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About This Center

Yogrishi kulam – a community of those who follow yogic path and believe in yogic science.

Yogrishi Kulam is a registered international yoga-school from yoga-alliance USA. Which is located in rishikesh,the world capital of yoga near bank of holy gangas river.

Yogrishi Kulam offer you a opportunity to deeper understanding of your yoga-practice with a spiritual level. Yogrishi kulam is a world renown yoga school of tradition yogic practice of guruprampra.

Our school is created with our passionate love for yoga. We would like to transfer our knowledge and love to others and build up a powerful yoga community. Together, we will grow and develop your yoga practice, and yoga will become a part of your everyday routine. Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time. Time for us to balance ourselves, to get peace in our soul and to keep calm in any situation in life. At Yogrishi Kulam, we help you to release stress and negative emotions from your hectic work and lifestyle, and we will try to show you the way you can bring peace in your life with our yoga asanas and community events. Yogrishi offers regular classes for all levels in various styles, including: Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Flow, Kundalini, Laughter Yoga and much more. We have passionate and experienced yoga teachers who will not hesitate to answer any questions, and will give you more advice and modifications about other asana styles. We started our yoga school in 2013 as a daily drop in classes. our yoga-student and close disciple insisten to us. we should offers teacher training course. In January last year. We decided to spread the knowledge of traditional inspirational yoga practice of yogrishi. to continue inspire the Yoga practitioners around the world . As a new way of yoga teacher training course.

The view of Yogrishi Kulam is a natural for those who seek out the experience and the environment in which the body, mind and soul develop.

Vision and Mission of yogrishi kulam

Promoting an integrated yogic community which inspired and supported by all yoga-practitioners to global and local. We worked together to create a sense of understanding, happiness and peace through the knowledge of yoga signals devoted to yoga gurus. Only through this knowledge can a person liberate compassionate life from craving and ego. Soul of innovation, Unity within diversity, Excellence defined by high standards, professionalism and willingness to learn. We believe in working together, just like our feet walk together with good understanding of each other.

Our locations

Yogishishi Kulam is a near by Lakshmanjula Rishikesh, which is the world capital of yoga along the holy Gang river. It is very close to the edge of the local market and the river. You can find the place close to the laxmanjhula, where you can sit and relax with watching the sunset on the holy water. Rishikesh is scatter with gardens, villages, lovely and beautiful cows, cheeks monkeys, chai stands, ayurvedic cafes and small local shops.

Minimaster At yogrishi kulam in Rishikesh

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Accommodation is provided within the premises. Two students will share a room, including closet space, private bathroom with hot water and shower facilities, and a balcony. Single and A / C accommodations additional cost also available with balcony. Please note: men and will be different from the women, however, if you are participating in the program with her husband / wife and want to stay together, please indicate in your application. Room service is provided and towels are available on request. Laundry facilities are not provided but students can wash their clothes in their rooms and laundry services can be arranged and you can get inquire at the reception. Free WiFi is available for all our residents. Students are assured of a comfortable place in their room to relax and relax during the course, but most of them like to spend there time in school! There is a spectacular view of the Himalayas and Ganga in the terrace and schools and offers a beautiful place to enjoy the students. Many local cafes, shops and restaurants are available for a few days to enjoy off of the curriculum. Outside the day there are many local cafes, shops and restaurants to enjoy. Traditional masala chai tea and herbal teas are available everywhere. There are many friendly animals and roads, which are local people on every interesting and entertaining city! There is no need to bring traditional shops in traditional Indian clothing and conditions, books, Ayurvedic products and streets with traditional shops in many languages! Whatever you want is a short distance from the school. Rishikesh is a vibrant Indian culture and a deep spiritual tradition which makes it a very good community and environment, in which your yoga journey is being enjoyed


Healthy and pranic, Sattvic vegetarian food will be served three times a day, vegan food aslo available on (contact info blocked) Seasonal, locally available fruits and vegetables will be provided. The food is cooked in a unique 100% Indian vegetarian style in the kitchen. We also give priority to Yogi Diet. According to our predefined menu, food is prepared from our kitchen from Monday to Saturday.According to the weather, such as summer, monsoon and winter, the preparation of food will change. Herbal teas will be available. All ingredients in breakfast are of high quality and made from local and fresh source markets. Provide fresh and seasonal fruits such as papaya, mangos, pineapple, apple and bananas, porridge, homemade bread (pratha), homemade nuts and butter, musseli, curd, honey ginger lemon tea, and much more. Lunch and dinner occasionally provides a wide range of Indian options with western touch for the taste of the house. Our lunch and dinner menu always changes to keep it interesting, but often include favorites such as Dal, Chola, Chapati and Naan Roti, a vegetable dish, tofu, salad, soup, rice, and a delicious dessert.

Your stay at the yogrishi kulam includes:

Ac/non Ac Double bed room with Clean & fresh air with balcony

hot water and cold water shower

privet bathroom and Western toilet

clean sheets, blankets and pillows

3 healthy vegetarian and vegan meals per day

24 Hours filtered hot & cold water

Use of sitting rooms, balcony and rooftop

Access to yogrishi kulam library

24X7 Free wi-fi connectivity

24 hours Power Supply

24/7 Support & Help

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