Satori Farm Lodge

About This Center

ou will find Satori Farm in the Midlands of Natal – a beautiful place surrounded by mountains, with fresh water streams and a river running through it, an unspoiled piece of paradise.

Satori has been created by a two man (well a man and woman) team from the natural surroundings of the land – the private lodge has been built with straw bales and thatch, water is supplied from a natural underground stream and lighting is provided by solar power. The lodge has been with tasteful simplicity and open to the stunning scenic landscape.

The owners of Satori wanted to create a different concept for people to experience – a place of harmony, of balance and of connectedness with nature and for people to reconnect with themselves through the natural environment to remove themselves for a while from hectic city lifestyles, from modern day stresses and pressures.

It’s about being able to sleep in late if you want, hike up a mountain, take a leisurely stroll in the beautiful indigenous forest, sit quietly by the river and just “be”.

We encourage guests to take part in art workshops as well as drumming workshops –and no you don’t have to be an artist or a musician but just getting involved in these activities will help you to unwind and to have fun. We also invite guests to get involved with the kitchen if they so wish – to bake scrumptious breads and wholesome country meals or to sit and chat, have a glass of wine and enjoy the process of preparing food – it is in itself an art after all. So many people today do not have time or the inclination to cook good food, preferring restaurants and fast foods so to experience our country cooking is an event on its own.

Satori is a destination, an experience in itself, a different side of life which the owners wish to share. It’s about taking a moment and just being in that moment and finding a quiet contentment. So many people are caught up in the busy-ness of life and have little quality time for themselves, their friends and families. It’s about “ one day I’ll do this, one day when I have lots of money, when the kids have left home, when I retire” and so life moves on and that “one day” moves further away.
We want people to kick off their shoes, walk barefoot, play, laugh a lot and enjoy being in the moment, to find a balance in themselves, a fresh outlook on life and take with them a little piece of paradise.

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