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14 days immersion in tropical mountains, medicinal plants, temazcal, yoga and spiritual healing from the Heart of the World

Shamanic work from Mamo Lorenzo, Arhuaco ancestral culture from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta along with Yoga
Ancestral plant based medicine, temazcal, cascadas and sacred sites from the Panche natives located in Sasaima


“Ancestral” is an immersion in native Colombia, so rich for its abundant nature and ancestral cultures. The country gathers more than 100 different indigeanous communities, each of them having their own medicine and ancestral wisdoms, all dedicated to Mother Earth. The beautiful landscapes, between tropical mountains and amazon forests, passing by Caribbean beaches or the white pic of the Sierra Nevada, don’t stop to blow your senses.


salon der alchemisten is currently based in Sasaima Colombia between the House of Thoughts from Mamo Lorenzo Seuny Izquierdo and the medicine house Karujeima. Amazed by the richness of this territory and its native people Panche, knowing about medicinal plant therapies, temascales and ancestral massages, we have decided to share these treasures with the World. Welcome to The Medicine Valleys, Sasaima Colombia, with its beautiful waterfalls, green montains and sacred sites!


“Ancestral” is a Retreat in the form of a travel or a travel through native cultures:

DAY 01 to 10
You will attend Back to the Origin, the Retreat of one of the most respected Elder of Latin America, Mamo Lorenzo Seuny Izquierdo, spiritual leader from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, currently based in Sasaima. Yoga will be teached every days to balance body, mind, spirit and to integrate the spiritual work.

DAY 11 - 14
In Sasaima, you will meet the medicine men and woman Panche, masters of medicinal plants and ancestral massages and stay at the medicine house Karujeima.


Back to the Origin: 9 days spiritual healing with Mamo Lorenzo

Typical spiritual work from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Back to the Origin is a retreat to purify the corporal, mental, heart and spiritual bodies to renew them. It is a work to become a new person, with clearing your lineage from the 7 generations of ancestros and at the same time clearing the future 7 generations. It is energy work including territory clearing of the country you come from. The work consists of doing offerings to feed the spirits of nature of the wide cosmology of the Arhuaco culture. It is therefore a work for yourself, your family and Mother Earth to transform all negative memories into gold, for you to become this gold and freely go on your path, listening to your inner voice clearly. With learning to clean the nature in yourself, you clean Mother Nature: the Earth is in you.

During the 9 days, a special food is cooked without salt and made of the seeds of the Territory. The food is grounding and purifying the body. The days are rythmed by the meals served at 06.00, 12.00 and 18.00. In the morning, we do yoga before to start the spiritual work, the afternoon is free and in the evening, we gather around the fire to share, play music and dance. All along the retreat, grand-father fire is burning to accompany the transformative work.

Rebirth: Ancestral Medicine Panche

Medicinal plants, ancestral massage, temazcal & cascadas

To slowly come back from the 9 days retreat from Mamo Lorenzo and continue the clearing process, dedicated plant bath, temazcal and purification at the cascade are welcoming you at the Karujeima medicine house. A journey from hot and steam to natural fresh water.


After a diagnostic and explanations of the benefits of the plants from the adundant territory Panche, you will bath in a dedicated combination of plants. The plants act on the physical and spiritual levels, to harmonise your energy and release all baggage that you don't need to bring in the new cycle.

The bath contains a maceration and extraction of natural juice of the plants, natural oils and essences.
These baths are fundamental to our health and to be in sacred connection with our spirit, each plant contracts valuable medicine, vitamins, minerals, omegas among other properties that are indispensable for our body. These sacred elemental provides us with wonderful spiritual connections, protection, strength, relaxation, abundance, guidance, as well as decoding our genealogical chain and collecting our ancestral memories.

After the bath, you will receive an ancestral massage. It is a combination of chiropractic, digipuntura, acupressure, reflexology, muscular distension and lymphatic drenage. The massage is made with hand-made oils of pure extracts of plants.


Follows the temazcal to rebirth in the belly of Mother Earth. It is a ceremony coming from Native North America during which you sweat at the heat of the stones, accompany by the guidance and wisdom of the 4 directions, the 4 sacred elements and the drum.

It begins with a prayer to welcome the four directions, invoking them and summoning them to radiate their strength, wisdom and medicine.
Outside, resides the sacred medicine of our grandfather fire which is the one that strengthens and warms the grannies (stones) and materializes and releases our requests. Then the grannies enter the temazcal and we apply the sacred water, which also carries medicinal plants essential for our health. The vapor helps us release toxins, tone our blood, free of energetic loads, cure respiratory and mental problems.
We are accompanied by 4 doors fire, air, water, earth. At each door we have an intention according to the element. Our prayers are supported by ancestral songs, instruments, meditations, mantralizations ... Medicine of love in family, that helps us heal, release, share and forgive.


The next day we take a walk at the river and in the mountain. During that trip, we will collect situations of our life, and in a meditation exercise we will transform these memories into energy, and we will let it run with the river. At the end of this exercise, we will proceed to the renewal of energy for the new year, we will thank life for everything that happened in our life, and we will thank Mother Earth for receiving our energy and turning it into food for all our surroundings. We will bathe with fruits and flower extracts to renew the energy and attract physical and spiritual prosperity. We will finally close with energy harmonization.

The medicine men and woman are Panche natives who know about healing on ancestral territory from generation to generation. They are Luis, Angie, Andrès, Edwardo and Mariela. In the biographies on request, you find their profile.

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Ancestral: Native Medicine Retreat Colombia

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