• Shambala Gaterings Shambala Gaterings
  • Borntorpet 739 92, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden
  • Jun 6 - 11, 2017 (6 days)
  • €640 - €690

About This Event

” Together Jade Wood and Nora Arjuna offer you the opportunity to bring your body and mind into balance through a nourishing program that encourages deep connection through yoga practice and healing touch.“


This immersion welcomes you on a journey of curiosity and profound connection with the spirit of wholeness. First and foremost appreciating the wholeness of your self, facilitated through the practice of Yin Yoga. From this deep well of knowing we then expand our appreciation of others through mindful touch and Esalen inspired Massage.

Our time together offers participants a foundation of skills of embodiment and awareness, enhancement of touch perception, deep listening, slow intentional practice and receptivity. The art of listening, receiving and letting go is all perfectly combined in this immersive experience, balanced in the heart of nature with time to rest and reconnect.


The Massage Practice:

This beautiful approach to bodywork is well-known for its long flowing strokes over the whole body that help to release the stresses of everyday life, leaving the receiver feeling whole, integrated and deeply relaxed.

Nora shares her "Art of Touch" the way she has learned while living in Big Sur at Esalen Institute, studying Massage under many senior Esalen Massage instructors.

For Nora the mind-body-spirit-heart connection is vital to wholeness, health and awakening to Love. Massage and other healing arts are an integral part of her personal life, studies and teachings.

You will learn how to give this full body oil or lotion based massage through the gentle guidance of Nora who will share with you her extensive experience in safely working  with another person, respectfully draping and covering the body and touching with full presence, attending to our needs for connection and tenderness. Jade will also be sharing with you the basics of mindful touch from a craniosacral perspective, weaving her guidance into the massage teachings of how to use the hands as tools for listening.

Nora shares her knowledge of the body and it’s soul language in a loving, nourishing way. She  teaches a variety of techniques; long integrative full-body strokes that mirror the rhythm of the ocean, passive joint mobilization, gentle rocking, stretching and deeper focused work. Jade will offer the fundamental tenets of touch as a healing art form and share specific techniques for releasing tension in the face, head and neck, helping to create space where deep relaxation and healing can naturally occur. One-on-one guidance and demonstrations from the facilitators will be offered and plenty of practice time to help you to awaken to your own talent and intuition.

 The Yoga Practice:

The gentle Yin practice supports, calms and regulates the central nervous system. Postures in Yin are experienced passively for many minutes at a time, supported with props and allowing for breath and gravity to guide you deeper without effort or force. The passive stretches allow practitioners to stimulate deep layers of connective tissue, improving range of motion and flow of fluids. The practice can also greatly improve connection to your sensory field and aid in reconnecting to the energetic system. By taking time to arrive and fully absorb the sensations in a pose the practice naturally draws the mind inward into a more relaxed and meditative state.

Jades teaching of Yin Yoga that is nourishing, body honoring and poetic, encouraging your body’s wisdom to express itself. She weaves in years of anatomy experience, Traditional Chinese Medicine, somatic awareness and breath practices. In this immersion we offer you the opportunity to quieten and attend to the subtle sensations beneath the surface of your day to day experience, connecting deeply with yourself.

Interwoven together you will learn the vital essence of Esalen inspired Massage and Yin Yoga – perfectly complementary practices that embody the qualities of flowing presence and quiet awareness. A deepening breath, a sense of union with ourselves and then with another. A reconnection with wholeness and presence that brings back into focus what is most important within our lives and relationships to others.

At the end of this time together you will be able to comfortably give a long stroke Massage and have cultivated a deeper connection to Yin Yoga which you can also take home to integrate into your regular yoga practice.

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