Chen Style Tai Chi Instructor Certification Training - Level 1

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Level I Instructor Certification Training for original Chen Family Tai Chi (taijiquan) in the tradition of 19th generation lineage Grandmaster Wang Xi’an.  This 150 hour accelerated learning course includes:

Jibengong - Foundation Training

You will learn how to apply tai chi principles and theory in the following 6 training methods:

How to Stand - learn how to align your body with gravity to relax and conserve energy – the key to all tai chi postures and movements

How to Breathe - tai chi’s specific breathing method to energize your whole body for vibrant health & well being

How to Loosen Up - a series of gentle joint rotation exercises to loosen up muscles and joints, increase circulation, relieve and prevent joint pain and injuries, and reverse the effects of aging

How to Silk Reel - Silk reeling is tai chi’s continually spiraling/coiling whole body movements.  Silk reeling strengthens and tones muscles, tendons, and ligaments, cultivates powerful qi (vital energy) circulation, improves cardiovascular and lymphatic function, and heals and prevents soft tissue injuries – the healthiest and most intelligent way to exercise the whole body

How to Stretch Your Back - a simple spinal stretch performed while standing to increase spinal mobility and correct alignment of spinal vertebrae – the BEST EXERCISE to relieve and prevent back pain and restore youthful spinal pliability for life

How to Stand Quietly - a simple method of standing to cultivate stillness and total relaxation of body and mind – sometimes referred to as Standing Meditation

Laojia Yilu - Old Frame First Routine - Part 1 (16 Postures)

Laojia Yilu contains all of tai chi’s health giving and self defense techniques.  This solo routine is the basis for Chen style tai chi, and the origin of all other major tai chi styles.  You will learn each posture separately with specific details on how to relax, proper structural alignment, continuous full body movement, and self defense applications.

How to Teach

From the first class, you will develop teaching skills through a variety of partner training exercises, assistant teaching, and leading a group in numerous mock teaching scenarios.

Dr. Bob Bacher has studied and taught tai chi, qigong, karate, yoga, and meditation since 1969.  He is a 20th generation lineage teacher of Grandmaster Wang Xi’an’s system of Chen style tai chi.  Dr. Bacher combines 35 years clinical expertise as a Chiropractor with his extensive martial art background to teach Chen style tai chi for both health and self defense.


Training only:  $1,500 US

With lodging at Casa Mares Beach House (maximum occupancy: 4)

Single occupancy - $2,100 US   Double - $1,800   Triple - $1,700   Quadruple - $1,650

With lodging at Pavones Riviera - beautiful villas surrounded by superbly maintained gardens

Single occupancy - $3,500 US   Double - $2,500   Triple - $2,300

Both lodging facilities include full kitchens and are a few minutes walk to restaurants, shops, beach…

Make payment to PayPal at: 

50% deposit due January 2   Full payment due February 1

Upon receipt of payment we will send you an email explaining travel to Costa Rica, what to bring, etc.

Future Trainings

Level II - Form Parts 2 & 3 and Review of Level I Training

Level III - Form Parts 4,5, & 6 and Review of Levels I & II

Any questions please address to Dr. Bob Bacher at

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Chen Style Tai Chi Instructor Certification Training - Level 1
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Chen Style Tai Chi Instructor Certification Training - Level 1

at Pavones Tai Chi School - Pavones, Costa Rica

  • Mar 1, 2018 - Mar 31, 2018 (31 days)


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