Maya Legacy: Three Steps to Higher Consciousness December 1st, 2018

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  • Dec 1, 2018 - Dec 8, 2018 (8 days)
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Buddha Travel Approved Retreat: Maya Legacy: Three Steps to Higher Consciousness. The Maya had a natural order to their world. They were connected to the Cosmos: the Sun, the Moon, the stars and planets, while at the same time staying firmly grounded on Earth, in harmony with nature and all living beings on the Planet. This Heart of the Sky and Heart of the Earth connection allowed them to be guided by the Cosmos and then manifest what was needed on Earth.

On this journey, as you enter the Maya sacred sites, participate in their ceremonies, and align yourself with the energies of the Heart of the Sky and Heart of the Earth you will experience a new awareness of your place in the Cosmos and the role you are meant to play in the evolution of Humankind and Mother Earth. With the teachings of the Maya Cosmovision, including the stories of the Maya Priestess/Prophets who traveled to other dimensions, and the great leader and teacher Pakal Votan from Palenque, you will find the mysteries of the Maya opening up to you.

This is truly a magical land and we will be visiting some of the most important Maya ancient sites including: Palenque, Bonampak and Yaxchilan. There will be ceremonies, meditations, sharing circles and classes where we can go deep into the teachings of the Ancient Maya. They left a legacy for us in their temples, pyramids, ancient books and paintings and now is the time to bring them into the Light and incorporate them in our lives.

We invite you to open your heart, receive the Ancient Wisdom of the Maya and enter a higher state of consciousness where you are guided by the Cosmos to manifest a rich and fulfilling life here on Earth.


KEY: B = Breakfast,  L = Lunch,  D = Dinner

 Dec 1:  Arrive in Villahermosa

No meals or events are planned for today since many people arrive late in the evening. Plan your flight for what suits you best. We will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel where we will help you check in and give you full instructions for tomorrow.

Overnight in Villahermosa:    

Dec 2:  MISOL HA  (B & L) Misolha 1“Water has always been a sacred element for the Maya because it reminds us of the great continent of Atlantis, called by them Tulan-Zu, which means in the Maya language: “Island surrounded by water”.

Misol Ha is the place where we will now connect to the essence of the water and the earth, especially when performing our practice inside the sacred cave of the Grandmother Ix’Mukane, Heart of the Earth.

We will go to Ix’Mukane for cleansings and purifications and leave with our body, soul and spirit renewed in the love and light and ready to help all Humankind.” Miguel Angel Vergara

After sharing a lunch together we check into our hotel near the site of Palenque. Miguel Angel will give us teachings this evening to prepare us for our visit to the site of Palenque tomorrow:

  • The Atlantis civilization and its connection with the Maya culture in Palenque.
  • Maya – Atlantis meditation
  • Maya message from the Ancient Ones.

Overnight at Hotel La Aldea

Dec 3:  PALENQUE (B & D)

Palenque 1Breakfast and then we enter the magical site of Palenque. You will have the full day here. Miguel Angel will first lead you through some of the main temples and then you will have time to discover the site on your own.

“The Maya built this amazing city as the “Cosmic University of the Royal Art”.  Every temple, pyramid, palace will offer you an open window to understanding the profound messages carved by the Maya Masters in the unique white stucco tablets.

Palenque’s original name was NAH-CHAN-KAAN, which means in Maya: “the House of the Serpent in the Infinite”. The Serpent, as a symbol of the cosmic wisdom will unveil the grandeur of the Sacred Maya Knowledge, based on the movements of the constellations and stars as a way to understand the axiom: “As Above, So Below”.

In Palenque there were two great Masters of Cosmic Wisdom: Lord Pakal Votan and Lady Zak Kuuk, whose spirits will guide you as you walk in reverence and silence through the site.” Miguel Angel Vergara

Lunch is on your own but we will gather to have dinner together.


No travel today. We will spend the day with stories, teachings, mediations and practices based on:

  • The Sacred Maya Cosmos
  • Suns, Constellations, Stars, Sun and Moon, and Planets in our Solar System.
  • Cosmic influences of the Universe over our Planet Earth
  • Guided meditation with special mantras to discover the “Consciousness” of the Universe.
  • There will be a Sharing Circle this evening where we can share our experiences and ask questions.

Overnight at Hotel La Aldea

Dec 5: BONAMPAK (B & L)

Bonampak (2)

We have a very early start today and will stop for breakfast in a jungle café on our way to the site of Bonampak.

“One of the most beautiful Maya sites in the area is Bonampak, which means “The Wall of Paintings” in Mayan. There are not many places like this, especially with the amazing painted murals, which still remain with their vivid colors like in ancient Maya times.

We will be able to look at them and enter through our inner eyes and consciousness into another level of vibration, spiritually speaking. Here we will receive the messages from the Maya Masters from the 4th dimension.” Miguel Angel Vergara

Following our visit to the site we will continue on to the Usumacinta River and our hotel for the night.

Overnight Escudo Jaguar:

 Dec 6:   YAXCHILAN (B & L)

Boat to Yaxchilan 2 Today we travel by boat to the very special site of Yaxchilan for a ceremony honoring Mother Earth. The only way to reach it is by boat so we rarely see many people there.

“Yaxchilan is a marvelous site in the middle of the jungle surrounded by the Jade river called: Usumacinta.

The name Yaxchilan means: “The First Place of Maya Prophets” and is the place where they traveled out of their consciousness to other dimensions to connect with the future, and to bring back the “Maya Prophecies” to us. Their goal was to prepare all of us for the important times we are living in and teach us how to keep in harmony and balance no matter what happens externally.

One of the most important things to notice in this Ceremonial Center is the role of the “Women Prophets” because they were the ones who traveled into other realms to connect with the future of this planet and all humanity.” Miguel Angel Vergara

Following our ceremony and visit of the site we go back by boat to the hotel for a late lunch before returning to Palenque for the night.

Overnight at Hotel La Aldea

Dec. 7:  PALENQUE  (B & L)

priestess (2)

After breakfast we go back to see more of Palenque and pick up where we left off a few days ago.

“Today we will visit the upper part of the Maya Temples and Pyramids. Here we can see the magnificent stone-stucco Maya stelas carved inside their great temples of Light which will help us understand the end of Atlantis and the new cycle with the Maya. Pakal Votan wrote in stone in the temples his message for this time and the urgency to be aware of the worldwide changes.

Lady Zac Kuuk will bring back our memories of the role the Maya Priestesses played in keeping the balance between the two columns of the universe: Love and Wisdom.

The Maya-Atlantis teacher, Chan Balum will remind us to be humble and wise, respecting the entire creation made by: “He Whose Name is Whispered in a Breath”.  Miguel Angel Vergara

We walk down the path leading us to the Museum to get our final teachings for this journey.

We then go for a Farewell meal together before heading back to Villahermosa where you have a free evening to do any last minute shopping and prepare for your flight home.

Overnight in Villahermosa: 


 No meals or events planned for today so you can book your flight home for whatever time works best. We will transfer you to the Villahermosa airport for your flight home.

INCLUDED in your Program Package:

  • Airport-Hotel-Airport transfers on arrival and departure days
  • Hotel accommodation: 2 Nights at Crowne Plaza, Villahermosa; 4 Nights at La Aldea, 1 Night at Escudo Jaguar
  • Meal plan as per itinerary: 6 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 1 Dinner
  • Entry fees to listed Maya sites: Palenque, Yaxchilan, Bonampak and Misol Ha
  • Transportation in air conditioned vehicle to all sites listed in the itinerary
  • English/Spanish guide services
  • Teachings with Miguel Angel: ceremonies, meditations, lectures, practices
  • Shaman fees and expenses
  • Gratuities for chambermaids and waiters


  • All Beverages and Alcoholic Drinks
  • Personal items
  • Entry fees for sites not listed on itinerary
  • Gratuities for driver and guide

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  • Dec 1, 2018 - Dec 8, 2018 (8 days)


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