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This teacher training program is suitable for everyone. Whether a beginner or an experienced yogi, this course will advance your level of practice, acquaint you with multi-styles of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Creative Vinyasa, build confidence, help find your own style as a practitioner and voice as a teacher. It is designed to guide you through the path of Yoga and provide you with all the elements to teach others. Banjaara Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training Course is presented in a fun, relaxed, modern and progressive environment, without overlooking the key elements and values of the Yogic tradition. You will be encouraged to follow a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle, in order to improve your overall well being. Banjaara courses on Yoga and Ayurveda are open to all, regardless of the age, culture, experience, country or level of fitness. They make sure that all students have the tools and equal opportunities to improve and learn to the best of their capabilities.

The combination of alignment based asana practice, yogic philosophy, mantra chanting, meditation and self-inquiry will build a foundation in Yoga Methodology, which will transform your practice and help you apply the Yogic values to every aspect of your life, empowering you and providing you with more vitality and personal freedom, as well as preparing you to teach others.

During this intensive course, you will gain knowledge on the following:

Philosophy, Meaning and Definition of Yoga and the Different Types of Yoga:

    Origin and history of Yoga

    Definition of yoga and its interpretation

    Four paths of Yoga (Jnana, Raja, Bhakti, Karma Yoga)

    What is Hatha Yoga and its different components

    Ashtanga Yoga and description if its eight components

    Patanjali Yoga sutras, modifications of mind, meaning of OM

    Lifestyle and ethics for a yoga practitioner and teacher


    Different styles of Suryanamaskar (Sun salutations) with root mantra series

    Different styles of Chandra Namaskar (Moon salutations)

    Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series

    Core Principles of Hatha Yoga practice

    Structuring and sequencing a theme-based practice

    Grouping the Asanas as per following types: standing asanas, balances, side bending, forward bending, back bending, twisting, arm balances, inversions, finishing postures, and relaxation asanas

    Modified practices to suit all needs

    Full health assessment on Asanas

    Meditative postures

    Alignment and adjustments of Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa asanas

    Study of traditional and modern concepts of Vinyasa

    Sequencing and teaching Creative Vinyasa Flow

    Special classes on Ayurveda for Pre-natal, Partner Yoga, Yoga Therapy

Relaxation Techniques:

    Point to point full body relaxation technique

    Guided Shavasana

    Yoga Nidra

    Minor and major chakra relaxation

    Deep causal body relaxation

Science of Breath (Pranayama), Mudras, Bandhas and Kriyas:

    What is Pranayama?

    Types of Prana

    What are ida, pingala and shushumna?

    Types of Kumbhaka

    Different types of breathing techniques

    Kapalbhati, Nadi Shodhan, Bramhari, Ujjayi, Bhastrika and more

    Importance of yogic breathing

    Different ratios of breathing with the practice of Kumbhaka

    Meaning, types and practice of Mudras and Bandhas and Kriyas

    Mantra Chanting and learning to read Devnagiri Script

Art of Alignment and Adjustment Workshops:

    Workshops on hip opening, back bending, forward bending, side bending, balancing, twisting, inversions and arm balances Asana (postures)

Mantra Yoga and its importance:

    What is OM?

    What does mantra mean?

    Types of starting and closing Mantras for Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Creative Vinyasa

    How to create positive vibration or energy with mantra yoga

Yoga Anatomy:

    Includes both human anatomy and physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) and energy anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, etc.)

    Benefits and contraindication of asanas

    Yoga therapy

    Introduction to Ayurveda

Teaching Practice:

    Includes practice teaching, receiving feedback, observing others teachings, hearing and giving feedback, assisting students while someone else is teaching

    Students will learn to give hands on adjustment

Teaching Methodology and Techniques:

    Principles of demonstration

    Observing, assisting and correcting

    Teaching in pairs, small groups and big groups

    Instructions, teaching styles, qualities and responsibility of a teacher

Art of Touch:

    Voice projection and floor presence

    Planning and structuring a class

    Dealing with injuries and safety precautions

Business and Legal Aspect of Yoga:

    Career as a teacher

    Setting up your own studio

    Marketing strategy, advertising and PR

    Ethics in yoga business

    Building network with other yoga teachers, schools, studios and retreats


You are able to choose from cozy double rooms, for single or double occupancy. All rooms have attached bathrooms with hot water and Wi-Fi access. Three Vegetarian Meals per day will be provided. Nearby local market, restaurants, and trekking routes to the peaks and waterfalls.



    Air-conditioned rooms

    Organized trips to nearby attractions

    Free Airport Pick up/Drop Off 


    Car/Motorcycle Rental

    Free Wi-Fi


    Room Service


You will be served three sattvic vegetarian meals daily. 

The following meals are included:




Things to do (optional)

    - Paragliding
    - Organized trips to nearby attractions
    - Kirtan & Satsang
    - Trekking
    - Dalai Lama Temple Visit
    - Dalai Lama Lectures (According to His Holiness Schedule)
    - Ayurvedic Treatments
    - Tibetan Treatments
    - Visiting the local markets
    - Visiting the local Temples
    - Sightseeing
    - Cooking Classes
    - Indian Music Classes
    - Macrame Classes


Bhagsu is a beautiful small town at the feet of the Himalayan Mountain, located just 15min walk from McLeod Ganj(Upper Dharamsala), the worldwide known residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Set in a priviledge place with breath taking views of the highest mountain range of the world, this spiritual place, surrounded by forests and gifted with beautiful trek paths, waterfalls and pure and fresh air is perfect for the practice of yoga, spiritual development and the discovery of the Indo-Himalayan culture by the hand of its friendly local villagers. Despite being a meeting point for travellers and spiritual seekers from all over the world, Bhagsu still have the feel of a small town community with its own vibe and spirit, making it just the right place for those wanting to engage into spritual practices, relaxation and self healing.

What's included

    - Tution Fee, transfer to/from Dharamsala airport, accommodation, yogic food, course Materials such as Kriya Kit, Yoga Notebooks on Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama, Kriya, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Anatomy, Business of Yoga, Sequencing, Mantra Chanting and more.

    - One day trek to Triund

    - Eligibility to Register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200 Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Upon Completion

What's not included


    Additional meals

    Personal expenses

How to get there

Bus, Train or Flight options available. Please contact us for a detailed description on how to get to our school.

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200-Hour Multistyle Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course in Dharamsala - Yoga Alliance
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200-Hour Multistyle Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course in Dharamsala - Yoga Alliance

at Banjaara Yoga and Ayurveda

  • Mar 12, 2017 - Apr 8, 2017 (28 days)


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