of all plants, Shamburi, that treats you like a caring mother, without the hardship of ayahuasca. In the 12 ceremonies I had, I went back 4 lives ago to understand what was my last thought before dying, why I became a victim for 3 more lives and why I had tumours in my colon, and they got removed. I had brain and stomach surgeries, DNA was corrected, karma was erased , all my body cells cleaned. My soul grew by 12 times. If there was no lock down, I would be there now for 6 months, as a volunteer. A place where you learn to be responsible of your own healing, of your dietas, and what master plant you wish to drink during ceremonies. I made a little video about it, that will explain and show you well the center. Much gratitude to Maestra Estela, her family and team, for making us feel safe and healing us with love ... https://youtu.be/W4tXRkVtI8w One Love

  • Sienna   April 24, 2020

      Go See Estela!

    I spent a month at Aya Madre for my thirtieth birthday. Prior to going to the jungle I had already sat in six or so ceremonies. Going to Peru, all I knew was that I wanted a female shaman. When I walked through the gates of Aya Madre I knew I had chosen the right center. This place is different than any other retreat center for a multitude of reasons. First, this isn't just a retreat center. It's a school and you will learn as much as you want to in your time there. Maestra Estela is constantly teaching about plants. How to gather them and turn them into medicine. If you have any ailment, pain, worry, or shadow she is off at a moments notice looking in the jungle for the plant that will help you. You don’t just take medicine here, you learn how to prepare the plants and what purposes they serve. Second, Maestra Estela. She is a mother through and through. Her nurturing, caring spirit can be felt on every leaf throughout the center. Not once did I feel like she didn't have me - in ceremony and out of ceremony. She is constantly working to help the center and the pasajeros and seems to be everywhere at once. I will forever carry her icaros in my heart. Third, the plant diet. Here each pasajero is given their own plant dieta prescribed by Maestra after your consult. It’s like a prescription, but from Mother Earth. You are encouraged to spend time with your plants and really connect with them. So many retreat centers want to just shove Ayahuasca your way and let you have this wild trip, but here Maestra gets to the root of the problem by using all of her resources from the jungle and what’s more, she teaches you how to do it yourself. Thus, you learn how to heal yourself. I had plenty of experience with ayahuasca before I went to Peru and I was not disappointed in the center I chose (because there are a LOT of choices!). This center is special and I would recommend it to everyone, but especially anyone who has never drank before and anyone who might be more comfortable with a woman. I can’t wait to go back :-)

  • Anavictoria Alfonso   March 31, 2020

      Aya Madre is home in so many ways

    I spent two months at Aya Madre and it was deeply impactful. 1- You get to know a large variety of plant medicines, beyond Aya, and you are able to engage with them hands on 2- You are part of the community there, you are able to spend time with the Shipibo family and workers and get to know them beyond ceremony 3-The natural environment is so beautiful and accommodations are the perfect combination of rustic and comforting 4-It is an honor to learn with and from Estela Pangoza- she is so intuitive, present, humble, silly, and generous with her knowledge **I especially recommend this center to women seeking a first time plant medicine experience.

  • Katie Olsson   March 29, 2020

      Life Changing

    My experience at Aya Madre was life changing to say the least. I had an extremely rare and life threatening sickness that doctors here in the states couldn't even diagnose. Estela knew what it was right away and had the medicine to cure it. I received the best of care and so much love from everyone who worked at the center. I can't even express my gratitude. My work with the medicine was equally profound. My eyes are open and my body and mind cleansed and on the path to fully healing. I still have work to do and definitely plan on coming back to Aya Madre in the near future. If your looking to heal physically, mentally or spiritually you will find it at Aya Madre????

  • Kosta   February 13, 2020

      Amazing Center

    I spent a week in the Center back in January. It was a second different retreat I visited, and Aya Madre is a place which is taking the experience to another level. Beginning with the introduction to other medicine plants and the ability of trying them during your stay is precious. The services which the Center offer such as vapor and massage were great addition to the whole experience. The people who are working there starting with the Maestra, Linda, Chase what a crew, their knowledge and friendliness, they were easy to approach and speak with. The actual center is located near a river which you can use during the hot days, being off the grid, beautiful nature and not to forget the great food we were served daily are features making this experience very special. After my stay I can highly recommend this Center, it a place which I’m going to visit again.

  • Deyan Ivanov   February 01, 2020

      Warm peaceful energy. 100% authentic Shipibo retreat. Excellent for true seekers.

    Aya Madre was perfect me. I found warm welcoming energy and peace. The retreat is very well designed and the whole concept is well thought over. It is a place, where different medicinal plants are used and combined with different healing practices. This is very important if you are familiar with the medicine or if you have already been to the Peruvian jungle. The retreat is absolutely authentic. I noticed very little "gringo" conveniences added. The tambos are set well apart from each other and without electricity. You have the opportunity to completely detach from civilization and focus on yourself and, pray or meditate. There are very little distractions, which I found very useful. Apart from the ceremonies, the maestra is prescribing various medicinal plants, which are ingested multiple times a day and help, cleanse, heal, invigorate and restore the body. The food is way more diverse than in other retreats I have been to. There are fruits and cooked meals all in accordance with the strict Ayahuasca diet. The place is very clean and beautiful. There is a clean river just outside if it, which we loved after our daily steam baths. Aya Madre is smaller than other retreats. In our last ceremony we were only 9 people. This helps the shaman focus individually on each participant, something that I did not experience elsewhere. The daily price includes everything. Mapachos and Aqua Di Florida is included as well. Included is a daily massage and a Shipibo steam bath (something I loved). One of the things that I noticed during my stay was that I didn't count down the days and didn't feel any pressure before ceremonies. The flow of energy is amazing and I will return for another week or too.

  • Ilona Dovey   January 28, 2020

      Simply heaven on Earth :)

    I stayed at Aya Madre in September, 2019. The place was recommended by my dear friend and I believe it was also sent to me by my spirit guides. I was in search for a very loving, safe, caring and a quiet place for my internal work with the plants and Aya Madre has found me. The beauty of the whole centre is beyond belief, with plenty walks around in the jungle for those a little bit more adventurous :) Tambo's are basic, but very comfortable as you don't need much in the jungle anyway. The Malloca where we had ceremonies is the most beautiful Malloca I have ever seen. Maestra Estela is a true plant medicine genius. She has so much knowledge not just about Ayahuasca, Huachuma, but also about other plants, that were part of the healing process during my stay. She was very quick at identifying my physical issues and managed to heal me both with the help of the plants and Icaros. I have no words to describe the power to heal, transform energy and love that she shares with everyone through the Icaros. Simply put of this world ❤ Aya Madre will definitely be the only place I will ever go to, due to my keen interest in the plant medicines and Maestra Estela is deeply connected to the plants and is very happy to share her knowledge with those, who want to learn. I would highly recommend Aya Madre to everyone. Very loving Shipibo family that will accept you as their own :) ❤ ????

  • Lana Grumberg   October 30, 2019

      Amazing and surprisingly home like experience

    I visited this place with my son who is 30 now in 2018 and stayed for almost a month. It was an amazing experience, very healing. The place is great, very comfortable. People are caring, the whole environment feels like home. Feels safe and relaxing. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to feel better and have a great vacation at the same time.

  • Marie K   April 12, 2018

      A truly special experience (that's down-to-earth)

    My experience at Aya Madre, which I will never forget, was a powerful mix of plant-based spirituality and cultural immersion. Over 1 week, Maestra Estela applied her lifelong understanding of plant medicines to help identify and heal emotional/physical issues I was struggling with, having to do with depression, anxiety, and relationships. ------ The process was gentle and holistic. Estela draws from a rich palette of plants, nearly all grown at Aya Madre or obtained nearby in the Amazon. The first few days were spent with plants (non-psychoactive) that gently relaxed me and promoted introspection. This approach helped me feel safe and relaxed, focus my intentions, and ask probing questions. All great preparation for the healing work of Ayahuasca and San Pedro cactus. ------ Estela's ceremonies are beautiful and intimate. They are very much about healing through song (icaros), safety, and openness. Estela is a very approachable healer and teacher. ------ I appreciated the safe, relaxing setting, especially as a young woman traveling solo. I am grateful for Chris's excellent translation and his all-round support of the guests and the Center. I feel that all who come here are connected in a very special way, like an extended family. Do be prepared for very basic accomodations and food; it can help to see the natural setting and diet as a huge part of the healing here. ------ It's been a week since I've returned to my home in the U.S., and I feel a quiet sense of extra strength. It's subtle, but definitely there. Aya Madre showed me that new ways of seeing and living are possible. This is medicine that's strong enough, I feel, to remove old knots and set new forces in motion towards health for years, if not a lifetime. ------ Estela's vision is special and sorely needed. It includes a school of medicine, giving access to healing plants to all people in need, and supporting the well-being of the Shipibo (indigenous) community. She encouraged the guests to take the plants' healing lessons wherever we go -- to share with our friends, families and communities. We are so fortunate to have Estela share her vast knowledge and healing powers with us. You must go and see for yourself!

  • Tom C   April 11, 2018

      Amazing experience. Estela (the maestra Shaman) is a true genius!

    I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Aya Madre following a review by Chris Kilham on medicinehunters.com. Words can't describe the experience I had. It was truly incredible. From the amazing welcome by another Chris (the guy helping with the set-up of the retreat) in Iquitos town center, to the unique plant medicines, to the truly beautiful ayahuasca ceremonies - it was truly an amazing experience. Estela, the Maestra Shaman is a true genius in every sense of the word. Seeing her operate during the ayahuasca ceremony is something I will never forget. She was able to take on the most incredible journey where I was able to connect with the entire universe. Her singing channels the most inedible energy and love. Her understanding of the different plants within the amazon and their healing powers is also incredible. She will assess your energy and intentions and create a plant based dieta to prepare you and help with healing. Her family are also so welcoming and loving. If anyone is searching for alternative medicines, incredible ayahuasca ceremonies, a truly genius shaman, to extend your family or to just have a nice retreat in the middle of the Amazon - then look no further.

  • Brian Reilly   April 07, 2018

      I wouldn't want anything else.

    My experience at Aya Madre seems to have been among the most important and healing of my entire life! I had next to no experience with plant medicine before arriving to Aya Madre and was certainly not interested in jumping right into an ayahuasca ceremony. A big part of why I chose Aya Madre was because Estela's work is not about simply providing acute ayahuasca interventions. My first week consisted of no ayahuasca in fact but rather a diet of mild foods; lots of journaling and body work; plant medicine through baths, steams, and teas; and lots of talking with her, playing soccer with her kids, swimming in the creek, and other fun. I actually never had any remotely psychoactive experience even when taking ayahuasca (which is not unusual). Nonetheless, the environment, good vibes from her family/staff and other pasajeros, and non-psychoactive properties of the plants worked wonders on my four bodies. Just as important to me, as a cross-cultural educator and lifelong traveler, was the cultural experience. I felt practically like a member of Estela's family during my stay - she lived up to the Aya Madre name! What may have taught me the most was just observing their lifestyle, soaking up some of their cosmovision, and seeing how they treat family, friends, guests, neighbors, and the environment around them more broadly speaking. I'd go back just to continue asking her questions and goofing off with her kids. I caught a lot of wisdom in both of those activities. Anyways, I can't recommend Aya Madre highly enough. Aya Madre would have to change a lot from what it was during my visit for me to be able to imagine someone not having a good experience there.

  • Sohee   April 06, 2018

      My heart is full

    As a solo female traveler who’s been on the road for some time, I feel so so grateful for this space filled with incredibly kind and caring people. I’ve found that it is rare to find a place so honest and intimate, and at Aya Madre, I felt that I could open up and share any of my emotions without being judged. //// Before, I was only vaguely entertaining the idea of trying ayahuasca, mostly out of curiosity and a desire for some insight on this transitional phase of my life. I was having a difficult time choosing a center that didn’t feel so commercial and curated for tourists, until I heard about Aya Madre per a friend’s enthusiastic recommendation after he spent two weeks there. I first had meant to stay at Aya Madre for 6 days, which I extended to 7, then finally 10. The coordinator/translator Chris was very lenient, and he made it clear that everyone could stay as long as they wished. //// Aya Madre is not the type of center that just gives ayahuasca to its pasajeros and sends them on their way. I found that my favorite part of the ceremonies was at the very end of the night. Estela would ask each of us how we were doing, how our experiences were and what we saw, and she would provide insight on whatever we’d experienced, as well as share her own visions with us. I’ve learned so much from asking Estela questions and hearing what she has to say, and I feel incredibly lucky to have found a place that fosters such an intimate relationship with its curandera (healer). From the start, Estela stresses that she is here as our second mother and as our guide, to teach us how to immerse ourselves in the vast world of plant medicine that is so engrained in the Shipibo way of life—after all, the healing doesn’t just come from ayahuasca or San Pedro. Aya Madre is truly a unique gem, and my time spent there was a deeply healing experience that I will always hold dear to me. I am writing this testimonial on only my first night after my stay, and I miss everyone so much already. Until our paths cross again ...

  • vanni mangoni   March 16, 2018

      True AyaMadre

    THE LAND: Prepare for an adventure! Ayamadre is located at km22 from the Iquitos airport. After a jumpy motor-car ride and a jungle walk, we finally reached the hill on top of which Ayamadre is situated. The land is beautiful, far away from the noises of the city, the forest alive, clean and healthy, there's even a small river that flows through the property just meters away from the first tambo in which we can bath and often (when it has rained enough) swim! THE CENTER: Rustic, an authentic Shipibo style retreat. Though I feel like Estela's will shortly attract more and more "passejeros", the center as of today is more like a family village: the experience is super-intimate, ideal for those who seek a connection with Shipibo culture and curanderismo. The fact that Ayamadre just opened gives us "passengers" the quite unique opportuinty to establish an up-close and personal relation with the shamans and their family - very different from other centers where the shamans are not easy to approach. MAESTRA ESTELA: She is the mother of Ayamadre, a powerful and caring medicine woman. Her mission seems to be more about sharing her knowledge and guide us into finding our own connection with the healing plants of the jungle than to "content us" with mystical journeys only; at the same time her shamanic skills are incredible - her icaros accompanied me straight to the heart of the issue that led me to seek healing in the jungle, and found it. She is a true maestra/master. The team - which at the moment counts the help of Clementina (a shaman herself and good friend of Estela) and Chris (a lovely New Yorker who translates for those who don't speak Spanish and helps with logistics and organization) and Estela's family - is friendly and always ready to help. I will DEFINITELY and JOYOUSLY go back to Ayamadre. Truly grateful to have been there in its first days. I recommend this place to all those who seek more than just an ayahusca experience but a whole immersion into the heart of Shipibo Shamanism and tradition.

  • Christopher Casuccio   February 14, 2018

      A true curandera

    Amazing and totally unique experience. Deeply healing. I spent a month working with Estela, and now I am actually helping her with her website and intake process. She is a true curandera in the old-fashioned sense. I stayed with her and her family for a month in her amazing and beautiful center. It is rustic and simple and certainly not a luxury center. What I loved about working with Estela as my shaman is that she didn't just have me take Ayahuasca over and over again. After a few ceremonies, we both realized it wasn't healing me, and she laid out a treatment plan for the next month. This included a whole host of plant remedies, massages, steam baths, etc. She sat with me time and time again to explain what she saw in my body, what she thinks I need, how the healing works, etc. I felt so loved and cared for, and the plants have really helped me work through some much-needed psychological problems. Estela seems to understand the issues us "Northerners" have, which are both mental, energetic and physical all at the same time. What a powerful, loving and healing soul. I can't recommend enough working with Estela. Go to Aya Madre!!

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