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        Awaken the Sacred

 Reconnect to the

Earth~ Water ~ Fire ~ Air

Through ancient practices of Yoga, Breath, Sound & Ceremony

April 22-28, 2018

Bali, Indonesia      

Through life experiences, we all know the joys and pains in life. It can feel sometimes like the more pain we experience the tighter the heart closes. On the other hand, the more we experience joy, the wider our heart opens and dissolves the walls of pain, which were created.

When we love ourselves we feel an inner acceptance. Sometimes the need to forgive others and ourselves is what is required before we can open the heart.  When we do, it’s like reclaiming the energy we lost back into our heart.

In our retreat, we connect consciously to the elements through various Ancient practices of Yoga, breathing, song, ceremony and healing. Throughout the retreat always be reminded of building the cultivation of Self-love.


What will you receive from this retreat?

 Simple practical tool to raise your personal vibration

Practices of present awareness

How to create sacred space

Awaken your spiritual connection with yourself

Deepen your connection with the elements

Raise your self-confidence through using your voice

Rest and renewal of your spirit

Improve your health through conscious breathing, movement and connecting.

Healing techniques for calming the mind and opening the heart

How to fall in Love with yourself

Meditation practices

Breathing techniques to awaken peace of mind


Sequoia Henning

Sequoia has been teaching for over a decade and studying yoga and spiritual practices for over 20 years. She embodies the yoga teachings and this shines through when she teaches. Sequoia is passionate about leading ceremonies, connecting to presence with breath and sound. Sequoia has lived half of her life in S.E Asia mainly frequenting India studying and teaching yoga and sound.

Jero Mangku Ketut Darsa

He was born in Tengkulak Village from a holy priest family generation, 42 years ago in 1975.
He is in charge of a local temple called Beji temple and offers prayers 2x and special ceremonies on specific days.
Beji is a sacred garden located in the peaceful sacred environment. Jro Mangku, Ketut, uses prayers, bells, and offerings to the spirits, to connect with the unseen energies.
His life is devoted to Spirit, and it's through him that he shares his wisdom, and rituals.

Eileen Tupaz

Eileen is a yoga teacher trainer, yoga and meditation teacher, retreat facilitator and Reiki practitioner. An educator by heart, Eileen is passionate about learning and sharing practices that can transform people’s lives and their experience of life. When she’s not reading up on the world’s religions, Eileen spends her free time listening to neuroscience lectures and dharma talks.

Daily Schedule

7:00-9:30 Morning Connection Meditation, ceremony, songs or chants, Movement Yoga andThai Chi


11:00 Breakfast / Relax

11:00  Journalling

11:15 1:00 Program related to the element of connection.

1:30 Lunch

2:00 -4:00 Rest

4:00 Various afternoon programs related to the specific element. This can include Yoga nidra, breathing, meditation, singing. Dancing, or asana. We like to honour what the group is also feeling and needing in each moment.

 The Element Focus of This Retreat:

The Nourishing Earth

Since the beginning of time, the minerals of the Earth has been used for healing. Today a new named as been coin called Earthing

What happens when you consciously connect to the frequencies and energy of the Earth? It grounds us.

We will deepen our connection with the Earth by removing our shoes to breathe in the electromagnetics of the Earth each morning, using sound to assist with a deeper connection. Followed by meditation and movement that can include, asana, chi gong and dance.

 Healing Waters

Water is one of the most versatile of all the elements. It comes in an array of various forms. One amazing trait that water has is it also holds memory and this gives us the power to change the molecular structure of water. Science has proven the constant change of cell structure on both a micro and macrocosmic scale. Since we are made up 75-85 % water this is effected in what thoughts we think and emotions we feel.

Water is life and it is a Sacred gift to us all. There are no two snowflakes that look alike just like there are no two people the same.

To honour the water element we will be taking part in a few water ceremonies, both on-site, at a local temple and journey to the ocean to experience a conscious connection to the liquid life of waters.

Transformative Fire

In the Rig Veda ( one of the oldest scriptures on the planet)  it says from the fire we have life.

Fire is a representation of the sun, which has the power to transform, thoughts food and creates new life. We will be share in a Fire ceremony to transform what we no longer need and set our intentions to manifest. We will also introduce sun gazing, a form of meditation that utilizes the first prana of the sun to feed our energetic bodies.

 Uniting Air

In many languages to describe the breathing is also the same word for spirit. When we consciously take long deep breaths we automatically align into each present moment.

We will be practising daily various pranayama ( yogic breathing, as well as offering a re-birthing session, which is very transformational) Adopting practices in your life to bring more awareness to the sacred breath which is the life-giving energy to all.

Either Our force of creation

 The element of Ether is an ethereal element that could be described as electromagnetic vibration. This energy is every present throughout the world and the pervading cosmos. It is the energy of vibration and when we put consciousness into this, we direct it in a conscious and positive way. This will be shared through singing, toning, chanting, vocal play and communication.


  Hidden away in the southern foothills of Bali, just a short 15-minute drive from Ubud city centre, Bhanuswari Resort gives new meaning to the word “tranquillity”. The breath-taking beauty of terraced rice fields, towering coconut trees, natural spring-fed streams and luscious flowering gardens envelop this perfectly secluded sanctuary of peace.

From the Balinese architects who designed the resort, to the local builders had constructed it and the Balinese staff and management continuing to operate it, Bhanuswari remains an authentic and genuinely Balinese resort. Even the resort’s furnishings are made from local coconut wood, and the artworks featured throughout the resort’s rooms and villas, have been created by local artists and craftspeople.

Known as a centre for spiritual awakenings, creative inspiration and restorative healing, Ubud has long been visited by travellers the world over, in search of calm and serenity. Bhanuswari embodies the essence of this Ubud tradition, providing guests with a much-needed escape from the every day; a place of stillness and solitude, where they may once again regain their sense of inner balance, and find greater peace of mind.


What is included

  • Six-night stay in beautiful A/C rooms Shared, Single or Deluxe accommodations

3 healthy vegetarian meals

Complimentary water, tea or coffee

Return Airport Transfer

 Water Temple ceremony at local temple 

Daily house- keeping

Unlimited use of either of the two pools ( one is salt water)

Unlimited Wifi

2 complimentary shuttle trips to Ubud

Healthy breakfast, includes a fresh coconut, fruit platter, yoghurt, granola, option of your style of egg preference, toast, salad, and variety of various

What is not included?

  • Visa
  • Airfare
  • Tips for the local staff
  • Transfer fee for sign up


Superior single occupancy $1044

 Share occupancy $888

 Deluxe single occupancy $1199

 Share occupancy $955

 One-bedroom single occupancy $1333

 Share occupancy $999


About Bali

Bali is just one of the many small islands of Indonesia, but without a doubt, it is one of the most famous islands of Indonesia. Bali is frequently referred to as “ The Paradise Island” because of its reputation in the world as a tropical paradise of untold beautiful nature, hosting a peaceful feeling and never-ending beauty. The island is also known as the island of the “Gods” because worship colours every facet of life among the Hindu Balinese in their daily activities. The whole of Indonesia is Muslim accept Bali being the only Hindu island

The local people are soft in nature, happy to help and very kind. From my personal experience, I feel it’s a safe country and very spiritual, which of course supports the practice of Yoga. Even though I say it’s safe, theft can occur and so we recommend being mindful with your belongings in the bigger centres like Ubud and Denpasar, the capital where you will be flying into.

Bali occupies an area of only 6,000 square kilometres.

The longest distance is about 140 kilometres. Bali is located just off the eastern tip of Java, from which is separated by the narrow Bali straights. The island lays eight degrees south of the equator. So expect some humidity. Our venue Bhanuswari is located about 1 hour north of the airport, which is 20 min from Ubud. Seen in purple on the map. Ubud has a bit of everything from great healers, shops and delicious vegetarian restaurants


Hear what our students share about previous training with Sequoia and her team.

A Suggested What to Bring List


  • Meditation shawl and a light sweater or wrap
  • Light rain jacket and cover up or fleece
  • Sturdy shoes for walking/exploring, and flip flops
  • Lighter moveable yoga pants, loose-fitting cotton is recommended. Skirts and shorts
  • Several tank tops t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts
  • Bathing suit and sarong
  • A few pairs of socks
  • One set of clothes for touring, such as kakhi pants or a long skirt.


Smaller day pack (can be carry-on luggage in the plane.)

Yoga mat or use the retreat centres Small flashlight, combination padlock, and alarm clock

Travel money belt in cotton (available at luggage stores)

Travel bath towel (not too thick, i.e. quick-drying)

Journal and several pens

Camera and charger


Audio Recorder

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