Transform Your Mind and Heart Retreat ~ Reveal Your Radiance!

  • Pyramid Yoga Center Pyramid Yoga Center
  • Pyramid Yoga Center, Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • Aug 11 - 16, 2017 (6 days)
  • $350

About This Event



11TH - 16TH AUGUST, 2017

Pyramid yoga center, Koh Phangan, Thailand



(contact info blocked)

- Yoga with live music + Pranayama + Meditation

- Mantra + Mudra

- Chanting, Kirtan

- Rebirthing

- Breathwork Ceremony

- Sound Healing

- Waterflow Group Healing

- Discussion on various topics including Tantra, Radical Affirmation, Pancha Maha Bhuta-s (5 Great Elements)

- Transfiguration Ritual

- Men's/Women's Circle

- Healthy Delicious Vegetarian Food

- FREE Download of "Kirtan!" CD with 7 audio tracks

Transform OLD belief patterns,
Reveal the true Beauty of your Soul,
and become the most RADIANT You!

August 11 - 16, 2017 at Pyramid Yoga Center, Koh Phangan

This retreat is perfect for you if...

- you are looking for a safe space of love and harmony to support your personal transformation process of healing and evolution.

- there are some negative thoughts or belief patterns that are not helping you to establish a daily happiness

- you will love to change your life but you don't feel confident enough and you feel a need for some support

- you were suffering or you are suffering from anxiety and depression

- you want more connection to other like-minded people

- you want to deepen your spiritual practice and yoga practice

- you want to understand yourself

- you want to embody LOVE

"What do I get from this retreat?"

You will bring with you amazing techniques and practices that will help you to manifest a happier life.

This is an unique opportunity as it includes not only daily yoga practice, but also various different activities and healing sessions for your true transformation, true alignment and true embodiment.

The intention of this retreat is to provide you with a deeply profound inner and outer journey leading to self-understanding, renewal and transformation.

You will transform fears into courage, anxiety into peace and harmony, frustrations and anger into new ideas and creativity, indecisiveness into clarity, the feeling of loneliness into a new vision of life that we are always supported and provided and we are here for each other.

We really want you to remember who you are and how beautiful you are, and we are absolutely dedicated for this transformational work.

You will wide-open yourself in all dimensions of physical, energetic, mental, emotional and soul levels through various powerful practices in a supportive group of like-minded beautiful friends with a guidance of experienced instructors.

Come alone, Come with friends, Come with your partner, Come whatever age you are and come whatever level of yoga you may be...

All styles, all people, all welcome!

~ What Makes This Retreat Special ~
"How does the daily program look like?"

Daily rhythm includes but is not limited to: yoga, meditation, pranayama, mudra, chanting, kirtan, shamanic breathwork ceremony, rebirthing, sound healing, cacao ceremony, laughing, swimming and being held in the ocean, group waterflow healing session, soaking in the sun, eating delicious food, bonding with beautiful beings and spontaneous adventures of immense JOY!

**Sample Daily Program**

8:30 - 10:30 Morning Asana Practice
(All yoga classes, morning and afternoon, will incorporate elements of practice like asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, kirtan, and live music)
10:30 - 11:45 Breakfast
11:45 - 14:00 Mudra, Mantra, Pranayama, Meditation, Discussion
14:00 - 17:00 Light Lunch followed by free time to rest / beach time!
17:00 - 19:30 Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony with Sound Healing
19:30 Dinner

For more information about program, venue, location and activities, please visit:
(contact info blocked)

"Is this retreat really for me?"

"Abundance", "Joy", "Peace" and "Love" ~ Is it something you are looking for?

This retreat will help you to find the source of abundance deep within to live life with your full potential. Life is a gift to be embodied with joy. Remember your spirit, a shining jewel at your heart. In the material world, we seem to be always imperfect, but In the spirit world, we are all beautiful and precious as each and whole and this is so abundant.

Learn more about the retreat at (contact info blocked)

Akari, originally from Japan, is an experienced yoga instructor, multi-instrumentalist, body worker and energy healer. Her self-enquiry began when she traveled around Southeast Asia and Africa by volunteering and helping people which led her discover the yoga system. She has been teaching asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy in different courses and training programs over the years, and her passion extends to chanting mantra, kirtan, music, mudra, mythology and stories.

"Yoga is a guidance tool to open our full potentials to say YES to life. Life is a gift to be embodied with joy. All the practices that we do, including asana, breathwork, chanting and music are the medicine that supports us on the journey, helping us to connect deeper within and around. Freedom and love for all beings arise from the churning ocean of the heart. The heart is the key for happiness in life. In Tantra, there is a saying of "Bhukti, Mukti." It means that worldly fulfillment and spiritual liberation go together, we can totally have a fulfilled material life with work, family, school, children, relationship etc, but at the same time we can be spiritually liberated within with compassion, love and ease."

Davide D’Agostino, originally from Italy, works with healing elements of water, air/breath, sound and music. He is a rebirthing breathwork facilitator, Wataflow (water massage therapy) facilitator, multi-instrumentalist and a creator of Tantric Handpan music.

He was a master diving instructor and sailor in the past; he spent many years working and living in Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Red Sea. The lifestyle was challenging physically, mentally and spiritually, then some life-changing events followed. He was initiated to the study of Buddhism and different kinds of meditation. Following the inner calling, he continued his study on yoga, Tantra, rebirhting breathwork, and Wataflow healing therapy. With his years of experience of mastering the breath under water, and all the tools and practices that he has been benefited, he is dedicated to support and guide people to find happiness in themselves and in their life.

"Breath is a powerful healer that helps to release stuck energy and old patterns and transform the mind. And when you are held in the water, it is an experience of unconditional love itself. We need to be aware that water has a memory, we are all made out of water, and our intention is powerful. The same for air and all the other elements as we all are each little universe. The universe is love. We are love."

Participation & Registration

The price of the retreat includes all programs, 3 vegetarian meals a day and FREE "Kirtan!" CD.

With your accomodation booking, the Pyramid Yoga Center offers you a Welcome Package that includes fresh coconut on arrival, Stainless steel recycled water bottle (fillable for free at many locations on the island) and a session on their Sound Therapy bed.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ***ONLY 4 Spot at this price***

- book now and save $155

- $100 discount plus Free 1-on-1 healing session in the water
(WITH DAVIDE $55 value)

BOOK NOW: $350
at (contact info blocked)

Note: Full Price of the retreat is $450

There are multiple bungalows on site. All Bungalows have been recently renovated with hot showers, fans, new lighting, furniture, plants, hammocks and big balconies, weekly cleaning services provided.

~ The Price for 5 nights accommodation (Include all 5 nights) ~
• Shared Standard Hill side Bungalow - 45$
• Ocean View Shared Bungalow - 50$
• Jungle view shared bungalow with fridge and kettle - 60$
• Private jungle view bungalow - 72$
• Private Ocean view bungalow - 86$

If you would like to book a bungalow, please let us know upon your booking via e-mail to (contact info blocked)

On the first day of August 11th, our first meeting will be at 17:00 with opening ceremony where we will get to introduce each other. Followed by grounding Yoga practice and dinner.

Classes are suitable for all levels.
Space is limited.

To book your spot, please contact us via e-mail to (contact info blocked)

or contact via (contact info blocked)

Feel free to write us if you have any questions.

We look forward to diving deep into this soul journey.
With much love and light to your heart,

Akari Tamura & Davide D’Agostino
(contact info blocked)

breathwork cacao ceremony ceremony kirtan meditation mudra pranayama rebirthing tantra yoga

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