Chavin de Huantar ~ Chawpin

About This Center

Chavin is located in the central Andes, in the valley that forms the Cordillera Blanca (‘white’ because there is snow on its tops) and the Cordillera Negra (without snow); more precisely, on the southwest side of the meeting of two rivers: the Wacheqsa and the Mosna.

Wacheqsa has its origin in the Quechwa word Wacheqan, which means "it is giving birth" (among the inhabitants of the area it is known that on both sides of the river there are small temporary streams that feed it). This river runs from West to East, and is born from the slopes of the Snowy called Watsan, which means "manifestation of the sacred."

The Mosna river (which may come from the Quechwa ‘musiak’ word "he who knows") runs from south to north, and on its way it joins the Wacheqsa, forming the Puchka river, which means "the one who spins", or "spinner "

The Chavinos did not choose the place to make their temple at random: the two rivers represent both axes of the earth. This shows us their high knowledge of the geography of the place: Chavín, or Chawpín, is a Quechwa word that means “its center” or “the axis”. Another possible term with which Chavín's name is linked is Chawan, which means "those who arrive." Both terms allow us to see that the old ‘chavinos’ recognized the inherent energy provided by the space they chose, guided perhaps by the connection with nature that facilitated the use of the master plants of which they recorded in their iconography.

Venue Highlights

8 hours away from Lima.
Meals provided on site.


Double rooms.
Shared single room.


  • Towels
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Organic


We offer traditional Andean food, which often includes soup, potatoes, quinoa, salads, fruits, and more.


Nearest airport it's Lima. From Lima, you can take a night-bus directly to Chavin de Huantar.
It takes about 8 hours to get there.

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