Liberation Philosophy

  • The Artemis Estate The Artemis Estate
  • Galatas, Near Poros, Greece
  • May 31 - Jun 6, 2018 (7 days)
  • 70 Euros plus contribution towards the cost of communal food and drink

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  Near to Galatas and Poros,

Peloponnese, Greece

  Over the coming years, beginning in May 2017, there will be a number of philosophy retreats open to all women and men who are fired and moved by the aims of Kalosophia, and are attracted by philosophy in its original and best meaning. Yet, from another view, it could be said that these periods of retreat from the vicissitudes of mundane life are for ordinary people, yet who are inspired by extra-ordinary hopes, dreams, visions and beautiful ideas; and for whom these retreats will be a haven of directed energy and tranquil power. 

The next of these periods will be from the 30th of May until the 10th of June 2018. Generally, these will be for a period of one week (31st May - 6th June 2018), although there will be the opportunity to arrive earlier or stay later for those who wish to; hence the 12 day period indicated in italics above. Depending on your response, there may be three or more of these weeks each year. 

  The retreats will be able to accommodate up to 10 people, owing to the nature of the activities involved in such a week. They will all come under the over-arching title: Liberation Philosophy, as this is at the heart of what philosophy does for those who fully embrace its vitality; that is, liberate the soul from artificial limitations which prevent the full and vital expression of the powers and energies she innately possesses, and into deeper and more permanent spheres of experience, understanding and contact.

  Contemplation, penetration and re-union will be convolved within each week as a whole; and will be energised through contact, exploration, penetration, experience and celebration among other fundamental activities, which are spontaneous and natural to the human soul - even though the frictions of mundane life may have caused some or all of them to become somewhat occluded, dulled and difficult. The retreat weeks aim to alleviate this and to facilitate a certain liberation - for philosophy, when fully energised within the soul, is a therapy like no other. Hence, though the design of the weeks is simple, they may well not be easy as the demands of the activities can produce a degree of intensity. Yet, there will be ample time for all the essential daily cycles, together with every opportunity for relaxation, privacy, fine company and genuine happy pleasures.

  Initially, these weeks will be hosted near Galatas in Greece, though other venues and locations may become available or may be offered for hosting them as the years unfold. And it is highly appropriate that it will be in Greece that such retreats are being prepared; for this country, receiving the beacon of philosophy from ages past and from those replete with a timeless wisdom, fanned that flame through the agency of inspired men and women, so that it shone with a lustre unique in its time, and even now continues to illuminate with a vital penetrating light. This flame will never be extinguished...

  The cost will be kept to the minimum, merely to cover the essential services; and is set at €70.00 for one week, together with a contribution to the shared costs of food, drink and communal meals. For the present time the language used in this initiative will be primarily English, of which some familiarity will be necessary - but this may change in the future...

The setting for the retreats is most comfortable and beautiful, and is evolving as time goes on. It has been made available for Kalosophia by a very generous friend; and looking over the sea to the nearby island of Poros across to the the sparkling coastline of Attica, The Artemis Estate is a near perfect haven for philosophers and those who may be attracted to the love of wisdom and the friendship it delightfully involves - the whole estate is dedicated for this purpose, and in this respect it is a sacred site. Hence, these weeks, animated by good women and men, will both benefit from and contribute to the significant power and energy of the place, which increases as each soul who resides there donates the best fruits of their time.

By mutual confidence and mutual aid,

Great deeds are done and great discoveries made;

The wise new prudence from the wise acquire,

And one brave hero fans another's fire...


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