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Welcome to the Santuario School of Natural Magic!

Experience an intensive immersion into the sacred science of “vegetalismo” or Amazonian plant spirit shamanism.

Empower your mind and body, commune with nature spirits, and receive profound inner knowledge under the guidance of an experienced shaman!

Divine your true life’s calling!

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Proceeds are donated to Arkana Arts, our New NGO and Conservation Project!

Arkana Arts

“I left a piece of my heart at Santuario. Maestro Enrrique and his powerful and beautiful wife Ayme and staff are all loving and caringand make you feel as if you’re among family. There is much magic to discover here and I learned so much from the vegetalistas, the children, plants, animals, mapacho, ceremonies, that it’s almost impossible to put into words. I am forever grateful that my path led me to this place, its beautiful landscapes, its intelligent plants and animals. The night sky brought me to tears. It was the most majestic night sky I’ve ever seen. I felt humbled, grateful, overwhelmed all at once. If the Mother vine and this beautiful retreat are calling you, grab your bug spray and recharge your mind, body, and soul! They empower and assist the healing but you’ll have to put in the work and discipline to truly see transformation. Feel the fear, and do it anyway. What a blessing this is!” Norma Laz, 2018.

Event Highlights

  • Work with a Series of Master Plant Teachers
  • Connect with the Spirits of Nature
  • Become Familiar with Medicines and Plants.
  • Learn how to Work with Tobacco and other Healing practices
  • Learn to Sing Icaros.
  • Build Spiritual Strength to Hold Your Space in Ceremony.
  • Develop Unimagined Insights and Power in the Mind, Body, and Spirit.
  • Experience Incredible Emotional and Physical Cleansing and Healing at a Profound Level.
  • Find Your True Calling.
  • By the end of a shamanic apprenticeship, it is expected that you will have received the energy and protection of the plant spirits and learned how to work with these energies and can hold your ground in ceremony. This is a challenging programme that requires dedication and inner focus, but one that brings with it unimagined rewards.

Venue Highlights

Santuario is a traditional Amazonian healing centre, nature reserve and conservation project situated on a unique geological phenomenon, a boiling river known locally as 'Shanay-timpishka' (heated by the sun). The river stretches up to seven kilometres through the rainforest, enshrouding the area in a vapour of mystery. Possessing great spiritual significance to the communities that surround it, the river is reputedly the home of "Yakumama," the world serpent that breathes life and death into the Amazon. Interestingly, the river has remained a secret in Peru for thousands of years until now, only known to the local communities.

The whole region and surrounding rainforest is fascinating and simmers with powerful energy. Many of the local species or flora and fauna have survived since the Jurassic era and and you will find ancient trees of incredible girth and height, and an amazing variety of birds, monkeys, and insects. The area was once long ago home to the Cashibo people, famed for their fierceness and refusal to be converted by missionaries.

Santuario is the destination for adventurous visitors that are looking for an authentic experience working with Amazonian plant medicine for healing and knowledge in the tradition of vegetalismo. Many return year after year to deepen their work in this beautiful and mysterious place which is truly a hidden jewel in Peru.

Please check out website: (contact info blocked) for more information!


  • Towels
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Restaurant


Santuario is an authentic Amazonian healing center that emphasizes tranquility and solitude in nature as an integral part of the healing and learning process. Withdrawal into nature is an essential part of the traditional shamanic apprenticeship. When not in ceremony, visitors spend their time in quiet reflection and relaxation, reading and taking walks in the rainforest and around the boiling river. There are many areas to do yoga, write, and draw. It is also a wonderful place to bird watch, and appreciate the incredible wildlife of the area. When on apprenticeship, you may have many opportunities to learn things at the center but the focus will be on your deep work with the plants.

Times will be spent in tambo (in isolation in the rainforest in a small hut) on strict diet with powerful rainforest plants and at the centre in their room while participating with ayahuasca ceremonies.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Meals are tailored to comply with the dietary restrictions of a traditional shamanic dieta and are simple, bland, easy to digest foods that do not inhibit the working of the medicine or create unwanted side effects. They include boiled rice (without oil or salt), boiled or roasted plantains, boiled potatoes or manioc (yucca/cassava), cleansing vegetable soups, fresh salads, and at times some (toothless) fish (particularly boquichito). Also served occasionally are eggs. Fruits (mangoes, guava, bananas, etc) may be offered but are not recommended due to their high sugar content.

For some plant dietas, you may require a stricter diet of only plantains, potatoes, and rice.

The meals can be adjusted to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, dairy, and gluten free restrictions.


Accommodations at Santuario are simple, natural, and ecological, constructed in the traditional palm thatch buildings. Every visitor has their own room, comfortable bed, bedding, towel and mosquito net. The rooms are airy and open to the sounds and ambiance of the rainforest but protected with screened windows. When on an apprenticeship, you may spend your time in between accommodations at the center and in "tambo," a small hut located deeper in the rainforest where you will diet the master plants with maximum immersion in nature.

Please be aware that the centre is quite rustic, situated off road and off grid on a conservation site in a highly unique geological area in prehistoric rainforest. Water for washing is drawn directly from the boiling river. Thought there are toilets and plumbing, it can be a little erratic due to environmental changes (storms, water levels, etc). There is no electricity though there is some solar power. Wifi and phone signal can be accessed in the nearby village of Honoria.


You will need to fly into Lima's Jorge Chavez airport and take a connecting one hour flight to Pucallpa. Our English speaking guide can bring you to the center directly from the airport or collect you from a hotel. The journey to Santuario is an exciting ecotour by itself! You will travel in an all terrain truck along country roads to the small port village of Honoria and then take a motorized canoe along the tranquil Pachitea river. From their your will embark on a 45 minute hike trough hilly rainforest until your arrive at the steamy boiling river, the amazing geological phenomenon that provides the setting of Santuario. Please ensure that you are in good physical health for the journey. Altogether, it takes approximately five hours depending on roads. Rubber boots are needed in case it is muddy.

To arrive in time for an evening ceremony at 8pm, please arrive in Pucallpa by the morning and book your returning flight in the late afternoon evening from Pucallpa. Your guide will meet you at Santuario in plenty of time to bring you to the airport.

The guide service costs 120 USD and includes both journeys.

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