NoyaNete - Jakon Rate Center for Shipibo-Konibo Studies

About This Center

Jakon Rate and her association are dedicated to helping others learn about the Shipibo-Konibo culture and the intimate connections one may make with ally medicinal flora and fauna from the forests and rivers of their ancestral territories. Her eagerness to teach those who are interested and dedicated is applied to both citizens of her own Indigenous nation and outsider allies alike.

To strengthen our mission to educate others about traditional ShipiboKonibo wisdom and maintain these customs we have created a formal nonprofit that honors Manuela Mahua Ahuanari’s true name, Jakon Rate: A Life-Giving Good Surprise. This formal structure will allow us to continue our educational call to service without worry of interference from the colonial government of Peru. As a legally registered and recognized civil association dedicated to traditional Indigenous education, we can now create our vision of an Indigenous Shipibo-Konibo-based education system!

The JAKON RATE CENTER FOR SHIPIBO-KONIBO STUDIES is currently in the building process. Maestra Manuela (Jakon Rate) and her family have been able to locate a beautiful piece of land 8 km from the cities of Yarina and Pucallpa that is a raised peninsula of forest and farmland, which extends out, east to west, in the natural flood plain between the oxbow lakes of Cashibococha and Yarinacocha.

Throughout 2020, until the first stage of construction is complete, we will continue to host our guests in dieta and healing ceremony at the La Perla Lodge, a peaceful sanctuary that is owned and run by a native Shipibo family.

Canta! Canta! ∼Manuela Mahua Ahuanari

Venue Highlights

La Perla is a small private jungle lodge with simple cabins and a small maloca (ceremonial round house) near the city of Pucallpa on the shores of the Yarinacocha Lagoon, home to many species of birds, frogs and monkeys. La Perla is a peaceful sanctuary situated on 50 acres of thriving Amazonian forest land which is run and owned by a native Shipibo-Konibo family. The Lodge is accessed by boat about 20 minutes from the port of Yarina.


All rooms are private, spacious, very simple and come with single beds and mosquito nets. Any room or tambo (bungalow) can be turned into a double room if you wish to share.

All single bungalows have a private bathroom.
The two-room bungalow has a shared bathroom.
The rooms in the main house have a shared bathroom.


  • Kitchen
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


Our cook goes to the local market every morning to buy produce. All meals are prepared with the best local ingredients and are mostly vegetarian, on some days we also have river fish or organic chicken. Following the plant dietas, we strictly avoid processed sugar, salt, vinegar, oil, dairy, pork, red meat and alcohol.

If you have any special dietary requirements please advise us upon receiving confirmation of your reservation.


The JAKON RATE CENTER FOR SHIPIBO-KONIBO STUDIES will be located near the colonial settlement of Santa Rosa and the Shipibo-Konibo community of San Salvador.

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