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Luxury retreat in the Sacred Valley under the gaze of Apu Pitusiray adjacent to the Sacred River.

Of all the decisions we make in life, choosing one of personal development, investing in oneself is the most important decision we can make. When our path takes us to question our purpose and ourselves we are beginning the most fundamentally rewarding journey possible. However this path is challenging and it never comes to an end. Developing spiritually is without question the greatest thing in life we do.

Spiritual development is simply the understanding of self, as all the greatest gurus and sages have said, “Know Thyself”, just two words however just where do we start? When we come from a western society and the restrictions of a western educational system then we are literally looking in the wrong direction. We are programmed to look out whereas we need to look within. There are many ways we can do this and we have one.

Ayahuasca and San Pedro are mind medicines, they open us to higher states of conscious awareness that would otherwise take years of dedicated meditation to achieve. Mind medicines enable us to understand the nature of consciousness well beyond the constraints of our three dimensional reality, they lift our vibration into the higher dimensions and help us appreciate life and what it is meant to be. Ayahuasca and San Pedro are life-changing experiences; they help us discover who we really are. Ayahuasca and San Pedro are also being used to help cure people of depression and stress related illnesses; they really are medicines for the mind.

At Munay we believe it is important to experience these wonderful sacred plant medicines in a calm and tranquil setting. From our experience, both as individual participants and providers of the medicines, we believe that quiet and solitude are key factors in maximising the benefits the sacred plants bring. We want people to develop a personal relationship with the plants, however we're always at hand if support is needed. Ceremonies all start with a meditation connecting clients to the plants before their effects become noticeable. We do not have dancing or singing during our ceremonies, soft meditative music is played. Please see Munay Medicines approach to the Sacred Plants on our website.

We take great care sourcing our medicines, our Ayahuasca comes from a sustainable source in the Amazon jungle we have over 5 years experience with the Ayahuasca we serve. 

Wachuma connects us to the wonders of nature and love for all that is. Wachuma is not as well known as Ayahuasca, however the two plants work in unison to “loose the cords of mistakes binding us”.

For people that are interested Ken will show how his Wachuma is prepared and how he reduces the cellulose to an absolute minimum, this reduces the feelings of nausea that the initial stages of Wachuma can bring.

David Walton is the founder of Munay Medicine, he is a trained counsellor, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist, NLP Master Practitoner and Reiki Master.  On the website David has a video introduction to Tambo del Caminante the home of Munay Medicine and a link to his book, ‘There is more to life’.

In ‘There is more to life’ David describes his life journey. He started having spiritual experiences when he was five years old. At 48 he became ‘one with the universe’ and this led him to Buddhism and his appreciation of meditation and higher states of consciousness. David attended the ‘Buddhist Society of Manchester’ in England for over 12 years. In his early 50’s he experienced Nirvana and this was all before he discovered the sacred plants. David believes that in the right environment plant experience are deeply profound spiritual experiences each being equivalent to years of dedicated meditation. At Munay we believe we provide the holistic environment needed to maximise the benefits the plants bring.

‘There is more to life’ was published in April 2016, by clicking the cover below the first two chapters are available free. If you buy book and bring a proof of purchase Munay Medicine will discount the cost of a retreat by the cost of the book.

Ayahuasca and San Pedro are true medicines for the mind, they have been around for thousands of years, they are not pharmaceutical drugs, they are natural remedies and natures way of helping us discover the higher realms of consciousness and who we really are.

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