Sacred Connection - Retreat in the Sacred Valley in Peru

  • Nidra Wasi Nidra Wasi
  • Pisac, Sacred Valley, Peru
  • Jul 21 - 31, 2018 (11 days)
  • $ 1900,-

Event Highlights

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Tao Training workshops
  • Ceremonies
  • Hikes
  • Despacho


7.30am: Yoga
9.00am: Breakfast
10.00am: Activity
1.00pm: Lunch
3.00pm: Activity
6.00pm: Dinner
Evening: Free time

About This Event

“Sacred Connection”

11 days retreat in Pisac, The Sacred Valley, PERU

July 21st - 31st 2018

Full package: $ 1900,-

NOW is a wonderful opportunity to travel and immerse yourself on a 11 day HEALING ARTS retreat in the heart of the Sacred Valley of Peru. We will share the ancient practices of Qigong and traditional Hatha Yoga as well as explore the wisdom of the Andes by performing rituals of gratitude to Mother Earth and going on hikes in the majestic surrounding mountains.

Connect with your body

Connect with your heart

Connect with others

Connect with nature

Connect with tradition

Connect with your life’s mission

Is this retreat for you?

You like to connect deeper with your life’s mission, with nature and with the magic of existenceYou are interested in deepening the connection of body, heart and mind through ancient practices like yoga andTao trainingYou feel the calling to connect – for the first time or again – with the spirit of wachuma and ayahuascaYou would love to experience the magic and splendor of the Peruvian mountainsYou want to take a break from daily life and dive into a journey of stillness, relaxation and adventureYou are yearning to understand your place in time and space and find a deeper meaning in what life has to offerYou are in good physical and mental healthYou love traveling and exploring new areas, both on the outer and on the inner plane

If you feel this retreat is indeed your dream come true, please contact Sanne Burger per E-mail: (contact info blocked). Subject: ‘I want to go to Peru!’ We will have a private meeting – live or on Skype –  after which we decide whether this is the trip for you or not. (More info about logistics further down)

During this retreat we will work with several tools to deepen your sacred connection with the mystery of life and the call of your heart. Here they come!


Every morning, except on the day of wachuma and the 2 days of our hikes, we will start the day with a rejuvenating Hatha Yoga class by Daya Nimai Das. Through gentle stretching, breathing exercises and meditation we will connect with our present bodies and start the day fresh and ready.

Tao practice

The Taoist system of self-healing consists of Qigong, Nei Dan Gong, working with the five elements, the transformation of vital life force and what we call Inner Alchemy. Throughout the retreat we will become familiar with different aspects of this magnificent path that will guide us into a deeper understanding of who we really are.


Pisac is situated in the Sacred Valley, a historic site at 3000 meters altitude. The surrounding mountains are all named and are considered to each have their own character and function. They are sacred to the local population and to most of the gringos once they have felt their power. They contain pre-Incan and Incan ruins and graveyards. Most of their mysteries are unraveled until this very day. We will explore the surroundings through day trips that will leave you marveling at the beauty and tranquility of these landscapes.


A Despacho is an offering to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth), Father Sky, the directions and the elements. We will join a traditional Despacho as it has been done in these regions for many generations. This ritual to honor nature in all its facets will help you connect with your personal intentions and life’s mission, as well as give you the possibility to express gratitude for everything you’ve received so far.

Plant medicine

The use of plant medicine has always been part of Andean shamanism. Plant medicines like ayahuasca and wachuma are ‘entheogens’: natural substances that ‘generate the divine within’. Entheogens have been embedded in the spiritual practice of tribal cultures as long as we can remember. Their strong healing effects and capacity to broaden our perspective are still way beyond modern science.

Of course there is no obligation or other type of pressure to do either ayahuasca or wachuma in any way, even though the opportunity is given during this retreat. You don’t need to decide beforehand either, as this is a decision from the heart and you might only be truly clear on what is right for you on the day of the ceremony.


Ayahuasca is a vine that is known for its mind altering properties for centuries. Different tribes in South America ask for advice and guidance when they connect with her spirit (‘Mother Aya’ is considered female) during ceremonies, deeply honoring her wisdom and power with song, prayer and noble silence.

During our retreat we will have the possibility to participate in a private ayahuasca ceremony. This will be an outstanding opportunity to meet ‘the Mother’ for the first time in a safe and protected environment, or to deepen your relationship in case you have earlier experience. Traditionally an ayahuasca ceremony is done at night and takes about 6 hours.


Wachuma, also called San Pedro, is a cactus whose origins are rooted in northern Peru. The medicine has been used for centuries to find healing and clarity in all areas of life. A wachuma ceremony takes place in the daytime, preferably in nature, and takes all day. We will be guided by wachumeros Paul Temple and Suzanne Lewarne, founders of ‘Hummingbird Retreats’, visiting their beautiful resort at the foot of Apu Linli in Pisac.


Being in Peru is an adventure, an initiation in itself. For this reason our program is not packed, as we feel having time and space to actually breathe, rest, feel the mountains, connect with nature and enjoy just being where you are is the best way to take in the abundance and contemplate the magic of this place, instead of running around like mad tourists. For the same reason we overall don’t have an evening program. You will find solace in the fact that this town is asleep at 9pm in the evening (except the dogs).

We will also have the flexibility to change the program as we go, dependent on what is needed and desired at any given day.


Day 1 – Saturday, July 21: Arrival

Day 2 – Sunday, July 22: Yoga. Hike to the Pisac ruins. Visiting Pisac town

Day 3 – Monday, July 23: Yoga. Tao practice. Despacho

Day 4 – Tuesday, July 24: Wachuma

Day 5 – Wednesday, July 25: Yoga. Tao practice

Day 6 – Thursday, July 26: Hike to Kincha Cocha

Day 7 – Friday, July 27: Yoga. Preparation for the evening/night: Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 8 – Saturday, July 28: Yoga. Tao practice. Artisan market.

Day 9 – Sunday, July 29: Hike to Apu Linli

Day 10 – Monday, July 30: Yoga. Tao practice

Day 11 – Tuesday, July 31: Yoga. Departure

NB: If you are in the position to stay longer you might want to consider visiting Machu Picchu, just a few hours away from Pisac. Contact us if you are interested in joining an organized tour to Machu Picchu with one of our experienced guides from HEALING ARTS Peru.

Nidra Wasi

We will stay at Nidra Wasi, holistic community center in Pisac, at the feet of the main archaelogical site in the area, Apu Inti Huatana. Daya and his wife Rafaela will be your hosts. Rafaela is the manager of Sweet Om, the restaurant of Nidra Wasi. She is virtuous in creating amazing dishes, not to mention her raw desserts and cakes. We will have most of our meals at Nidra Wasi. The menu is vegetarian, fresh and always delicious.

Your hosts

Sanne Burger


Pisac has been Sanne’s home for the last 3 ½ years. Sanne is originally from Holland. She has been working as a masseuse and a teacher of Ancient Thai Massage, Qigong and the Taoist arts of healing for over 20 years, studying and teaching in several countries. During this retreat she will share her skills as well as her love for the Sacred Valley through different classes and activities. She will be your overall host and guide as well.

Daya Nimai Das


Daya, originally from Lima, is the founder of Nidra Wasi, Pisac’s well known healing community center, and the Andean School of Yoga. He offers daily yoga classes and professional yoga teacher trainings. Daya is known in the Sacred Valley for his professional yet laid back, friendly yet firm approach of the practice. He is a devoted and passionate teacher who embraces the path of yoga in all its facets. Daya and his wife Rafaela provide a warm and homely base during our retreat, with comfortable rooms and delicious vegetarian/vegan meals.

Linde de Bock


Linde, Sanne’s daughter, born in Norway and raised in Holland, will be our logistic manager during this retreat. Having lived in Pisac on and off for the past 3 years she’s aware of all the little details you need to know to make your stay as comfortable as possible – from which leaves to chew to avoid altitude sickness, from what to bring (and not bring) on a hike to how to make a proper fire.

Other hosts

Sanne: “In the 3 ½ years I lived in Pisac I’ve become a part of this spiritual and alternative community. This has given me the privilege to get to know the people and the dynamics of this little expat town very well. Based on my personal experience I’ve carefully selected the people who will guide us during our hikes and ceremonies – people whom I personally know, trust and admire for their skills, integrity and experience.

For our hikes we will work with different experienced guides who know the surrounding mountains in and out and will happily show you the roads less traveled. Besides that I will bring my dogs, Coski and Salka, who will always bring us home safely.”

For our despacho and ceremonies we will work with experienced locals and shamans.


You are responsible for purchasing your ticket to Cusco, Peru yourself. We are most willing to help you book your ticket, if you so desire. You will be picked up at Cusco airport February 22nd and brought back to the airport March 4th, by taxi. In principle it’s possible to book a room in Nidra Wasi a few days before or after the retreat as well. Contact us if you’re considering this.

You are responsible for arranging your own travel insurance. Vaccinations for Peru are not obliged. We recommend you don’t take any. You will receive your visa at Lima airport when you enter Peru.

Price per person: $ 1900,-

Minimum 6 – maximum 12 participants

Latest subscription date: May 21st 2018

The total price includes pretty much everything, except your flight. Included is: your taxi ride from and to the airport in Cusco, your lodging (shared bedrooms), 3 delicious vegan meals a day in Nidra Wasi (sometimes elsewhere – and we fast the morning of wachuma and from noon before ayahuasca), all the yoga classes, Tao workshops and all the other activities, including several hikes, one wachuma ceremony and one ayahuasca ceremony.

I want to join! How do I subscribe?

Send an E-mail to: (contact info blocked). Subject: ‘I want to go to Peru!’Shortly after we will have a meeting (live or on Skype) after which we will know whether this trip is indeed perfect for you or notWe will send you the details on how and where you can pay for the retreat by E-mailEarly Bird discount: Book and pay your entree fee before March 21st and get a $ 200,- discount!Latest subscription date: May 21stYour place is guaranteed once you have paid the entree fee: 50% of the full fee. That is: 50 % of $ 1900,- = $ 950,-If you unfortunately have to cancel the retreat we will refund your payment minus $ 200,- until June 21st.  After that we will be unable to refund your payment, except when there's a waiting list and someone else can take your place.The full fee has to be paid before May 21st

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