Thai Yoga Massage Retreat 10 days in Miami with Ivan and Michelle

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Meditate and do yoga by the beach, learn to treat and be treated in a harmonic and flowing dance called Thai Yoga Massage. meditate to develop mindfullness and loving-kindness for thespiritual benefit of one own self and others... and come to play,have fun, laugh, learn, share ......... and learn just to be.......


Traditional Thai massage, called in Thailand Nuat phaen boran, which means massage in the old way is an old healing art rooted in the Ayurvedic tradition, the yoga tradition and later on was also influenced by the knowledge of Chinese medicine. Traditional Thai massage, or also called Thai yoga massage follows the principles of the yoga philosophy to balance the energies of the 5 bodies (physical, energetic (prana), mental, conscious and cosmic), to free the blockages in the energy body and the related symptoms, working the 10 energy lines called SEN in Thailand, using physical exercises of pressure, stretching and twisting; and stimulating some pressure points. Thai yoga massage is ideal to obtain a deep relaxation, to reduce stress, improve flexibility, to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, to soften muscular contraction,to detoxify the body and rejuvenates the cells, to realign the posture,vitality and to improve general health and well being obtained by the energy balance. The course is complemented with the daily practice of Vipassana meditation and Hatha yoga lessons to cultivate mindfulness of movement and breath of our own body. Beeing relaxed and with a good breathing rythm we can transmit peace and have a right concentration state to start the massage practice. -Body awarness: this aspect will be covered by the daily practice of Hatha Yoga, and later with the techniques learning during thai massage classes. Once understood all the passages expalined before we will practice them during the course till we will be able to give a full body massage. THE FULL BODY MASSAGE WILL BE STRUCTURED IN THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS:

-feet massage. We will learn a sequence of exercise to be able to give a full body massage relaxing, and energetically re-balancing. The retreat will be complement by the daily practice of Hatha Yoga and Vipassana Meditation, to cultivate awareness of body mind and breath, to develop body awarness,mindfullnes (SATI) and loving-kindess(METTA) which will make the practice of thai yoga massage coming from the heart. WE WILL COVER THE FOLLOWING THEORETICAL MATERIAL

-general info on Thai Yoga massage: history and foundation. DAY 9 -demo and practice of neck and face massage, theory and indication of the energy lines, demo how to give simple therapies. CERTIFICATE

The certificate of the attendance to the 80 hours of thai yoga massage beginner training will be given by the international school Sunshine Network, Lahu Village Research Centre ( which is based in a rural village of the Lahu tribe in the north of Thailand, and by the Italian school of thai yoga massage Red Asia( COURSE FEES:

Option 1 - full retreat including all food (3 meals/day for 10 days), accommodation (10 nights based on double occupancy), and complete retreat program. Early registration before May 15: $1450

Registration after May 15: $1550

Option 2 - Thai Yoga Massage training with morning meditation/yoga (excluding meals, accommodation and evening program)

Early registration before May 15: $900

Registration after May 15: $1000

Option 3 - full retreat excluding accommodation

Early registration before May 15: $1,150

Registration after May 15: $1,250

This retreat will be very special. FOR COURSE RELATED INFO CONTACT:

Michelle Leavy or Ivan Medici

For booking and reservation contact Stephanie Gautier


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