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Join us for a 7 day year end cleansing Retreat at Rishikesh. Located at the foothills of the Himalyas, Rishikesh is one of the most holy cities in India. It is a high energy centre with holy river Ganges flowing through it. Rishikesh, sometimes nicknamed "Yoga Capital of the World",has numerous yoga centres and Ashrams that attract tourists. It is believed that meditation in Rishikesh brings one closer to attainment of moksha, awareness of life's purpose and inner peace. This holistic Retreat not only is designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul but also focused at providing an opportunity to experience Ashram life.
In the grounded, serene environment of the Ashram we connect with our inner self. It is an organized way of getting our life back in control calming our stress and anxiety. If that is not enough, we have a beautiful opportunity to experience a Sattvic diet at Ashram. Sattvic meals are purely vegeterian and organic and rich in prana or universal life force energy. Dont miss this opportunity of integrated healing of your Body, Mind, Soul in the Blissful energies of Rishikesh.


Dec 3rd 2017:
Arrival to Rishkesh.
Pre-Retreat Seminar
Meditation after dinner.
Dec 4th 2017:
Morning Meditation and Yoga Class for those interested.
Pre- Retreat Aura Photography Analysis.
Seminar on Aura, Chakras and other Energy Bodies: A discussion on inter-network of aura, chakras and various energy bodies of human system. Concept of energy exchange between outer energies and energies of our system.
Manual Energy Scanning concepts: Demo and Group practice on the art of mastering energy scanning of human system and external entities. Demo and practice on energy sweeping and cleansing. identification of texture of energies ( Good, bad, congested, depleted).
Post Dinner Bhajan ( Holy Hymns) for those interested.
Dec 5th 2017:
Morning Meditation and Yoga Class for those interested.
Therapy with Crystals: Basics on Crystals and how they work with human energy system.Crystals and their association with Chakras. Demo and practice on scanning the energies of crystals. Discussion on crystal cleansing, programming and energizing practices. Dos and Donts with Crystals. Crystals for the practice of psychic self defense. Meditation and Healing practice with Crystals.
Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls: Discussion on the effect of sound therapy on human energy system. Chakra and Chakra Sounds. Meditation on Chakra Sounds. Meditation with Singing Bowls and Bells.
Post Dinner " Trataka" ( Candle Flame Meditation ) for those interested.
Dec 6th 2017:
Energy cleansing in Sacrad Ganges River: Discussion on the cleansing properties of Sacrad Ganges River. Cleansing meditation at the banks of Ganges. River Rafting for relaxation ( for those interested).
Exploration of Crystals and Singing Bowls in the local market.
Post dinner, practice with Crystals and Singing Bowls as per the interest of participants.
Dec 7th 2017:
Morning Meditation and Yoga Class for those interested.
Art Therapy: Art Therapy for Relaxation, Healing Past Trauma, Stress, Phobia, etc with painting and clay molding.
Inner- Child Healing: Concept of Inner-Child and blocked emotions. Meditation on Inner-Child Healing.
Post Dinner " Trataka " ( Candle Flame Meditation ) for those interested.
Dec 8th 2017:
Morning meditation and Yoga Class for those interested.
Pschic Self Defense: Negative Energy Pollution and its Effect on Human energy system. Negative thoughts, their texture and effect on the health of human energy system. Scanning the energy of negative thoughts. Concept of Energy chords. Scanning various Aura attachments. Detecting Aura cracks.
Psychic Self Defense Practice: Manual Chord Cutting practice. Aura Shielding. Healing Aura cracks and removing other Aura attachments. Grounding techniques.
Post dinner, Addiction Chord Cutting Meditation as per the interest of participants. Bhajan ( Holy Hymns ) for those interested.
Dec 9th 2017:
Morning meditation and yoga Class for those interested.
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Space Clearing: Concept of energies in our environment (home, office, etc.). Effect of their negative energies on us and our pets. Concept of space clearing and lifting the energies of our environment on our health at all levels. Space clearing techniques like smudging, Aura sprays, natural elements and chants.
Post Retreat Aura Photography Analysis.
Discussion on the intake from the retreat and feedback by the participants.
Ceremony on distribution of certificates of participation.
Dec 10th 2017:
Local Sight Seeing and Outdoor activities ( as per group energy): Visit to Beetles Ashram and other Sacrad places. Evening Aarthi( Holy Fire) ceremony along the banks of Ganges.
Post retreat Consultation (Optional): Therapist Heena Walia would be extending her stay in the Ashram for another 2 days ( Dec 11th and 12th) for private consultations and healing. You can pre-book the slots along with Retreat Registrations. Additional charges are applicable.

Early Bird Registrations (Closing on Oct 31st):

Sharing Accommodation: 1200$

Single Accommodation: 1500$

General Registration (Closing on Nov 10th)

Sharing Accommodation: 1500$

Single Accommodation: 1800$

Fees Inclusive of Accommodation & Food, Refreshments, Group Outdoor Activities, Study material, Exotic Aura Cleansing Kit, 7-Chakra Crystal Kit, Pick-up and drop from Dehradun, India.

art therapy aura aura photography candle flame meditation chakras crystal healing inner child healing meditation psychic self defense singing bowls sound therapy space clearing trataka yoga

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