7 Day Ayurveda, Breath, and Yoga Retreat in Granada, Spain

  • Granada, Spain
  • May 12 - 18, 2018 (7 days)
  • $2999

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C O M P A S S I O N A T E · S E L F

Join Kiva Yoga Institute on a This is a 7-Day Spiritual, Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada national park in Spain. Experience a revival of spirit and explore deeper aspects of your True-Self. 

Start your day with Ayurvedic tea and ashtanga yoga to salute the sunrise. Have a silent breakfast on the terrace or engage in discussions about mastering the mind and freeing the soul. Practice Himalayan meditation, breathing techniques, hike through the mountains, and jump into nature’s untouched treasures. End with the night with a fire ceremony and a deeply relaxing, restorative yoga sequence.

Delight in mouthwatering, vegan and Ayurvedic meals to heal and balance your body through the digestive system. The menu is rich in assorted fruits, vegetables, nuts, juices, and spices.  

The mental, physical, and spiritual practices focus on self-compassion and its power to eliminate cycles of karma.

Start consciously transforming and manifesting your life.

What’s Included

• Daily Yoga Classes
• Daily Meditation Sessions
• Daily Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
• Sacred Elemental Ceremonies
• Entrance to Sierra Nevada National Park
• Round-Trip Transportation from Granada Airport to Property
• 6 Nights Accommodation
• Retreat Workbook/Materials

How To Get There

  • Arrive in (GRX) Granada International Airport

  • Select flight to arrive in GRX at 12pm or earlier

  • KYI will provide transportation from GRX to property

Dive deep into yoga asanas, meditation, Ayurveda, and ancient ways of Camino Rojo to explore deeper aspects of your true self and nature. In the end, you will take home the tools necessary to continue training your mind and other aspects of your being.


The third limb of Yoga, and perhaps the most well known of the 8 Limbs. In the west, they are commonly mistaken as “all there is” to Yoga. The purpose of asanas is to make the body a good home for the mind and soul. They provide a controlled battleground for the process of conflict and creation. 

*Enjoy a daily sunrise and sunset yoga flow, blending styles of Ashtanga, Restorative, Vinyasa, and Yin. No experience necessary.


Is the seventh limb of Yoga, dhyana, but often understood as the inner most quest, antaratma sadhana, which involves the last three Limbs: dharana, dhyana, and samadhi. The goal of antaratma sadhana is to reach samadhi, however, it is only a tool in the process of self-realization.

*Study ancient Himalayan meditation techniques to reach the center of your being. 


Breathing is the most important part of our practice. Breath is prana, or vital life force, that nourishes your heart, your brain, your entire body and how we perceive the world.  Breath has a huge impact on our lives.

*Learn breathing techniques to drastically increase the quality of your mind, body, emotions, and life!  


The oldest healing science, dating back more than 5,000 years. The knowledge of Ayurveda originated in India and formed the foundation for all other healing systems that exist today. Its main purpose is to heal by bringing balance to the body, mind, and spirit. This is accomplished through diet, lifestyle, and rejuvenation. 

*Nourish your body with an Ayurvedic diet and indulge in an Abhyanga massage. This Ayurvedic self-massage stimulates the lymphatic system and raises your vibration and capacity for self-compassion. 

Camino Rojo

*There are very few words written about El Camino Rojo, as it opposes the idea that only the written word is legitimate. El Camino Rojo is an oral tradition that deals with the subtleties of our being and connects us to spirit through icaros, prayers, and words. Teachings and ceremonies revolve around nature and Earth. Nature creates the space we need to fully connect and understand our purpose here. The elements act as our teachers. The more we understand the wind, the earth, the fire, the water and the space, the better we can understand ourselves. 

"Caminatas" are the walks we will take through the mountains to better understand these teachings and learn from nature. 

Venue Highlights

The house is a renovated flour mill, located in the Sierra Nevada National Park. The property features a naturally occurring spring water pool. Sierra Nevada is Spain’s largest national park and has been declared a biosphere reserve. The park is home to a thriving Spanish ibex population, along with other species such as wild boar, martens, badgers, wildcats, and the Golden Eagle.

The house is located just 30 minutes away from Granada, arguably the single most worthwhile city in Spain for visitors.


  • Pool
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea


Day 1 - SATURDAY MAY 12th
- Arrive at GRX Granada International Airport 
- Head to retreat house in Niguelas
- Arrive *Get settled into your rooms
- Gather for House Meeting : Overview
- Tour of the property
- Restorative Yoga
- Vegan Dinner
- Tea + Opening Meditation

Day 2 - SUNDAY MAY 13th
- Wake up to Ayurvedic Tea
- Salute the Sunrise Yoga Flow
- Ayurvedic Breakfast + Discussion
- Journey Through The Mountains
- Vegan Lunch
- Restorative Flow
- Vegan Dinner
- Deep Chakra Meditation

Day 3 - MONDAY May 14th
- Wake up to Ayurvedic Tea
- Salute the Sunrise Yoga Flow
- Ayurvedic Breakfast + Discussion
- Journey to Fuente Agria + Las Chorreras
- Vegan Lunch
- Breath Ceremony
- Lite Vegan Dinner
- Lights Out

Day 4 - TUESDAY May 15th
- Wake up to Ayurvedic Tea
- Salute the Sunrise Yoga Flow
- Ayurvedic Breakfast + Discussion
- Journey to Trevelez
- Vegan Lunch
- Abhyanga Massage by the fire
- Vegan Dinner
- Lights Out

Day 5 - WEDNESDAY May 16th
- Wake up to Ayurvedic Tea
- Salute the Sunrise Yoga Flow
- Ayurvedic Breakfast + Discussion
- Journey to Sierra Nevada
- Afternoon Juice Cleanse
- Head back to the house
- Sacred Fire Ceremony
- Lights Out

Day 6 - THURSDAY May 17th
- Wake up to Ayurvedic Tea
- Salute the Sunrise Yoga Flow
- Ayurvedic Breakfast + Discussion
- Time for reflection
- Vegan Lunch
- Head to Granada for tapas + live music
- Head back to house
- Lights Out

Day 7 - FRIDAY May 18th
- Wake up to Ayurvedic Tea
- Salute the Sunrise Gratitude Flow
- Ayurvedic Breakfast
- Depart from property to GRX

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Ayurvedic
  • Gluten Free


Morning tea will be served before sunrise yoga class.

After class, sit down to a varied spread of fruit each day as we discuss the how each affects our unique dosha (or balance of the elements in our bodies). If you don’t know your dosha, you can take a quick test here: https://transcend.kiva.yoga

In the afternoon, feast on an Ayurvedic meal, like Vegetable Coconut Curry with Brown Rice. Savor Indian flavors and spices that leave you feeling balanced and satisfied. 

Enjoy a lite and refreshing meal to calm the digestive system and prepare the body for sleep.

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