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Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy

Psilocybin-assisted therapy, or psychedelic therapy, has been shown to be highly effective in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and a variety of other disorders.

Healing with Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy

Psilocybin is one of the most effective psychedelic therapy methods for the management of conditions such as treatment-resistant depression, various forms of anxiety, PTSD, and addiction.  Psilocybin-assisted therapy can catalyze enormous positive and lasting changes within individuals, as well as help unlock creative and spiritual potential, too.

Modern research is proving what traditional societies always knew and what we at MycoMeditations have been seeing for years: little mushrooms can make big changes!

We have also found that the greatest initial change is realized through subsequent dosing incorporated into a focused yet flexible psychedelic retreat setting rather than single dose, highly controlled sessions. Our team strives to ensure that conditions are met for you to get the most out of your work with psilocybin.

Our treatment model incorporates traditional knowledge, modern research, and psilocybin-assisted therapeutic practices. This allows participants to integrate and incorporate lasting lessons and insights gained from their psilocybin experience into daily life upon returning home from their psychedelic retreat.

Why Choose MycoMeditations?

For our team, working with psilocybin mushrooms is a way of life. Much of our identity, worldview, and behaviors are informed by lessons we have learned within the mushroom experience and integrated into our everyday routines and reflections. The name MycoMeditations implies the directed and intentional use of psilocybin mushrooms – not a specific meditation or yogic practice.

The Power of the Group

Our retreats will host 14-17 people at a time, all of which are on the same mission: to become happier people.  The group dynamic allows for powerful insights and a communal bond, both of which facilitate healing. Through discussion and the sharing of experiences, participants are able to reflect on one another’s healing journey. This allows for new perspectives and understandings of personal trauma, behavior patterns and more.

Within the group framework, there is plenty of time for one-on-one discussions with MycoMeditations facilitators and engagement with other guests.

We encourage participation in the group setting. Healing is a process. Often the benefits of a “group framework” plays a significant role in an individual’s progress. In fact, current research is showing that the level of relief that psychedelic-assisted therapy offers is intimately associated with a communal experience.

"I would definitely recommend this trip if you seek an immersive experience — you can bring home a renewed and invigorating sense of what is important in life." ~ Bryan

Venue Highlights

MycoMeditations integrated psychedelic retreats include:
• 3 psilocybin-assisted therapy sessions over the course of 7 nights
• Several lodging options from basic through comfort, with tiered pricing.
• Montego Bay Airport transportation services (pickup and drop-off) in Jamaica.
• 2 daily authentic Jamaican meals for breakfast and lunch or dinner.
• 90-minute massage sessions at the Lotus View Day Spa or the Rasta Wellness Center.
• One ½ hour follow-up phone or zoom integration call.
• Introduction to the MycoMeditations network of integration therapists post-retreat, as needed


Basic Accommodations
Our basic accommodations aren’t fancy, but they are comfortable. While you won’t find air-conditioning or hot water in these rooms, there are fans and usually a cool ocean breeze. If you need more, then you will want to check out our upgraded option.

Comfort Accommodations
In an effort to support the larger community of Treasure Beach, our comfort accommodations are hosted at a variety of popular guest houses, villas and hotels. All comfort accommodations include A/C, WIFI, and are either beachfront or have access to swimming pool. Most of these guest houses are located no more than a fifteen-minute walk from where our psilocybin sessions and workshops are held. In case of inclement weather transportation to and from the center and the guest houses will be provided.


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Bicycles For Rent

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Meals will be provided to you twice daily by the wonderful cooking staff at your accommodation. Fresh foods are always the focus, so you can ensure that any meat, fruit, and vegetables come from local vendors. We offer an additional organic lunch menu that can be delivered daily. We usually stop at a large open-air market on the way to the MycoMeditatons facilitation center. There are also several local restaurants and markets within walking distance for drinks and snacks. We are happy to accommodate any dietary needs.


Transportation to and from Montego Bay Airport is included within the retreat package.

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  • ally s   July 23, 2019

      Healing, Wonder and Inspiration with MycoMeditations

    After struggling through years of PTSD that have felt impossible to articulate, and 4 years on medications where the side effects were just as bad as the issues they were supposed to treat, I began searching for something beyond talk-therapy and pharmaceuticals to resolve my problems. I spent months reading about ways to try to understand mind-body connection that had landed me where I was: emotionally distraught, plagued by insomnia and experiencing neuropathic pain that worsened each time I was triggered by some event in my day to day life. As I explored options beyond standard western medicine and delved into psychedelics, the benefits of which are being discovered again by the medical community, I found positive mentions of MycoMeditations in the news again and again. Reviews online bolstered my confidence that this was an option I wanted to explore. I listened to the MycoMeditations podcasts and news articles that explored the efficacy of Psilocybin research: it resonated, and I was impressed that there was research to support what so many people were already talking about: the power of mushrooms. Many people facing the same challenges I had reported relief after tripping… plus a bundle of other benefits: a feeling of greater connectedness to others, a renewed sense of hope, an unforgettable experience…and even, I hoped: inspiration. As an artist, my day job (which is not artistic!) often trampled out my desire to be creative, and medications had done the rest of the work. I’d been desperate for the past 5 years to rekindle the intensity of artistic inspiration, intuition and empathy that has been such a huge part of my identity in the past. From the first few conversations with Eric and his team I knew I had found something special: the judgement free conversations about my condition and goals quickly helped me understand I was being listened to by people who were ready to work with me. Before and during the retreat every time I shared anything about myself with the MycoMeditations team and fellow retreaters I was met with warmth, compassion and understanding and at times: challenged to dig into my emotional responses and really deal with their outcomes. When it came to the group sessions after each trip, I struggled a bit as a shy person, but the reality of the group setting truly hit me towards the end of our time together: In the beautiful setting of Jamaica, with a group of all different ages, religions and backgrounds, I had met a collection of open and caring souls willing to explore and deal with our traumas together: this must be one of the most amazing group therapy experiences available today. In general, the structure of our days during the retreat was ideal: I felt relaxed but engaged. The food was authentic and thoughtfully cooked by a staff that was sensitive to our dietary restrictions. Enough can’t be said also about the biodiversity and natural beauty that the setting of Jamaica brings. By day, our retreat space was filled with birds, flowering plants and fruit trees where we grabbed stray mangos. The gentle family who owned the land we were on made us feel welcomed, and we walked freely between our cabins and the shorelines; swimming at random in the day and evening. After Jamaica, I can’t imagine wanting to have a psychedelic experience like this in a closed room or near a city. One of my favorite nights after a trip ended with fellow retreaters and I in gazing dreamily at the Milky Way as shooting stars dripped by: something you can only do in a place like rural Jamaica where low-light pollution sets the galaxy ablaze! A month after my retreat, I feel I have stepped into a phase of life where I am ready to be my authentic self: silly, funny, weird, laughing more easily and making more time to be with friends. Not only have I felt a huge relief from the neuropathic pain I was experiencing, but also lessened anxiety and insomnia brought on by PTSD. Lastly, as I had most desperately hoped, this experience has brought me a galaxy’s worth of starry ideas and inspiration— I have made art every day since my retreat. Some people say that their retreats feel like years of therapy rolled into one week, but all the years of my own therapy don’t add up anywhere close to this outcome and it still feels like there’s more to come. For anyone who feels like the only solution is to increase the dosage on a medication that already doesn’t seem to work, for anyone who sits on a psychiatrist's couch and has the feeling that person only aims to quickly match you to a diagnosis and medication, for anyone who has ever been made to feel that they are worth less than the moon and stars: I encourage you to try this option! Let the mushrooms help you catch a glimpse of yourself in a frame of mind that is brutally honest, magical, frightful in its daring wonder: come experience something beautiful, and let it leave a mark on your heart. -- Ally S., Artist, US

  • Anant Kishore   June 19, 2019

      I had a great experience. Highly recommended

    I had a very positive and transformative experience at MycoMeditations. I strongly recommend it, especially if you’ve been suffering from treatment resistant depression and have tried everything else. Given what I experienced and what I saw happen in our group you’re highly likely to find significant relief and get way more psilocybin than you would in any clinical trial I know of. I went on a comfort retreat in early May 2019. I got into the retreat only about a month before as someone had cancelled so even if everything says booked on their website if you’re interested I would recommend submitting an application as cancellations may arise. Overall, my experience very positive. The staff both in America and Jamaica are friendly and kind and answered all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I spoke with Eric about my specific medications and how they may interact with psilocybin about two weeks before leaving for the retreat and then completed a follow-up phone call with him about 2 weeks after I left Jamaica. Since I’ve been back I’ve turned to both Eric and the therapist who was on my retreat (Benedictine) for help and they’ve always been there to support me. Eric and his team are true healers and I found great relief after taking my first dose of psilocybin much less the second and third doses. I went to get relief from chronic treatment resistant depression. I had been on SSRI’s for almost 20 years and also had 9+ years of talk therapy under my belt and had tried both TMS treatment and ECT among MANY other things. None of that provided the relief that I got from 1 week in Jamaica. I know that sounds unreal but it’s true. As a matter of fact, I stopped taking the last 2 pysch meds I was on in Jamaica (at the max I was on 6 including 3 controlled) and I haven’t touched any for over 40 days now which is a big deal for me. I also haven’t taken any additional psilocybin since Jamaica. The group format was very helpful in my case which is something I would’ve never expected. Everyone in our group was honest and open and all of us were there for the same reason (looking for relief from chronic suffering). I also liked the fact that the 3 psilocybin doses were very flexible and tailored to each individual and their specific concerns and situation. That ended up making a big difference in my case. As far as negatives, I would say that if you are severely depressed to the point of not being able to get out of bed etc. (and I was there earlier this year) then it would be a tough journey to get to MycoMeditations and do all of the group activities. You may want to contact Myco as I believe there are options for individual dosing sessions in Kingston they may be able to refer you to. Also, if you are the type of person who needs to know that you have very quick access to a hospital in order to feel safe I’m not sure if this retreat would work for you as the closest hospital is about 45 minutes away from Treasure Beach and I don’t see any way to change that. Again, I would talk to them about other options (Kingston). Neither was an issue for me and none of my fears ended up coming to pass. I always felt safe during the retreat and dosing sessions. Also our group was great but if you were to find yourself in a group that just wasn’t working for you that might be a problem. Overall I had an awesome experience. They know what they are doing. I highly recommend it. Good luck and no matter what you do don't give up: there is help out there if you look for it.

  • James H   May 29, 2019

      Go ahead and take a trip!

    I highly recommend MycoMeditations if you are looking to experiment with Psilocybin as part of your psychedelic journey. I myself was skeptical about psychedelics but wanted to try Psilocybin after reading a recent book on the subject by a well-known author. My main goal was to grow spiritually and expand my consciousness beyond what I could in my day-to-day meditation practice. Though the end result wasn't exactly what I was expecting, the experience was no less intense, profound and revelatory. Eric, Justin and Mike are thorough professionals in this field, and they know this stuff inside out. They and rest of the facilitators are always there to help us through the journey, and they provide valuable insights along the way. We'd do good to let go of our inhibitions, trust their instincts and let the mushrooms do the rest. The group setting of the retreat allows you to meet people from varied backgrounds, share your deepest vulnerabilities and develop a special bond with everyone around. I met some amazing people with whom I developed a special bond that I hope will last a lifetime.

  • Douglas G Harrison   May 14, 2019


    Transformative experience, literally beyond words. Eric and his team of professionals provide a superb, safe environment in a wonderful location. My meditation practive has been forever transformed, I will be back

Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

Have been spending this year getting healthy and a retreat to relax and focus would be wonderful. Crocker

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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