Bali Intensive Training Retreat - Energy Transmission and Facilitation Training

About This Event

A six-day, six-night intensive training retreat with a maximum of six participants for an individual and personalised approach. 

You will be redefining the way you look at reality and your energy transmission experience. Bringing a freshness of energy, creativity and passion with a new dimension of awareness into everyday life for yourself and your clients. Evolving your understanding of self, as you increase your capacity to hold and channel Light Frequencies, creating new experiences of excitement, wealth, health and happiness for you and your clients as well.

Your experiences in the retreat will evolve your work not only for your clients but also to new thresholds in you, including your relationships as you experience a new multidimensional aspect of self.

Retreat Program

Receive powerful and advanced transmissions with activations individually and within the group to increase your capacity and ability as a transmitter and channel of love, light and wisdom.

Learn how to feel and connect with the flow energy, experience the change in your personal energy field through physical activations, balancing and alignment on each of the chakras.

Creating and holding an energetic workspace or room as you channel and transmit energy into the field of your expertise.

Accelerated shift in awareness in understanding your energetic reality and guiding others within the space.

Hands-on training in facilitating groups or individuals.

Having Sacred Heart Awakening as a platform to develop your skills and experience in working with groups. 

A more detailed outline of training is below.

This intensive retreat is a technology-free retreat, creating as little distraction as possible with the primary focus being on self. An interactive training experience, dedicated to working with your physical body as a sacred technology, as a transmitter and capacitor of light. This invokes latent abilities (skills and gifts) in connecting and working with your Essence or Light, learning to channel energy into any aspect of life, like cooking, dancing, painting, meditation, personal work, group work or whatever is unique to your passion and essence.

As you develop your energy field and increase your awareness, you create powerful subtle shifts in your inner world reflecting wonderful benefits into your life/outer world:

Feeling supported, understanding your world through a new lens as you follow your intuition.

You become more open to experiences, creating wonderful opportunities through synchronicity.

Your capacity to hold and transmit energy increases and you are able to see possibilities and you also become more creative.

You fall in love with your body; you are able to see the body in a very new way, developing a new connection to self.

A feeling of self-confidence and worthiness organically begins to develop.

Expanding and developing both your individual and group work, bringing a beautiful and exciting new perspective to your work.

Training Material 

Sacred Geometry – A Forgotten Science

The Human Body

As a Sacred TechnologyOur Energetic StructureAntahkarana and the Filaments of LightEnergy Activations and Transmissions

The Reflective Nature of Reality

The Higher Self and the Personality Matrix

Developing Channeling Ability

Awakening the Filaments of Light – ActivationsCapacity to Transmit Light – Transmissions

Creating Space and Facilitation

Daily Tips and Techniques 

Questions and Answer Sessions 

Individual and Group Activities

Individual Sessions

3 Individual Sessions2 Massage Sessions

Daily Group Transmissions and Activations

Specifically focused on developing the Antahkarana, our channel of Light

Immersive Night Energetic Experiences

Playing, sensing and seeing energyCelestial Journeying

Practice Sessions

Energy Transmissions – IndividualEnergy Transmissions – GroupExpanding the Creative SpaceGroup feedback and Q & A

Closing Ceremony – Mount Agung (Sacred Volcano)

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