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Aya Madre is a shamanic healing center outside of Iquitos, Peru. It is owned and operated by master Shipibo shaman Estela Pangoza and her family. Maestra Estela is a renowned healer who works with the power of ayahuasca and mother nature as part of an ancient system of holistic treatment. Come heal your physical, emotional and/or spiritual illnesses, and connect more deeply to nature, yourself and higher states of well-being.

Maestra Estela has owned this property and been hosting a wide range of guests, clients and patients for over 5 years. In 2018 the center was officially founded as “Aya Madre.” Maestra Estela's vision is to open a space deep in the heart of the jungle for people from the around the world to experience the deep and profound healing of mother nature.

While “ayahuasca tourism” has boomed in the Amazon jungle, with tourists seeking the sometimes thrilling visions ayahuasca can offer, Maestra Estela practices a traditional form of Shipibo plant medicine. This tradition sees ayahuasca as one of many master plants which along with a range of other plant treatments, can act as a powerful diagnostic tool, purgative, and ultimately, help us connect more deeply with the healing power within ourselves and all around us. This form of Shipibo plant medicine has been practiced for thousands of years, and at Aya Madre guests will be immersed in the full system of healing under Maestra Estela's care and guidance.

Venue Highlights

Aya Madre is located about an hour from the international airport in Iquitos, Peru. The center lies deep in the jungle, off Carretera Nauta (KM 22), down a dirt road just past the tiny village of Nueva Esperanza.

The center is fairly remote and secluded, and is currently composed of 5 individual tambos, a larger shared guesthouse, a kitchen, a large maloka, and 2 outdoor bathrooms (construction is under way for 2 additional bathrooms and 4 showers).

These simple, rustic, yet comfortable buildings are located in a large clearing filled with white sand, mysterious (and rare!) patches of soft jungle moss, and a nearby creek for swimming and bathing. As the center continues to grow and expand, we anticipate building several more individual and large tambos/guesthouses, a common area, a medicine & vegetable plant garden, a house of medicine, and more. The property contains approximately 22 acres of land, much of it pristine rain forest.

Come stay at Aya Madre and help us build a traditional yet innovative healing house and community for the 21st century!

Note: please be aware that the amenities at the center are quite basic (or “rustic” many would say). This is not a luxury retreat. It is more like a homestay with a family of healers and dreamers! The tambos are small huts made of simple, natural wood, the bathrooms are simple compost toilets, and the food and kitchen are also simple and minimal. We want to ensure your expectations meet the reality. It's kind of like camping, but with a little hut, a mattress, a mosquito net, served food, and a powerful shaman and lovely community looking after you :)

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


The center serves 3 meals per day (except days of ayahuasca ceremony where there is no dinner), and the meals are usually quite simple. They are a variation of the standard "Ayahuasca diet": rice, lentils, noodles, veggies, eggs, etc.


Guests stay in simple wood huts (tambos), either private or shared. They will have a mattress, mosquito net, sheets and pillow. It's fairly simple accommodations, but everything you need!


Guests fly to Iquitos Airport in Iquitos, Peru. Flights are available from Lima, Peru (about 1 hour, and $125). They will be picked up at the airport by Aya Madre staff. The trip to the center is about 30 minutes on the highway (on a "mototaxi") and then another 30 minutes on a dirt road. From there guests will walk about 20 minutes, sometimes through some puddles and mud. But someone will carry their bag. It's a bit of an adventure!

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  • vanni mangoni   March 16, 2018

      True AyaMadre

    THE LAND: Prepare for an adventure! Ayamadre is located at km22 from the Iquitos airport. After a jumpy motor-car ride and a jungle walk, we finally reached the hill on top of which Ayamadre is situated. The land is beautiful, far away from the noises of the city, the forest alive, clean and healthy, there's even a small river that flows through the property just meters away from the first tambo in which we can bath and often (when it has rained enough) swim! THE CENTER: Rustic, an authentic Shipibo style retreat. Though I feel like Estela's will shortly attract more and more "passejeros", the center as of today is more like a family village: the experience is super-intimate, ideal for those who seek a connection with Shipibo culture and curanderismo. The fact that Ayamadre just opened gives us "passengers" the quite unique opportuinty to establish an up-close and personal relation with the shamans and their family - very different from other centers where the shamans are not easy to approach. MAESTRA ESTELA: She is the mother of Ayamadre, a powerful and caring medicine woman. Her mission seems to be more about sharing her knowledge and guide us into finding our own connection with the healing plants of the jungle than to "content us" with mystical journeys only; at the same time her shamanic skills are incredible - her icaros accompanied me straight to the heart of the issue that led me to seek healing in the jungle, and found it. She is a true maestra/master. The team - which at the moment counts the help of Clementina (a shaman herself and good friend of Estela) and Chris (a lovely New Yorker who translates for those who don't speak Spanish and helps with logistics and organization) and Estela's family - is friendly and always ready to help. I will DEFINITELY and JOYOUSLY go back to Ayamadre. Truly grateful to have been there in its first days. I recommend this place to all those who seek more than just an ayahusca experience but a whole immersion into the heart of Shipibo Shamanism and tradition.

  • Christopher Casuccio   February 14, 2018

      A true curandera

    Amazing and totally unique experience. Deeply healing. I spent a month working with Estela, and now I am actually helping her with her website and intake process. She is a true curandera in the old-fashioned sense. I stayed with her and her family for a month in her amazing and beautiful center. It is rustic and simple and certainly not a luxury center. What I loved about working with Estela as my shaman is that she didn't just have me take Ayahuasca over and over again. After a few ceremonies, we both realized it wasn't healing me, and she laid out a treatment plan for the next month. This included a whole host of plant remedies, massages, steam baths, etc. She sat with me time and time again to explain what she saw in my body, what she thinks I need, how the healing works, etc. I felt so loved and cared for, and the plants have really helped me work through some much-needed psychological problems. Estela seems to understand the issues us "Northerners" have, which are both mental, energetic and physical all at the same time. What a powerful, loving and healing soul. I can't recommend enough working with Estela. Go to Aya Madre!!


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