6 Day Integral Yoga & Conscious Living Retreat Course

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  • Dormitory - $58.00 Shared Twin - $60.00 Open Air Bungalows - $64.00 Private Room - $68.00 Bamboo Hut - $72.00

About us


Learn and practice Integral Yoga & Meditation with an inspiring community of like-minded people while living in a traditional Cambodian village. Our Yoga and Meditation Learning Center is spread out over 2 acres of jungle gardens in the shade of the Ancient Temples of Angkor. We offer authentic, inspiring, and affordable 6 Day Retreat Programs to suite all levels.

Our retreats are based on Integral Yoga & MeditationCommunity, CreativityHealthy & Delicious Vegan Food, and Connection with Nature. Our course program includes daily classes, health & wellness, Dharma talks, community activities, and free time. You will learn and be inspired by our experienced team of 5 international yoga and meditation instructors. We take a holistic approach to health through the body, heart and mind, offering hands on adjustments and individual support for all levels of experience. We promote and encourage setting up a daily practice of yoga and meditation.

Through our meditation practice we learn to relax back into the center of our being through stillness, strengthening our basic awareness, and releasing the heaviness of the past. We also teach the importance of mindfulness by cultivating awareness throughout the whole day.

We observe a Digital Detox as well as Silent Mornings throughout the course. This encourages us to listen more deeply to life and live in the present moment.

Hariharalaya is named after the Vedic capitol of Cambodia which existed on the same land as the Hariharalaya Retreat Center from 800 AD – 1000 AD, hundreds of years before Angkor Wat. Since its early beginnings in 2010, Hariharalaya continues to stand by its commitment to offering authentic and inspiring courses in Integral Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Living at affordable prices. Over the last 6 years we have hosted over 350 retreats with over 4,000 participants from 85 different countries. We have a team of international yoga teachers, meditation teachers and healers including the founder and director Joel Altman, who has dedicated the last 16 years of his life to living and sharing the teachings of Integral Yoga.

Reconnect with your True Self. 

Reawaken your Creativity, Passion and Inspiration.

Detox and Relax from the stress of modern life. 

Join us for an authentic experience of Yoga, Meditation, Community and Cambodia!


Retreat Program

The Daily Schedule is the foundation of our program and sets the rhythm for the retreat.

We have developed our schedule over years of experience and are proud to offer an inspiring learning program.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
6:30 Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up
7 – 9 Morning Yoga and Meditation Chanting, Yoga and Meditation Morning Yoga and Meditation Chanting, Yoga and Meditation Morning Yoga and Closing Circle
9 – 10 Arrival and Registration Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast and Departure
10 – 1 Center Tour and First Yoga Class Free Time Free Time

(Yoga Massage


Free Time

(Dharma Talk)

Free Time

(Hidden Temple Yoga Tour)

1-2 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2-4 Retreat Introduction Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time
4-5 Free Time Alignment Class Dharma Talk Restorative Class Yoga Class
6-7 Meditation Introduction Evening








7-8 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
8-9:30 Movie Night Games Night Ecstatic Dance Meditation Hang Out


Live Khmer Traditional Music

Morning Practice consists of 90 minutes of yoga asana and 30 minutes sitting meditation.

Evening Practice consists of 20 minutes of yoga and pranayama and 30 minutes sitting meditation.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner feature homemade vegan meals. All of our recipes are available in our Cambodian Vegan Cookbook. Workshops and Tours are optional and available at an additional fee. Free Time is time to relax, integrate and explore. It is also possible to take out bikes, explore the village, sit by the lounge pool, play games, read a book or just lay in a hammock.



Retreat Dates 2017

We recommend booking your retreat 2 to 3 months in advance

February 8th – February 13th    *** FULL***

February 16th – February 21st   ***FULL***

February 24th – March 1st   ***FULL***

March 4th – March 9th  ***FULL***

March 12th – March 17th *** FULL***

March 20th – March 25th *** FULL***

March 28th – April 2nd *** FULL***

April 5th – April 10th *** FULL***

April 17th – April 22nd  ***FULL***

April 25th – April 30th ***FULL***

May 3rd – May 8th ***FULL***

May 11th – May 16th ***FULL***

May 19th – May 24th  ***FULL***

May 27th – June 1st ***FULL***

June 7th – 12th ***FULL***

June 15th – 20th ***FULL***

June 23rd – 28th  ***FULL***

July 2nd – 7th  ***FULL***

July 11th – 16th  ***FULL***

July 20th – 25th ***FULL***

July 29th – August 3rd ***FULL***

August 7th – 12th ***FULL***

August 16th – 21st ***FILLING UP***

August 25th – 30th

September 3rd – 8th

September 12th – 17th

September 22nd – 27th

October 1st – 6th

October 10th – 15th

October 19th – 24th ***FILLING UP***

October 28 – November 2nd ***FULL***

November 6th – 11th ***FULL***

November 15th – 20th ***FULL***

November 24th – 29th ***FULL***

December 3rd – 8th ***FULL***

December 12th – 17th ***FULL***

December 21st – 26th ***1 SPACE LEFT***

December 29th – January 3rd ***FULL***

Retreat Dates 2018

January 7th – January 12th ***FILLING UP***

January 16th – January 21st

January 25th – January 30th

February 3rd – February 8th

February 12th – February 17th

February 21st – February 26th

March 2nd – March 7th

March 11th – March 16th

March 20th – March 25th

March 29th – April 3rd

April 7th – April 12th

April 17th – April 22nd

April 26th – May 1st

May 5th – May 10th

May 14th – May 19th

May 23rd – May 28th

June 1st – June 6th

June 10th – June 15th

June 19th – June 24th

June 28th – July 2nd

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6 Day Integral Yoga & Conscious Living Retreat Course
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6 Day Integral Yoga & Conscious Living Retreat Course

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