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(contact info blocked)Ayahuasca Spirit Healing Center offers 7, 14, and 21 day ayahuasca retreats near Pucallpa in Peru. Our retreats are small (maximum of 8 persons), personalized, and authentic, in a custom 1 on 1 experience. You’ll begin your journey with the detoxifying and cleansing purgatives rapé, piñon negro, and heirba luisa. These plant medicines will prepare your body and help align your spirit with the intention you have set for your journey. You will also be given a vapor bath, with steamed flowers and plants chosen to heighten and open up the senses for more vivid and profound ceremonial experiences. For every week you stay you’ll have the opportunity to participate in 4 ayahuasca ceremonies, led by our beloved renowned shaman Wiler in our spacious maloca. 

Wiler has worked as a shaman at the highest rated retreat center in Iquitos (Pulse Tours now Arkana, Soltara in Costa Rica etc), but after careful consideration and planning, he opened his own center in his home village of Limongema. What’s special about our center is that it brings you to the source. Most of the centers in Iquitos have their ayahuasca and plant medicines grown or brewed near Pucallpa and imported by plane or boat—Ayahuasca Spirit Healing Center was birthed in part out of our shaman’s desire to bring people closer to the plant world. He tends and prepares many medicinal plants including ayahuasca right at the center. The center is the culmination of Wiler’s vision to bridge the gap between plant and person, and to make traditional medicines available to the world.  And of course, our ayahuasca brew is made on site, giving you the freshest and purest experience possible!

There’s a reason you’ve been called to ayahuasca, and whether or not you know it she’s already begun to work with you simply by your self-proclamation to seek healing. So ask yourself, what exactly is calling out to you? What’s your reason for answering the call? Before your first ayahuasca ceremony, we will sit down with you and our shaman to discuss your intentions one-on-one. During your stay, we offer group shares to discuss your experiences and allow Wiler to offer interpretation and guidance to refresh your intention for the next ceremony, in addition to a one-on-one consult mid-week. After you’ve headed home you will also be able to have a one-on-one session with our integration specialist to help you navigate readjustment and practical application of the lessons you’ve learned. We take care of you here! You will have personalized, compassionate guidance throughout your whole journey.

In addition to ayahuasca, we offer “dietas” which are intensive plant connections in addition to your ayahuasca experience. These are master plant teachers that have their own “lessons” to impart. They each have a unique approach to providing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This may be suggested to you based off of your current state, or in regard to a future you are trying to manifest. The duration of the dieta will vary based on the goals one has (1 months, 3, 6 a year or more). 

Some examples of dietas offered include:

Mapacho (personal power, clarity, centeredness)Piñon Blanco (peace, love, child-like serenity)Nihue Rao (compassion, tenderness)Abuta (diabetes, renewal of physical strength)Uvos (internal infections, female maladies, connection to universal love

If you are ready to take your relationship with plant medicines to the next level, then you may consider joining us for an intensive plant diet. This is where you will open up on all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) while developing a lifelong and profound relationship with a Master Plant as chosen by Wiler based on your personal 1 on 1 consult. Plant diets have been used by the Shipibo for ages and are essentially the path that a Shaman takes to become healer or curandero – a person who heals through the power of ayahuasca ceremonially.

Whether you seek to be connected to light energy, heal physical ailments including mental health issues and addictions, connect to your higher self or begin your journey to discovering (and some would say “re-covering”) the healer within you, a plant diet is the natural progression for pasajeros who seek to evolve in and of themselves.

Our stay was amazing. I could not even dream that this place will transform me like this. If you really are ready to face your inner demons and want to find your path in this life Wiler will do that for you. Amazing retreat, amazing shaman and amazing people. My jungle family, you are the best experience I could ever think of living. It touched me in so many ways, that I can't really put in words how grateful I am for all the lessons ayahuasca thought me. Thank you for showing me the light and love. -Alexandra

Venue Highlights

We offer several activities throughout the week including:
• Shipobo Immersion Day (learn customary traditions directly from Shipobo peoples)
• Jungle excursions
• Shipobo Market Day (with local crafts, arts, and tapestries)
• Yoga and meditation sessions


At our center, you will have plenty of space to reconnect with yourself. We only host a maximum of 8 guests at a time, and our rooms fit 2 guests. If you travel alone you will get a roommate or couples can request a double bed. The space is intimate but welcoming and there are plenty of areas to take some time to yourself.

Our standard rooms have twin sized beds, each with their own mosquito nets. Pillows, sheets, and blankets are all provided. We have shared, modern western toilets and showers on site with running water. There is access to the internet via data sticks if you bring your laptop (or another device with USB port) in case of emergency, but we suggest you come prepared to live as indigenous people do and take time to commune with the surrounding nature. This is an authentic ayahuasca experience after all!


  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Yoga Studio
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Meat
  • Organic


Working with ayahuasca requires a special diet to maintain balance and clarity during your ceremonies. Traditionally this is simply prepared food, without spices, salt, oil, or sugar. A typical meal will have a simple protein like eggs, beans, chicken or fish, with rice or quinoa, vegetables, and fruit. All meals can be tailored to vegetarian or vegan palates. You will also have 24-hour access to clean, filtered drinking water. Three meals will be provided on days without ayahuasca ceremonies, but on days with we fast through dinner and begin the ceremony shortly after. This minimizes discomfort after consumption and allows the medicine to work without impediment.


Our village of Limongema is located about 2 hours by boat from the city of Pucallpa, Peru. One of our staff will meet you at the El Castillo Plaza Hotel, our meeting point. Our retreats begin on Sunday mornings when we will meet and greet at the hotel lobby and begin traveling towards the center as a group.

International flights to Peru typically have Lima (LIM) as the main layover. You may choose to book your flight directly through to Pucallpa (PCL), but buying a separate ticket from LIM to PCL is sometimes more frugal. Local airlines like StarPeru, Peruvian, and LATAM, typically transit between the two cities once or twice a day. You may choose to extend your layover in Lima to explore the historic city before embarking towards Pucallpa. We suggest planning to arrive in Pucallpa at least a day or two before your retreat begins. Regardless of your chosen route, if flying internationally expect and allow time to collect and re-check your baggage through customs in each foreign country you may have a layover in. Check with your airline for details.

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