Ayurveda Alchemy: a retreat to restore harmony and balance

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Join us in beautiful Lago Atitlan, Guatemala as we explore the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, dive deep into the practice of Yoga and reconnect to our innate body wisdom. Through understanding and honoring our individual needs, we nurture the cultivation of health and beauty from within and experience the healing effects of Ayurvedic practices.

Experience the deep connection found through this integrative program as we blend the traditions of Meditation and Yoga with the Ayurvedic system. We will explore Ayurvedic philosophy, Dinacharya, Ayurvedic Aromatherapy and Spritzer making, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Herbalism, Ayurvedic Nighttime rituals and Dosha specific Yoga. Sound healing, cacao, fire ceremonies and optional excursions will complete the experience! This retreat also counts as continuing education hours for Registered Yoga Teachers.

Ayurveda is a branch of Vedic Science. It literally means the knowledge of life and originated in India as the traditional medical system over 5,000 years ago.  The Buddha had an Ayurvedic Doctor. Chinese Medicine’s roots are in Ayurveda. It works both as a preventative and curative medicine. In India today, there are Ayurvedic medical schools training physicians in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, toxicology & gerontology.

It is not necessary to attend Ayurvedic medical school in order to understand or implement Ayurvedic knowledge into daily life. Ayurveda at its root is a simple, practical science which promotes self-care & preventative medicine. According to Ayurveda, we create our state of health based upon how we interact with our environment. By making choices that support our inner nature we can live harmoniously and in balance.

We invite you to journey with us to the sacred highlands of Guatemala to embark upon this life enhancing experience. This soul journey is curated with ayurvedic wisdom and practices, enriching cultural activities, healing ceremonies, engaging discussion, thought-provoking personal growth activities and a daily practice to integrate your experiences. We host a journey that is deeply personal, supportive and inclusive to meet the intentions of each participant. Each day begins with Intention Setting, Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Asana as a practice to cultivate deep inner connections and open to the experiences of the day. Organic locally grown vegetarian meals are served throughout and help cleanse and purify the body from the inside out. The day will flow with informative workshops, activities, ceremonies or cultural excursions. Allow the breathtaking beauty of Guatemala’s Lago Atitlan guide you on this path of ritual, self-love and healing.

This experience will be hosted at Villa Sumaya, an Eco-Chic Wellness Center Majestically located on the shores of Lake Atitlan. They are dedicated to rejuvenating holistic practices and healing modalities as well as preserving Mayan traditions and facilitating outdoor adventure in the heart of the Altiplano. Dive deep into the refreshing natural beauty of this stunning landscape. Within the vast, majestic horizons, you’ll find a deeper connection with your heart’s song and a rejuvenated sense of well being.

Read more about the resort here: (contact info blocked)

Saturday, March 31st: Arrival

2pm: Arrival

4pm: Grounding Yoga Practice

6pm: Dinner

7:30-8:30pm: Group Introduction & Satsang

Sunday, April 1st: Day 1

7:30-9am: Meditation & Yoga

9-10am: Breakfast

10-11:30am: Intro to Ayurveda I

11:30am-1pm: Free Time

1-2pm: Lunch

2-4pm: Free Time

4-5:30pm: Intro to Ayurveda II

6-7pm: Dinner

7:30-9pm: Yoga Nidra 

Monday, April 2nd: Day 2

7:30-9am: Vata Practice 

9-10am: Breakfast

10-11:30am: Intro to Dinacharya I

11:30am-1pm: Free Time

1-2pm: Lunch

2-4pm: Free Time | Ayurvedic Consultations 

4-5:30pm: Lecture: Intro to Dinacharya II

6-7pm: Dinner

7:30-9pm: Meditation & Sound Healing: Guest Teacher

Tuesday, April 3rd: Day 3

7:30-9am: Dinacharya Practice

9-10am: Breakfast

10-11:30am: Intro to Aromatherapy | Spritzer Making 

11:30am-1pm: Free Time

1-2pm: Lunch

2-4pm: Free Time/Ayurvedic Consultations

4-5:30pm: Pitta Practice 

6-7pm: Dinner

7:30-9pm: Restorative Yoga | Aromatherapy 

Wednesday, April 4th: Day 4

FREE DAY: days for excursions, tours, hikes, spa day, etc.

Thursday, April 5th: Day 5

7-7:30am: Self Led Dinacharya

7:30-9am: Kapha Practice 

9-10am: Breakfast

10-11:30am: Ayurvedic Nutrition & the 7 Tastes

11:30-1pm; Free Time

1-2pm: Lunch

2-4pm: Free Time/Ayurvedic Consultations

4-5:30pm: Ayurvedic Nutrition & the 7 Tastes

6-7pm: Dinner

7:30-9pm: Meditation & Ayurvedic Nighttime Rituals

Friday, April 6: Day 6

7-9am: Self-Led Dinacharya

9-10am: Breakfast

10-11am: Final Inquiries

12pm: Lunch

3-6pm: Yoga, Cacao & Fire Ceremony

7pm: Dinner

8:30-9:30pm: Closing Circle & Manifestation Ceremony

Saturday, April 7: Day 7

7 – 8 am: Self-Led Dinacharya

8 – 9 am: Meditation

9 – 10 am: Breakfast

10 am: Departure

aromatherapy ayurveda healing herbalism meditation selfcare wellness yoga

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Samantha Turner   March 11, 2020

      Trip of a Lifetime

    Lake Atitlan is a magical place, and Villa Sumaya increased the joy of my stay tenfold. Incredible service, amazing food, and a staff of therapists and guides that I don't think you'll find anywhere else on the planet. Where else can you swim in a gorgeous lake at dawn, do yoga to start the day, hike, paddleboard or kayak after a meal made of every colour of the rainbow, have an astrology reading with the wizard on the hill, a meditative massage, or a sweat lodge ceremony in the afternoon, meditation at dusk, and then have the best sleep of your life? I'm coming back. Worth every quetzal :)

  • Jeannette Mueller   March 11, 2020

      A week to remember

    Villa Sumaya was my first experience leading and coordinating a retreat. Although there were miscommunications along the way and during the retreat the overall experience was great. Everyone loved the food, the rooms were clean and comfortable, an incredible view of the lake, friendly staff (we loved Jorge!) and a truly incredible family of healers. I was in awe after my sessions with Paula, Nirguna and Robert, and Thomas' ceremonies touch the hearts of all in our group. Alex who led our hikes was great, and if you have a chance to venture to Tzununa for the day there is an amazing permaculture farm called Atitlan Organics owned by Shad who is a wealth of knowledge. If you are interested in regenerative living its a great adage to any retreat. I'd love to see Villa Sumaya and Atitlan Organics collaborate more

  • Grāyson Waddington   March 08, 2020


    Such an incredible time had at Villa Sumaya in March 2020 ! I was part of a small group on a yoga retreat for my first trip to Guatemala and it is by far the most fulfilling, rewarding, and memorable vacation I've had! Food (vegan-friendly) was ALL incredible; staff incredibly helpful and accommodating; rooms well taken care of, clean, and tidy; services provided all memorable and life-changing; views and landscapes beautiful and unforgettable (several pictures taken). Waking up at sunrise and jumping into the most beautiful lake I've ever visited (outside of Canada) is the best way to wake up ever! Overall, an incredible experience that I would happily repeat if I am to return to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala ! All the best to Villa Sumaya and its future visitors!

  • Barbara   March 05, 2020

      Excellent Stay- feel Rejuvenated

    I can absolutely say I had wonder time in Villa Sumaya. Staff was friendly and Bilingual. This is a retreat center not a hotel. My room was simple but clean. My bed and pillows were comfortable. I was worried about not having enough activities scheduled throughout the day, I did have to add a couple more (it was additional). I was only there for 3 days personal retreat. I took yoga classes, had a massage, did the cacao ceremony, sweat lodge, and I also had an astrological reading done. The food was excellent. I can't wait to return. :)

  • Linsey Anne Twigg   February 14, 2020

      Fabulous stay, beauty beyond compare

    This place is amazing; it’s enchanting, the food is incredible and the staff are amazing.

  • Virginie Boudreau   January 21, 2020

      Perfect hideaway

    The spot is perfect. The view, the silence at night, the room comfort, the yoga room, the nature... I had the individual yoga retreat with Paola who is the best, talented yoga teacher and also gives the sweat ceremony she knows from het Mexican background and also Mayan cacao ceremony. The vegetarian food is good and the Mayan people who work there are so kind. I recommend it for a beautiful and peaceful retreat.

  • Sydney Bergen   January 11, 2020

      A magical paradise

    I had the best stay at Villa sumaya. The staff were so friendly and accommodating , the meals were fresh, healthy and deliciously unique , the location is divine- private with access to hiking and directly on the lake , the body workers all had a specific niche and I enjoyed my treatments immensely! I love that it integrated local culture with comfort and cultivated a sense of community with all staying here. I highly recommend and hope to come back soon!

  • Sydney Bergen   January 11, 2020

      A magical paradise

    I had the best stay at Villa sumaya. The staff were so friendly and accommodating , the meals were fresh, healthy and deliciously unique , the location is divine- private with access to hiking and directly on the lake , the body workers all had a specific niche and I enjoyed my treatments immensely! I love that it integrated local culture with comfort and cultivated a sense of community with all staying here. I highly recommend and hope to come back soon!

  • Frannie James   January 08, 2020

      Ten Stars!!!

    Beautiful space! I was in a triple room, and it was fantastic - comfortable, cozy, clean AND fantastic view of the lake. I think all of the rooms have views of the lake, which is absolutely magical. The meals were fantastic - was asked at the end of my week to identify my least favorite meal and couldn't come up with an answer. The staff is super helpful and friendly. Overall, I can't think of a single thing that could be improved! Namaste, Villa Sumaya.

  • Ananda Yogiji   December 22, 2019


    We led a retreat here and it was wonderful. The lodging, food, location and staff are top notch. Highly recommend!

  • Adrian Gianforti   December 03, 2019

      Villa Sumaya Stay Thanksgiving Weekend

    I had a wonderful time at Villa Sumaya and would absolutely return. The only thing I'd change is staying longer considering Lake Atitlan can be tough to get to from Guatemala City airport and three days there was not nearly enough time. I appreciate the service staff's help and guidance during my time there. The food was INCREDIBLE as well! Absolutely worth mentioning.

  • Whitney Dupuis   November 09, 2019

      Most amazing place on earth!

    Villa Sumaya truly is the most amazing place I have ever been. The people, the lake, the rooms, the food, the energy, the gardens, the healers, the animals.....the list goes on. EVERYTHING about this place is beautiful. If you are even remotely thinking of visiting...It is a must!

  • Jennifer   October 28, 2019


    I was recently at Villa Sumaya for a Vinyasa yoga retreat, and it was an incredible experience. Villa Sumaya accommodations were amazing, beyond my expectations. The accommodations were beautiful and clean, the staff was super nice and always helpful. The food was healthful and delicious. The view of the lake is unbelievable. It can be a long travel day to get to this little piece of heaven, but it was completely worth it. This is truly a special and magical place to be, I can't wait to visit again.

  • Anonymous   October 27, 2019

      Fantastic Village and retreat center

    My teaching partner and I hosted a retreat of 19 people here and it was fantastic. The village the retreat center is located on is my favorite on the lake and the retreat center is very organized and incredibly safe. The staff is amazing and there are so many great details that go into making the place a very beautiful and serene place to disconnect. We hope to be back next year!

  • Brooke Brownlow   October 01, 2019

      We loved it

    My sister and I found Villa Sumaya when looking for a yoga retreat. She flew from California and I flew from NC. We booked a shuttle with the center's recommended company, Kan Tours, which was great. My sister's flight was a little delayed and when we finally exited into the arrivals lounge, Elias from Kan Tours was there waiting for us. I was worried that the delay may cause him hassle, but no. The drive was a bit more than 3 hours from the airport with a 10m boat ride at the end from Panajchel to the retreat. This place is paradise, truly. The instant we arrived, we relaxed. Our stay included 2 yoga classes with Michelle (who is so sweet and wonderful, a great yoga teacher, too!) We also engaged in a sweat lodge with Paola (another amazing activity led by yet another caring, genuine, down to earth practitioner). All in all, we loved it. The staff are so lovely and the center so very beautiful and peaceful. Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention just how delicious the food was- every meal was a dance for your tastebuds! I'd recommend walking to Santa Cruz during your stay and visit CECAP, the work happening there is incredible and the high quality art and crafts one can find there are one of a kind. Really, if you want to unplug and get away from it all you'd be hard pressed to find something better than Villa Sumaya.

  • Ernesto Ortiz   January 22, 2015

      The Mirror of the Gods

    The mirror of the Gods I have been coming to Villa Sumaya for the past 10 years. I have gotten to know the owner and the employees quite well. Sometime I come with groups two times a year and I will continue coming again and again. Guatemala and Lake Atitlan are magical, the indigenous culture is strong and beautiful, that adds a lot for my group experience. Lake Atitlan is nicknamed The Mirror of the Gods, the name I give it is The Playground of the Gods. It is simply a magnificent location, a slice of paradise that you will fall in love with. Villa Sumaya is a refection of the spirituality and love of the owner for the land and the people. She has created a beautiful retreat center that nurtures your soul and your body. The Tara and Tiger temples are beautiful for any spiritual, yoga practice, The food is vegetarian and delicious, the rooms are perfect for a retreat place, many of them with majestic views of the lake and the volcanoes. The staff is friendly and always ready to help, it is uncommon to find one without a smile on their face. I highly recommend Villa Sumaya for a personal or a group retreat. You will absolutely love it. Ernesto Ortiz

  • Araminta Barbour   October 14, 2014

      Villa Sumaya Review

    Villa Sumaya is an incredibly beautiful & unique retreat space . It has been a delight to study and teach here. The staff are incredibly warm, helpful and talented and the temple spaces are inspiring and provide powerful containers for deep work. The rooms and bathrooms and all the spa features, gardens - EVERYTHING is brimming with attention to detail and love of beauty, elegance and colour. It is always such a joy to be at this magical lake!

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