The Goddess Embodied

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Welcome to the Goddess Embodied!

*A Women's Retreat*

Fully incarnate your Sacred Power with a weekend of sisterhood, yoga, meditation, nature and gourmet nutrition.

Featuring culinary vegan Goddess Becky Allen, catering the entire weekend!

At the Joshua Tree Retreat Center!

A 5hr drive from phoenix.

Nov. 17th-19th

3 days/2 Nights

$150 deposit (non-refundable) to secure your spot!

Single Occupancy room: $700

Double: $650

Triple: $600

Dorm: $550

Please send deposit via PayPal friends and family, as a gift. No fees that way.

Use email (contact info blocked)

Itinerary is as follows:


Afternoon arrival

Welcome circle



Discussion/Meditation (*Weekend theme, see below)






Lunch provided on hike.

Afternoon free time/Creative Exploration



Explore Grounds/Night Hiking






Closing Circle

(Possible group hike before leaving town!)

Weekend theme:

Uncovering the myth of all Creation.

Long, long, ago people recognized both masculine and feminine or God and Goddess in their devotional/spiritual practices. But as humans began to grow and prosper they forgot about their Divine Parents and chose only to worship the Divine Father. Thinking that worshipping the masculine alone would bring them the riches and strength they (contact info blocked) it left them feeling incomplete and unfulfilled, seeking more & more from outside themselves.

They forgot that the Power within, is Greater then the power over one another…. And so the Goddess was left far behind…And you can see this reflected in our society and culture today.

But!...The Goddess Lives.

She walks within and beside each and every Human, both male and female. She is the Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman, She is the Sacred Trinity of the Feminine. And the time is NOW to embody this Sacred Power once again.

As women we are Powerful, beyond anything you can imagine. We are creators! We are Lovers! And we are Mothers! And SOOOO much more! Together we will raise the energy of the Feminine within, so that we can manifest our Greatest desires and serve the Planet and our Purpose!

We will not do so by invoking the false masculine (converting to male tendencies to make it "in mans world") but by becoming a channel for the (contact info blocked) portals flowing freely physically, emotionally and energetically with grace and beauty. We can do this together, by connecting as women, by showing up authenticity, by being playful and silly, by spending time on sacred land and grounding and integrating it in the physical body via the asana.

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  • Mari Carli   June 13, 2017

      Tulum Retreat May 2017 ????

    It was apparent that Nicole put a lot of effort and care into organizing her retreat to Tulum. Each day was filled with yoga and optional activities. Adventure and relaxation were both options, depending what mood you were in. The resort Nicole chose to hold her retreat at was also unique and beautiful, right on the beach in Tulum. Nicole's yoga classes are well coordinated with smooth transitions and upbeat, mood setting music. She puts together a good balance of challenging postures and grounding moments. I wouldn't hesitate to attend and recommend one of Nicole's future retreats.

  • Amy Hwang   June 10, 2017

      Nicole's Tulum Retreat - A Magical Experience

    Nicole is the sweetest, most genuine soul! Her story of transitioning from being a registered nurse to a full time yoga instructor & Thai massage therapist is incredibly inspiring! Nicole lives life to the fullest and spreads so much love and high vibrations to every person she meets. I have only attended a hand full of Nicole's yoga classes in Phoenix, but she always manages to create a special connection with me when I go. She is the only yoga instructor I know who hugs every single attendee as they leave her classes. Nicole is also the most inspiring person to follow on social media - her posts to Facebook and Instagram are so uplifting. When my vibrations are not as high, I always know they will raise back up after seeing her posts. Back in February, Nicole handed me one of her cards advertising her Tulum yoga retreat as she hugged me after class. A month later, I still had the card on my fridge, and became inspired to sign up for it! Tulum with Nicole was my first yoga retreat, and the experience was magical and transformational! Nicole's high positive vibrations attracted an amazing group of people who were all open minded to soul work and change! Nicole cares so much about every single person, and and did an amazingly thorough job planning the retreat. The timing of all of the yoga classes, workshops, excursions, and free time was perfect! In addition to yoga classes twice a day, Nicole sprinkled in energy clearings, manifestations, and even a workshop on Thai Yoga massage. The sweat lodge experience (Temazcal) on Friday night was transformational! My first yoga retreat was epic and I am grateful to Nicole for such a incredible week. I feel a special bond with everyone I met on the retreat, and am so happy that we are all still keeping in touch even though we're back at home now. I've been missing Tulum ever since I've been home, but I am excited to apply what Nicole and everyone there has taught me to my every day life. I highly recommend Nicole for anything & everything - yoga instruction, yoga retreats, massages, and deep soul work! Expect to be unconditionally loved, inspired, and transformed when you experience Nicole!

  • Samantha Trivelli   June 08, 2017

      Tulum Retreat

    Nicole holds amazing space in her yoga classes, as a meditation guide, and as a retreat leader. She has a wealth of knowledge that she openly shares while successfully creating a community by playing on all the energy of her retreaters/students. Nicole embodies universal wisdom and is a conduit of energy, continually giving more, living her truths and principles by example. She is such an inspiration to be around and I will forever hold the Tulum experience in my heart. She also has the cutest laugh and the most genuine personality. Nicole's yoga classes are always wholesome, grounding, energizing, and invigorating. I sincerely recommend her for yoga classes, workshops, and retreats.

  • Kaitlin Bezuyen   June 06, 2017

      Tulum Tribe '17!!

    Wow! Went to tulum solo and left with 16 like minded yogis. Each day offered a new experience/ opportunity to grow. Whether it was the yoga itself, workshops, excursions, or free time playing/meditating on the beach, the void I had, was fulfilled. Gratitude overload for Nicole! ***fine print: there is a 100% chance of transformation ❤

  • Gwynne Heiser   June 06, 2017

      Fabulous yoga retreat experience

    Very much enjoyed my experience with Nicole and the rest of our group in Tulum Mexico at our retreat. Was my first experience at a yoga retreat so I did not know what to expect. Nicole gives clear instructions when she is teaching and is always available for feedback when you have questions. I would recommend anyone take classes with her she is very caring and concerned for people's well being.

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My inspiration is to find some very much needed solace away from the stress of raising 4 children, working (as a dietitian) and trying to get my private nutrition counseling practice launched. I am a registered yoga instructor and have practiced for over 10 yrs, and have always dreamed of taking a yoga retreat just for my own inner well being. Linda

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