Ultimate Tantric Woman - 3 Day Workshop - New York City

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In modern times, we find that the concepts of masculinity and femininity are obscure, leading to confusion about the roles of the sexes in relationships and disorientation in various life situations, as well as – most importantly – a lack of self-understanding on the path to spiritual development.

The tantric path of spiritual growth, which demonstrates a practical approach to realizing your inner power and Self as a woman, helps women cultivate the most important qualities they need in order to lead a happy, harmonious spiritual life.

What is unique about this course:

There are very few authentic role models for women in today's day and age committed to spiritual self-actualization and enlightened embodiment. Most women stumble through a foggy reality of messages directed toward them in the media, messages which are at times pessimistic, conflicting, or demeaning. Such messages include: “A woman must be strong,” “A woman should always look beautiful,” “Physical appearance is everything,” “A woman should always seek the perfect partner,” “Your body is not good enough,” “You are an emotional woman who will always be confused,” etc. Do these sound familiar? Unfortunately, these types of messages are much more common than clear messages of empowerment.

The tantric path, by contrast, presents lucid, pure, and direct teachings that support an all-encompassing approach to femininity which inspires the incredible manifestation of true womanhood.

What you will learn:

In this workshop, we aim to bring a no-nonsense approach to Tantra’s teachings for women. This is not a “feel good” workshop that makes the ego happy while leaving the soul in doubt. Here we will clarify the meaning of comprehensive and spiritual femininity and how to achieve it in practice – how to become a tantric Shakti.

For serious women only!

Practical and theoretical teachings:

  • The path of energy in Tantra: Understand the reality of various polarities as they manifest in a woman
  • The path of tantric femininity revealed
  • The different types of femininity and sexuality as seen through the prism of the seven chakras
  • The tantric teachings on love: The most powerful teachings of Tantra bring light to this most famous and yet misunderstood emotion
  • Happiness as an attainable goal for every woman
  • Special Yoga techniques for cultivating various types of femininity
  • Tantric mudras as the gateway to powerful rituals
  • The five elements as the window to a woman’s soul
  • Self-image: Revolutionize the way you see your own body
  • Learning from examples – movie clips and stories from women in history


The course schedule may vary day-by-day due to the nature of the teachings and needs of the group, but generally, our training schedule will look like the following:

Friday to Sunday (5-7 January 2018): 9:30 – 20:00. Each day also includes a 1.5-hour break for lunch. Total teaching time is 24 hours.

The language of instruction is English.

Retreat Venue:

This Spiritual Tantra Sexuality course is taking place at Stolze & Stephanie Studio, a modern and vibrant venue located in historical Chinatown of lower Manhattan, New York City. Just a short walk away from iconic landmarks, memorials and monuments. Please note the studio is located on the 5th floor of the building with no available elevator. Participants should be prepared and able to walk up 4 flights of stairs multiple times throughout the days.

Course fee:

Early-early bird fee: 450€, available until 1 December 2017
Early bird fee: 500€, available until 25 December 2017
Regular fee: 575€, starting from 26 December 2017

Course fee includes all teachings and activities during the course, drinks and snacks. 

About Somananda Tantra School:

At Somananda Tantra School it is both our dream and our mission to bring authentic and very practical Tantra, Yoga and meditation teachings to people everywhere, from Europe and Asia to the Americas. We offer courses in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and other countries in South America as well as India, and various locations across Europe such as Germany, the UK, Slovenia, Denmark, Estonia, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria and others.

We bring long-established (but perhaps forgotten) Indian and Tibetan spiritual teachings out of obscurity in an original and accessible way, giving clear guidance to those who seek evolution through Tantra. We specialize in remarkable immersion retreat experiences – Tantra Yoga retreats, Tantra meditation retreats, Tantra sexuality retreats, and Tantra Massage retreats and trainings. Our Tantra Massage demonstrations have been tested by science on TV and seen by millions on YouTube. Somananda Tantra School is uniquely designed to bring you our authentic energy-based integral-style Tantra teachings in a highly accessible manner. We address every aspect of Tantra, starting with the basic principles of sexual continence, transfiguration, and Tantra’s remarkable healing potential, and continuing all the way to the mastery of the powerful energies such as Kundalini.

We have also pioneered Trika Meditation Retreats, a system of verifiable meditation achievement, supplemented with feedback and personalized instruction. Our Tantra school relies on Kashmiri Shaivism – a very elevated Tantra and one of the most perfect metaphysical systems still alive today. Students are guided through a comprehensive, structured program of deeply supported practice to reach the heights of meditation and samadhi. 

Somananda Tantra School also features meditation teacher trainings and Yoga teacher trainings in addition to our Tantra Massage teacher trainings. 

Discover the tantric magic and rare spiritual treasures of Tantra!

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Ultimate Tantric Woman - 3 Day Workshop - New York City
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Ultimate Tantric Woman - 3 Day Workshop - New York City

at Stolze & Stephanie Studio

  • Jan 2, 2018 - Jan 5, 2018 (4 days)


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