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Throughout the evening you will be guided by Expert Firewalk Instructor and Holistic Therapist, Sondra Denise who will show you many amazing ways to confront fear, tap into your reserve of confidence, and cultivate some amazing chi before taking your steps across the fire of pure empowerment!!

The fire is representing our power to overcome, transform and transmute fear. Feeling fear is natural. And stepping through the barrier of fear, the membrane, and taking that first step is all about personal empowerment and is life changing. You will always have this reference when you are once again up against fear.

Before we walk, we will have a separate fire to burn away all that no longer serves us. We give thanks and gratitude for the lessons it brought us and then offer it all up to the sacred fire. As we consciously choose to leave these aspects of our previous self behind, we are now ready to step into a higher version of ourself. bring an item from your life that holds memory such as a photo, an article of clothing, a limiting belief written on paper. We are burning away anything that is holding us back from reaching our truest potential by offering these things to the fire.

During our firewalks, we provide sacred drumming which helps you to reach a peak mental state and assists you to unwrap your courage while you take your first step. If you have a drum we encourage you to bring it and join in our circle.

"In the moment we do something we've never done before, we're already on the healing path. The harder the better. When we break through our habits, a new dimension of ourselves appears. One enters fully into the magic, the mystery. You discover new energies within yourself." ~ Alejandro Jodorowsky

Pre-registration is $25/person or $30/person at the door

*All of our events are substance free*


Our main firewalk location is in Urubamba, Cusco, Peru. Our team is also available to travel for groups, retreats, and special events. For further details please contact us at (contact info blocked)

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  • P.J   September 02, 2017

      Thank you x 1000

    Thank you for your patience and acceptance with me, resistance and all! It feels nice to gently disarm walls with love and gentleness, rather than knocking them down destructively or violently. They have served their purpose and have a lot to teach us as we grow. I do hope you know what a difference you are making in my days and path. You, your work, presence, and friendship have already made this a very special year. Thank Sondra

  • Kyd Campbell   September 01, 2017

      super caring and careful

    I have attended a firewalk and greatly enjoyed a massage with Sondra Denice. During the firewalk I saw how she was extremely careful in the setup, instructions and support for each participant. The entire event was led with great ceremony and space for each person to take their walk for their own intentions. She took care to encourage and empower everyone while recognizing and acompanying their individual fears. I'm sure Sondra would be an excellent facilitator for many different activities. The massage I had with her was just 2 weeks after I gave birth to my baby. It was gentle though therapeutic and even though it was the first time I left my baby with someone else for a short while, I really did manage to get into the zone and relax, a really golden moment!

  • Jenn Taylor   August 31, 2017

      The Sondra experience

    Sondra is an old friend , no matter how much time passes in between our busy lives ,we reconnect like yesterday.. I have experienced her distant sessions work, and its truly on point. Astonishing, and mystical...though I do not understand how it all works I can say 3 days after our session I was overcome by an extreme sense of relief... If I could pick a favorite part of my experience with Sondra, I would say it is the trust and belief in her that stands out the most ...knowing it's TRUTH. Knowing with out doubt i can trust her...i wouldn't go to anyone else. Thank you Sondra for all you do!!!

  • Keith Stump   August 31, 2017


    Sondra's firewalking events provide a unique combination of spine-tingling drama and powerful, mind-blowing personal transformations. Sondra's experience and proven ability as a firewalking guru is unrivaled. Self-doubts turn into self-confidence as she redirects participants' fear and reshapes their courage. Their exhilaration is unmistakable as they dump their doubts and experience the astonishment and thrill of conquering their fears. The same expertise and professionalism that Sondra brings to firewalking is found in her therapy practice. Sondra makes things happen. Removing mental and emotional obstacles to success is her specialty. I have encountered no holistic practitioner or energy worker in the Sacred Valley of Peru as knowledgeable and experienced as Sondra. Trained and certified in the United States in a wide variety of healing modalities, supplemented by wide experience with traditional Peruvian shamanic methods, Sondra incorporates a vast array of treatment techniques to help clients on their journey to optimal health, wellness, and personal success. Her approach takes into consideration the whole person--body, mind, spirit, and emotions. She is committed to making a profound difference in clients' lives -- and she does!

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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