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About This Center

Marosa Ayahuasca Center is a Shipibo family owned and operated Ayahuasca healing center.  Our purpose is to provide the highest quality medicine and shamanic healing to help you become your best self.  Our shamans are very skilled, and work with love to heal the world.  They have worked at some of the highest rated centers in Iquitos, and abroad.  Now they are working for themselves at their own center.  Most retreat centers are owned by westerners and hire shamans to work for them, but here at Marosa, our shamans are from the same family, and the center is owned completely by the indigenous shamans, which sets us apart from all other centers.  Marosa offers an exclusive plant medicine called Shamburo, which is a visionary purgative medicine that cleans out toxins from drugs, alcohol and unclean diets, and gives you intense, vivid dreams that shed light on your problems and attachments that keep you from realizing your potential.  After drinking Shamburo you will be more receptive to the visions and teachings of Ayahuasca, giving you the most transformative experience possible.  

I've been to two of the highest rated Ayahuasca centers in Iquitos, and my experience at Marosa was by far the best. The shamans were amazing, and I could really feel the difference having them be in the same family.

Venue Highlights

Marosa Ayahuasca Center is located about an hour outside the city of Iquitos in the beautiful Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve. This is a perfect place to relax and connect with the plants, yourself and the universe. On days without ceremonies we will have jungle tours where you can see the beautiful nature, and some of the medicine plants we use for our master plant diets.


Marosa is a new center, and we're still building, so at the moment we only have the maloca and bathrooms built, but we are building more, and soon we will have a dining building and bungalows for each guest, but at the moment guests will be eating and sleeping in the maloca. We will have more accommodations ready in September.


  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • House Keeping
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Organic
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


We will provide the highest quality, most delicious and nutritious food. Our meals will usually be different combinations of rice, beans, lentils, quinoa, eggs, vegetables, fish and chicken.


We will pick you up from the airport, or from the city of Iquitos, if you would prefer, and drive you to our center.

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  • Dino S   March 03, 2020

      A special place

    Really, you cant go wrong here. From the beautiful white sand jungle, to our gracious translator/liaison Tony who puts a lot of love and care into the work, to the shamans who just exuded peace and tranquil (but vast!) Power. The medicines are pure, the plants give birth to something ineffable here. The delicious food (hola Jefe Roosevelt!) Was really fantastic, some of the best and healthiest I've had. Everying was wonderful. The icaros are ... well, you will see and hear and feel! both Maestro Jacko and Maestra Angelita weave and guide you through your journey in a way that feels gentle, powerful and almost otherwordly. The dark glows purple in the malaca and the entire jungle comes alive coalescing to a grand symphony of consciousness sound and music. This ain't no commercisl gringo BS! A real roots, family grown operation. 5 stars NO complaints. Yo tengo un corazon!! Dino

  • Vitaly Usherenko   February 22, 2020

      A deeply fulfilling experience

    When traveling to the Amazon for the first time, me and my friend did not know what to expect....we thought at a minimum it would be a very physically taxing experience. Marosa, on the contrary, was a pleasure to be at. Located an hour southwest of Iquitos by road, and another 45 minutes or so by Tuk Tuk through white sand jungle trails, it is isolated enough to feel transporting, but the scattering of Peruvian villages dotted through the jungle never made it feel desolate. We thought we’d be eaten alive by mosquitos in the Amazon, but the center is rather offset from the Amazon river itself, which resulted in us both not being bit a single time for the duration of the stay. A Shipibo run center, Maestra Angela and Maestro Yakov who run the ceremonies, have hauntingly beautiful Icaros that affected me and my travel companion deeply. Tony (who does most of the translation and manages the center) is very helpful and approachable. White sands and moss surround the center and feel lovely on to walk on barefoot. When we stayed the bungalows and showers were still under construction so we all slept together in the main, massive Mallorca that they built, which I was initially apprehensive about but was rather nice and communal. The food was fresh and delicious, prepared by a fellow named Roosevelt, who works as a chef within Iquitos as well. Overall the experience was welcoming, relaxing, and fulfilling.

  • Y***   January 13, 2020

      Authentic Shipibo healing center

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Marosa center to those looking for authentic indigenous Shipibo place for healing. I’ve had numerous Ayahuasca ceremonies with Maestro Felipe and Angela - they are powerful, experienced, trustworthy and capable of holding space for deep healing work. The center is entirely run by Shipibo family carrying deep knowledge and connection to the plants medicine. Located in a beautiful natural Reserve with Master plants growing directly on the property: Nuya Rao, Niwe Rao, Noa Rao, Chuyachaqui Caspi , Warmi renako... With a river, white sand under feet, almost no mosquitos - this a perfect secluded place to do serious work on yourself under the guidance of professional, loving and caring people.

  • Tj Schweizer   September 05, 2019

      Angelita’s sings like an angel

    I first came in contact with Angelita at a different center before being invited to sit with her here. The experience is authentic and I can guarantee you are in good hands. Angelita is a powerful, yet loving healer. 10/10 recommend.

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