Casa Del Sol – Private San Pedro & Ayahuasca Retreat in Ecuador

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Private Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat in the heart of San Pedro de Vilcabamba, in Loja, Ecuador. Casa Del Sol works with small groups to optimize the quality of your experience, and share the space as a family. Blessed with a beautiful location within the Valley of Longevity, we integrate ourselves with its powerful medicine; our retreats include walking through its mountains, cleansing ourselves in the waterfalls and in the river in front of our home. We make offerings, meditate, practice yoga, hold sweat lodges and plant medicine ceremonies to encourage this integration.

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  • C Dansi Gill   November 01, 2018

      Casa del Sol, a Spiritual Massage for the soul

    Casa del Sol A Spiritual Massage for the Soul. Casa Del Sol is place that transcend any other place of healing. It is a place where you csn find yourself even if you did not know you were lost. A Jewel seating in the middle of the mountains and the river in a Sacred place. Casa del Sol is a place of Love and Rebirth. I personally found healing on all levels, fought my demons with supportive sisters. Found out that I was never and will never be alone. It is a place where you are honored and where you learn how to honor yourself and others, you learn how to appreciate the dichotomy between the male and female aspects within you, leading to heal the relationship between men and women in this world. I have found in this little Ecuadorian Heaven a place of true let go and let God, not a place of competition, it is a place of a self-realization and creation. Hosted by the Magical Ximena a humble true Servant to the Highest, the women retreat she brought to life was life changing for many, it was transforming, and empowering to me. Ximena a true visionner, is the sister and the Master Yoda you never knew you needed into your life. She successfully Gathered the best of the best, Practitioners who are true artists to their art and craft, artists who lead you to love yourself as a whole, to understand and uncover who you are, who you were, heal the past so you can leave in the present without any fear of the future. These gathering of talented Medicine People will help you uncover your purpose while weaving a loving foundation to hold and support you each steps of the way. Each Ceremonies built upon one another, each workshops and hikes created a safe place to process, analyze and express out loud (or internally) the personal wonders. Sabine, Paulina, Amelia, Santiago, Maya, Sumena...all guides send to us from the creator to assist and help us. Casa Del Sol is a place of pilgrimage for the Soul, Where The spiritual, emotional and physical become One. This place is Filled with laugh and sometimes cries, have beautiful children that will sometimes Grace you with their presence, amazing delicious food, beautiful environment, with the animal, mineral and plant Kingdom at the heart of it all. Comfortable beds in beautiful rooms seating in the middle of nature. You will find there a true Family, a perfect definition of Love, sisterhood/brotherhood. You Will Find YOURSELF. I am extremely grateful for the continuous relationships that I have built there. I am grateful to the experience. It is now my home away from home.

  • SmilingBull   October 27, 2018

      Found The Path I Was Looking For

    Santiago is a great medicine man. I was reluctant at first entering this concept on my own for the first time. Santiago's diligence and meticulous process of healing, attention to detail and above all else a great positive energetic influence changed my mind after the very first session. He is deeply invested in your healing, in your journey and his treatments are gentle. Thank You Santiago for helping me..

  • Alex Roberto   October 25, 2018


    La experiencia que se vive en este sitio es única, es volver a ver la luz que estaba lejos de uno. Es increíble, espero algún día volver.

  • Keith Reed   October 14, 2018

      Authentic Experience

    Santiago's ceremonies are the real deal, because Santiago is the real deal! I did ceremony with him at his former place of employment,  as well as at his own venue, for a total of four ceremonies. Santiago has a way of seeing through a person's story to the truth that is underlying it. In my case, he could read between the lines of what I wasn't telling him, (or myself), and call me out on it. I thought I was there only to find inspiration and direction in my life, but he saw the areas where I still needed healing, and he helped me release some blockages that were standing in my way. It's been a little over two years now,  since I've worked with him, and I'm reaping the benefits of those ceremonies and experiences every day, as I am in a mich healthier and happier place in my life now, as a result. Santiago's medicine,  ceremonies and abilities to hold space are all of the highest quality. If you're looking to work with Grandfather San Pedro,  look no further,  Santiago is an excellent guide, and his mountain is a beautiful and powerful place!

  • Kara Haygarth   October 07, 2018

      Magic, healing, connection!!💚🌵🐆

    Casa del Sol is truly a house of the sun. Ximena and Santiago have created a beautiful retreat at their home in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Their warmth and energy made me feel at home and part of the family. This is a place where I experienced great healing, growth and transformation. Their property is nestled in a valley alongside side a serene river. This was a perfect setting to reconnect with pacha mama (Mother Earth) and become present with every element of the universe. I was just beginning my journey of healing when I arrived at Casa del Sol. And admittedly felt I was a shell of the person I am now. Ximena and Santiago are experts in their work, their dedication to the teachings of this tradition are evident. Their authenticity, guidance, compassion and love, provided both in and out of ceremony, set me on my path of healing and transformation. I am so grateful to Ximena and Santiago for their teachings and blessings during the ceremonies. There is an undeniable sense of magic at Casa del Sol. This place is truly unique. I wholeheartedly recommend Casa del Sol!!!💚💚💚💚💚

  • Simon Bohlin   September 28, 2018

      Casa Del Sol

    Words really can't do Santiago and Ximena justice. I've been travelling and exploring the medicine traditions of the West since 2013, and once you've opened up yourself to these complex realities you understand how deep the rabbit hole goes, and most of all, how infinitely important it is with a pure intention. There simply isn't one facilitator of ceremony that I'd trust more than Santiago. I've been coming back to him many times, and he is the only one I trust fully and who I'd recommend wholeheartedly to other people. His ceremonies are very powerful and work deep through many levels of consciousness, but they are always uplifting and infinitely beautiful. We are all participating in prayer and sometimes singing/playing, and whenever Santiago speaks we better listen, because there is tons of life wisdom contained in this man. I miss Casa Del Sol like my home. The place itself, located on a mountain next to the pure river Sabanilla, is lush, green and serene. A perfect place for calming down, for hiking the mountains and to contemplate.

  • Christopher Chiu   September 28, 2018

      Have been seeing the shamans since 2015 and brought my own brother and clients this year

    I’ve been going to see Santiago and his powerful medicine work since 2015 when I 1st met him. The 2nd San Pedro ceremony we had, he changed something inside of me. The next morning after I woke up and started crying b/c I could feel this deep inner shift. It’s hard to put it into words, but the best way to describe it is he removed whatever blockages there were around my heart. I could feel emotions, people, nature & everything else a lot more now. It was as if he took my heart and polished it new. From this experience, I was able to re-connect with myself and my life-purpose. This lead me down the path of becoming a men’s life coach helping others. It has been a career filled with more fufillment and joy. Something that feels in alignment with my values and soul. In 2016, I came back to see Santiago again and brought my brother with me as well to sit in his ceremonies. These were transformative and helped steer me further on my path. The songs and the way Santiago conducts the ceremonies is like no other. It’s impossible to be in them and not feel like you are growing and healing as a person. In 2018, I wanted to start co-leading retreats with Santiago & Ximena. And so I brought 10-clients and we did 3-separate retreats. Casa Del Sol was the perfect place for new beginners to start working with these medicines. The groups are small - not big like other retreats so it’s an intimate setting where everyone is taken care of. The retreat is situated in the beautiful green mountains with clear blue skies and a quiet river running which helps to fall asleep. There are zero distractions around and this space allows you to go inwards and reflect. The cabins are brand new and clean. The food and meals were both delicious and healthy. Ay que rico! The ceremonies that were lead by both Ximena & Santiago were probably my favorite. You get to witness both the divine masculine and feminine working in duo, in harmony and balance. Co-creating magic and healing together. This is rare in the medicine world where two beautiful & powerful souls are merging as one. Bc Ximena & Santiago both speak perfect English, I was able to learn so much more about the medicines, the traditions and the meanings behind them. They also have such big hearts and you can speak to them about whatever and they will be gentle, supportive guides. Santiago’s traditions are not new age - they are steeped in deep traditional roots from both South & North American native traditions & brotherhoods. This is one of the reason’s I choose to go back every year to learn from him. He’s had so much training and experience from many tribes. I trust him completely. Also, this was the 1st time I got to meet Ximena and it was an absolute blessing to be with her. We had many interesting conversations. She shares her wisdom and path which has helped me grow and expand even more. I would absolutely recommend Casa Del Sol to anyone on the medicine path. The fact that I’ve gone back for the last 3-years, as well as brought my own brother and clients should demonstrate that this place runs with love and integrity. You will walk away with more clarity in your life. Feeling more connected to yourself, your life purpose, mission & vision. You will improve your relationships with others and perspective on the world. You will also have a chance to heal deep trauma’s and wounds that you have been carrying since childhood. It was an honor to not only experience this myself, but watch other men go on this same journey of healing & transformation as well. Thank you Santiago & Ximena for everything. I will see you in 2019 :) Much love. christopher

  • Tim Stewart   September 22, 2018

      A beautiful experience

    I joined Santiago and Ximena for a San Pedro ceremony in January 2018 and had an amazing experience. Beforehand Santiago met with us to discuss the ceremony and our intentions, which was important because each person in the ceremony had an affect on the group experience. Casa del Sol is a truly beautiful location and the ceremony site has a distinct energy as well. When the ceremony started Santiago led he proceedings, Ximena assisted and Charlie was the fire keeper. The team did an amazing job of harnessing the magic of the plant and I still cherish the experience 9 months later. Thank you Santiago, Ximena, and Charlie, I hope to return!

  • Chekz   September 22, 2018

      Absolutely amazing experience

    I had the pleasure of participating in a San pedro session with Santiago a couple years ago in a retreat, and it was a very insightful moment that reminded me how beautiful life can be. Definitely one of the deepest self-reflection moments I have had thanks to Santiago and his traditions from his ancestors.

  • victoria buchanan   September 19, 2018


    Casa Del Sol is an amazing place and Santiago and Ximena are genuine, beautiful and loving people. I am thankful to have been able to sit in 3 San Pedro ceremonies with Santiago. Each ceremony was profound and healing, Santiago is truly an amazing Shaman. I look forward to returning to Ecuador and taking part in more ceremonies with Santiago and Ximena. Their presence, and love for spirit, this earth and all beings is felt in ceremony and spending time with them. The land that Casa Del Sol on is magical with a river and San Pedro growing all around. It is very peaceful

  • Kristine Vanschyndel   September 16, 2018

      Forever grateful

    I had the privilege and pleasure to take part in a 10 day retreat with Santiago, Ximena and their family. The experience is something that is difficult to put into words. I can say that it is life changing and am so grateful for everything I have learned. The time and experiences I have shared with them, I truly value and will remember forever. I consider them part of my family and dear friends. I hope that I can continue to come back throughout my life to continue learning. I highly recommend to anybody interested, that if you feel the calling, to listen to your heart and follow it. Thank you for everything you do Santiago and Ximena. You are wonderful people with beautiful hearts

  • David Staneart   September 15, 2018

      No words are good enough

    There are many people like myself looking for something that is real. You learn of plant medicine and become curious. As you look deeper you find that it is a wonderful avenue of self healing and exploration, but it demands respect and requires a a guide that can carry you safely on the journey. How do you know where to look? The answer is that you don't know. But you are here reading these messages and you have a certain feeling come into you. You are being spoken to, because you are at the point in your journey that you are ready to receive this teaching and its blessing. It has changed my life and I trust every word and action this man and his wife. The only way for you to understand what I feel is to take part. This is no novice medicine vendor that just hands you a cup and says "good luck." This man walks with one foot in each world all day every day. He can see through your heart into your infinite self. With the multiplying energy of his Shamana Wife, a level of energy exists that shatters all boundaries. Yes you have discovered something special, don't ignore your destiny. Love, from my heart you you, come join my family.

  • Jorge Alonso Marquez   September 14, 2018

      Man Journey (All men retreat through the mountains)

    I was part of a male retreat where the group was looking to reconnect with the deeper male energy and the warrior energy (and others) within. It lasted around 2 weeks and had the opportunity to meet different medicines and teachings from different Andean lineages. Santiago and Ximena are more than on top of everything, making sure you have a wonderful stay and that your experience is always positive. Everything you need is inside the land, wifi, hot showers, full meals, a river, scenic views, strong medicine; a true spiritual work. It feels like if the place itself is full of magic and benevolent spirits that guide your way through the whole experience (not joking). The conclusion of my retreat was beyond words, till this day I cant put into words what I learned, but it all made sense. If you're someone serious about his/her personal work, this is the place to learn from, Ximena and Santiago will gladly assist you and are both extremely intelligent and humble people along their family. I have nothing but good things to say about my brothers and sisters from Casa del Sol, may they keep growing and spreading their teachings.

  • Simrit Singh   September 13, 2018

      Life Changing

    On many levels my life changed after doing plant medicine with Santiago and Ximena. In the end I lived in Vilcabamba for nearly 2 years and they had indeed become my family. The journey with the plant medicine was both challenging and life changing with so many insights…But the real challenge was to incorporate those lessons and teachings in real life. It was the perfect time to change so many aspects of my life and my heart which was in need of healing. It was truly priceless and valuable for my spiritual path. Santiago and Ximena has made my journey and time with them so easy, with their support and love. Santiago the Shaman, I have found to be truly humble in his Spirit and heart. A phenomenal teacher and guide through his ancestors and Spirit guides. Where they live and where the ceremonies are held is truly out of this world, magical, surrounding in such beauty. I have and still do highly recommend their services to everyone I come across who may have an interest to go into their selves further for guidance and healing. I am forever grateful to you both Santiago and Ximena and I look forward to one day seeing you again and being part of your ceremonies again. Sooooo much love to you. Blessings to you both and Casa del Sol xxx

  • Simrit Singh   September 13, 2018

      Life Changing

    On many levels my life changed after doing plant medicine with Santiago and Ximena. In the end I lived in Vilcabamba for nearly 2 years and they had indeed become my family. The journey with the plant medicine was both challenging and life changing with so many insights…But the real challenge was to incorporate those lessons and teachings in real life. It was the perfect time to change so many aspects of my life and my heart which was in need of healing. It was truly priceless and valuable for my spiritual path. Santiago and Ximena has made my journey and time with them so easy, with their support and love. Santiago the Shaman, I have found to be truly humble in his Spirit and heart. A phenomenal teacher and guide through his ancestors and Spirit guides. Where they live and where the ceremonies are held is truly out of this world, magical, surrounding in such beauty. I have and still do highly recommend their services to everyone I come across who may have an interest to go into their selves further for guidance and healing. I am forever grateful to you both Santiago and Ximena and I look forward to one day seeing you again and being part of your ceremonies again. Sooooo much love to you. Blessings to you both and Casa del Sol xxx

  • Josh Howett   September 13, 2018

      casa del sol

    A piece of my heart will always be in this magical part of Ecuador. Santiago and Ximena and their family's beautiful nature are a true testament to their work and I felt 100% safe, secure and nurtured everyday during my retreat and subsequent ceremonies and feel they will be my friends for life. Santiago is a true master of his craft, with beautiful songs that will help you through whatever you need, with Ximenas energy and voice complementing the ceremonies perfectly. Their home is beautifully situated next to the river with an abundance of medicinal plants surrounding, also with amazing food to nourish you during your work! Let the beautiful mountains, rivers, sky and animals of the sacred valley support you. Muchas gracias hermanos y muchas bendiciones!

  • Cory Davis   September 12, 2018

      Change your life forever

    If you are feeling disconnected from yourself and the magic all around you, then this is the place to connect to sacred teachings and your relation to the earth and to spirit. Casa Del Sol is a powerful and magical place in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador where you can truly face yourself, to remember who you are. Santiago and Ximena carry the healing traditions of their ancestors with humility and respect, and they are devoted to helping people with love and generosity. I have complete faith in them. My times in ceremony with Santiago have been some of the most meaningful experiences of my life. It is totally and unexplainably incredible to take medicine with somebody who has so much experience working with the plant and with moving energy. My beliefs in what is possible have changed forever.

  • Tom Abramoff   September 12, 2018

      Casa Del Sol is the best <3

    Santiago is a man you can trust. Him and Ximena have created an amazing sanctuary for your healing. Being in ceremony with Santiago puts me at ease. He has seen many things in his years of Shamanic healing so there's little that could surprise him. I spent months working with him and never once saw him lose his focus. Santiago is careful about his intentions and maintains them for you and for himself. I cannot say enough about how much I trust him and recommend him and I always look forward to the next time I get to see him and stay at Casa Del Sol.

  • Megan Jo Olson   September 11, 2018

      The Best Place For Ceremony Is Casa Del Sol!

    Of all the shamans I have ever sat with, Santiago is the one I most want to return to, and the one I most highly recommend. I am beyond grateful that I was able to experience the spirit of San Pedro with such a strong, compassionate, understanding, loving healer. If you are debating which retreat is right for you, I would highly recommend you choose to go here. I have witnessed this man perform miracles - he is the real deal!

  • Ophelia Ramirez   September 10, 2018

      Working With Santiago

    My husband and I have had the exquisite pleasure of having Santiago guide us through our journey with plant medicine. The first time I was quite nervous until I met Santiago. He is attentive, caring, experienced, intuitive. His level of intuition is one that put me at ease - I knew I was in good hands. He has the ability to challenge and push at just the right time, as well as offer deep understanding and love when needed. I don’t know how he is able to do such intimate work with a group of people but he does. I wholeheartedly recommend Santiago for anyone contemplating this life changing experience.

  • Shailesh T   September 10, 2018


    I have had the great privilege of doing over 20 ceremonies with Santiago, and wholeheartedly recommend Casa Del Sol to anyone looking to improve their life in anyway. When working with plant medicines, it is very important that we have a good guide, and I cannot recommend anyone higher than Santiago. He is a man of incredible integrity and wisdom. He cares very deeply about every person he works with. Santiago has walked the path for many many years, and has seen and experienced more than most of will ever appreciate. All this wisdom he shares with the people who come to him, and he does so with a deep love for all humans. Santiago has taught me more than I could possibly express, and he has helped thousands of people in the same way. Everyone comes with different issues and areas to work on, and somehow, Santiago is able to give each person exactly what they need. He will challenge you when required, give you his profound love, and help you open the gates to the greatest mysteries of Life. He shows us the beauty of life, and teaches us how to live in a beautiful way. I trust Santiago with my life. His work is service to Spirit, rendered with love for all humanity. We are truly blessed to have a teacher like him to guide us. I cannot imagine a greater gift to oneself than to work with this incredible man and his family. If you are considering going, PLEASE GO! Good luck on your journey :)

  • Cinimod Ecitsad   September 10, 2018

      Big heart

    I still see your face glazed in the fire. Santiago is a brother of such integrity and humility. His strength is that of which I have never seen. A true healer in every sense of the word. Someone who doesn’t fear the heavy but embraces it and within that modality he begins to create light. He knows you he becomes you as you him in a sacred dance across the flames of eternity. Santiago it’s been an honor to know you and I hope any one thinking of healing themselves do consider our brother. Aho

  • Jack W   September 09, 2018

      Life Changing

    I had the privilege of being in ceremony with Santiago eight times in 2015. Santiago pointed me towards the ground at a time in my life when I was flying towards the sun, and communicated to me what I needed to hear - not what I thought I wanted to hear. That which truly supports me to grow and live in harmony was empowered and encouraged, and that which was out of balance was brought to the surface and challenged. After I left the world of ceremonies to re-enter the ceremony of life, the experiences and lessons I encountered with him echoed as I passed through a challenging period of change, as if the meaning of my time in ceremony was close to me and playing itself out. Still to this day, my experiences with Santiago and this sacred tradition support me and remind me to turn towards myself for guidance, and for that I give thanks over and over again. Santiago embodies true dedication, humility, perseverance and patience - without lording it over anyone and without taking credit for it. I was deeply moved to be in the presence of somebody with such a gift to share, who as far as I can tell is doing everything he can to honour that gift properly and share it in a way that’s good. We might not all be shamans but we can all take inspiration from that! As well as my own experience, I have witnessed many people bravely stepping forward to heal and grow, and Santiago is there in memory as an essential part of such meaningful experiences that lead people forward towards a more well-aligned and balanced life. My time with him was inspiring to say the least, and I am continuously grateful and humbled to have had the opportunity to meet him, learn with him and experience his work in the service of healing and other's welfare.

  • Ben McGrath   September 09, 2018

      Casa del sol

    After a personal crisis I spent a few months in Ecuador with Santiago. Casa del sol is a blessed space. As soon as I spent my first night there I began dreaming very vividly and I had not had any dreams worth remembering in years. Through many easy and difficult lessons throughout the next few months, I returned home and made moves In my life I would never of done had I not received what I did at Casa del Sol. I am almost effortlessly in a much more powerful place on the earth and also taking care of myself in a way I had not bothered to do so before. Thank you so much to the Ayala family

  • David Day   September 09, 2018

      A magical mountain

    The setting for your amazing ceremony is perfect - located on a mountain in southern Ecuador, the view of the valley below, the fresh air, temperate climate, quiet, natural woodlands, could not be better. Santiago is a well known and highly skilled ceremonial guide. His medicine is clean and fresh with just the right potency. The experience in deeply spiritual and healing. I always felt safe and comfortable. I eagerly await the next opportunity to share this beautiful plant medicine with such a competent shaman.

  • Alek Dumas   September 09, 2018

      What an amazing, genuine place!

    Santiago is absolutely phenomenal. So humble, so in tune with the medicine and the people. I have never met anyone like him and I say that in a very good way. He also has a way to make people laugh that is exceptional haha. I have met countless people who claim to be Shamans but aren't, well Santiago most definitely is a real one and he's the best at what he does. The medicine he prepares is of the highest quality, the ceremonies he facilitates are amazing. The place is just so genuine and the energy so loving. I am forever grateful to Santiago and San Pedro for showing me what real shamanism looks like. Thank you!

  • Arno Fournier   September 09, 2018

      Great shaman!

    A first experience with the plant medicines can be quite scary and overwhelming. When you prepare for your trip, you hear and read a lot of things online, some of them discouraging. So it is very important to experience the sessions in the hands of a shaman who makes you feel safe. I felt totally safe with Santiago. I had no problem trusting him with my jump into the unknown. He is very charismatic (eagle eyes!), intelligent, kind, wise, compassionate, and has a great sense of humour. I swear I saw him "commanding" the elements during our session (wind and rain). I couldn't recommend this great teacher and warrior of the light highly enough.

  • Brooke Elyse Gerrick   September 08, 2018

      My second home...

    As many do, I somehow fell into this magical place. I can't remember who referred the place, but the all the things that kept me in Vilcabamba and the smooth unfolding of working with the team at Casa del Sol. Santiago and Ximena - you made Vilcabamba my second home. I ended up staying for a month and a half, surrounded by beautiful surroundings, gorgeous people and the beautiful healing that has affected my life for years and maybe even longer. I could not recommend high enough.

  • Aluap Pachinti   September 08, 2018


    The short time i spent with Sanriago and Ximena had a big impact of how i feel as a woman and in my life. their healings are deep and powerful, what is coming throu them is truth,is ancient wisdom that we need in these times on earth. Ximena is humbleness, true love, true compassion and dedication and the strengh and love that we are as women. thank you so much for your teachings..

  • Rose Roker   September 08, 2018

      Beautiful Casa Del Sol Healing Retreat 🙏🏻

    I was blessed to first meet Santiago in 2016 at a large San Pedro ceremony he was holding near Cuenca . Following health issues that had been getting steadily worse over six months, going from a super fit Gym Manager , Personal Trainer and Marathon Runner of over twelve years , fitness was my life , to someone who could hardly leave the house some days due to increasing unexplained physical pain and general lethargy . I have often been able to heal myself of minor illnesses in the past but this time I needed some help. I was guided by my Spirit helpers to find a true Shaman who could assist me which thankfully led me to the Cuenca Ceremony. Since I have visited Santiago four more times at his own beautiful sacred land and home Casa del Sol , Vilcabamba for a private ceremony , two retreats plus most recently in December 2017 for an initiation. I can definitely say fate has led me to meet a true Shaman Teacher and Healer. Santiago and his beautiful wife Ximena make you feel like part of their family from the first day you arrive on their land, this is much more than just a retreat experience, both working with such integrity and passion for sharing their traditions and healing gifts in a beautiful safe space. Also ensuring to only work with smaller groups so that you will always receive the personal attention that is needed. From Santiagos beautiful hillside Maloka where the San Pedro ceremonies are held to the traditional Sweat Lodges plus Holy Mountain hikes to make sacred offerings everything is always done with pure attention and integrity. If you have been feeling drawn or desire to meet true family Shamans working with the sacred plants in a traditional way with pure hearts then Casa del Sol is the place for you. I know I will be returning again in the future for more teachings as my journey continues as am now back to full physical health and also following my true soul path thanks to Santiago and San Pedro . 🙏🏻 Rose Roker London , UK 2018

  • Everett Smith   September 07, 2018

      Casa Del Sol

    I had no idea what to expect as I walked the path up the sacred mountain the first time. As I approached the maloka it was clear that this was the place I had dreamt of . Each ceremony I attended was a new heart opening experience. Santiago through Spirit, guided us each individually but simultaneously to experience the power of walking amongst the stars, always with humble yet powerful guidance like a captain of a ship. The beauty of the medicine with the help of a true healer helped me to follow my true purpose . I can easily call him maestro and friend . When im asked or the situation arises to talk about plant medicine or shamans I without hesitation say.."I know a place , on a sacred mountain .. "...Casa Del Sol.....Love is All

  • David Garner   September 06, 2018

      Santiago’s ceremonies

    I am so grateful and lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of Santiago’s San Pedro ceremonies. They are amazing and among my cherished memories. He has so much wisdom and such a big heart, providing a safe space. Totally recommended for anyone interested in these medicines.

  • Chelsea Malinda Cash   September 06, 2018

      Wholesome care

    Santiago and Ximena come from the heart in their healing. They are powerful in their intention to be used for your personal journey. They will relate through the circle what needs to be heard, and it is up to you and to me to take the medicine for our own personal—and collective—endeavor. There are very few people in the world I know I can trust with anything I bring to the table (savory and unsavory, sweet and bitter, ignorant and wise...). These two people are top on the list. They welcome you like family, and—like family—they’ll let you know when it’s time to go. ;) They’ll trust and support you as much as you trust and support them. They are a safe place to land, to learn, and to relearn how it is to be in healthy relation to those (human and non-human) around you. Take care of them when you go. They’ve taken such great care of me. Peace brother. Peace sisters. Love to you. Thanks from my soul.

  • Orach Theonewinged Beheler   September 06, 2018

      the week i met Pachamama

    Of all the Shaman's I've met and the places I've been, Casa Del Sol is the real deal! Santiago and his wife Ximena are true Shamans, they know there stuff, and there magick is real. If your looking for genuine, loving and caring people, you've come to the right place

  • Heather Brunetti   September 06, 2018

      Powerful Healing

    When I decide to travel back to South America, there is no question as to where I will go. I felt in such competent, caring, experienced and knowledgeable hands - something of extreme importance to me in such a vulnerable state. I was in awe of the wisdom that has been passed down preciously throughout time and am beyond blessed to witness a gifted, authentic shaman do what he was born to do. Heather

  • Charlie Mckinnon   September 06, 2018

      Adventures in the Andes mountains

    I have been down to Ecuodar four times in recent years and I have been really lucky to get the chance to spend time With Santiago and Ximena. Over the years they have welcomed me into their home, given me a place to stay, food to eat and shared many teaching with me. It has been incredible to see the birth of Casa Del Sol and I would recommend it to any one seeking healing through the traditional plant medicines of South America. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers and waterfalls it is pretty hard not to fall in love with this place and these people.

  • Faisal Sarhi   September 06, 2018

      Visions, Spirits, Healing, Ancestors, Magic, Beauty...

    Visions, Spirits, Healing, Ancestors, Magic, Beauty, Love, Sacredness, Divinity, Power, Brotherhood, Care, Kindness, Wisdom, Music, Jaguar, Snake liquor, all of these and much more are only a glimpse of what I experienced In Santiago's San Pedro ceremony in Ecuador. It was my first time in Ecuador and I was fortunate to have my first San Pedro ceremony with such a loving decent caring Shaman, who knows what he is doing and knows how to hold a healing space. Santiago and San Pedro are one in the ceremony, He is the eyes, ears, hands and heart of the medicine and The Jaguar spirit is strongly present to help and support. I hope one day to come back and go deeper into the medicine with you dear Santiago. All blessings to you and your family. It was my first time in Ecuador and I was fortunate to have my first San Pedro ceremony with such a loving decent caring Shaman, who knows what he is doing and knows how to hold a healing space. Santiago and San Pedro are one in the ceremony, He is the eyes, ears, hands and heart of the medicine and The Jaguar spirit is strongly present to help and support. I hope one day to come back and go deeper into the medicine with you dear Santiago. All blessings to you and your family.

  • Brittany Christenson   September 04, 2018

      An authentic relationship to the Shaman, his family, and to the spirit world

    Santiago, Ximena, and their beautiful children have become our family. Their hearts, eyes, and minds are open to the beauty and mystery of what it means to be alive. They have shared their knowledge of sacred plant medicines and ceremony with me, my husband, and some of our closest friends over the past 10 years. Santiago has taught me to that love exists on every level, and that perspective can change everything. He has taught me that there is no good and bad, no right or wrong, there simply is. Life is a delicate dance, an equilibrium constantly being maintained. The art of being present in our lives, of being helpful to all of the lives around us, and of showing up and facing the challenges of the Spirit head on without fear (or with fear, but face it anyway). I have watched as he has helped the men in my life find their inner strength, gentleness, and truth. He has really helped me to see that my life matters, that time is not fixed, and that anything is truly possible if your intention is strong. Santiago's wife, Ximena, is my role model as a woman. She is my sacred soul sister. The beauty and light that she emits are awe-inspiring. She embodies the sacred feminine and helps me to see that the woman's power to create beauty and life is something that we can bring into everything we do, everyday. She taught me how to pray with my whole heart, how to place my hand on Patchamama and just feel the energy of creation flowing. How to say thank you and really mean it. An attitude of gratituted everyday! When I think of Xime, I remember the beautiful offerings that we have made togehter. The water, corn, meat, fruits, flowers, and sweets that we have placed in front of the fire with every intention to feed the spirit for those who are not as fortunate as us. The best thing about Santi and Xime is that in addition to being role models that give you a glimpse of how rich and beautiful life can be, they are also very down to earth. They are real people with real struggles. They have worked hard for their entire lives to cultivate the garden that is their lives, and they are willing to share the stuggles and vulnerabilities that it takes to live such a beautiful life. So, yes, I give these people and their healing center 5 stars on Facebook. Go to their lovely home and participate in their retreat. You will grow as a person and your soul will bloom. They provide a safe place for your journey, there is no better opportunity. Visit their nest, and let them welcome you to the sacared family that you forgot you have always belonged to anyway.

  • Benedikt   September 01, 2018

      Casa del Sol best Plant Medicince experience

    One of the best things Ive done in my life up to this point was to join the 12 day San Pedro and Ayahuasca retreat at Casa Del Sol. The shamans Santiago and Ximena are incredibly experienced working with the sacred medicines, which is very important especially for people like me who havent had that much experience with San Pedro and Ayahuasca before. It is a very intense experience and lots of things can be revealed so you want to have shamans experienced enough to know how to deal with all situations that might come up. The 12 day retreat was an incredibly valuable experience for me as it helped me to process a lot of things that were hidden in my subconsciousness since childhood and showed me why I act in certain ways. I can only recommend everyone to go on this journey, and at Casa del Sol you are in very good hands: Shamans with decades long experience, group sharing sessions to help you bettter understand what happened in the ceremonies, great activities and hikes on the days off, everything you need in terms of accomodation and last but not least the food - I expected to have a blant Ayahuasca diet but the food was just amazing and in accordance with the Ayahuasca requirements :) 5 stars and much love for Casa del Sol

  • る光   August 31, 2018

      Experience at Casa del Sol (Villcabamba Ecuador)

    Casa Del Sol is over all an amazing place! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic huachuma (San Pedro) ceremony. Santiago is a wise and great healer and teacher. He turns green in ceremonies and is a walking cactus him self. The style of his ceremonies are traditional, safe and everyone gets tons of personal attention and healing. The land it's self is stunning! At the top a beautiful ceremony maloca surrounded by 200+ year old cactus giants and a breath taking view. The town of villcabamba is very safe and friendly. Lots of foreigners but the vibe is low and chill. Lots of get places to stay and great food as well. This valley is magical and very healing!

  • Brandon Leuangpaseuth   August 31, 2018

      Simply--amazing. A true spiritual journey.

    I went to Casa Del Sol with some deep intentions to heal some past trauma and Santiago led the path to my healing. The retreat is a lot more intimate than the other ayahuasca retreats out in Ecuador. Santiago truly believes in giving people a personalized spiritual experience versus a big group of people doing ayahuasca..just to do ayahuasca. This is what sets Santiago’s retreat apart. He really cares about giving you the personalized attention to help lead you through your spiritual journey. The retreat really allows your body and soul to reconnect with nature and the primal animal within us. I was nervous about taking ayahuasca but during the ceremonies when I saw how much experience Santiago had, it really calmed my nerves. I had one of the more intense ayahuasca experiences but I faced my demons and I came out on the other side of the experience with a lot more positive outlook on life. My experience with Casa Del Sol summed up in four words is: an experience of a lifetime. Thank you Santiago with for your teachings and thank you Ximena for your amazing food!

  • Shaun Jarman   August 31, 2018

      Excellent San Pedro and plant medicine guidance with Santiago at Casa Del Sol

    Santiago is the most thorough and respected San Pedro Shaman that I know. He cares for each and every person who crosses his path. The location of his sacred moloka is also such a special place with an amazing view of the valley and the interactions at this place with all forms of nature are simply amazing. I can highly recommend Santiago and look forward to the day that I can return, spend time on the jaguar skin in front of the sacred fire and to once again be in the awe-inspiring presence of Santiago.

  • Neil Reeve-Newson   August 30, 2018

      Perfect San Pedro and Ayahuasca Retreat in Ecuador

    In full disclosure, I help Casa Del Sol with their marketing but only after my first experience at their San Pedro and Ayahuasca Retreat in Ecuador. It was my first time and I felt the need to help them to help others. For those who have not experience a plant medicine retreat before, here’s what I can tell you: It’s like seeing something you can’t unsee, learning something you can’t unlearn, tasting something you can’t untaste, feeling something you can’t unfeel, and loving something you can’t unlove. It’s like learning secret which can hugely beneficial everyone but most don’t know it exists. It’s a path of no return, a game changer, no take-backs allowed. It’s something that cannot be fully told in one sentence or one Facebook post. Santiago and Ximena took us into their home and gave everyone the same level of care, attention, and love you would expect from the perfect family. The whole experience is priceless and I will return.

  • Arjun Thandi   August 28, 2018

      A true Maestro of his medicine

    I will always be grateful to Santiago for introducing me to this medicine. I had two ceremonies with him in 2015, that lasted a day each, one during the day and one throughout the night. He remained impeccable throughout every second of it, holding the space for 30 of us, giving each of us the attention that we needed. Leading the ceremony with unmatched panache, he was present in his every word and in his every movement. His words are full of love and integrity that connected us all to each other, and to our mother earth. Thank you. I will always think of Santiago as the Jaguar.

  • Jared Schuster   August 23, 2018

      An experience that will forever be with you

    I have had the honor to be in ceremony with Santiago multiple times and I can assure you, he's a man living his purpose of healing the masses. It's very difficult to even put into words the effects Santiago has had on me, and my life. It's been a few years since I have worked directly with him, but there isn't a day that goes by in which I don't think about the ceremonies, the plants that are forever a part of me, and the amazing Shaman/Teacher that Santiago is. If you're feeling called to work with the plants this retreat will blow your expectations away. Thank you everything you are Santiago. You are a gift to our world. Aho

  • Ahmed Samy   August 20, 2018

      Too good to be true

    A truly unique teacher, with life changing results... Highly recommended. Can't wait to revisit Santiago. An experience that can't be put into words.

  • Ben Wester   August 20, 2018

      A Deep and Profound Personal Healing Retreat

    Dear Seeker, The certainty with which a recommendation can be made can not be quantified in numerical terms. The only certainty that one can trust is that of the heart, and with that strength of heart I recommend those seekers of truth, of light, of healing make the choice to attend the retreat at Casa del Sol. It will bring you home. I attended a retreat at Casa del Sol in May of 2017. Factors in my life had completely blown up back home in the state, my car broke down, I resigned from my job because of stress, and I had to vacate my apartment. There was also a personal health scare that came up and after resolving that, I journeyed to Vilcabamba, to be cleansed, to be healed, to be recharged and reconnected more deeply with spirit. There are several options one can find online for a plant medicine retreat. Hell, they seem like a dime a dozen these days. Fortunately, I already knew where and with whom I wanted to seek help, at Casa del Sol, with Santiago and Ximena Ayala. You see, a few years back, at another difficult point in life, I was blessed to come across the medicine for the first time. And Santiago was there. The healing I experienced during the first ceremony with him, the medicine, the spirits, and the Jaguar was unlike anything I had expected. A hard shell had developed over me, through the years, of pain, of suffering, of anger, of sadness. I imagine there are many others who carry this armor themselves. I'd like to ask where it came from, but we all know the answer to that, it came from me. From the repression of all those moments of low vibrational frequencies that we are zapped with throughout tough days, and tough times. It's a protection against feeling, against releasing, against healing, against letting goooooo. And it jacks you up. I mean, seriously, man, it jacks you up!! But so it goes. I sat on the Jaguar skin, in front of the fire of purification, for my personal session with Santiago. Everyone who wants, gets this opportunity. He spoke some words, he asked my name, he brushed my energy field clean with his condor feathers. His assistant did the same. Then he started to massage my back, very gently with thumb and forefinger, going along my spine from top to bottom. And as gentle as he did this, it felt like the energy of his hand was going about three inches deep into my body, into my energy field. It wasn't anything to be concerned about and it happened quite quickly. Afterwards, he went to his chair in the circle directly across from me and began retching into a bag. I knew what he was doing, but I didn't know what he was doing, if you know what I mean. After my session on the skin, I returned to my seat. Over the next few minutes I began feeling a little uncomfortable, anxious, jittery and told the assistant I needed a breath and went up to the bathrooms. Within moments, I broke down sobbing like I never had before. Crying the hurt, releasing the sadness, eliminating the harshness. Well, some of it anyway!!! Santiago, with the help of the spirits, the ancestors, removed some of the hardness, the armor, that I had developed over myself through the years. I am forever grateful for his work and his kindness for that help. (Side note: your personal journey is yours. To be shared with whom you choose. Do not take this lightly. You are your true guardian. I share my experience so as to shed a bit of sunshine into how things can be for a seeker, to pass along a little knowledge.) This healing experience, these memories, is what brought me back to Ecuador for his help. Life had lifted me up from where I had been existing and practically carried me down to Vilcabamba and landed me on Santiago's doorstep once again. To his home, where he takes ceremony with Ximena, his wife. This time, though, the experience was different. Here at Casa del Sol, the setting was more intimate. Two other seekers joined me for the retreat. We were able to share meals with Santiago and Ximena, exchanging stories about life, about the medicine, about healing and our journey's. The kindness came from the heart, with everyone. A beautiful home in the foothills of the mountains was our setting to explore our soul's needs, not particularly our own wants. During this time, I shared some of what I had been doing with my life up to that point. I described my job taking care of children who had been abandoned and the stories of those children's struggles. Ximena and Santiago just listened, holding space for healing, and asked a few questions along the way. It felt easy, comfortable speaking with them. And it also was important to give them a glimpse into some potential healing areas for the ceremonies to come. And did the healing ever come home! Taking my seat on the Jaguar skin once again, this time Ximena and Santiago had the insight to push a couple of buttons and wham, boom, I'm releasing some deep seated pains and sadnesses from years and years ago. The flames of the fire flickered in front of me, the tears rolled down my face, the emotions banished into the flames before me. And Santiago and Ximena simply offered words of encouragement, Let it go, Ben. Don't hold on to that. Don't you want to be free? Yes, indeed, Senora. Quiero mi libertad!! These burdens we carry, of ourselves and of others in our lives, need to be let go. And I can not recommend more highly a retreat at Casa del Sol for this aspect of self growth. I am forever grateful for the work of Ximena and Santiago. They are caring individuals, true hearted medicine carriers. Your time at Casa del Sol will be well worth your time. Be open. Be free. And let the spirit of the medicine take you home.

  • Amanda Jenya Lay   August 16, 2018

      Trusted Retreat

    It is hard to find the words to do justice to the work that Santiago and Ximena do. They are genuinely good people, working with the medicine with good intentions. I would not go anywhere else to work with the medicine. I was able to achieve great healing here with the help of Santiago and Ximena. I very strongly recommend to anyone who is in need of healing and is ready to be serious about it.

  • Gabriele Di Mauro   August 15, 2018

      A magical place

    I have done a retreat in April 2018 and it has been a life-changing experience. Santiago and Ximena are two incredible souls, that made me feel at home and as part of their family. Before coming to "casa del sol" I was a bit scared and skeptical about drinking plant medicine (such as San Pedro and Ayahuasca). But when you are in the hands of Santiago and Ximena you feel completely safe, because they have many years of experience, they have a very strong relationship with the medicine, but most importantly, they do everything with their heart. I don't have words to describe how magical and powerful coming to "casa de sol" has been for me. It's an experience. A life-changing experience. The only thing I can say to someone that is considering doing a retreat at Casa del sol is to try it, at least once in your lifetime, because your life can change, forever. Sending so much love and gratitude to Santiago and Ximena, and I hope to see you again soon. Best, Gabri

  • Maricella Nayeri   August 14, 2018

      Transformation Alive

    There is something in the air, in the mountains, in the gentle guidance of Santiago and Ximena who navigate you on your journey. A small group of us descended upon the sweet mountainous air of Vilcabamba uncertain of what we would find but seeking nonetheless. What we found was a beautiful, serene landscape, an escape from time, movement and whatever we left behind if only for a moment. Through the beautiful and guided work of Santiago and Ximena what I found was myself - through others, in others and around others. A place to be, a place to experience and a place to call home. For that I am forever grateful.

  • Carlos Manriquez   August 13, 2018

      Tranformative experience

    I wish I could find the eloquent words to describe Casa del sol, Ximena and Santiago, It is obvious that they do this work out of their heart, this is their passion, this is their prayer of life to help humanity evolve in a new consciousness, They treat you kindly, with respect, paying attention to your own individual needs, if you’re looking for a safe place and also affordable and then breathtaking location of Ecuador I highly recommend Ca they treat you kindly, with respect, paying attention to your own individual needs, if you’re looking for a safe place and also affordable and no breathtaking location of Ecuador I highly recommend Casa del Sol. May all your needs to revolve be fulfilled, and with this shamans that will help you walk in that direction

  • Carlos Manriquez   August 13, 2018

      Tranformative experience

    I wish I could find the eloquent words to describe Casa del sol, Ximena and Santiago, It is obvious that they do this work out of their heart, this is their passion, this is their prayer of life to help humanity evolve in a new consciousness, They treat you kindly, with respect, paying attention to your own individual needs, if you’re looking for a safe place and also affordable and then breathtaking location of Ecuador I highly recommend Ca they treat you kindly, with respect, paying attention to your own individual needs, if you’re looking for a safe place and also affordable and no breathtaking location of Ecuador I highly recommend Casa del Sol. May all your needs to revolve be fulfilled, and with this shamans that will help you walk in that direction

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