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Come join us in the Sacred Valley of Peru for a 7-Day Ayahuasca Retreat. 

This retreat gives you the time and space to let go and allow your authentic self to take root, creating a lasting shift in your awareness and life. During our time together, you will be held in a safe space of love and openness for you to do your inner work. You will be given all the tools you need to peel away the layers, let go and realize the Divine nature within you.

Our next Ayahuasca retreats are:

November 24-30, 2019 in Sacred Valley, Peru
Feb 2-8, 2020 in Mexican Mayan Riviera

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  • Brianna York   September 28, 2015

      One of the most transformative 7 days of my life

    I spent a week growing, healing & processing so much beneath the beautiful eucalyptus grove in Pisac Peru. Thank you so much to Denise Cooper and César Eret for leading such a beautiful, deep retreat. I can't recommmend the work they are doing enough - they hold such a safe, explorative space so you can be vulnerable and let go of what is no longer serving you. Pisac, Perú will always have a special place in my heart!

  • Genevieve Sanchez   July 31, 2015

      7-Day Juice Cleanse

    This retreat was the best thing I could have done for myself and my relationship with my husband. Not only did I leave the retreat renewed in my body, mind and spirit, but also my husband grew closer. I have horrible allergies and asthma by the 3day no symptoms....I have been home now over 2 weeks and continue to do so much better as compared to when I left for Peru! Cesar and Denise are truly dedicated to each and every participant of the retreat...... Much love and GRATITUDE to both Cesar and Denise!

  • Al Sanchez   July 28, 2015

      As a couple, the best thing we have ever done for ourselves and relationship!

    What a great adventure! When one needs to invigorate and reinvent their life, where do you start? You start with yourself. The Live, Life, Lit retreat gives you everything you need, body and mind to start a clean path to the rest of your life. I was amazed by the transformation of how one can feel, once you clear your system of toxins and waste hidden within your digestive system. 7 days of organic fresh juices and broths is all the body needs while staying solid food free. It was easier then I had thought. This was a complete body and mind reset. The best thing I could have done with my wife. Going through this together was such a boost to our relationship. Being together for over 23 years and raising children and grandchildren, we thought we had been through it all. This retreat re-introduced us in a way western medicine or conventional vacations could never accomplish. Denise & Caesar were both instrumental in creating a safe and nurturing environment. Not only by sharing their expertise, but by bringing a unique and varied group of personalities together to share space with, for 7 days. I have made some great friends for life during this retreat. There is so much more to this retreat then a 7 day fast. Other modalities offered were very impressive and made a very positive impact on our spirit. I highly recommend the Kambo Ceremony as an elective to definitely add to your experience. All the other specialists were unique and highly effective in pampering one’s soul and spirit. Meredith Shippam never ceases to amaze, in her power of clearing negative energy. You can be sure of every modality; as they are hand picked for there healing abilities by Denise and Caesar. I came to the conclusion that if they are part of this retreat, then they are of a high level in their respective crafts. The spiritual ceremonies were essential and magical. To experience Earth Mother (Pachamama) through the spirit of the vine is something you will never forget or regret. You could do yourself no greater favor, Do this one!

  • Lisa Moore   July 26, 2015

      Transformation at its best

    I attended a seven day sacred juice cleansing retreat with Denise and Cesar's leadership in February. To say it was transformative is to only scratch the surface. The retreat location was lovely and comfortable. The schedule was intentional and well paced. The facilitators were extraordinary. There are probably a lot of retreats that can boast the same. I have been on many retreats over many years and all have been impactful, but Live.Life.Lit gave me new life. This retreat made meaning of all the previous experiences in a profound way and I found myself, my essence, my center. Denise and Cesar are a magical pair that work beautifully together to create a space for individuals to journey individually but also collectively in loving support. Their deep spiritual core informs all they do and when in their presence you feel the sacred. When I returned home all could observe the difference and begged to learn how they too could have this experience. It is my hope that I can encourage others to participate in a retreat. I know it will be life enhancing, it was for me.

  • Luis M.   July 24, 2015

      Great experience!

    The retreat was really adorable. The relationship with food, emotions and stress changes with this retreat. The location: incredible! Sacred Valley in Pisac. The teachers Denise and Cesar are really devoted and commited to the experience and to the participants. They provide a nice, beautiful and profound experience full of love. The rythm of the retreat is great, very well planned and scheduled. Thanks Denise and Cesar and keep doing such a good Job!

  • Ether Christopharian Cosmo   May 15, 2015

      'Deep Appreciation - A Life Changing Experience'

    For me the juice cleanse was truly a life changing experience, shining a light upon long standing, deeply embedded beliefs and patterns which were far from serving my highest good. It's interesting how stepping away from my perceived dependence on food to survive (thrive) has opened me up to question a host of other equally invalid beliefs id previously considered absolute and beyond question. I'm now discovering a fascinating yet confrontational reality where i see a whole universe of different pathways to that which I desire. Thank you Denise and Cesar for providing such a beautiful space for me to begin this sacred journey of self discovery.

  • Alta Regina   May 11, 2015

      True magic in the valley of los Incas

    It is beyond words the gratitude and appreciation I have for Denise and Cesar for providing the space, knowledge and love to facilitate the 7 day juice cleanse! At first I was unsure what the 7 day cleanse would have in store for me, but I am so glad I decided to join. What I received over the 7 days was space to let go, grow, heal and connect, things I had been in search of for years. I believe it was the way in which Denise and Cesar held space for retreat participants that this type of growth and healing could occur. Denise and Cesar deeply care about their participants and take much pride and respect in the work they do. It is a reflection of who they are as people. Love, Connection, Healing, Guidance The juices and the physical detoxification were great. The physical detox combined with facilitated yoga, meditation and integration activities made the retreat a full mind, body, soul rejuvenation. In addition using plant medicines in the healing process was a powerful boost that other cleanses do not provide. In sum the people, the juices, the location, the design of this retreat truly creates magic in the valley. Gracias!

  • Amelia Neffati   April 27, 2015

      Transformative Cleanse in a Beautiful Location

    The cleanse was facilitated with conscience to my physical, mental, and emotional needs. Denise and Cesar held space for my process and were loving involved in all aspects of their program. They are experienced and qualified to facilitate all aspects of their program. I have spent many years working with sacred plants and andean healing modalities, and I have fasted in other programs in India and the US, I felt that this program launched a deep and beneficial review of my healing priorities so that I could be present to all that this healing location had to offer. Mellisa Wasi is a beautiful location, the juices and exercises were nurturing and I felt fully supported.

  • Shannon Dutcher   March 05, 2015

      Healing in Peru

    This retreat was amazing. Cesar and Denise hold a great space for healing, cleansing and growth. The surroundings are spectacular. The retreat pace was relaxed and the healing was intense. Pisac feels like a healing hub. There are so many great healers there and I chose to participate in as many healing sessions as flowed with the time I had there. I really enjoyed the info I received from the Mayan reading. If you feel called for a deep healing, it is worth the trip and they have you picked up at the airport so no stress. I do recommend you stay in Peru an extra week after the retreat and enjoy the historic district of Cuzco and the Sacred Valley. Peru is beautiful and full of abundance. The retreat had a great impact on me. I am more relaxed and open. I eat and drink more consciously than ever. I feel better than ever and I highly recommend this retreat.

  • Abby Duckwall   March 05, 2015

      7 Day Sacred Juice Cleanse

    I experienced one of the most transformative times of my entire life with Denise, Casar and our group of courageous souls this past February. I had no idea how truly good I would feel once I removed food and began to allow my body a break and cleanse. I actually thought I would feel bad and have a hard time. Quite the contrary, I noticed I felt more happy, alive, energized and playful than I have in years; maybe decades! Denise and Casar truly hold an amazing space and are so very present, helpful and supportive. Not everyone in our group felt as good as I did. There was a lot of detoxing happening but everyone said they felt "held" and safe to do the deep work. I personally got pieces from my past that I had been searching for for a long time and I was able to integrate these aspects of me once and for all. And I was able to let go of parts of my present life that were simply no longer serving me. I would highly recommend this juice cleanse to anyone willing to do some deep emotional and spiritual work. At the very least you will give your digestion a much needed break. And, you may just transform some life-long patterns along the way!

  • ryan   February 20, 2015

      Refresh and renew

    This cleanse helped me clean out my body, restore my faith in myself, and build a strong foundation for the future. I found myself on a soul-searching trip to Peru and found my confidence and strength to return home with my heart and mind in the right place. It will always be a defining moment in the rest of my life. My body, mind and spirit will be forever thankful for this truly life changing experience.

  • Halesya   February 18, 2015

      Amazing Retreat!

    I wasn't looking for anything in particular on this retreat, but I found everything I needed. I had been living in Cusco for 7 months and was preparing to start traveling again. I wanted to reset before I left and found this retreat. Denise and Cesar are so accommodating and put so much into making this retreat a truly unique and memorable experience. They are two people that exude light! Their facilitation really made the retreat for me. The juices themselves are delicious. Every day involves yoga, meditation and varying introspective activities. The setting in Pisac is breathtaking. I can't really say enough good things about the whole experience, but I would recommend it to anybody! <#

  • Megan Lenehan   February 18, 2015

      Radiate with health and vitality

    The longest I have gone without food, by choice, was 2 days - 7 days was a challenging experience but so rewarding. The combination of detoxing, yoga, meditation, plant medicines and massage all helped assist with the cleansing process. Very quickly I stopped coffee and sugar cravings and my skin & eyes cleared and radiated with a healthy glow – I had no idea my eyes were so green! My relationship with food and childhood patterns has definitely shifted. I have a more conscious awareness around what I put in my body and more clarity around my vision for a healthy, sustainable life. Denise and Cesar are amazing facilitators who truly walk their talk - totally inspirational people! They held such a sacred, loving and safe space, that I felt able to release to the processes both within myself and within the group. Denise has an incredible depth of knowledge and experience in so many areas of healing and shares all of that in a practical and inspirational way. They both ‘live life lit’ and radiate with health & vitality – you couldn’t ask for a better example of the benefits of holistic healing! I highly recommend their 7 day Juice Detox; it has given me the tools to move forward to the next level of healing. Thank you Denise and Cesar for helping me back on the path. Megan ~ Australia 2014

  • lindsay   February 09, 2015

      A Beautiful and Transformative Experience!

    After recent participation in the Sacred Juice Cleanse, I feel transformed into a healthier version of myself. As I worked daily to cleanse my Being and observe sensations on the entire spectrum from hunger pains to the ecstatic bliss of being alive, I noticed incredible changes to my physical body and my mind. I realized that I am even stronger than I had ever realized! Also during the cleanse, I had the realization that I was experiencing a completely new way of being in my own body: lightness, effortlessness, and enhanced perception of everything around me with and beyond my basic five senses. In addition to nourishing juices made with love, Denise and Cesar held an incredibly beautiful, safe, nurturing space for transformation. The group sessions and activities provided well-rounded opportunities for self-reflection and integration, greatly enhancing the whole experience. I highly recommend participation in a cleansing retreat with Cesar and Denise for healing on all levels!

  • Ela   February 07, 2015

      A truly transformational experience

    I have always wanted to go to Peru and made it a goal last year after reading about the Live.Life.Lit retreat. The care Denise and Cesar put into ensuring that the week feels safe, calm, and peaceful is tremendous. Everything, from remaining organized with clear daily schedules, allowing plenty of time for exploring the nature and city of Pisac or relaxing, the quality and richness of the juices, the activities designed to find the answers you've been seeking from within, is enacted in such a way that you are guaranteed to have the most beautiful week. Densie told us at the start of the week that we would not be the same people at the end of the week. This is honestly true, and the transformation you will undergo is the most truthful and powerful one that you will be stunned that this could have happened in just one week. This retreat, without a doubt, is the one thing I would recommend to anyone who has been trying to find or understand themselves.

  • Caitlin Yardeny   February 04, 2015

      Complete mind and body cleanse

    I signed up for this retreat to give my body a detox, but came away with a complete mind, body and emotional cleanse. Denise and Cesar designed a complete package - great juices paired with activities like yoga and discussions that lead me on serious introspection. They created such a warm and welcoming environment, I always felt completely comfortable. I left after a week refreshed, renewed and with a new-found peaceful and calm center. I recommend this retreat to everyone and I hope to get back soon to recapture the magic.

  • Andy Atkinson   February 03, 2015

      A very special week

    I took part in this retreat primarily to lose a few pounds and give my body a well deserved rest but came away with a whole lot more. Over seven days I under went a total body and soul detox which has left me feeling much lighter in body and spirit, renewing my connection with nature and the earth. If you get the opportunity to stay with Denise and Cesar don't miss out. You won't regret it ;-)

  • Seychelle Hattingh   October 11, 2014

      Thank you Denise y Cesar!

    I signed up for this retreat feeling the need for a “reset button” in my life during the beginning of a 3 month journey in Peru. What I have achieved is so much more than just an amazing, full-body cleanse. I left feeling open, abundant, connected, peaceful, and eternally grateful for my new life-long friends and spiritual guides Denise and Cesar. What an incredible, expansive, healing, and heart-warming journey! Certainly worth every moment. Muchas muchas muchas gracias por todos!!!


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