50 Hours Empathetic Leadership and Self - Care training

  • The Lodge The Lodge
  • Cascais, Portugal
  • Sep 12 - 17, 2017 (6 days)
  • 970 to 1070 euros

About us

50 hours Empathetic Leadership and Self-Care Training

Starpinelodge – Colares – Portugal

“The more you are in touch with yourself, the more you are in touch with others”

Do you often feel ungrounded, uncentered, anxious, doubtful, fearful or over sympathetic when you hold space for your private clients, your students or groups? This immersion retreat will bring you back to center and make you a stronger leader!

To hold a space for others we must be able to center, ground and hold space for ourselves, this creates a central axis that the space to everything to arise in equanimity. Holding space for others relies on a strong secure energy field that can be created and directed using cultivation and focusing skills.

When we employ our intention mind using mindful presence we come into a state that allows space to be internally held. Only when the mind comes in with doubt, projection or criticism we are taken out of the moment.

So many times as teachers and therapists it is easy to get caught up in a mind game or unable to detach from a end class, a session, or a client that we have been working with. After time there is a build up of tension and stress in the physical body with mental and emotional residue.

What is the Empathetic Leadership and Self-care Immersion?

The Empathetic Leadership and Self-care training is a profound immersion that combines Beta’s life experiences into a five day program. It aims to take the participants on a journey into their most pure essence, the part of the self that is free of fear, anxiety, worries, agendas, beliefs and wants. This is the part of you who is the healer, the teacher, the guru, the master! The one who channels the energy and wisdom from the divine source.

This Immersion is designed for professionals who are looking for self - development skills to empower their abilities to hold a grounded, empathetic, more efficient space when working with individual clients or groups.

How to reach that space within yourself? This retreat will answer your questions, and it will take you deep into the experience.

What is in this Training?

    Vital Essence Trauma Release Breathwork and Myofascial Release Diarmoring to unlock and release energetic blockages stored in the body which are the big limitations.

    - Lectures on how to project yourself into a group – Understanding the different group dynamics and energetic qualities. Understanding how to get back to center when you lose your center.

    - Yin Fascial Yoga to use as a tool to feel more physically and energetically connected to oneself, to your client or to the group.

    - Mindfulness meditation techniques to improve presence and awareness while holding space

    - Inner – child work for healing the wounded inner child to develop more acceptance of what arises in each moment for you and your clients. To get in touch more with a playful and creative space, more adaptability and spontaneity.

    - Sensitivity approach – how to listen and feel your clients. Holding eye contact is essential in communication and feeling and understanding your own and others kinesthetic reactions.

You will be supported to experience and learn

    Centering and grounding exercises

    Structural alignment analysis

    Breath regulation exercises

Opening and closing a space to teach or hold therapy session

    Detaching from a group or individual at the end of a session

Cutting energetic cords for more deeply ingrained problematic attachments

    How to come back to neutrality

    Energetic Boundary exercises

    Voice activation analysis

Building an energy charge before teaching

You will learn and practice

    How to hold space in an open empathic way

    How to energetically open your boundaries to a group or individual, then close them down to normal afterwards

    How to come back to neutral, centered and grounded position each time

How to protect yourself and your energy and not get drained

    How to boost your energy just before a lesson if you are feeling tired

    How to fully detach from a person or situation that feels draining to you

    How to be in presence no matter what arises

Who is this Training for?

The Empathetic Leadership and Self-care immersion is designed for professionals who are looking for self development skills to empower their abilities to hold a grounded, empathetic, more efficient space when working with individual clients or groups.

How can this Training improve your personal and professional life?

To become a clear open vessel when you hold space with wisdom is necessary to take care of your own energy and work on what is off alignment with the higher consciousness to be able to channel divine wisdom.

This training counts towards the YACEP (Continuum Education credits by IYA)

*IYA – International Yoga Alliance

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50 Hours Empathetic Leadership and Self - Care training
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50 Hours Empathetic Leadership and Self - Care training

at The Lodge

  • Sep 12, 2017 - Sep 17, 2017 (6 days)


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