11 Day Ayahuasca Women's Retreat ~ Sacred Valley ~ Peru

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Back to the ancient days of time women have always gathered together to honour the spirit of the feminine. This has been a practice which transcends all cultures and can be found throughout the world. There is deep power when we come together as women with intention. A time to awaken and feed the sacred feminine inside of each of us. A time set aside to heal, to let go, to nourish our hearts and spirits, connect with ourselves and remember and discover our deepest gifts.

We are only looking for those who are seriously interested in doing deep work. Ayahuasca work is not easy. It is not a magic pill nor do we make any promises for anything. That said we hold these retreats with utmost integrity and care and have watched miracles take place time and time again.

This retreat is a very special retreat that will be a woven tapestry of love and medicine for these times.

5 Ayahuasca ceremoniesPersonal consultation with Maestra AmeliaQero fire ceremony and despachoTraditional native women's teachingsTalking circlesSacred HikesWoman's pipe ceremonyLoving healthy mealsYogaWriting meditationsPeruvian challa flower blessingChanging woman ceremony

Sitting in the ancient mountains of the Sacred Valley in Peru, with a Shipiba maestra with over 35 years of experience and training in the plant medicines of the Amazon jungle.

We will open with a traditional Despacho with the Qero elders from the land we are on.

We always honor the land and traditional territories of those who walked before us.

A little about the the eagle and the condor prophecy :

There have been many prophecies shared in circles and ceremonies about the eagle and the condor. The eagle representing north america, the condor south america. The eagle, the masculine, the condor the feminine. The prophecy calls for a time of balance that is coming, where the eagle and the condor will share the same sky. A merging of the northern and southern peoples and nations to share in medicine and healing for our planet. One prophecy shares how the eagle has gotten lost and the condor has come to show eagle the way home.

As we invite all participants to come and journey in the depth of medicine work we are working with indiginous lineage holders who are true wisdom keepers and carriers of knowledge and magic. And it is a true gift to sit and share together in a sacred circle of women.

The Medicine Weavers Council for this retreat are :

Image titleMaestra Amelia Ronin Wano Anaconda Woman

Anaconda Woman Maestra Amelia is 67 years old and comes from the Amazonian community of Gusta Legre de Pachitea on the Ucayali River.

She began working with plant medicines as a young woman under the tutelage of her Uncle. Amelia has been through many tragedies, as there have been many deaths in her family, and much destruction and contamination of communities she has lived in.

These experiences have only fortified her heart of gold, and her desire to be a conduit of healing. In the 35 years she has been working with the plants, Amelia has become an expert herbalist with an encyclopedia-like knowledge of the medicinal properties of plants found in Shipibo territories.

Amelia also served as a traditional midwife for her community for over 20 years. She brings this wisdom of birth and life and women’s medicine into her work as a Maestra in the ceremonies as well. She has a gentle and loving character, is full of laughter and is driven by a deep passion for her work.

In a rapidly changing and expanding modern world, it is a true blessing that women such as her still exist today. We feel very blessed and grateful to be able to do this type of work with grandmother wisdom carriers who continue to share the knowledge of Spirit and the Earths kindness with us in ceremony.

Image title

Athena Naia (Naomi Athena )

Athena began working with Ayahuasca in 2009, and over the last few years, has been dieting and studying fairly intensely with a traditional lineage, spending months at a time in retreat in traditional dieta.  She brings so much experience and love to the table for those who want to dive deep onto their path.

Having experienced such profound transformation working with the Plants and the Medicine Ayahuasca, she is inspired to create opportunities where others may explore this beautiful work. Athena has been studying traditional forms of medicine, healing and shamanism for the last 9 years, and has been blessed to sit with many different elders, wisdom carriers and medicine people.

She currently runs earth elemental healing, a Healing and body work practice that has supported many people on their life journey. She also facilitates classes, workshops, rituals, trainings, ceremonies and women’s mystery work. She is the mother of two beautiful children, an aspiring Herbalist, Life Coach, Yoga teacher and Doula.

A global mut, Born in Greece, and raised in the Philippine islands. Her father indigenous Venezuelan, and her mother South African,  She carries a deep love for the Earth and its wisdom in all she does, and is deeply devoted to the healing and evolution of humanity.

We feel so very grateful to welcome you on the sacred journey of retreat and ritual with the ancient plant medicine ayahuasca. This retreat is a weaving of cultures and medicines as we dive into our ancestral knowing and truth as women on this planet coming together in circle to do the healing work that needs to be done. 

We know the world we are in deeply needs to healing, and the best place to start is within ourselves. 

Using a shamanic based health care practice, we invite women to come work with different healers and the old plant doctors to heal, let go, and awaken that which wants to come forward as well as tap into the indiginous wisdom that we are blessed is still here and readily available today.

We will be working alongside a tradtional shipibo ayahuasquera/currandera or healer that comes from a long lineage of healers from the amazon basin. Trained since childhood, and serving as an incredible resource of knowledge and wisdom. A masterful beautiful loving and kind teacher and healer who embodies feminine wisdom and earth medicines in her essence. Mama Amelia is a gift to sit with in every way.

Participants also will have the support of experienced facilitators who are there for anything that comes up during the process of retreat. Cerermonies are grounded into practices and activities such as yoga, writing meditations, integration visualizations, pipe ceremony and changing woman ceremony.

We know that every single woman who comes is meant to come and there are no accidents. If you feel to come and join us, we welcome you on this amazing journey of the soul. 

If you have any questions, please just be in touch ! We are happy to communicate via email, phone or skype. We understand it is a big commitment for  participants to jump into this type of healing work, and want to honor the process before, during and after. 


 Sample Schedule:

Day 1 – Arrival to the center, traditional Quero Fire and Coca ceremony. Dinner and settling into rooms.

Pick up and drive to the retreat centre. Lunch by our wonderful cook, and then a circle of introduction and connection between the group. In the afternoon we will Sit by the fire and share together in coca ceremony. Quero elder will lead share in some teachings about the sacred valley, condor, mountains, hummingbird and mother earth. As well as taking time to sit and ask permission and support from the land to do this deep healing work.

Followed by lovely dinner. 

Day 2 – Opening circle, Ayahuasca discussion and Preparation for retreat

Ayahuasca Discussion and Preparation. This day is meant to not be too busy, as it the first of two ceremonies back to back. So we encourage rest , journaling, and walks in the mountains for those inspired.

 Ayahuasca Ceremony # 1

Day 3 Rest after ceremony, Prayer Mandala made of seeds

Integration after ceremony is encouraged. In the afternoon we create a prayer Mandala made of beautiful seeds from the mountains. It is a beautiful piece of creative feminine art that we weave together with intention, song, focus and love.

 Ayahuasca ceremony # 2

Day 4 – Rest day and integration

Talking circle to share and connect about the ceremonies in group setting, followed by a nice healthy Dinner

Day 5 – The Divine Feminine

Tapping into the trust and power of our walk as women and the divine feminine that lives inside of us. Lunch, followed by preparation for ceremony.

Ayahuasca ceremony # 3

Day 6 – Writing morning meditation, Integration, Hike up the mountains.

We will begin the morning with a writing meditation focused on writing prompts that inspire deeper reflection, visions and dreams. And encourage Rest and and an afternoon hike. Connecting with maestra and facilitators about the process unfolding.

Day 7 – Traditional Peruvian Rose Petal Challa blessing

Mid afternoon depending on the sunshine we will organize the Challa Blessing. It is a beautiful blessing with rose petal infused intentions. It is a Peruvian ceremony of celebration and prayer and honoring of the sacred gifts we all carry. A delicious dinner to follow.

 Ayahuasca Ceremony # 4

Day 8 – Ceremonial integration, and talking circle

Breakfast, Rest and integration is encouraged especially days after ceremony. So much can come up and be unpacked in one night. Nothing is mandatory of course, and everyone is encouraged to listen to what feels best.

For activities, we suggest a hike in the afternoon up the mountains, rest in the hammocks, or sitting in the sunshine with some pastels and paper, a good book, or some sisterly conversations. Followed by a Gourmet Healthy Dinner tonight

Day 9 – Unlocking the voice meditation

In Afternoon we will do an unlocking the voice workshop/ meditation. Sound healing and intentional focus to clear and open our creative channels.

In the evening we will have our Final Arkana Ceremony – Ayahuasca Ceremony #5

Arkana ceremony is a traditional practice where the work is sealed in. Participants are sung a special song of protection and love to honor all the work. This is a special important ceremony of closure.

Day 10

Final day, is a day of beautiful integration and connection. We will have a gentle morning, followed by the Changing Woman ceremony that will take place in the afternoon. A  Navaho ceremony that was passed on, and calls in the spirit of changing woman to bring in the changes we are calling into our lives for the better. 

Day 11

Pictures, Packing, Seed prayers offered to the water before our departure. Big hugs and goodbyes.Van drives back to the hotel in Pisac.

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