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Explore how to truly experience the life within and around you
Connect to the intelligence within yourself
Discover the undiscovered self.

This 8 day eco-somatic transformative retreat primarily will hold a restorative space for healing/rejuvenation, self-knowing, self-love and personal transformation, in Vagamon, Kerela , a beautiful hill-station that has been described as a tranquil haven in- God’s Own Country. Pushpanjali’s retreat design includes a unique blend of facilitation through somatic exercises, poetry, story-telling, conscious movement/dance, visual art, visualisation, vocalisation, reflective writing and performance. Wisdom and tools from her study of various Philosophical and Spiritual traditions will also be included.

The somatic exercises/ mind-body practices are designed so that you may experience "conscious relaxation", where you learn to use your "awareness" as an agent for “self-regulation”; which acts as a step towards connecting with deep intuitive and spiritual insights; as well as discovering new possibilities and reclaiming your true potential.

According to both ancient wisdom of Eastern Spiritual traditions and  current wisdom from Somatics (a cutting-edge field in therapy and self-education in the west, visit our lived-body/ soma is the place where we store all our stories, our memories of both suffering and happiness, but it is also a place where we store our limited habitual ways of thinking, reacting and being in the world. This limits us from experiencing more easeful ways of being. We block ourselves believing that it is too late to change, to start afresh. We go about our lives feeling stuck, feeling tired and feeling burnt-out. We hold on to angry stories, and sometimes turn that anger back unto towards ourself. So that is why it is extremely important to explore our inner beings through a retreat such as this, to reconnect to what is actually going on within us, learn to let go of that which we no longer need, learn to recognise our innate capacity to unfurl into ease and freedom.

We tend to think that our mind and body are two different things, this is because we assume mind to be only associated with the brain. This fundamental flaw in our thinking makes us not be alive to ourselves as a whole, and in-turn we cannot experience the outer environment fully too.

We experience the world objectively, not from an internal state of presence and inter-connected awareness. Somatics teaches you how to see the mind & body as one, which they have termed as the Soma. According to International Somatic Movement and Education Therapy Association, Somatics is a field that includes various mind-body practices that utilizes the body and its movement towards therapy, self-awareness, self-education and personal transformation.

So in a retreat such as this designed by Pushpanjali, you will learn how to connect to the intelligence within yourself, the lived-body with its cells, organs, tissues, fluids all offering their openings into multi-dimensional consciousness.

You will learn the fundamental flaw in " I think therefore I am" to " I move, therefore I am" to " I experience, therefore I am."

We invite you to begin your journey towards becoming whole again, so that you stop taking your breath: each step that you take: your ability to sense, feel and perceive: the very life in you for granted; instead you have a chance to come alive to all that you are and all that is around you.

An eco-somatic transformative retreat with Pushpanjali can help you come back to your natural self and discover what is FEELS like to be Naturally YOU. It can bring to your awareness- What all have you forgotten about your true self? Why is it that you think the way that you think? What are your self-imposed and conditioned patterns, coming in the way of your freedom? Do you truly experience the life within and around you? how stress, fear, anger is a conditioned response?

A retreat with Pushpanjali is a way to change organically in your own time in your own way because it recognises that we are all at different places and at different stages. But as we work with "awareness" a small change has a multiplier effect, and continues to work within the individual with a life of its own. Working on ourselves within a group will enable us, to grow from each others experiences and blooming. It also helps us feel seen, heard, and held by a community of fellow seekers.

We invite you to a very exclusive intimate Naturally You- Eco-Somatic retreat, promising to hold a safe and nurturing space for where you are and where you want to be.

Find your ground, Sink your roots - Unload
Find your flow, Know your waters - Create
Light your fire, Sit in the warmth of your inner wisdom - Transform
Open your heart, Hug your soul - Ease into the whole
Go deep within- Rest in the sacred
Open into your own movement, dance, your voice- your song.
Write-Reflect. BLOOM

Tags: movement therapy personal transformation self-healing self-knowing self-love somatic somatics

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Naturally You - Nurture the nature in you
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Naturally You - Nurture the nature in you

at Nativefolks - Kerala

  • Jan 20, 2018 - Jan 27, 2018 (8 days)


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