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A holistic practice for deep Shamanic Healing offering Plant Medicine, Sound healing and Traditional Shamanism.   Working with Ancient Shamanic knowledge in a modern interpretation for Soul wholeness and expansion of one's consciousness. Retreats are available around the World. Offering Plant Medicine & Traditional Shamanic Healing. I work in a way to bring each person a unique way to heal each person and not just as a group, each person gains the Plants and ways to heal each person deeply in the mind, heart, and soul. Within this, I also gift healing techniques so you can use these when you leave the retreat to heal and empower yourself.

“We don't heal in isolation, but in community.” ― S. Kelley Harrell, Gift of the Dreamtime - Reader's Companion

Venue Highlights

Highlights are working with Traditional Shamanic healing as well as Plant Medline to heal in the ancient ways into a modernistic reality, the modern-day human looking to expand on themselves, their Spiritual practice and change their outside landscape. The retreat centers cater for all tastes and have beautiful surroundings in peace with access to other pursuits for recreational purposes. Each venue is eclectic and suitable for all levels of those seeking time out of their lives to heal deeply and move into a new way of Be-ing.


The accommodations are as stated in each retreat space. Each is unique, Spiritually clean. As the pictures upon each Spiritual Retreat show. Each space is designed to provide you a chance to relax in between Ceremony, Ancient Shamanic Rituals, Breathwork, and Traditional Shamanic training in the form of Soul Retrievals.


  • Free Wifi
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian


Ayahuasca friendly meals. These are fresh and healthy I will send you a diet to follow which is deeply healing in itself this is akin to the Alkaline Diet which heals so many health issues and diseases.


On booking, Retreat details will be sent over to you. Everything is taking care of so you don't need to worry but relax and set off on a glorious Soul adventure.

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  • Max   March 06, 2020

      False advertising and disappointing

    The retreat was not as advertised. Meals were not provided, there were not enough real beds for everyone. The rooms were cramped and shared. Location was not ideal and in a loud area with many dogs distracting from the ceremony. The 'shaman' was not professional and the medicine was not given properly or in adequate doses. Most of us left early and found another ceremony that fulfilled our needs locally. Julie smoked indoors around all of us the entire time, too, which is not considerate or healthy. All in all a really rough experience that left us feeling jipped. Seems to be a cash grab more than an honest attempt at healing. Saddened and caution anyone who is considering to look elsewhere first.

  • Marcia Webster   March 06, 2020


    I am an elderly newbie in the world of plant medicine. I had the usual qualms of a first timer. I also knew my preferences. I wanted a female shaman who was familiar with the societal and cultural influences that condition a female in the West. Plant medicine doesn’t give a fig for any of that but I thought some inter-human communication would be easier if we had some basics in common. I wanted to feel safe but not coddled. I wanted a shaman who did not have a fixed programme, one who could adapt to the arising needs of the individuals and the group. I wanted a healthy dose of personal attention and not be one in the midst of a multitude I also, of course, wanted an authentic shaman. And after 6+ decades most seniors can sniff out the real deal. Julie is that. Shaman is who she is. It is her calling. Do I have any reservations in recommending Julie? No, none Marcia

  • Kay Hartsock   March 05, 2020

      Disappointing experience

    Very disappointing. Of the nine (9) attendees, only two (2) stayed the entire time because of the conditions and atmosphere. The seven (7) of us who left had the great fortune to experience another Ayuhuasca ceremony with a traditional, authentic native shaman who had several assistants to take care of us with love and total attention. The shaman and assistants came at regular intervals to offer more medicine and support and blankets. We slept outside under the stars. It was a wonderful experience that was an enlightening contrast to Julie’s retreat. After learning more about the proper preparation of the medicine, we realized that Julie’s method was not traditional and, as a result, did not provide the healing and insightful experience we had with the native shaman. In the morning, we had an a magical Te Mezcal (traditional steam bath with hot volcanic rocks (warning: do not eat before a Te Mezcal as I made the mistake of doing once). Julie was absent from the retreat most of the time, staying in her room alone. She required us to ask for more medicine during ceremony (rather than being offered it or allowed to take it when we felt we needed it). Julie almost always refused to give more medicine when we asked. It was humiliating and disheartening. Several attendees made honest disclosures about how we were feeling. Julie reacted in a very negative and insulting way. I am a 72-year-old woman who has been on a spiritual quest my entire life. I was shocked and saddened by how Julie responded to open-hearted comments about our experiences. She even stooped to name-calling and yelling at one attendee. This certainly discouraged others from opening up and revealing their frustrations. It forced us to talk to each other about our inner experiences, and most of us eventually decided to leave the retreat for our own well-being. Except for my son and I, we all met each other on this retreat and became brothers and sisters on our journey. I would not have attended Julie’s retreat if there had been honest disclosure of the conditions. Even though I told Julie before the retreat began that I could not climb stairs because of a disabled knee, she did not tell me that there were 70 very steep, broken stone steps from the street to the house entrance (others counted the steps for me). This meant that I was trapped in the house for the entire time and could not go out with the other attendees. I would have loved to go out to eat with others because I enjoyed their company, and the food at the house was inadequate. My son (who also attended the retreat) brought me smoothies. I ended up doing most of the cleaning and dishwashing while the other people were out. The house lacked basic amenities. There were only 3 small cooking pots for preparing meals and tea for ten people. The toilet seat in the first floor bathroom was broken and pinched users’ skin. I had bruises on the backs of my thighs. Julie gave me very little medicine. It had no more effect than my usual meditation. A few days into the retreat, when I asked why she was refusing to give me medicine (which is why I came to the retreat). She said it was because I had a heart condition and needed an AED (Automatic Electronic Defillibrator). My son is a Registered Nurse and always brings an AED to events. I do not have a heart condition, high blood pressure, or any medical condition other than a disabled knee and a slightly low thyroid function— both of which I disclosed in my health record before the retreat began. Julie should have discussed any concerns about my medical condition with me, personally, rather than making faulty assumptions. We paid almost $800 USD each for the retreat plus our transportation costs. There was not enough food or water or cooking pots. The retreat description said all food would be provided and we would cook together. The setup of the kitchen did not facilitate group cooking. Most of the lunch/dinner food was used up in the first 2-3 days. We ended up spending extra money on food and water that was supposed to be provided. Julie cooked one roasted vegetable meal by herself, but never cooked with the group or helped clean. The house total cost was only $80 USD per night on Julie’s profit was enormous. She could easily have afforded to hire a cook/housekeeper and provide proper food and water. The house was a very poor choice for a retreat because of how difficult it was to access and the inadequate facilities. She can also afford to give the seven of us who left at least a 50% refund. Unfortunately, we cannot recover the days we lost there or our transportation costs. As usual, I did have good journey experience (without having medicine) which was due to my own inner work. I wish Julie well and hope that she learns from this experience, opens her heart and mind, and releases her defensive attitude that everything she does is perfect and that she has no more to learn. May Pachamama be with you all.

  • MJ Pfeiffer   February 11, 2020

      Julie T is INCREDIBLE

    I went to a 8 day retreat with Julie T and it was life changing. I would recommend anyone reading this to just “say yes” to that voice inside urging you to explore! Julie is a gifted shaman who helped me work through deep childhood trauma and pain to a deep release that lead to feeling a new sense of love for myself and the earth and this quiet calmness and wholeness that now radiates from in me. It was an incredible journey that took 8 days but by the end of the retreat I truly felt a quietness and peace that I’Ve never felt before. I am in deep gratitude and endless respect to Julie T for changing my life!

  • Stephen Doherty   October 11, 2019

      Life changing 3 days

    I have just gotten back from a retreat with Julie and I honestly don't remember the last time I felt so complete, hopeful,peaceful and full of happiness and joy. The experience was absolutely mind blowing, sometimes scary, sometimes funny but always deep and full of light. Even at the intense times it was reassuring to know Julie was with me and on my side, she is very very powerful. I felt I purged demons, had my soul restored and was shown how to rebuild a better me, the real me - not the ego and one infected with dark energies. I also received one of the greatest gifts a person could ever possibly get and will always be grateful for this. I would definitely recommend Julie to anyone considering shamanic/ plant medicine healing. She is totally dedicated to this pathway and will light your way with light, love, generosity and compassion.....She is hated by egos, but loved by Souls.

Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

Desire to learn more meditation practices, spend more time in spiritual community. Heather

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.