7 Day | "Personal Transformation" Master Plants Retreat

About us

Welcome to the adventure of knowing yourself.

This retreat gives you the opportunity to awake your inner Spirit in a safe and comfortable environment.

The sacred plants are a powerful tool who those that are looking for a deep and transforming experience.

· Recover your personal power. With a complete treatment, that includes Ancestral Ceremonies + Integral Emotional Therapy + Body excersises and Meditation experience.

· Healing mind, body, spirit and emotions. In a powerfull experience that combines several Holistic Medicine disciplines.

· During your entire stay you will have the therapeutic support and guideness of a Specialized Doctor: Dr. Johnathan Flores.

· We will share with you the Sacred Ancestral knowledge of live in peace. Powerfull tools to improve your quality of life. 

· Connect with your authentic life purpose

· Healing your interpersonal relationships, family, friendships, work and increase your creativity, sensitivity, self-confidence, peace.

· Recognize the patterns of behavior or habits that were causing the situation that brings you to Nina Wasi.

You are the path, you are the master of your own life. Our job is to help you connect and be confident enough to recognize yourself as your own master. By giving you all the tools you need.

*You can choose the start date depending on our availability.


○ Aguacoya (San Pedro) Ceremonies
○ Ayahuasca (Yajé) Ceremonies
○ Personal Guide and Therapeutical Support of Dr. Johnathan Flores, Medical Doctor specialized in Ancestral Medicine
○ Integral Emotional Therapy Treatment
○ Personal Consultations with Dr. Flores included
○ 7 days Hosteling
○ 3 Daily Meals
○ 1 Bicycle
○ Bicycle Helmet

Activity Areas: 

activity-areas (1).jpeg

Why a ceremony in motion?:

The master plants offer us the teachings to change what no longer serves in our life, and thus achieve the wellness, health and harmony that we are looking for.
After the ceremonies, we must do our part to carry out the changes that the master plants has shown us.
In this retreat you will have the opportunity to see yourself in motion, being able to detect your behavior patterns, your attitude towards others and what surrounds you. In short you will see how your Ego works.

It should be noted that we are not inviting an entertainment space, but this is a powerful healing ceremony. Transforming the cycling experience into a great tool for self-observation.

About the retreat:

This retreat gives you the opportunity to awake your inner Spirit in a safe and comfortable environment.
The sacred plants are a powerful tool who those that are looking for a deep and transforming experience.

It have been designed to work in a private and personalized way with just one person. Achieving that you can have a deeper and more intimate encounter with the San Pedro master plant medicine and the family that supports it.
You will enter into the sacred space by developing a daytime ceremony and an evening ceremony. So that you can discover and recognize the difference between these two forces.
We have built a comfortable and safe environment in order you can feel at home, and thus receive the teachings that medicine has for you in an open and natural way.
We work on the foundation with respect to the family, this means that we live and act according to the conviction of the power and importance of the presence of woman within our family circle. Honoring her sacred feminine energy, and taking care of this energy with respect to her integrity: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

After the retreat you will be able to have more confidence in yourself.
At the end of the process initiated by the consultations and the ancestral ceremonies, you will find the tools to improve your quality of life, your interpersonal relationships, family, friendships, work and increase your creativity, sensitivity, self-confidence, peace and your authentic life purpose.
You´ll recognize the patterns of behavior or habits that were causing the situation that brings you to the retreat.

Also we feel it is important to give you tools you can take with you. So that after the retreat is complete, you can continue with excercises that help you stay balanced. In order to keep the vibration reached during your healing.

Skill Level:

✔ Beginner
✔ Intermediate
✔ Advanced

Retreat Schedule:

· Day 1.  Arrival. This is an integration day. You will make the first consultation with Dr. Johnathan Flores.
· Day 2. During the day you will be able to rest, or enjoy the village by bike, the paths to the mountain or the beach, to start at night with an Aguacoya (San Pedro) ceremony.
· Day 3. This will be a rest day where you can enjoy your privacy, or visit the town and the beach, depending on you.
· Day 4. We will start in the morning with an Aguacoya ceremony (San Pedro), which will allow you to reconnect with the medicine in the vibration of the day.
· Day 5. You will have the second consultation with Dr. Johnathan Flores.
· Day 6. The Ceremony in Motion begins. During this ceremony you and the Dr. Flores, you will cycle through a specially designed path. With some rest spots where you can deepen in the understandings that the medicine will present
· Day 7. This day you will make the third consultation with Dr. Johnathan Flores, and thus finish your process with success.

*During all the retreat you will enjoy a healthy and delicious gourmet meal designed for the needs and schedules of each day. 

The bicycle path:

You will enjoy a beautiful natural path, where the jungle landscape mixes with the mountain. With rivers, and natural water pools.

This path has been designed for this ceremony, you will be able to feel the privacy and the peace of a natural and wild space. 


Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 2.22.15 PM.png

· We can customize the menu depending on your preferences and needs ·
You will enjoy a healthy ecuadorian and international dishes prepared with fresh and local ingredients.
All the meals are designed to be in harmony with your process with the Master Plants. 

You will enjoy a continental breakfast ( coffee or tea, toast bread or natural bread, butter, jam, cheese, yoghurts, fruit and cereals.

Lunch example: 
· Vegetarian / Gluten free example: Zucchini lasagna (Zucchini, ricotta, *fresh cheese, parmesan cheese, natural tomato sause, seasoned with pepper and aromatic plants like rosemary, bay leaf and oregano) + Season´s raw salad.
· Onmivore example: Grilled Fish + Fresh Vegetables + Season´s raw salad.

Dinner example: 
· Vegetarian / Gluten free example: Vegetable´s Chop Suey (Cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot, zucchini, morrón, onion, *egg, grated coconut and ginger, sauteed in sesame oil, soy sauce)
· Onmivore example: Grilled Fish + Sauteed Fresh Vegetables + Season´s raw salad. 

○ * Without this ingredient in Vegan option 

Our cuisine caters to:

✔ Meat Eaters   ✔ Dairy-free

✔ Vegetarians   ✔ Nut-free

✔ Vegans.        ✔ Other Allergies

✔ Gluten Free        

*If you have special dietary requirements please email us!


Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 11.42.04 AM.png

You will have your private room in a cozy villa in a quiet and retired area of the Ecuadorian Pacific coast. We currently have a single room available for one person or a couple.

The room includes:
· Twin size bed
· Private bathroom and shower with hot water
· Air Conditioner
· Bed sheets
· Towels


○ The nearest airport is José Joaquin de Olmedo located in Guayaquil City. 

To come from Guayaquil you have to options: 
· We can arrange for a trusted driver to pick you up at the airport for an extra charge.
· You can take a bus from the bus station. 

Taking a bus from Guayaquil:
Take a taxi from airport to bus station (may cost between 3 to 5 dollars ).
At bus station you have to go to the C.L.P (Cooperativa Libertad Peninsular) and ask for a ticket for a bus DIRECT to Olón. There are many buses to Olón, but only de Direct one could bring you faster.

The bus ride ends exactly at the Olón´s bus station. There we will waiting for you.

How to participate:

To have acces to our sacred medicine ceremonies and retreats its mandatory arrenge first a Skype interview with Md. Johnathan Flores, doctor specializing in ancestral medicine.
The interview last 20 min, and it has no cost.
The reason is to know Dr. Johnathan Flores and realize the way we work. So then you can make your decision cleary.

If you feel it, we can arrange a skype consultation from where you are now.

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