Deep Into The Heart - A Journey Of Rebirthing & Sufi Whirling

About us

After the remarkable retreat in Sweden,
we keep on walking the path. the path of Love.

In Hafez wordes -
"I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness? She responded, 'love lifts me.'

*** *** ***

A Sacred Journey Of Movement, Breath, Sound & Silence Towards the hidden point in our heart...

Sufi is a mystical path born out of the wisdom of the heart.
The Sufis want to know God/Life through direct experience. It's experiential, One must taste in order to really know…

Rebirthing is a breathing technique which allows us to be in contact with the deep nature of our being. Breathing is the most basic and important rhythm of life. The process allows us to release our deep tensions and experience unconditional love.

In this retreat, we'll use Rebirthing, Sufi teachings and practices like whirling, Ziker (remembrance of the divine), poetry & music encouraging us to move towards the heart where authentic transformation and healing can happen. Emptying ourselves will help us to be a channel for the divine.
Rumi is saying – "Be like a hollow bamboo so god can make a flute out of you".

To secure your space, there is a down payment. for credit card please go to -
For cash, please write to Shiran.
For more details -

The workshop is non residential and will take place in this 2 days from 9:30 to 18:00.
you can bring your own lunch or have one in the near by Cafe's & restaurants.


What is whirling?
Whirling is identified with Sufizem & the whirling dervishes but turning has been used since ever as a "tool" to reconnect, surrendering and re-membering the divine. that "thing" which is beyond words and understanding...
It's a spiritual journey, where the soul can reach a state of union, and then come back to share its beauty & love.

What is breath?
the first thing and the last thing….
and everything inbetween.

"If you need love, love.
Need happiness? Bring it to others.
Want to be rich? Share from what you have.
Want heaven?
Do it all for God’s Pleasure.


--------- ---------- ----------

Former participants testimonials :)

“They can pick you up and help you to remember very difficult things in your life
and you can go through all this work together with these professional people in a beautiful way.
I’m so amazed about what they have been doing these 3 days in this retreat.
Thank you very much Aseem and Shiran”


“It has been a weekend full of love, peace, craziness, humbleness, gratitude and a beautiful group of people.
It was set so beautifully and we had a lot of fantastic hours in the room,
so for everybody who is into that kind of work: breathwork, dancing... go do it!”


"So much healing and connection.
It really lives up to it’s name "Going Deep Into The Heart”
It takes some work to do it but I just found it to be so rewarding. Deep Into The Heart retreat has given me so much more than I could hope for...
I can feel my heart, It feels open and soft ,it feels light and healed
I’ve been able to release some deep things here….
And I’m so grateful and thankful for that. Such a beautiful experience, Just wow. Thank you”


--------- ------------ ---------
about us:

Aseem- leads groups of sufi work and meditation, practices bodywork and the creator of the Sufi festival in Israel. for many years he travelled the world practicing bodywork and meditation. in 2003 he met the sufi path and fell in love. since then he’s practicing and sharing this work in seminars, retreats and workshops around the world.

Shiran- leads workshops of breathwork, energywork and bodywork. practices various healing arts including Rebirthing, chinese/Japanese medicine, Thai Yoga bodywork, acupressure and energetic healing. travelling the world and spreading the message of unconditional love. Well known for his deep and loving presence.

Practical things:
Investment: early bird until 20/9/17 1550 DKK
after 20/9/17 - 1850 DKK

What to bring for the work: socks, comfortable clothing, a thin blanket or shawl

***The retreat is not suitable for pregnant women.***

for more info and registration:
Or if you would like to secure your space with us right now proceed to the online down-payment link:

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Deep Into The Heart - A Journey Of Rebirthing & Sufi Whirling
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Deep Into The Heart - A Journey Of Rebirthing & Sufi Whirling

at Huset Innanna

  • Oct 21, 2017 - Oct 22, 2017 (2 days)


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