Liberating the Heart ~ Opening to Your Essence with Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, Cacao, and Plant Medicine

About This Event

Come to Guatemala for a week long experience of self-discovery, purification, and celebration. This is a week long experience of conscious life involving the healing practices and multi-dimensional experiences of:
Kundalini Yoga
Cacao Ceremony
Sound Healing
Channeling & Inter-Dimensional Communication
Plant Medicine
Heart-Centered Community Building
Each day there will be a daily schedule of healing experiences that allow participants greater awareness, self-love, and self-knowledge. We will come together in spaces of authenticity and show our heart, our desires, our talents, our magic, our wounds, our dreams, and our Divinity. We dedicate this retreat as a sacred healing space where all are accepted, valued, and are empowered to step into their gifts and open their channel for Source to flow.
We will engage in daily purifying practices with Kundalini yoga, a powerful yogic technology that aids in opening and purifying our energy body and channel for life force to flow through us. The food offered during this course will be vegetarian with a vegan option, and will include high vibration and purifying foods. We will purify our hearts with the spirit of cacao, which was once called “heart-blood” by ancient Mayan cultures. We will work with cacao as a spiritual plant partner, a living ally that brings powerful fuel to the fire of our hearts and activates our emotional and spiritual bodies. We will allow our hearts to open and allow ourselves and each other to express ourselves authentically. There will be many teachings and practices offered to search within, and we will use guided meditations and energy healing to integrate our old wounds and create the space for more joy and bliss to enter our lives. The co-creative process of holding each other and connecting with the group will be seen as a sacred process of learning to connect deeply and authentically with ourselves and with each other, and clearing the blockages and fears that prevent us from more fully loving and embracing each other. We will purify our minds and bodies together so the already radiant and complete energy of our hearts can more clearly shine through us as we come together in the spirit of celebration
Liberating the Heart will be hosted at Casa de Liberacion retreat center in Guatemala, a freshly opened center for healing and awakening in the lush forests outside of San Marcos la Laguna. Casa de Liberacion is built upon sacred Mayan ceremonial land, and is secluded and private. The rooms are luxurious and spacious and this center was built with your comfort in mind so all have the space to go deep within themselves. At Casa de Liberacion, we will be out of the busy frequency of the village, and tucked away in nature, though close enough for easy access. Our center is just outside of San Marcos, a village filled with spiritual teachers and seekers of many traditions. San Marcos is a home for both a local Mayan community and a bustling New Age community of light-bringers. This retreat is scheduled so that you can fully take advantage of your time and access many other opportunities for self-discovery in Lake Atitlan, including the Kula Solstice Festival next door and the Cosmic Convergence gathering across the lake over new year's eve.
Your personal investment in this healing experience and multi-dimensional learning space includes delicious vegetarian food prepared with love, and a comfortable and cozy shared room.
Sample Schedule for a Typical Day (there will be some variations for special days)
7:00 AM Wake Up Chimes
7:30-9:00AM Kundalini Yoga & Sound Bath
9:00-11:11AM Breakfast and Integration Time
11:11-2:00PM Cacao Ceremony
2:00-4:00PM Lunch and Integration Time
4:00-5:30PM Channeling Session & Sound Healing
5:30-6:00PM Integration & Meditation
6:00-7:00PM Dinner
7:00-9:00PM Special Gatherings & Community Co-Creation
This will be the very first retreat at Casa de Liberacion, where the finishing touches are still taking place! Check back later for new pictures.

Daily Yoga Practice
Each day we will rise with a powerful Kundalini yoga practice. Kundalini yoga is a modern tradition with an ancient yogic lineage that combines all aspects of yoga into “kriyas.” Kriyas are yogic formulas designed to purify and strengthen the body and electromagnetic field to open our channels for the spiritual energies within us to lead to awakening. Kundalini yoga uses powerful breath, rhythmic and entrancing movement, and mantras to take groups deep into enlivening yet deeply relaxing meditative states. In Shivasana (deep yogic relaxation) there will be a sound bath to bring you deeper into relaxation and allow you to access alternate realities.
Cacao & Sacred Plant Medicine
Cacao was once called “heart-blood” by ancient indigenous Central American cultures, as chocolate expands the love within us. Chocolate as a plant contains tons of magical compounds and bliss hormones that aid in accessing higher states of consciousness. Chocolate as a spirit energy asks that the heart open to love, and brings those who drink with awareness and devotion through a healing journey of integrating dis-owned aspects of self with radiant unconditional love. We will use magical cacao as a daily partner and develop or deepen our relationship with the chocolate spirit as an ally in continually expanding our hearts.
Other plant teachers will be offered as catalysts for going deeper into alternate realities and awakening our intuitive gifts. Working with other plant teachers will be an optional part of this retreat only for those who choose to work with them, and will require an additional small personal investment.
Small quantities (micro-doses) of planet medicine may be offered at certain times throughout the retreat, and there will be one full ceremony near the end of the retreat. When treated with deep reverence and used in sacred space, these plant medicines can be tools to purify and open our channels for deeper connection to our Spirit and our multi-dimensional allies.
Sound Healing & the Power of Voice
Many have claimed that sound and vibration will be the medicine of the future. The serene and celestial sounds of crystal singing bowls, sacred chimes, tuning forks, and other instruments will allow us to experience deeper trance states during this retreat. Healing sounds can bring great relaxation and aid us in expanding our awareness. We will learn to use our voice, the most powerful sound healing instrument available, to tune all of our chakras and to more fully and authentically express and heal ourselves. Sacred mantras will accompany our yoga practice, and there will be certain time we set aside to give greater focus to sound healing and vocal activation.

channeling kundalini yoga meditation plant medicine shamanism sound healing vocal expression yoga

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