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We invite you to join us to a wonderful retreat for Salt Healers in beautiful Madeira. We invite you to re-awaken in your own Light and blossom your essence. Re-claim your leadership role in daily life and live a aligned with the wisdom of your heart and your true potential.

The Salt of the Earth is an exclusive retreat

exclusive services to those who will choose to be with us

There are only 8 places open - 8 participants.

What we offer:

- Certification for Salt-Healers

- 21 energized Salt - Products for the chakras, to use them, also for the body and to add to your food

- Vegan creative cuizine, (Breakfast -Dinner)

- Transportation to the power places for energy work arounf Funchal

- Daily yoga practice with Mercedes, experienced and certificated yoga teacher

-assistance before and during the seminar

We combine our nutrition with the chakra work that we are going to do. Each day we support our system with a balanced nutrition, and we strenghten our immune system. Nutrition is as important as the physical practice. Both they will support our energy work and the transformation proccess. All the products will be organic and seasonal. The cuisine will have creatan plates but mostly international , creative and inspiring enough to help the day leave with a pleasant feeling of completness.

Hatha Yoga Practce

Yoga Practice is an essentila component in our retreats. We believe that is helps the body with the transformation proccess of the energy. From spirit to matter. From Heaven to Earth. Each day, we will start early in the morning with yoga pracrice.

Mercedes Atouguia Pasos is our hatha yoga teache.  She is a certifcated teacher in different styles with big experince in teaching. 

What you can do with Salt Healing:

Generally Salt-healing fits every kind of illness on every level (body, mind, soul). Here you should not – healing means not in every case immediate relief from the illness, but to begin the steps forward for the healing of the whole person and soul. This can be for example to forgive somebody.

As a Salt-Priestess/Priest you recognize at once the deeper context of a situation and so you can bring the healing impulse to the basic point. You will see also unconscious and unreleased themes, fears and traumas of your clients and you will guide them very clearly on their healing path.

You will always be connected with the Universe of the Salts – you will receive pure advice about what you have to do at every moment with your clients.

You can offer healing sessions, deep healing massages, healing group meditations, Salt ceremonies and other therapeutic healing gatherings.

Children: They really love Salt-Healing! Phenomena of our days such as Autism, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder can be treated as children are very receptive to Salt-Healing, maybe because they feel recognized for what they are, for the very first time in life.

What you personalle gain from becoming a Salt-Healer?

In the training you will remember who you really are. Your devotion to the Salt dissolves the burden of your past and you can show yourself again with your true shining nature.

To become aware of the value of the Salt means also to heal yourself and to see your own true value. This will guide people to you, because you will just shine like Salt and so attract people like a magnet. You will be a guide for those who are looking for support.

After the training you will be consciously the Salt of the Earth – you carry the light wherever you are. Therefore you will speed up everybody around you.

You take your own place in existence and you let your light shine brightly! The time will come, when all people are ready to do the same- this will be the day when divine peace will arise on Earth!

Training Contents:

Understanding and learning about the new Salt medicine method

Diagnose the true causes of disease and their correlation with body, mind and soul

Initiations: access to the Salt healing levels

Connection and integration of light body and physical body

Salt as an essential element for mankind on Earth

Dissolving traumas

How to use the Energized Healing Light Salts

Your vision and the visions of the Earth

The magic of Salt

Salt as the Elixir of life

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The Salt of the Earth - Madeira
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The Salt of the Earth - Madeira

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  • Oct 21, 2017 - Oct 27, 2017 (7 days)


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