Detox and Holistic Health Retreat

  • Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa
  • Ongoing

Event Highlights

  • Uncover your body’s vibrant state of being through a programme of physical cleansing and natural nutrition
  • Enliven your everyday experience with simple tools to support optimum nourishment, breathing, movement and healing, forming a strong foundation for holistic wellbeing
  • Honour creative expression, inherent and vital to our human experience
  • Make contact with your natural confidence, wisdom and compassion through meditative practice and true presence
  • Experience the transformative power of ceremony, intention and gratitude
  • Realign with the deep intelligence of your own life force, the natural world, and universal consciousness


On booking your retreat, the specifics of your retreat will be planned via a Skype call, according to your personal needs, interests and preferences and Tasha's recommendations. Each day incorporates either a morning or afternoon session with Tasha, engaged in one of the following:

- Yogic Teachings (yoga philosophy/ energetic anatomy)
- Yogic Practice (breathwork/cleansing practices/pranic practices)
- Meditation Instruction and Practice (traditional Buddhist meditation and mindfulness)
- Conscious Breathing (using the breath to access visionary states of consciousness for healing and transformation)
- Making Ceremony (empowering intention, awareness and release of outworn ways of being)
- Yoga Nidra (deep guided relaxation)
- Nature Immersion (cleansing or meditative practices in wild nature- mountains, beaches, waterfall pools)
- Land Art (creating in nature with found natural materials)
- Intuitive Art (process art to access the sub-conscious and super-conscious)
- Intuitive Movement/ Free Dance (spontaneous expression and embodiment)
- Natural Health Talk (guidance on natural living, natural eating and natural medicine)
- Herbal Medicine (individual guidance on appropriate treatment and herbal medicine making)
- Vibrational Medicine (individual guidance on appropriate treatment and vibrational medicine making)
- Bio Energy Treatment (supporting free flow in pranic pathways and energy centers for healing, insight and release)
- Bio Energy Practices (learning techniques for self-care to release, regulate and energize pranic flow)
- Plant Medicine and Microdosing talk (information and guidance around working with Teacher Plants)

The other morning or afternoon session will be devoted to self study. You will be given practices to complete alone, allowing for valuable time in silence and solitude, fostering awareness and intimacy with yourself. This encourages self support and confidence, building the resources needed to carry healthy attitudes and practices home with you on departure. Practices include:

- Guided journalling
- Contemplation
- Silent Meditation
- Walking Meditation
- Grounding in Nature/ Sun Bathing
- Yogic Practice (breathwork/cleansing practices/pranic practices)
- Gratitude Practice
- Ceremony and Intention
- Karma Yoga (selfless service)

An optional colonic cleanse programme (including two coffee, herbal or oil enemas daily) is offered in conjunction with the Juice Cleanse, and is highly recommended for those dealing with existing health challenges.

A team of highly skilled therapists is on hand to offer treatments (subject to availability) during the 4-6pm slot. Therapies include massage/ reflexology/ reiki/ bio-energy balance/ TRE / tantric touchwork/ EFT/ (additional cost)
On request a Plant Medicine Ceremony (additional cost) may be incorporated in your retreat.
On request an extended Nature Immersion, overnighting at a private conservancy (additional cost) may be incorporated in your retreat.

7:00 Rise, Cleansing Drink
7:30 Yoga
9:30 Juice and Supplements
10-12:00 Morning Session with Tasha/ Self Study
12:30 Juice and Supplements
1-3 Afternoon Session with Tasha/ Self Study
3:30 Juice and Supplements
4-6 Therapies
6:30 Broth
7:00 Meditation
7:30 Movie/ Recorded Talk
9:00 Retire

About This Event

The Whole Truth Retreat specialises in spiritual retreats to support and guide you through times of transformation, healing and awakening. Our unique programme of physical cleansing, herbal treatments, meditation & yoga, creative process, nature immersion, and the exploration of expanded states of consciousness forms a strong container in which awareness can grow.

Year round holistic health retreats from 2 to 21 nights long, in the beautiful village of Stanford, near Cape Town, South Africa. Programmes are offered for individuals, couples and small groups and may be created around your specific needs and preferences, always supporting you in awakening to the magnificence of your true nature.

This retreat is an excellent choice for you if:

You are in a life transition, or are aware of the need for change and are seeking space, insight and clarity.You would like support in establishing healthy habits, a plant based diet, or a steady spiritual practice, for wellbeing, balance and deep resilience.You are dealing with persistent health challenges and want to energise and support your body's powerful healing mechanisms, naturally.You need to deeply rest and reconnect with yourself, practicing self love and self care.You wish to connect with your innate creativity and wisdom and find the bravery and confidence to share this with the world   You are willing to take full responsibility for your health and wellbeing and welcome transformation.You are ready to free yourself from limiting beliefs, held trauma, and judgement of self and others.You are drawn to investigate and experience your true nature and invite more joy, freedom and flow into your life.


It was above and way beyond my expectations. By Day 2, I knew it was money well spent, by Day 5, I knew it was the best investment I have ever made in my life. If you only ever participate in one retreat in your life, this is the one. -- JENNIFER, Cape Town

Venue Highlights

The retreat venue is one of Stanford Village's original heritage houses. In the classic Cape Dutch style, it is a unique and charming place to stay. The building has many of the original features- shuttered windows, wooden floors, and is decorated in simple, beautiful vintage style.

The retreat space has three spacious bedrooms (one ensuite). A small study and front and back verandahs offer additional communal spaces to rest in. A beautiful closed combustion fireplace in the lounge forms the warm heart of the house, the yoga and meditation space. High ceilings, wooden beams and original wooden floors lend a traditional coziness that’ll have you putting your feet up, country style, in no time!

As you relax into the gentle village rhythms here, time slows down and loses its insistence. Undisturbed hours can be whiled away in the lush garden; a private and secure haven to relax among the fruit trees, veggie patch and prolific lavender bushes. Morning sun greets the back verandah, making alfresco breakfast around the retro Formica table a delightful start to the day. In the late afternoons the front ‘stoep’ is a perfect spot for tea. The view spills onto quiet roads and dusty lanes, affording a glimpse of authentic village life passing by - a restful joy to savour.

Your retreat also offers you the opportunity to spend time walking, swimming and exploring the pristine wild spaces nearby. Retreat activities often include nature immersion- stunning mountains, rivers, beaches and waterfall pools are waiting to welcome you. This area has astonishing biodiversity and in season, offers the best land based whale watching in the world!


The two downstairs bedrooms are single and double sleepers respectively, and feature lovely old-time touches like wooden window shutters and antique furniture. The bathroom with bath and shower facilities and a separate toilet are located in the passage off the lounge.

Upstairs is the loft suite, with king sized, extra-length bed and spacious en-suite bathroom with claw foot tub, toilet and shower. This bedroom is huge, with its own living area, tea station and reading nook.


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


Several options are available for your retreat, usually used in combination:

JUICE CLEANSE- Excellent for detox, radical physical reset, treating chronic illness and inflammation
This includes three cold pressed juices at intervals throughout the day, as well as herbal, food and vitamin supplements tailored to your nutritional/health and healing needs. Wheatgrass, Aloe and Rejuvelac are grown/ wild harvested/ self made by Tasha, your facilitator. Post juice cleanse, raw food is served for a time- the transition out a juice cleanse can be challenging, and its an important part of the process to move through gently and with awareness.

RAW FOOD- High in life force and rich in enzymes for better digestion and absorption. Meals are served three times a day, using large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, and activated seeds, nuts and grains. Also offered are special creations such as pro-biotic nut cheeses and whole seed crackers dehydrated at a low heat to keep digestive enzymes intact. Healthy desserts are made with natural unrefined sweeteners such as dates and raw honey, which have wonderful health benefits.

PLANT BASED MEALS- Supporting acid/alkaline balance of your body, your digestive health and your hormonal balance on an ongoing basis. This meal program offers light cooked food with a large raw food component, a wonderful introduction to a healing cleansing diet if a juice cleanse is not appropriate for you at this time.

As far as possible the fruit, vegetables and herbs used are sourced locally and organically, and much of it is grown, chemical-free on site in our garden. The quality, freshness and life force in the produce used makes a vast difference to the depth and power of the cleansing/ healing processes.

All programmes offer excellent, highly accessible nutrition and rest the often overloaded digestive system, allowing the body to shift into healing and repair mode. Depending on the length of your stay, you may experience a reduction in inflammation (the precursor to all disease), increased energy, natural weight loss, the eradication of minor health complaints (eg. mucus conditions, skin complaints, joint stiffness) and a noticeable improvement in more major ones. Probiotic and fermented foods restore gut health, often a factor in chronic illness or fatigue. Light, easily digested meals may also support quietness and clarity of mind making this the ideal nourishment for the retreat space. Meals are made with great skill, care, mindfulness and love, under the guidance of a qualified nutritionist.

If you would like to receive instruction on food preparation in order to support the continuation of healthy eating and cleansing practices on your return home, this is possible. Water Fasting or Dry Fasting support is available on request.


A shuttle can be organised to transport you from Cape Town International to the retreat venue at a cost of USD40-100 depending on numbers.

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