• Mancora, Peru
  • Jun 8, 2018 - Jun 15, 2018 (8 days)
  • US $2300-$3200

About us

Disconnect completely for one week in sunny paradise and experience the bliss that comes from a full-body detox. Reconnect to self, spend time with lovely people, get fully pampered, learn new things and return home glowing, agile, motivated, positive and powerful.



Increased energy
Healthy weight loss of approximately 3-5 kg
Increased mental clarity and positivity
Improved overall sense of happiness & wellbeing
Reduced inflammation in the body
Reduction or elimination of pain in the body
Improved intestinal flora and pH
Increased flexibility/agility
Brighter, clearer skin and eyes
Deeper sleep, easier mornings
Loss of sugar/carb cravings
Improved relationship with food and food choices
Elimination of caffeine dependency and/or chronic headaches
Reduction of candida overgrowth and parasites
Elimination of gas, bloating, and constipation
Boosted Immune system function

“I left the Amaveda retreat with glowing skin and a flat tummy, feeling more flexible and with a chilled nervous system. In other words, a complete reboot. What’s not to like?” –Caroline Phillips. Award-winning journalist, Tatler Spa Guide.


This November we will be returning to KiChic to run our third week-long detox retreat in this magical location. The retreat includes Ayurvedic detox practices, a full digestive system re-set, therapeutic massage, organic spa treatments, curative food workshops, a 3-day raw juice fast, Peruvian botanicals and superfoods, twice-daily yoga a wild pacific beach and plenty of lounging poolside.


KiChic is one of the most stunning and luxurious beach destinations in Peru. The Amaveda Retreat will hold all rooms in the hotel bringing next level tranquillity and exclusivity. KiChic Hotel boasts a palatial jungle-style yoga studio, dozens of gorgeous shaded nooks to read, relax and nap in and some of the most refined and stylish rooms in South America.


All guests receive the Amaveda Detox Product Collection containing 100% natural products to be used throughout the retreat, and beyond. All products are handcrafted and formulated from the highest quality botanicals available. Many of the products teach invaluable self-care Ayurvedic daily self-care practices and beauty rituals that allow the detox week to live on, long after it’s over.


Included in the retreat are individual Ayurvedic beauty and detox treatments as well as therapeutic massage and aromatherapy. Pancha Karma heavily incorporates the use of therapeutic oils, both internally and externally. All body treatments are ramped up with the use of cold-pressed organic rare Amazonian fruit and nut oils for extra luxury and deep nourishment. All treatments are included in the retreat price.


Detox Yoga supports the process by working directly with the lymphatic system, increasing oxygen absorption and aligning the physical and mental processes of detox. Morning classes are more vigorous, encouraging blood flow and perspiration, while evening classes focus on restorative postures, meditation and deep nervous system healing. All levels are welcome and supported.


Providing the body with only raw vegetable juice is one of the best ways to assist the body in breaking down fat reserves and encouraging the body to detoxify. When the body is flooded with liquid nutrients, the digestive system can finally rest and redistribute excess energy for cellular rejuvenation and repair. The body needs to be correctly prepared for a juice fast in order for the multiple benefits to be received. This program fully addresses this often-neglected juice-fast fundamental.


Our aim is a complete digestive system restoration. The food experience focuses on simple and cleans foods, carefully integrated with the profound benefits of raw juice fasting. All food is as fresh, locally grown and organic as humanly possible. Meals are a combination of tasty Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic dishes. We will explore the concept of Secondary Nutrition: eating with all our senses. In this detox, there is no starving or suffering involved.


Utilising raw ingredients from Peru draws from one of Earth’s most potent sources of natural healing botanicals, not to mention home to some of the most nutrient dense food on earth. Many of Peru’s revered Amazonian botanicals and famous superfoods appear in the retreat products, treatments and of course diet: directly from the source.


During the retreat, we will have access to the fabulous open kitchen where I will be leading 2 ‘Curative Kitchen’ workshops. The post-detox period that follows is an incredible opportunity to continue to feed your body clean with healthy foods so it’s extremely beneficial to leave the retreat week with new healing food recipes, leaving fully armed and empowered.


Do you discard the messages that come through in your dreams as noise? Dreaming is a biological process which is designed to help us on our road to total wellbeing. Toxic behaviours and patterns can show up in our dreams and provide an opportunity for growth. Together we will explore how to boost dream recollection, lucid dreaming: waking up in your dream and the basics of dream interpretation.


A little bonus! The dates have been specifically chosen to align with the lunar energy of November. We know the moon’s cycles affect both our metabolism and our emotions. Nov 10-17 is the waning moon period: the most powerful time energetically to support clearing away, shedding old patterns, undoing restrictive blockages, ending bad habits and releasing of any residual toxicity in the body or mind.


You are in no way are you obliged to follow the protocol. Everything on offer is optional. The program has been designed as a VPK program, meaning it works for EVERYONE. The detox retreat is a living, breathing and very individual experience that will be monitored by me at every step along the way. Programmes can be tailored to compliment and support any health goal or challenge, as well as any personal goal or objective.


Classical Pancha Karma detox practices such as Nasya, Basti, Virechana and Abhyanga
1 therapeutic massage
1 hydrotherapy treatments
1 Amaveda Facial and Indian Head Massage
Your own Amaveda Detox Product Collection of 100% natural products to be used throughout the detox week, and beyond
Two x daily detox-supportive yoga and meditation – all levels welcome and encouraged
Unlimited access to the Amaveda Hydration Station including fresh coconut water, electrolyte isotonics, elixirs, flower remedies, natural ferments, Peruvian herbals, colon cleansing tonics and teas
All the delicious and beautiful food crafted to provide a complete digestive system re-set. All food is based on Ayurvedic mono-diet healing dishes, macrobiotics and probiotics: all fuelled by organic-as-possible locally-sourced food
A supervised 3-day raw juice fast
Highest quality supplements, Amazonian botanicals, and superior superfoods
Two functional food and one medicine making workshops so you can return home armed with new recipes.
NEW: 30-minute private nutrition consultation with a custom Post-detox food plan.
Pick-up and drop-off from Talara airport


The Amaveda retreat at KiChic is an all-inclusive package. Everything is included, once you arrive you can just relax and let the week unfold.
All the rooms at KiChic are incredibly beautiful, each room is unique and priced accordingly.
All the rooms can be made up with twin beds, perfect for sharing with a friend or partner.
Prices are quoted in US dollars
All prices for are listed per person
The room images below are hyperlinked to the hotel’s website page for additional photos and information.


To secure your place on the retreat along with your room choice, you will need to make a minimum deposit of $1000 per person.
Deposits are fully refundable upon written request until Sept 1st | 2017
All deposits and payments are 100% non-refundable after Sept 1st | 2017
Remaining balances will be due in full by Oct 10th 2017
If you prefer to make a one-time payment for the full amount due, the same refund conditions apply.

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  • Jun 8, 2018 - Jun 15, 2018 (8 days)


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