" Spring Ayahuasca Retreat" come to Cancun, Mexico April 27th to May 4th

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Are you looking for a change or a shift in your life ? Maybe a new experience is calling you? Time to improve your quality lifestyle? Or maybe you need to find new inspiration, impulse and purpose in your life? If you answer yes to any of this questions this Retreat is definetly for you!  Come, see from new perspectives, feel  the alignment results and center yourself when you connect with your highest self. The clue is to Say YES to life here and now! 

Is time to live free of suffering and lack of love or limitation., this reconecting is a process, and is totally what we all deserve and what our bodies wants to take us. 

We offer to you personal coaching to assist you in case you need it. Is time to come out of the box and express yourself as you let come out that unique jewel you are. Time to be your first priority and to invest in real quiality life.

    Come  & experience Mexico "the caribbean" into a Holistic Immersion with Sacred Ancestral Medicines from south America and Mexico in an outstanding place, weather, people, nature, food, music during a deep transformational jouneney!

 Imagine you could do your healing and empowering work surounded by all these powerful and beautiful environment with sacred medicines of Nature in the middle of the tropical and beautiful jungle,  turquoise and transparent waters, cenotes (fresh water known as sacred sanctuaries), caribbean & tropical ambiance,  flora & fauna, hammocks, organic and real tasty natural mexican food, swimmimg pool, new sensations & understandings,  people, culture, art.... , is such a great opportunity... !



• Puting aside fears and negative programming

• Heal physical and addictive diseases by becoming aware

• Release past.

• Give your mind freedom and peace.
• Reset your belief system: Being able to take responsibility for your reality and co-create what you truly deserve and desire
• Discover the purpose of your life.
• Deep cleansing & detoxification at all levels
• Activate Pineal gland and third eye.
• Develop stronger self value skills & Increase self-esteem.
• Release pain and stress.
• Find compassionate, real and true answers.
• Release negative thoughts and voices from your head.
• Clarify and clear blockages.
• Give mental clarity, confidence and willpower.
• Discover Unity and uniersal love within yourself


*  8 days// 7 nights

* Roundtrip Airport transportation

* Lodging at Xochipilli Center ( heart of the jungle )

* Organic Healthy Mexican Meals  

* Personal coaching 

* Free SAAMA distance therapy session " THE REVOLUTIONARY QUANTUM THERAPY OF INTEGRAL UNBLOCKING" after retreat 

* Three Ayahuasca Night Ceremonies

*Kambo Session ( amazon frog sacred medicine great to boost inmune system and deep cleanse-detox)

* Temazcal (native ancestral ritual sweatlodge) lead by a mexican woman shaman

* Gentle Yoga & meditation

* Self Healing Techniques Workshop and Integration circles

* Day trip to the Beach & Day trip to a Cenote in selected majestic places

* Great profesional healers and shamans team facilitating,  hosting and sharing with all respect, integrity and profesionalism. Live music, harp, guitar, shamanic drumb, djembe, kora, flutes, and more.... pure medicine to bring heaven to the Earth!

*  Sign up NOW only with a small booking fee amount! Still available few spots.

Extra activities will be offer: Relaxing massage, healing extra therapies like more Saama sessions which is a great quantic energy therapy ( i will explain more about directly) or a profound Healing Experience with a Mexican Sonoran desert Toad medicine (pure 5Dmt), Or more Kambo Sessions to complete a detoxication treatment and for a high inmune system boost, highley recommended to reserve extra nights accomodation, extra outdoor excursions like scuba diving, arqueological sites, wave runners, kite surf, apnea, boat and catamaran activities, horseback riding, snorkeling and more...

<The Ayahuasca And Kambo comes directly from the jungle of the Amazone, Pucallpa Peru  from our dear Masters"Abuelos Shipibos", authentic guardians of the tradition.>

Booking Retreat Fee: 25% non refundable deposit at the time of booking . With PayPal or Western Union. The remaining 75% is paid in CASH upon arrival: US dollars. 

 For people that will be taking Ayahuasca for first time before booking is neccesary to get in touch with us .

Any question please dont hesitate asking, we are available for you.


Event Highlights

  • All the Peninsula of Yucatan is full of holes like the gruyer cheese, this is because in the end of the dinosour age the meteorite hit this spot and this caotic event created all this amazing holes now called Cenotes. Underneath the earth was full of pure fresh water that now we are so lucky to be able to still enjoy it; theres hundreds of them but only few open for public. So with the blessing that we will be able to enjoy this majestic places, when you swim inside them you will feel so much power and joy, you will recharge yourself of pure energy and you will stay with a totally " I AM ALIVE feeling! Is definetly one of the best medicines and highlights of the area and this retreat.
  • Lets jump and swim this spring together, this sacred santuaries from Mother Earth called CENOTES are waiting for us!

Venue Highlights

Xochipilli is the name of the Holistic Center where we will stay to sleep and mostly of our activities, this name comes from an Aztec God. Its located half an hour of the international airport, in the middle of the tropical jungle. This place was a dream manifested by our dear brother Arturo and family, it was design and built with exactly the needs for a Medicine Retreat structure needs in a very safety and beautiful place full and surronded by nature. This place has several bungalows, a family house, hammocks around the green areas, temazcal (ancestral sweatlodge igloo), pool and the Malloca, that is the space for ceremonies and other sacred rituals. The majestic silence and the sounds of the life of the jungle are totally priceless. This place is just ideal for a reconection journey. You got a visit Xochipilli, you will love it!


  • Free Wifi
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Tour Assistance


Every day you will be able to wake up with the sunrise and the beautiful songs of the birds, you may see the tucans! You will be breathing totally a fresh air in a warm weather perfect for meditation and maybe a bit of movement. You will be able to swim, do yoga, or go for a nice walk or jog arround the jungle before breakfast.
Everyday will vary after that, we will have our Ayahuasca Ceremonies at night every other day, we will participate at the begining in the powerful and beutiful Temazcal Ritual, where we will learn more about healing plants and techniques. For the people that would like to take advantage of the frog love offer KAMBO SESSION as a deep detox and cleanse for maintanance and boosting your inmune system (we will do this first thing in the morning to have at least 10 hours of fasting). We will have a self healing techniques workshop, yoga, meditation group and lonely times.

Some day trips to the beach and cenotes too of course!

Believe me, with all this environment, healing, expanding and growing path couldnt be more effective !

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian
  • Organic


Do you know in Mexico as one of our stongest cultural food is the CORN? Yes we are literally children of the corn. We have more than 600 dishes made of corn. The challenge part is now to still find real pure organic corn. We do have the bless to have that connection to offer and prepare you the good superfood Corn as tortillas, enchiladas and tamales.

Also can you imagine yourself drinking coconut water directly from the palm tree? 100% natural, fresh and organic... Oh my God super healthy hidrating and tasty!!!

We will have lots of regional fresh fruits and vegetables from season mostly served or cooked with a mexican seasoning style.

Trying new flavors and energies is definetly highly recommended for a transformation journey! . Food is also another medicine, but this doesnt means boring or untasty, Eating must be full of color, flavor, pleasure, grace and creativity!


Acommodation will be in a Caribbean Bungalow Style, this are designed for Two people and has two double beds in it, fan and bathroom. Very comfortable, clean and new!

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