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We offer you the opportunity to combine the enjoyment of the bluest of seas and the stay at the finest of Pelion resorts, with the benefits of alternative therapies. Ioannis Dovros, Psychosomatic Health Consultor, expert Personal Trainer for special health conditions, Reflexologist, Group Facilitator specialised in Clinical Psychology (MSc) and Body Worker, with a long experience in the Spa management field at some of the most well-known hotels in Greece, invites you to embark on a holistic journey in the myths of Pelion and the Centaurs.

PelionRetreats by Poreia Ygeias (Health Route) Socila Coop was created by holistic health professionals with an aim to psychosomatically reinforce their clients. Our vision is to facilitate people who wish to develop in a holistic manner.

Poreia Ygeias (Health Route) invites you to a walk of motion and balance.

You are highly specialized in your fields and caring towards the participants (2018). The strongest positive for me however was the deeply spiritual experience I had on this retreat (2019). It is a very tailored program (2019).

Venue Highlights

The word “holistic” stems from the ancient Greek word “olon”, meaning “whole” or “complete”. Holistic treatments are widely used and teached in universities around the world. The way they affect the human organism is remarkable and, as research states, they are safe to use in all ages and diseases, as they are free of side-effects and free of counter reactions with other treatments or medicine. Accordingly, in our therapeutic practices the client is treated not only physically, but also sentimentally and mentally. Alternative therapies that are applied are approached in a scientific manner, and expertise is thought of as highly as is experience.
From the broader system perspective, the holistic view orders not only personal, but also group and social interventions. Aligned with World Health Organization’s perspective of health -as a physical, psychological and social issue-, we have a strong presence in the local community and aim to a positive and sustainable social impact.
Poreia Ygeias organises holistic wellness retreats throughout the year, accommodated by traditional venus owned by locals. Oils and ointments used in physical holistic therapies are organic. Paper and glass waste is recycled accordingly. Use of plastic is avoided (ex. clay cups are preferred for tea serving, refillable bottles are used for walking tours), and if used, plastic waste is recycled. Use of electricity-spending machines (such as dish-washer) is excluded in the mainquarters.
The traditional hotels and other venues that host our retreats follow eco-friendly procedures concerning water usage and waste management. Participants of our holistic retreats are accordingly advised to reduce water usage, in an attempt to encourage the holistic view physically, mentally and in an eco-prospect alike. Participants of our retreats are also advised to make their best effort to preserve the vivid natural beauty of the Pelion forests, keep clear the routes and passages that they will use in their individual trekking or group-organised walking tours, avoid any fire burning and keep waste of the beach.


Diplomat's at chorto, Pelion, Greece
730 € per person for a shared sophisticated studio with kitchen, ensuite bathroom, a twin room and a single bed in the living-room, totally used by 3 persons.
800 € per person for a shared sophisticated studio with kitchen, ensuite bathroom, a twin/double room and a single bed in the living-room, totally used by 2 persons.
900 € per person for an exclusive sophisticated studio with kitchen, ensuite bathroom, a twin/double room and a single bed in the living-room, only used by 1 person.
Private beach. Wonderful gardens. Wide verandas. Unique decoration.


  • A/C in Rooms
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Restaurant
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy Free


Daily brunch and Greek dinner with local recipes, included in package.


As for the nearest airports, there is SKG Airport at Thessaloniki, Greece, two hours from the city of Volos, Greece plus 45 min from Volos to Chorto, Pelion, Greece. Also there is Volos Airport at Nea Anchialos, Greece, half an hour from the city of Volos, Greece plus 45 min from Volos to Chorto, Pelion, Greece. Flight fees and transport fees sr not included in the cost of the retreat. However, we often arrange shared taxi transport for customers as who arrive close at the same airport, in order to ensure lower taxi charge. Contact for any further details or help.

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Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

This sounds like a dream! I am an education student and I have spent way too much time working all summer to pay for school. My boyfriend of 5 years is a government firefighter and has been away working most of the summer. His 30th Birthday and our 6th anniversary is coming up this winter, we would love to celebrate with a yoga retreat! We both love yoga but have barley had time to practice in the past few months. Keeping our fingers crossed! Jaimee and Dan

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.