7 Days "Weight Loss" Juice Fasting and Yoga Retreat in Bali

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On an island that honours spiritual serenity, is it any wonder you’ll find a blissful retreat for your body and soul? Immerse yourself into the fascinating world of Nidra and Yin yoga and deep meditation practices. This retreat will perfectly suit anyone who is seeking to clean their body as well as their minds while enjoying the magnificent Balinese nature.


  • Detox seminars
    Sunrise yoga practice
    Reiki healing sessions
    Yoga Nidra deep relaxation
    Tibetan bowl meditation sessions
    Daily organic cold-pressed juice therapy
    6 nights accommodation
    Colon hydrotherapy

Are you feeling burned out and want to lose excess weight? Bliss Body Retreats highly recommends this program. Bliss Body Retreats offers a fasting program with ultra-alkalizing, organic, cold-pressed vegetable juices to renew all processes in your body and give new life to your blood, organs, and cells.

The vital energy and enzymes from the fresh greens and vegetables will provide the elixir of youth and health that is highly respected nowadays as a prevention of all diseases and amazingly supports the weight loss process.

Young coconut water contains essential organic components to assist in hydrating the system and helps detoxification. Juice fasting under the control of Bliss Body’s therapist will feel easy and safe. The juice therapy combined with daily meditation and yoga practice will invigorate your mind, body, and spirit. By the end of this week, you will feel renewed, connected to your spirit, and looking several years younger.

Who is Bliss Body Retreats?

The Bliss Body Retreats team number one values are to inspire and empower people for a healthy and purposeful living. With great love, integrity, and respect, they guide to an inner transformation from darkness to light, with the help of yoga, meditations, and healing nutrition.

They long for a shift to create a better world, where all human beings can flourish and live a glorious life. Bliss Body Retreats events are designed to preserve intimacy and a private attitude, with attention to every detail, giving a chance to each participant receive personal healing and support.

The Bliss Body team takes their work with passion as what they do is the purpose of life. Run by enthusiastic specialists, Bliss Body Retreats is looking forward to welcoming new souls, offering exceptional hospitality and friendship.

Yoga and meditation

Take time to deepen your relationship with your inner self during yoga practice and meditations. A truly peaceful moment in the morning starts with saluting the first rays of sun, slowly breathing in cooling fresh air and gently guided stretching to revive the energy and good vibes. Proceeding with a more active practice to build some heat and open up those tight spots such as the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders.

As you step on the mat, you start to naturally flow with the rhythm of surrounding vibrations, learning to listen to your beautiful body and feeling it smiling. With the setting sun casting a warm glow on you, sunset yoga promises to be a magical mind and body experience. Wonderfully relaxing dim lights and beautiful incense smells will cultivate restorative and meditative mode while a nourishing evening practice.

Enjoy the peaceful Tibetan singing bowls meditation or evening pranayama (yogic breath) providing you the space for peaceful contemplation. Explore chakra-cleansing meditation vibration technique to learn about subtle bodies and seven main energetic centers, known as chakras. This technique will increase your awareness of your inner world and bring healing and balancing to your chakras and soul.

During this retreat, you will learn basic principles of various meditation techniques, as well as asanas (postures). How they work on your body, how they influence the mind. You will leave Bali with the confidence and a good body memory to continue the practice back home.

Yin yoga and yoga Nidra

You can achieve a truly deep state of relaxation during a yoga Nidra session. Nidra is a yogic sleep when you get to subconscious level for healing traumas and awakening the soul. This practice relaxes the entire system, preparing it for pranayama and meditation.

Yin yoga daily practice will help to get out of the stress mode, slow down to feel the blissfulness of the moment. You will hold each restorative posture for three to five minutes to release fascia tension, stimulate meridians, and unblock the body form on deep tissue level. This practice is suitable for all levels and ages.

Tibetan singing bowls

Unique tones created by singing bowls brought from Nepal create a certain frequency of vibration that influences your brain, aura, and energy in a way to bring it all to a balance and healing. You will find yourself in a perfect state of deep meditation and nervous system recovery. The meditation sessions will not only affect a great deal of physical healing but also will have implications on emotional and spiritual levels.


A tranquil escape from your hustle life right into the very heart of the Bali jungles. Elevated to capture the spiritually of the island, the sophisticated private villa reflects the genuine architecture and interior design of Bali. Located in a quiet area with a serene atmosphere and offering a picturesque view, it is a perfect spot for your getaway. The architectural style reflects the elements of nature to create a sense of well-being, balance, and stunning aesthetics for the enhancement of any mood.

It also captures the essence and joy of indoor and outdoor living in a tropical climate, bringing nature to your door. All rooms are overlooking jungle terrace, volcanoes, and the garden filled with flowering trees. Authentic bedrooms embellished with traditional Balinese furniture are ready to welcome you for a good sleep or simple relaxation. Large bathroom with spacious bathtub offers you to relax and soak in flowers and natural salts. Enjoy the large living area for lazing around, reading a book, or have a swim in the jungle infinity pool.

Amenities include bath with flowers and natural salts; organic shower gel, massage oils, shampoo and conditioner, face mask, and body scrub; comfortable queen bed; dining area; chill out and seminar area; yoga place; and pool towels. You can also enjoy the 30-meter infinity pool, mountain views, peaceful and serene atmosphere, complimentary bathrobe and slippers, Wi-Fi access, yoga mats, blocks, straps, and fresh drinking water with 24-hour access.

What's included

  • 1 Balinese water purification ceremony
    1 colonic hydrotherapy
    1 Deep tissue Balinese massage (90 minutes)
    1 Reiki healing session
    6 days organic cold-pressed green juice therapy
    6 nights accommodation
    Breakfasting meals
    Chakra cleanse meditation
    Daily coffee enemas
    Juice fast exit day guidance
    Seminar on detox and juice fasting
    Sunrise Hatha yoga practice
    Tibetan singing bowl meditation
    Yoga Nidra deep restorative practice
    Young coconuts, herbal teas, vegetable broth
    Hot bath with Epsom salts
    Pre-retreat consultation with the guide
    Post-retreat guidance

What's not included

  • Personal shopping
    Tickets and travel expenses to and off Bali
    Visa issues

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7 Days "Weight Loss" Juice Fasting and Yoga Retreat in Bali
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7 Days "Weight Loss" Juice Fasting and Yoga Retreat in Bali

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