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Tantra Yoga is a living embodiment of practice. It is an awakening of dormant energy that is the nexus of our power, understanding, will, clear seeing and right action. Unleashing these powers is both goal and effect when one devotes themself to a steady, focused practice of Tantra.

In March of 2018 Brooke and Daisy will lead a group to the Himalayan Institute campus in Khajuraho, India, the ancient Tantric city unprecedented by its beautiful {erotic} temple architecture. Designed to support students and practitioners in unplugging from life and to recharge at all levels, the immersion’s focus is Meditation and the Tantra Yoga of the Himalayan Sages. A retreat setting, this campus boasts beautiful flora and fauna, serenity and quiet for indepth practice (a rarity for India), western style modern accommodations, 3 daily vegetarian meals, morning and evening chai time, guest lounges, wifi access & close proximity (easy day trips) to the historical Temples of Khajuraho, shopping & Ayurvedic treatment spas.

Students of Brooke and Daisy, and of the Wild Temple School’s yoga teacher training programs will deeply appreciate the Shakti-filled charge of this ancient-meets-modern setting. Practicing here, as well as visiting such places as the 64 Yogini ruins, will enliven the teachings as well as connect students more strongly to the living flame within their own hearts. New students are welcome if they have taken at least one program with Brooke or Daisy or an equivalent program of study/teacher. (See (or call us!) for current programs offered prior to this meditation retreat that can be taken as prerequisite).

This experience, this trip…is like a Lotus Flower. Each day a petal opens, until each of us… Lotus-beings…become fully opened. -B. Gabriel, retreat participant, 2016.

The mystical & magical are everywhere in India: in the shadows of the ruins of the temple structures, in the streams of Ganga water poured from the copper vessels of pilgrims, the sensual beat of drums, local dancers and ritualized ceremonies emitting light & musky incense & the rare treat: the Naga Baba’s (naked Sadhu covered in ash) black stares, which are filed with love and hints of the Divine Mother. No matter what we are looking at, we see from within. Travel in India can either divulge beauty or black magic, disorder or blessed perfection, beautiful souls or lives filled with sorrow. Our perspectives change like the wind… and whether we are home or abroad, the ancient sages knew that the key to so many of our issues lie in the resolution to pause, become still, listen, reflect and turn inwards. Many of our answers lie in the temple of our own body. Retreat to find yourSelf.


Journal Entry, Khajuraho India 2016 (by Brooke)

It all begins with the sun and the moon. From the temple rooftop to those sitting under the bodhi tree in the wilderness sanctuary of our Himalayan campus, a profound force coupled with remarkable ease guides us all. The unwinding of truth and falsehood’s have been our ultimate teachers, mind and hearts taking us each to deeper levels of understanding during our time together. We begin to feel more and more complete and in awe of the magic here, each day we sit, each practice in the loving power of the shrine, over steaming mugs of spicy chai or simple walks by the owlet’s tree. The cosmic beings reflect our inner moods with their outer movements.The hands of the setting sun reach out from the mountain tops to touch her voluptuousness, this glorious full moon. And in return, her sweet glow simultaneously emerges from the other side of the world, shining through the treetops. From the temple roofs to the bodhi tree, we all watch in awe, as we are caught in the union of cosmic embrace and everything inside and out, is brought into balance.

Photo Credit: Brenna Geehan

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Sage Wisdom: Tantra + Shakti 100hr. India Retreat

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