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About This Center

MycoMeditations, which runs legal psilocybin-assisted retreats in Jamaica for individuals seeking personal growth, is fast becoming a world leader in the evolving fields of psychedelic therapy and wellness tourism. Its success is driven by its commitment to providing a safe yet life-changing and life-affirming experience to its clients in beautiful natural settings on “the island in the sun”, guided by expert facilitators and mental health professionals. In bringing a diverse skill set and deep knowledge base to its retreats, MycoMeditations offers a professional and personalized experience, all the while investing in the local Jamaican community. Since it began operating in 2014 with its unique psilocybin retreat protocol, MycoMeditations has helped hundreds of people process deep-rooted issues that hold them back in their lives. In so doing it is charting a path forward for a groundbreaking new model of mental health care.

Healing with Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy

Psilocybin is one of the most effective psychedelic therapy methods for the management of conditions such as treatment-resistant depression, various forms of anxiety, PTSD, and addiction. Psilocybin-assisted therapy can catalyze enormous positive and lasting changes within individuals, as well as help unlock creative and spiritual potential, too.

Modern research is proving what traditional societies always knew and what we at MycoMeditations have been seeing for years: little mushrooms can make big changes!

We have also found that the greatest initial change is realized through subsequent dosing incorporated into a focused yet flexible psychedelic retreat setting rather than single dose, highly controlled sessions. Our team strives to ensure that conditions are met for you to get the most out of your work with psilocybin.

Our treatment model incorporates traditional knowledge, modern research, and psilocybin-assisted therapeutic practices. This allows participants to integrate and incorporate lasting lessons and insights gained from their psilocybin experience into daily life upon returning home from their psychedelic retreat.

Why Choose MycoMeditations?

For our team, working with psilocybin mushrooms is a way of life. Much of our identity, worldview, and behaviors are informed by lessons we have learned within the mushroom experience and integrated into our everyday routines and reflections. The name MycoMeditations implies the directed and intentional use of psilocybin mushrooms – not a specific meditation or yogic practice.

The Power of the Group

Our retreats will host 14-17 people at a time, all of which are on the same mission: to become happier people.  The group dynamic allows for powerful insights and a communal bond, both of which facilitate healing. Through discussion and the sharing of experiences, participants are able to reflect on one another’s healing journey. This allows for new perspectives and understandings of personal trauma, behavior patterns and more.

Within the group framework, there is plenty of time for one-on-one discussions with MycoMeditations facilitators and engagement with other guests.

We encourage participation in the group setting. Healing is a process. Often the benefits of a “group framework” plays a significant role in an individual’s progress. In fact, current research is showing that the level of relief that psychedelic-assisted therapy offers is intimately associated with a communal experience.

"I would definitely recommend this trip if you seek an immersive experience — you can bring home a renewed and invigorating sense of what is important in life." ~ Bryan

Venue Highlights

MycoMeditations integrated psychedelic retreats include:
• 3 psilocybin sessions over the course of 7 nights
• Several retreat options (Classic, Comfort, Concierge)
• Montego Bay Airport transportation services (pickup and drop-off) in Jamaica.
• 2 daily authentic Jamaican meals for breakfast and lunch or dinner.
• Massage sessions with Rasta Wellness Centre.
• One ½ hour follow-up phone or zoom integration call.
• Introduction to the MycoMeditations network of integration therapists post-retreat, as needed


Classic Retreats
Our Classic Retreats take place on the charming, seaside location where our retreats first began. Our relationship with the property’s warm and lovely host started years before MycoMeditations came into being. There’s air-conditioning in some rooms, while other have fans - and a cool ocean breeze. There’s a beach nearby too. Hot water is not available on this property. Here you’ll experience your powerful psilocybin journey in a truly authentic Jamaican environment.

Comfort Retreats
The Comfort Retreats, our most popular option, take place on a lush seafront property with two beautiful beach houses. With the spacious yard, serene accommodations and friendly staff, these retreats offer an environment of maximum comfort to our guests. Just steps away is one of the best swimming beaches on Jamaica’s south coast, offering a breathtaking backdrop for your psilocybin experiences. All room options come with air-conditioning, WiFi and hot water.

Concierge Retreats
MycoMeditations’ most high-end option, the Concierge Retreats, brings another level of relaxation and restoration to your psilocybin experience. Private villas and white-glove service from hospitality experts infuse luxury into one of Jamaica’s most spectacularly beautiful destinations. A breathtaking oasis of pristine waters and lush mountain scenery will transform your psilocybin journey into an experience of a lifetime.


  • A/C in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Coffee/Tea

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Meals will be provided to you twice daily by the wonderful cooking staff at your accommodation. Fresh foods are always the focus, so you can ensure that any meat, fruit, and vegetables come from local vendors. We offer an additional organic lunch menu that can be delivered daily. We usually stop at a large open-air market on the way to the MycoMeditatons facilitation center. There are also several local restaurants and markets within walking distance for drinks and snacks. We are happy to accommodate any dietary needs.


Transportation to and from Montego Bay Airport is included within the retreat package.

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  • Lucia Flynn   March 26, 2020


    I went to the retreat the first week of March and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the place. I did the comfort retreat and found the accommodations to be wonderful. The food was delicious, and the people were such a source of comfort to me during my entire stay. There are no words to describe my experience except to say that it has open me up a new world. I have a clear picture of what I want to do with the rest of my life and how I want to live my life. I have clarity and a path to follow and I am truly grateful for Eric, Denise, Dan, Emilia, Ninja Nikki, and all the people that were part of the retreat. Thank you!!

  • Mel B   March 23, 2020

      I left my PTSD in Jamaica

    For 40+ years I have struggled with the aftermath of being sexually molested and assaulted. I eventually sought out therapy and was diagnosed with PTSD and given the language I needed to understand when I was in flight/fight/freeze/fawn mode and dissociating. But even after 5 years of therapy, I was still stuck and so very angry about everything. I read about psilocybin and the positive outcomes for people with PTSD. I took a leap of faith as I was at my wit's end and, for me, it worked. I left angry me in a hammock in Jamaica and returned home to rekindle my life. It was completely worth every effort to get there and every penny it cost to get the therapy I so desperately needed.

  • Myco Classic Retreat   March 21, 2020

      Myco Classic Retreat review

    I was looking for a new method of therapy after being weary of just coping with the current "status quo." I went into this with low expectations and came away very satisfied. The sessions were impactful but equally important was the gathering of total strangers on a daily basis and working through our vulnerability. Very easy to go through life and say "I'm fine" when someone asked how you are doing. This experience gave me a whole new group of friends and we truly care for each other and I believe we always will. It was work, not playtime, but it was about working on ourselves with a new set of tools to go home with. I'm glad I went!

  • Laura Pakaln   January 01, 2020

      Profound Retreat in Gorgeous Setting

    This retreat was akin to doing a lifetime of therapy in one week. Using psilocybin in a setting that is caring and very supportive has been more therapeutic for me than my 30+ years of being in therapy and on medication for anxiety and depression. Now my goal is to find a therapist closer to my home in NY who has access to this wonderful tool. Then I can wean myself off these meds. My hope is that they will legalize psilocybin for practitioners in the not-too-distant future. Until then, I plan on returning to Jamaica, which is also pretty spectacular!

  • Tip Tao   December 13, 2019

      Most transformative week of my life.

    Most transformative week of my life. Led by brilliantly experienced professionals, who make safety a top priority. Hard to imagine that anyone else is in their league.

  • Josh Carpenter   December 01, 2019

      You need to go if you have gotten this far!

    My week at MycoMeditations was just what I had hoped for and more. The logistics of the trip were handled so well from the moment we touched down in Jamaica. My group was the first to stay at Bluefields Bay, and the staff there took great care of all 11 of us. My underlying anxiety that had brought me to this journey was quickly quieted after meeting Eric, Justin, Dan, Athena, and all of the great folks at Myco. The setting was picturesque for the three trips that we experienced. Each mushroom dosing session was followed by a thoughtful discussion the next day. There becomes a strong bond between each participant during this week. We were excited and encouraging of each other as we dealt with issues that had long been our nemesis. For me, it seems the psilocybin allowed me to view life from a completely new perspective. Moments that had previously brought up strong emotions seemed to come up with the new ability to objectively view the event and even why it was necessary. My emotion and sympathetic nervous system seem much more disengaged from normal stressors and anxiety-provoking events post retreat. I feel like I've been granted a 2nd chance to prioritize relationships in my life and put away things that aren't good for me. I hope to go back with family and friends to share the experience some day!

  • Jess Young   November 29, 2019

      Life after MycoMeditations

    I've been back from this experience for a week and I am certain my life will now be divided: Life before MycoMeditations and life after MycoMeditations. I made this trip with my aunt, and found it an excellent experience to share with a loved one. We will definitely be back and I am already lining up in my mind all the others I would like to share it with. I cannot overstate the skill, love, and qualification of the operations and facilitation teams at Myco. We both felt completely safe and looked after the entire time. And the friendships formed with the other participants in our group of 11 will last a lifetime. Also incredible accommodations, food, beautiful beaches. But all of that pales in comparison to the transformations I personally experienced and saw in others. Book it now -- it will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself.

  • Marcello Cicchini   November 13, 2019

      I have never felt such peace and connection in my whole entire life.

    I followed Eckhart Tolle for more than a decade and he helped me focus on what I could find beyond my mental patterns (and filters) from where I see my "normal" life. I have never saw the light though, except for a few glimpses. It is not that Eckhart didn't succeed with me... what happened is that my mind made a lot of "noise" and I found myself pulled into unconsciousness by rumination and judgmental thoughts. “If you are in front of an angel but you only see a stone statue, you don’t have to look somewhere else to find the angel… just continue looking at the stone statue…” Eckhart explained something like that in The Power of Now, to describe how witnessing “what meets the eye” could do for you. I kept looing at the stone statue… I found about Psychedelic substances nearly two months before I showed up in Treasure Beach, knowing exactly what I wanted. Knowing that I found what I was looking for (without actually knowing that I was looking for it…) What I wanted was to shot down, at lease for a few hours, that area in my brain which is responsible for all the useless chattering, rumination, my personality based on possessions, achievements, failures, neediness and so on. I found it… Psilocybin opened a breach in my heavy, thick, conceptual operating mode, and for the first time in my whole entire life, I saw ineffable peace and wonder, connection with all creatures and things as all “equal.” I saw innocence and respect between creatures and things to one another. I saw beauty, unconditional love… nobody was more or less important, or special. I felt I knew exactly what to say at the right moment and for the first time I felt every thought with overwhelming clarity. I have lost the compulsion to describe what I was seeing as if everybody already knew what was going on. I could not stop crying out of happiness when I first saw all this. I used to talk and write about all things Eckhart described as if I knew what I was talking/writing about but I didn’t know what I was doing. I thought I knew UNTIL I experienced it. Eric and all the facilitators were a key factor to make this possible. All amazing people! I felt, support and understanding in some of my difficult transitions within the dosed sessions. I found simplicity and connection that is not coming from normal human interaction. I am especially grateful to the people of the Blue Marlin (cooks and maintenance) Their love and dedication for what they do was, and still is, alive as part of my immense gratitude. The effects of the mushroom are long gone, but almost all rumination disappeared, and when some “voices” want to take over, I feel their energy and I just smile. My neediness of recognition, affection, consideration and such are history now. And same, when emotions related to that arise, I am there… looing at them with a sense of peace. When I feel discomfort (and I still do) I don’t try to change it. I just look at the discomfort without rejecting anything. I remember things from my past and I still have a role in society. Nothing changed in the external, but now I feel I have a choice to how to react to events in life. What was fundamental was the complete acceptance of the frightening of the unknown. If you believe that mushroom will make you feel good, you’re just wrong. What mushrooms gave me was the opportunity to enhance all perceptions and see clearly all feelings I carried all my life with me. I just didn’t fight to change them or to understand them. I didn’t come to Treasure Beach to make “peace with my past” or to understand my parents or to find out what was wrong in my childhood. I went there to abandon all of that because I understood that all memories (and emotions attached to them) have the compulsion to keep running inside myself. By conversing with them, they continue to reinforce themselves, and if you do it under your mushroom trips, you will probably end up getting stuck even more with them, and wasting this amazing opportunity to be really free. If you try to understand your past, there’s always more… and more. It’s just not worthy. Just be determined to let the past go. Your past is not what you really are and it’s only purpose is to tell you “who you are” and wanting for you to believe it. You’ll probably feel nausea during your trips… just be with it. You’ll probably feel that you’re somehow delusional or stupid in the middle of the trip… just know that it won’t last, and be with it. You’ll probably also face confusion and regret for having come all the way to Jamaica for “this…” just know that it won’t last either, and be with it. Just trust. Don’t try to change, understand, fix or interact with your own feelings during your sessions. They just want to get stuck with them to keep going. Just let them be. If it’s possible, don’t socialize or try to fix someone else during sessions, unless you’re moved by that “love that doesn’t have opposites,” and in that case, you will exactly know what to do or say. Try not to mix alcohol or other substances before or during your trips. Be as present as you can. Your inner being knows what I mean within these lines. ONE LOVE… Marcello.

  • Lindsay Nelson   October 19, 2019

      A Perfect Prescription

    I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that MycoMeditations is the real deal. I could not have picked a better place/better people to entrust with my mind, heart, body, and wallet. From day one, I felt safe, accepted and in good hands. The very best of hands. In addition, I felt loved, not in a weird or superficial way, but authentically. The MycoMeditations Team is kind, knowledgeable, reverent, trustworthy and caring. The team and the group (other participants) became a sort of holding environment where it was safe to explore, it was safe to be vulnerable, it was safe to “let go”. This dynamic cannot be understated in its power to transform and heal. I had more fun, felt more connected and learned more about myself and the nature of reality and love in one week than in my entire life previous to this experience. It was so refreshing and empowering and transformational. The MM facilitators are experts at holding space (a term I used to roll my eyes at, having not understood its meaning before) and radiating loving energy. They were available and asked thoughtful and helpful questions without even the slightest air of pushiness, condescension or judgement. In this environment, and with the help of psilocybin, I was safe and free to explore my own mind and reality and life and love; and the walls I’d so carefully constructed for decades could and did come down. By the end of the week, I felt more alive, connected, loved, and free than I can remember since being a small child. Attending a MycoMeditations retreat is the perfect prescription for anyone searching, seeking, who feels disconnected, who senses there’s more to this life than what western society offers, for anyone who’s come up against a wall or hit a plateau and doesn’t know the way (it’s through!) I fully trust Eric and his team and am eternally grateful to them for the love and support they offered and the difference this experience has made in my life!

  • Frank Kilmer   October 17, 2019

      Profound Transformation

    Our Psychedelic mentors talk about the importance of set and setting. Setting first. Our seven day retreat was housed in three lovely villas right on the beach. The food was superb, the staff vey friendly, and Eric and Courtney have assembled a terrific crew including two therapists and a numner of local woman who are very attentive and all created a very safe environment. The set part refers to mindset. before and during the retreat, all 13 participants were encourage to deeply examine their motives for coming and their hopes for the experience. Of the 13 participants, at least 10, including me had experiences of profound and transformative insight. How to change your mind indeed!

  • STripper   September 26, 2019

      Best trip ever!

    I read a bit about psilocybin before the trip in August 2019. I saw a high percentage of people ranking the psilocybin experience as a life changing event in the JHU study. Obviously, I went to the retreat with a high expectation and also a nagging fear that my expectations might turn out to be unrealistic, which happened way too many times before in my life :-). However, mushrooms literally blew my mind away!! Kudos to the whole staff team… Everyone was warm and professional. The leading guy Justin has expansive experience with mushrooms and is an expert in leading retreats in general. It was a pleasure to speak with him every time. Knowing that I am a yogi, he even introduced me to a book on psychedelic interpretation of Bhagavad Gita. Who would know such a book even exists? I cannot thank enough to other supporting staff for their warm support during the journey. I also made quite a few friends with fellow retreaters. Everyone came with a different set of reasons but eventually the journey brought us very close together, in a way similar to soldiers bonding with each other in a battlefield. For the newbies out there like me (I never had these substances before), I think this retreat is a unique opportunity for a number of reasons. The three doses make a lot of sense in the hindsight. The first dose is really to make sure you can take it safely without major medical/mental issues. The team will manage your expectation on the first dose :-) Then you dive deeper in the second dose. If you want even more, there is a third dose. And yes, it should take a whole week in case you are wondering. You need the time to rest and integrate. I did 3 grams the first time, 6 grams the second time, and 12 grams in the third time. As many people pointed out, these experiences are beyond words, especially for a non-native English speaker :-) However, if I use only one word to describe theme of each trip, I’d say the first trip was “artistic”, the second one was “emotional”, and the third time was “spiritual”. Around the peak time during the third trip, I literally visualized neurons firing, connecting, accessing long-forgotten corners of my brain, making the biggest and brightest fire I have ever seen, all with eyes closed and a pair of eyeshades on. Everything in my life started to make sense. All my sufferings seemed so trivial. There was no slightest trace of negative emotions such as depression, resentment, jealousy or anger. My heart was filled with profound mixed senses of gratitude, love, and sympathy. I’d say this is the way life should be :-). I felt even physically stronger and lighter. Some logistic recommendations from my experience (may not apply to other people obviously): The JHU playlist of mostly classical music can be very helpful. Without it, my mind tends to make its own background music, which is not always pretty. The music list has a sublime quality that kept me above water when the internal “whitewater rafting” journey got rough. If you use airpods, make sure it is fully charged and can last 4-5 hours. A soft low pillow to keep your head in the right place, eliminating another potential distraction. Make sure to bring a towel for tears and sweat. If you are a yogi, some pranayama techniques such as ujjayi breath can be your best friend. If you do meditation regularly, that’s a great asset during the trip because it helps you to “let go” of things and keeps you calm in occasional unpleasant situations. A month later, some of my self-abusing habits were broken and stayed that way so far. I am already thinking about planning another trip!

  • Galina Kirpichov   September 19, 2019

      A place to mend yourself

    For me, MycoMeditations created a safe, supportive, beautiful place where I could look at past, current and future possibilities. With compassion, experience and great food, the organization strived to nurture me, as I looked inward and healed. I feel very fortunate to have found them and the time I spent there. The experience was invaluable to me and I'll continue to build on what I did there. For those wondering about choosing between comfort and basic, I can tell you I stayed in basic, due to the fact that was all that was available at the time (they book out months in advance it appears). Thankfully, AC had recently been installed in many rooms and I was fortunate to have one of these :) It was mid September and the sun strong. Beyond that there was little that was "basic". Traditional delicious food was prepared with various needs respected (vegetarian, gluten free, etc). I was even able to order an organic smoothie from close by farm/restaurant. We went out as a group to some great restaurants, as well. Whether comfort or basic, you will be well cared for.

  • Lynda Delo   September 19, 2019

      Great Experience

    My trip to Jamaica for one of the Mycomeditations retreats was a great experience for me. Unfortunately, I was one of the rare ones that didn't have any mystical or spiritual experiences or profound insights. I am confident though that the psilocybin was and still is changing the neural pathways by re-wiring some of the connections between different parts of my brain. The people that run Mycomeditation retreats were very professional and very knowledgeable. There were 10 of us "guests" and 6 staff members during the sessions. A couple of the staff members were licensed counselors, 1 was a nurse and all seemed very knowledgeable in the way psilocybin effects the body and brain. During our dosing sessions (there were 3) all 6 staff were very alert to what was going on in the group (we all dosed at the same time and in the same outdoor area under shaded porches or pavilions). Each session was 5-6 hours and the staff never appeared bored or seemed to just be babysitting us. There was someone always available to sit and talk or just be with you if you felt like you needed it. I felt very safe and watched over, I knew they wouldn't let me do anything that might cause harm to myself. They were all very sensitive to what each of us were dealing with and were there to help us in anyway we needed. I felt they were all very present with us and focused on us the entire 5-6 hours. That really impressed me because I hadn't expected that level of care from the staff. I'm really glad I went. The other participants were a great group of people, all of them were there for mental or physical healing. Some had been through pretty traumatic events in their past that they were dealing with. Several had drinking or drug problems. We had group counseling sessions everyday and developed a very close bond, I consider everyone of them a friend. We have our own group on WhatsApp and so everyone is still connecting through it. I highly recommend MycoMeditations and hope to return at least once a year.

  • TJ Hoeft   September 05, 2019

      Absolutely Amazing!

    Out of 5 stars, I would give them 20! Wow! What an experience! Thank you so much to everyone at MycoMeditations and Doranja House! Specifically, I would like to give a hat tip to the following folks: 1. Justin Townsend: He was my Morpheus and mentor within the trip space. Keeping a watchful eye on all participants, he seemed to feel out the dynamic like an omnidirectional antenna. He made sense of the space and brought a sense of calm and kindness to all. 2. Bénédicte (Ben) Bergouignan: She was a loving and compassionate mentor for me in the trip space. Her playful and gentle approach to therapy masked her powerful ability to make sense of another’s struggles and tease them out into conscious awareness. 3. Doreen Gordan: Doreen and her husband own the Doranja House. They provided food and accommodations during my stay with them. Doreen’s light-hearted nature amazed me as she worked hard preparing food, keeping up with the responsibilities around the property, and doing laundry for guests. I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface. 4. Dan Such (and Lolo), Matt Gasmovic, Nickesha Strachan, Ruschiene Deidrick, and Athena Rose: These facilitators were amazing. Their organization, caring, and professionalism truly made for a fantastic experience. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity! Of course, special thanks to Eric Osbourne for being the driving force behind MycoMeditations. His hard work and personal risk to make mushroom treatments available to others cannot be understated. He is truly amazing. Apologies if I have left anyone off the list. It was not intentional. I am a computer scientist by trade. I am skeptical and believe all things should be measured and tested. I do like being a guinea pig on some things. Being a fan of the author, Tim Ferris, it was only a matter of time before I came across his experiences with mushrooms. He struck me as being similar to my nature. Slightly obsessive, constantly optimizing, and wanting to test, he used himself as a guinea pig consistently. The feedback that he gave regarding his experiences and his desire to become an advocate immediately caught my attention. I respected his opinion. I followed the podcasts and started researching using Audible to trace the high level overviews of the effects of psychedelics. In particular, I was thrilled with Michael Pollan’s, “How to change your mind”. I began interviewing other people that had had the experience to backfill the stories with tangible evidence from my own world. The people that I met seemed quite regular and I had asked about well-being and long-term effects. Most either described it as something recreational or therapeutic. For those that describe things as recreational, I saw them as escapist in nature and seeking distraction. That wasn’t me. A smaller subset of people seemed to see it as an emotional reset and even used it as a means of reconciling with their partner at periodic intervals to maintain a deep level of intimacy. This smaller subset of people had me intrigued. It soon became my guilty pleasure to read everything I could find on the topic. I began reading about growing techniques and searched the dark web for resources. Now, I was flirting with trying it out. I didn’t want to do it alone. I needed some sort of safe bubble in which to have this experience and get trained to use it appropriately. I thought of it like learning to drive a car. You don’t just jump in and start driving, you go to class. I didn’t want to mess up my mind. I began having consistent conversations with my wife advocating that I try this technique. I give her lots of credit because she could sense that I really wanted it, and I was being very open about my desire to improve my emotional life and our relationship. I gave her examples from the readings on how the benefits could propagate into tangible outcomes in our lives. The statistics showed it was relatively safe, and the impacts of a single experience seemed to have long-lasting positive effects. Their non-addictive nature was also important to me. I took the time to address I wife’s fears. Each time she brought up a concern, I would listen to it and go research. I wanted to have her on board and not hide my intentions. Her biggest concern was that I might change emotionally, and that might make me either less available to her and our little family. Or, she feared that I would want to leave her after I realized all the stress we had been under the last several years. I invested the time to address her fears. This was not a one time discussion, but more of a campaign that occurred like a glacier carving out and altering the terrain. I was patient because I really thought it could help my situation and our relationship. This summer we planned it out. I would do it at the tail end of our vacation so that I could begin by relaxing and slowing my mind down three weeks prior to the experience. what brought me to Jamaica? In short, I knew that I was a mess. I have struggled in all of the areas below. For some, I have seen some obvious relief. For others, it’s too hard to tell until I get more time under my belt to review the changes. For the record, this is my running list of things that sent me seeking answers and relief in Jamaica. I had tried talking with a psychologist with little tangible change. I had sought out books for each area to approach the behaviors with the “best practices”. Similarly, my obsessive reading or audible listening along these subject matter themes produce little tangible result. Our family would take long vacations in Europe, and I would hope that the context switch would help disrupt the bad habits. Nothing really worked. 1. About seven years ago I had a stroke in my left cerebellum. I had consistent migraines. I wanted to see if the neural plastic changes might help with some of the effects that I had seen in my life. 2. I started getting new aches and pains. My lower back and neck have had hair triggers resulting in some sort of spinal discomfort for about the last 20 years. At around 15, I fell from a tree landing on my neck and suffered a compression fracture on two vertebrae. I suspected that some of my issues were related to those old injuries and maybe muscular imbalances due to both my job and inconsistent exercise. 3. I was very socially anxious and found that I was isolating myself from others. I was judgmental and sarcastic. I knew I was getting on my wife’s nerves. I didn’t know how to turn it off. It seemed to be hardwired to my internal sense of frustration. I didn’t want to propagate my bad habits. Additionally, my wife would want to go dancing and I would avoid it like the plague. Another indicator of my dysfunctional social behavior had to do with some obsessive behaviors. If I got too nervous, I would find myself almost uncontrollably looking at women in “socially unacceptable ways”. In almost all social settings, my hands would sweat, and I would try too hard in the conversations. None of my social interactions felt authentic. It seemed the mystery that others can relax into the social setting whereas it always seems so contrived for me. 4. I was having problems sleeping. I wake up in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep. 5. I was becoming a workaholic and having very difficult time with work life balance. I think I was hiding from my emotional imbalances. I enjoy my work, but I was taking it too far. I knew my emotional imbalances were getting worse. 6. After issues between my family of origin not wanting me to marry my wife, I ended up losing about 30 people on my side of the family in order to preserve my marriage. The games were too much. As a result, I was depressed about the loss of those relationships and the feeling of betrayal that the people I had loved so much could not find a way to take responsibility and reconcile the situation. Loss of my family left me feeling like a boat without an anchor. Each time a special occasion like a birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas would roll around, I wouldn’t know if I would react in joy or complete depression. There were times I just wanted to be isolated from my wife and kid and cry in my own self-pity. 7. I have a lot of obsessive behaviors. I’d bite my fingernails and find myself constantly trolling the kitchen for food. 8. I found very little joy in activities that required responsibilities like working in the kitchen. This resulted in struggles between my wife and I. I wouldn’t want to cook or clean the kitchen. Having to make lunchboxes for a kid for school was also taxing. It’s not like it was realistically a major strain on me, and I felt very childish knowing that I had to reluctantly get up and knock it out. 9. Shame. I had been shamed and bullied my whole life. I grew up in a dysfunctional family that used sarcasm and humiliation to control me. My family was also emotionally unavailable especially while I was being bullied in school. They would embarrass and make a fool of me in front of others. I was the black sheep of the family and trained to be a people pleaser. I didn’t know how to form healthy relationships with others. My first healthy relationship was to my wife when I got married. I trusted her intuition when mine would lead me astray. Outcomes My time at MycoMeditations in Jamaica has already made a huge difference in my well-being. 1. If I was stressed and falling asleep, my hands would clench and spasm as I tried to relax. The abrupt arm and leg movements after the stroke had the effect of disrupting my relaxation and keeping my wife always nervous that something was going wrong with me. The first trip seemed to engage this aspect of my nervous system, and when it was through, it felt like there was some significant neural plasticity and my brain was being rewired. While it’s still too early to see the long-term effects, the results were almost immediately noticeable for me. 2. I had gotten to the point that if I didn’t have the right pillow under the perfect conditions, I would get migraines either during the night or the next morning. The migraines morphed and changed over time. I became a connoisseur of headaches. The latest version had plagued me for the last year and a half to two years and occurred at the base of my skull down my spinal column to my mid neck. Things were getting triggered at least once a week sometimes more often. If I caught it early by taking Maxalt and Tylenol, I could mitigate the effects. Otherwise, I would lose half of the day laying in bed with the pulsing pain. It’s still quite early to see how the effects will shake out over time, but I felt almost instant relief. The pillow that I was sleeping on was far worse than my pillow at home. And other than a stiff neck, I felt no pain. 3. When I first got to Jamaica, my social anxiety was running at full steam. I didn’t know how to use my attention. Once the novelty of the changing scenery was over and we were at our destination, I found myself stuck in a large group of strangers where I was socially anxious and trying to fit in. My shame kicked up as I felt I was constantly trying too hard, interrupting people, and pushing people away. I would go to my room to journal so that I could disrupt the negative emotions. After the first trip, the social anxiety had simply turned off. It was replaced with a sense of empathy that was totally unexpected and very refreshing. My dysfunctional ways of interacting with people had lessened to about 10% of their initial levels. There was something significant going on here and that was just trip one. I felt a sense of well-being that I could lean into during the social interactions. This gave me a sense of patience. 4. While in Jamaica, I had sleeping problems but for different reasons. I had been traveling so much that I was suffering from significant jet lag and I’m highly sensitive to heat. Jamaica was hot, very hot. The room we were staying in had air conditioning, but I decided to tough out the environment. As a result, sleeping was always a bit of a challenge. When I got home immediately after Jamaica, I wanted to sleep at ton. It’s still a bit too early to know how this will play out in the future, but my sleep has been wholesome and refreshing. This was true even under the significant temperature differences in Jamaica, and while I was probably only getting between 4-5 hours of sleep a night there. 5. The state of being a workaholic may not change. I still love my job and I’m very curious by nature. I’m okay with that should it arise. It will just give me another reason to visit Jamaica again and the paycheck to do it. Since returning home, it has been difficult turning on my left brain. I feel like I have gotten so much out of the experience and I’m still subconsciously processing a bunch of loose ends. I’m starting off my work week slowly to be kind to myself. 6. The attachment fears from my family have somewhat been relieved. Again, I have to caveat this with the fact that it’s still too early to tell. Before I make some definitive statement, I would like at least one year to ride out the emotional triggers of the holidays to see if strong negative or depressive emotion is conjured. I will say this though. The deep sense of loneliness that I felt as a result of losing my family was somewhat replaced by the tribe of strangers that became friends during my time in Jamaica. In the one week that I was there, I had so many in-depth and intimate conversations with the people I experienced this with that I feel a sense of connectedness that I haven’t felt in years. I feel loved again by these people that I had just met. And, I felt a deep sense of loving them. I wouldn’t have been able to say that in the past. Not only did I have a new tribe, I also had a means to build new intimate relationships or revive existing relationships. The mushrooms and MycoMeditations offered a path. 7. In terms of my obsessive behaviors, they have eased. If I were to rank my level of obsessiveness, I would say that my current state is about 20% of that in which I entered the experience with. It seems as though some mental space was injected into my thought processes giving me both patience and the ability to evaluate the behavior prior to engaging with it. I can see the weakened obsessive response spin up and not have to engage it immediately. This holds true for my desire to interrupt, bite my fingernails, run to the refrigerator for a snack, etc. We’ll see how this plays out over time. I’m optimistic. The mushrooms shook up the snow globe, and I now have the ability to build more positive habits rather than feeling stonewalled against my old negative habits. 8. Similarly to the above, I feel like the mushrooms have introduced a level of patience that I can lean into when I have responsibilities. I realize that I have to be the cocreator in this process and things will not happen in autopilot. But, I now feel more of a sense of lightness and openness that I can take with me instead of leaning strictly on willpower. In the coming weeks, I plan to use this lightness to enable me to build new habits that bolster positive changes in my lifestyle. 9. It was interesting during my second trip. I seemed to have merged with infinity and come back. While that sounds very abstract and like there might not be much to take home from the experience, it had the effect of making all of my problems seem so negligible in the grand scheme of things. Consciously looking back at the sense of shame I see it more like a problem with my use of attention. And, having a new way of focusing my mind, I believe that it will significantly alter my experience and my relationship with shame and my emotional baggage. I’m optimistic. I’m even open to taking my wife dancing as long as there are lessons first. One of the biggest takeaways that I got from this experience was a sense that I cocreated a mental model within the trip space that was applicable to me outside of the trip space in my everyday life. While this mental model may be abstract if I tried to describe it to others, it makes perfect sense to me through all of the semantic hooks that I was able to generate during the trip. I cocreated these hooks and the mental model by querying the abstractions in my minds eye with the problems and the constraints that I felt in the real world. This process enabled me to generate a construct that stitched together all three trips into a single cohesive experience that provided me with a sense of wisdom. The sense of meaninglessness and injustice of the world now seems a naïve way of interpreting my experience. Instead, I realize the ebb and flow of the universe in a way that makes sense to me. And, I feel more capable of grappling with reality in a way that makes me feel light and fluid. This is a true blessing and one that I was not able to anticipate prior to the experience. I came away with a strong sense that mushrooms are misunderstood and as what usually takes place in history is that what is misunderstood is prohibited and taboo. This is unfortunate. I didn’t just see healing in myself. Those who had the same ceremony experience with me had healing and revelations as well. I watched those that struggled with sexual identity, fibromyalgia, trauma from sexual assault, depression, and a feeling like they didn’t belong in the world. After each trip, each one seemed more alive and congruent with themselves. From my experience, I finally felt comfortable in my own skin. I owe mushrooms, the facilitators and all of the supportive people in Jamaica a deep debt of gratitude. The world looks so much different now. I think of all of those out there in need dealing with pain and trauma. I see all of those in the news acting out in violence like our recent trends of mass shootings. I see all the fear projected in the news and the artificial boundaries that we put between us with our different labels and judgments. As I sit back and think about the world and how mushrooms have been ostracized, I think of both the benefit they could bring as well as the flip side. Is the reality that is painted in the news that good that we would exchange a feeling of serenity provided by mushrooms for it? Are the lines we draw between each other and the tensions that arise from judging each other reaping that much of a reward? Might it be time for a less anxious and angry way of perceiving the world? What would happen if we could all find joy and serenity and how might that influence the world? I exited the mushroom experience with a sense that I need to be an advocate for the experience. The experience should not be one that people dive into without competent people managing a container like the group I experienced at MycoMeditations in Jamaica. There are significant rewards. And while the future of my experience is still a bit too early to tell, out of the gates, I feel amazing. The mushroom experience is powerful. I walked away with the feeling that it is a therapeutic tool that all should have access to. However, I believe the enthusiastic experience of mushrooms needs to be tempered with a sense of responsibility. From some of those that I have interviewed prior to my time at MycoMeditations, I came away with a sense that much like alcohol, mushrooms could be abused. By abuse, I mean that recreational usage resulted in some of the people I interviewed driving while under the influence as well as not going in with clear intentions or having a safety net of others that could aid if things started going wrong. Mushrooms work in a very nonlinear way. Don’t just jump in and use them. One needs a mentor for the experience at least initially. I interpreted the experience as a calibration of my thought processes and nervous system. Being surrounded by others in a safe environment and experiencing as a group, I believe sets the stage for a more positive and empathetic response. I felt such a closeness with others and a deep sense that I wanted to maintain contact after the experience. Society could really benefit from introducing mushrooms as a means of dealing with personal trauma and limitations as well as reconnecting people via bona fide human interactions.

  • Patti Parker   September 01, 2019

      Beautiful place, people, experience

    I had an amazing week at MycoMeditations in Jamaica. It was transformational. Eric, Courtney, Dan, Ruschienne and the entire staff are warm, engaging, knowledgable, kind, funny and smart with years of experience deep in psychedelics. The location, accomodations, food and activities are all as nice, yummy and appealing as can be. I met other awesome humans traveling and exploring the inner workings of our minds and our world, and am better off for having spent a week with each and every one. I can't speak highly enough of the experience—recommend putting your fears aside and truly consider this beatiful opportunity.

  • Gary Randolph   August 23, 2019

      Great experience

    My wife and I attended the 2019 August 10 - 17 retreat. As someone who has had decades of some relief from clinical depression and PTSD via fluoxetine (Prozac), I stay current in mental health research as best I can. Having seen the recent resurgence in psychedelics for the treatment of these disorders, I looked into participating in such a study. The age limit for participants is 65. I am 66. Fortunately, I also discovered this retreat. I researched Eric’s (the founder of MM) history and read several reviews from those who went before. The few negative reviews I found were from people who wanted to run the retreat their way (exotic dancing, “certified” clinicians, blah blah blah). Well, this retreat is run in a caring, safe environment by people experienced with the use of psychedelics and in facilitating the psychedelic experiences of others. A nurse is also present at each psychedelic event. Each of my three ‘trips’ were on my terms. For one, I mimicked the John Hopkins study by using a blindfold and the music playlist they used. Another was sans music while walking around the grounds. Finally, one was without blindfold and my own playlist of music I love. Perhaps my most significant trip was the (lowest dose) walking around trip. The point is that I was free to explore the best ways to make beneficial use of my experiences. An experience that I believe should be available to anyone in a free country. I am again taking fluoxetine. My experiences did not ‘fix’ me. Eric told me (and everyone else) ahead of time that shrooms are not a magic bullet. While I had hope, I had no expectations from my experiences. My journey continues. I have new friends to whom I can reach out. I am very happy that I found and experienced MM. Best to you and your journey. Oh, and it’s hot in Jamaica. I found short sleeved button down shirts to be more comfortable than tee shirts.

  • Lesley Waters   July 30, 2019

      Transformative Experience

    I was in the midst of severe postpartum depression when I first came across an article about the use of psychedelics to treat depression among other aligments. After further research my strong desire to experience the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms was ignited. With the encouragement and support of loved ones I signed up for my Mycomeditations retreat. I have suffered with varying degrees of depression and anxiety for twenty years. Additionally I have struggled with low self esteem and social anxiety since childhood. So naturally the group dynamic of this retreat was initially intimidating. However it proved to be a key component in my healing. It allowed me to share things I experienced on the mushrooms that I would normally have internalized and possibly tried to re-suppress. It was a freeing experience to speak my truth to everyone there. It helped that I was surrounded by a wonderful and dynamic group of open minded individuals that were all there to heal a part of themselves as well. I took away something valuable from every person during our group sessions. On one of my trips I revisited a deeply suppressed and unhealed trauma. I faced a lot of harsh truths about myself that compelled me to make major changes in my life. As a binge drinker for the last two decades I had a very toxic relationship with alcohol. I did not drink everyday but when I did it was to always get drunk and I would often black out. I made attempts to quit in the past but I always returned to alcohol as a coping mechanism. At my retreat I made the decision to get sober. I thought it was going to be a major struggle for me upon my return home but I am happy to report that it has been the opposite. I have had zero desire to drink. Psilocybin changed my perception of life. It allowed me how to end the cycle of self abuse and replace it with self love. It has given me the strength and desire to enrich all aspects of my life. My confidence has improved dramatically and I have a deep urge for human connection that was lacking before. I no longer suffer from depression and anxiety and when negative thoughts start to arise I am now able to turn them around before they escalate. I am beyond grateful for the transformative week I experienced in Jamaica. Eric and his team are an amazing group of genuine, compassionate and funny individuals. They really strive to help you get the most out of your experience and they showed up for me when I needed them the most. I am forever thankful to the Mycomeditations team.

  • David Shoar   July 26, 2019

      Simplicity, Serenity and Beauty at Treasure Beach's (Jamaica) Mycomeditations Retreats

    The minute I arrived at the Mycomeditations, I was immediately struck by the elegant beauty of the properties that are all part of the Mycomeditations retreat experience. Soon after arriving, I met several Jamaican Nationals and quickly felt a very strong connection to them and those connections became deeper as our week progressed. The buildings themselves were perfect Caribbean getaways, older homes but very comfortable and functional. Great open spaces in each of the homes that open to sweeping panoramas of the Caribbean!!!! . I have had the opportunity to experience food from many different countries and at some of the world's finest restaurants. The fragrance of Jamaican cooking wafting through the area in late afternoon was beyond description and I can honestly say that Jamaican food is now among my favorite foods and it is possibly my very favorite food. I honestly cannot convey how important my fellow retreat guests became to me as the week progressed. The education and professional backgrounds of my fellow attendees was astounding. The truth is, I felt many of them were truly brilliant people and far more importantly, they were and are good human beings. This, like many other experiences during our retreat was truly not anticipated but so appreciated. Arriving at Mycomeditations was the result of many years of awareness and study regarding the potential benefits of certain types of psychedelic therapies for a variety of mental health maladies. Many of these maladies have profoundly impacted my profession so I have always looked for emerging therapies that might ameliorate the suffering of others. My experience during this retreat was personally transformative and transcendent and I will return I gained much insight and understanding concerning some of my struggles. Saving probably the best for last!!! Eric Osborne and the team he has put together at Mycomeditations was one of the most impressive groups of people I have ever been associated with and over a 40 year career, I have been exposed to many "teams." These folks placed our safety and comfort as their #1 priorities during our stay. The insights, compassion and empathy displayed by these wonderful folks was something to behold. Eric Osborne is the consummate professional with a very deep understanding of the utility of this form of therapy and I could not imagine a better guide and teacher. He and his lovely wife Courtney have truly created a magical place where miracles do happen. If my children did their own research and decided on their own that they wanted to participate in this therapy, I would trust Eric and his team with the health, safety and welfare!!!! I guess that says it all!!!!

  • ally s   July 23, 2019

      Healing, Wonder and Inspiration with MycoMeditations

    After struggling through years of PTSD that have felt impossible to articulate, and 4 years on medications where the side effects were just as bad as the issues they were supposed to treat, I began searching for something beyond talk-therapy and pharmaceuticals to resolve my problems. I spent months reading about ways to try to understand mind-body connection that had landed me where I was: emotionally distraught, plagued by insomnia and experiencing neuropathic pain that worsened each time I was triggered by some event in my day to day life. As I explored options beyond standard western medicine and delved into psychedelics, the benefits of which are being discovered again by the medical community, I found positive mentions of MycoMeditations in the news again and again. Reviews online bolstered my confidence that this was an option I wanted to explore. I listened to the MycoMeditations podcasts and news articles that explored the efficacy of Psilocybin research: it resonated, and I was impressed that there was research to support what so many people were already talking about: the power of mushrooms. Many people facing the same challenges I had reported relief after tripping… plus a bundle of other benefits: a feeling of greater connectedness to others, a renewed sense of hope, an unforgettable experience…and even, I hoped: inspiration. As an artist, my day job (which is not artistic!) often trampled out my desire to be creative, and medications had done the rest of the work. I’d been desperate for the past 5 years to rekindle the intensity of artistic inspiration, intuition and empathy that has been such a huge part of my identity in the past. From the first few conversations with Eric and his team I knew I had found something special: the judgement free conversations about my condition and goals quickly helped me understand I was being listened to by people who were ready to work with me. Before and during the retreat every time I shared anything about myself with the MycoMeditations team and fellow retreaters I was met with warmth, compassion and understanding and at times: challenged to dig into my emotional responses and really deal with their outcomes. When it came to the group sessions after each trip, I struggled a bit as a shy person, but the reality of the group setting truly hit me towards the end of our time together: In the beautiful setting of Jamaica, with a group of all different ages, religions and backgrounds, I had met a collection of open and caring souls willing to explore and deal with our traumas together: this must be one of the most amazing group therapy experiences available today. In general, the structure of our days during the retreat was ideal: I felt relaxed but engaged. The food was authentic and thoughtfully cooked by a staff that was sensitive to our dietary restrictions. Enough can’t be said also about the biodiversity and natural beauty that the setting of Jamaica brings. By day, our retreat space was filled with birds, flowering plants and fruit trees where we grabbed stray mangos. The gentle family who owned the land we were on made us feel welcomed, and we walked freely between our cabins and the shorelines; swimming at random in the day and evening. After Jamaica, I can’t imagine wanting to have a psychedelic experience like this in a closed room or near a city. One of my favorite nights after a trip ended with fellow retreaters and I in gazing dreamily at the Milky Way as shooting stars dripped by: something you can only do in a place like rural Jamaica where low-light pollution sets the galaxy ablaze! A month after my retreat, I feel I have stepped into a phase of life where I am ready to be my authentic self: silly, funny, weird, laughing more easily and making more time to be with friends. Not only have I felt a huge relief from the neuropathic pain I was experiencing, but also lessened anxiety and insomnia brought on by PTSD. Lastly, as I had most desperately hoped, this experience has brought me a galaxy’s worth of starry ideas and inspiration— I have made art every day since my retreat. Some people say that their retreats feel like years of therapy rolled into one week, but all the years of my own therapy don’t add up anywhere close to this outcome and it still feels like there’s more to come. For anyone who feels like the only solution is to increase the dosage on a medication that already doesn’t seem to work, for anyone who sits on a psychiatrist's couch and has the feeling that person only aims to quickly match you to a diagnosis and medication, for anyone who has ever been made to feel that they are worth less than the moon and stars: I encourage you to try this option! Let the mushrooms help you catch a glimpse of yourself in a frame of mind that is brutally honest, magical, frightful in its daring wonder: come experience something beautiful, and let it leave a mark on your heart. -- Ally S., Artist, US

  • AK   June 19, 2019

      I had a great experience. Highly recommended

    I had a very positive and transformative experience at MycoMeditations. I strongly recommend it, especially if you’ve been suffering from treatment resistant depression and have tried everything else. Given what I experienced and what I saw happen in our group you’re highly likely to find significant relief and get way more psilocybin than you would in any clinical trial I know of. I went on a comfort retreat in early May 2019. I got into the retreat only about a month before as someone had cancelled so even if everything says booked on their website if you’re interested I would recommend submitting an application as cancellations may arise. Overall, my experience very positive. The staff both in America and Jamaica are friendly and kind and answered all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I spoke with Eric about my specific medications and how they may interact with psilocybin about two weeks before leaving for the retreat and then completed a follow-up phone call with him about 2 weeks after I left Jamaica. Since I’ve been back I’ve turned to both Eric and the therapist who was on my retreat (Benedictine) for help and they’ve always been there to support me. Eric and his team are true healers and I found great relief after taking my first dose of psilocybin much less the second and third doses. I went to get relief from chronic treatment resistant depression. I had been on SSRI’s for almost 20 years and also had 9+ years of talk therapy under my belt and had tried both TMS treatment and ECT among MANY other things. None of that provided the relief that I got from 1 week in Jamaica. I know that sounds unreal but it’s true. As a matter of fact, I stopped taking the last 2 pysch meds I was on in Jamaica (at the max I was on 6 including 3 controlled) and I haven’t touched any for over 40 days now which is a big deal for me. I also haven’t taken any additional psilocybin since Jamaica. The group format was very helpful in my case which is something I would’ve never expected. Everyone in our group was honest and open and all of us were there for the same reason (looking for relief from chronic suffering). I also liked the fact that the 3 psilocybin doses were very flexible and tailored to each individual and their specific concerns and situation. That ended up making a big difference in my case. As far as negatives, I would say that if you are severely depressed to the point of not being able to get out of bed etc. (and I was there earlier this year) then it would be a tough journey to get to MycoMeditations and do all of the group activities. You may want to contact Myco as I believe there are options for individual dosing sessions in Kingston they may be able to refer you to. Also, if you are the type of person who needs to know that you have very quick access to a hospital in order to feel safe I’m not sure if this retreat would work for you as the closest hospital is about 45 minutes away from Treasure Beach and I don’t see any way to change that. Again, I would talk to them about other options (Kingston). Neither was an issue for me and none of my fears ended up coming to pass. I always felt safe during the retreat and dosing sessions. Also our group was great but if you were to find yourself in a group that just wasn’t working for you that might be a problem. Overall I had an awesome experience. They know what they are doing. I highly recommend it. Good luck and no matter what you do don't give up: there is help out there if you look for it.

  • James H   May 29, 2019

      Go ahead and take a trip!

    I highly recommend MycoMeditations if you are looking to experiment with Psilocybin as part of your psychedelic journey. I myself was skeptical about psychedelics but wanted to try Psilocybin after reading a recent book on the subject by a well-known author. My main goal was to grow spiritually and expand my consciousness beyond what I could in my day-to-day meditation practice. Though the end result wasn't exactly what I was expecting, the experience was no less intense, profound and revelatory. Eric, Justin and Mike are thorough professionals in this field, and they know this stuff inside out. They and rest of the facilitators are always there to help us through the journey, and they provide valuable insights along the way. We'd do good to let go of our inhibitions, trust their instincts and let the mushrooms do the rest. The group setting of the retreat allows you to meet people from varied backgrounds, share your deepest vulnerabilities and develop a special bond with everyone around. I met some amazing people with whom I developed a special bond that I hope will last a lifetime.

  • Douglas G Harrison   May 14, 2019


    Transformative experience, literally beyond words. Eric and his team of professionals provide a superb, safe environment in a wonderful location. My meditation practive has been forever transformed, I will be back

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