Intiq Wiracocha’s Return: A Shamanic Awakening of Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Healing in Our Lives

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  • 375 Panterkill Road PO Box 70 Phoenicia, NY 12464 United States
  • Sep 20 - 23, 2018 (4 days)
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An Antisuyu sponsored ceremonial medicine gathering with don Oscar Miro-Quesada

It has long been understood by Andean tradition peoples that attaining a balanced expression of mind and spirit is the alchemical elixir for shape-shifting the ills of humankind. The shamanic ritual arts known as the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition originated by don Oscar Miro-Quesada are an exemplary means of bringing our human consciousness into wholesome affinity with ordinarily dismissed dimensions of spiritual reality. The harmonious union of mind and spirit, of self-reflexive awareness and Self-illuminating transcendence, is considered the quintessential Magnum Opus of shamanic mastery and gnostic initiation into the Great Work.

The living cosmovision of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition cross-cultural shamanism—derived from the perennial wisdom of Andean mysticism—offers a path of Self-realization in healing service to our entire earth community. Focused on mindfully safeguarding and spiritually revitalizing our human connection to natural landscape shrines, mountains, rivers, forests, stones, flora, and fauna comprising the geographical region where we live, this ceremonial medicine gathering is open to all who feel the call to be a source of healing light in the world. Through our rituals we heal the earth, through healing the earth we heal ourselves, and in healing ourselves we reverently engage the generosity of Creation’s dreaming. This is the great alchemical elixir born from the sacred marriage of Mind and Spirit.

Aligned in shamanic vision and ceremonial artistry embodied by Inka descendants inhabiting the Antisuyu (northeast region) territory of pre-Columbian Heart Island (South America), we shall enter into deep communion with the powers and forces, nature beings and spirit helpers, animal allies and starlight emissaries, that comprise the soul animated tapestry reflected in Sky and Earth. Learning to harness the beneficent transformational healing powers available through such communion we drink of the well spring as adepts of the Great Work. Such is the secret to ‘growing corn and potatoes’ in seven generation beautifying service to Pachamama- allowing Intiq, the unbridled Solar radiance of our fully awakened minds, to be the vessel for the materialization of Wiracocha, Great Spirit, within the life of humankind.


  • How to ensure one’s life choices are in alignment with universal spiritual truth.
  • Daily practices for the purification of faulty thinking and over reliance on the ego mind.
  • A ritual skill conducive to the merging of our individual and universal souls as a shamanic initiation and embrace of Great Originating Mystery.
  • The art of mihushanku (ritual earth feedings) for spirit based healing of psychological distress associated with post-modern living.
  • Ceremonial approaches to befriending the natural world in the form of offerings of gratitude for the sacred gift of life.
  • Andean teachings on paqokuna pilgrimage in honor of the fall equinox as an opportunity for restoring reciprocal energetic exchange (ayni) within all our earthly affairs.
  • The creation and ritual management of a sacred shamanic altar for receiving spiritual insight and guidance in healing service to self, others and the world at large.


  1. A 24” x 24” ceremonial altar ground cloth
  2. The five directional pieces (stone, shell, feather, candle and your most meaningful shamanic medicine piece as shown in the PMT Basic Mesa diagram provided, click here to access it)
  3. Any other power objects and/or ritual artifacts able to fit within your 24” x 24” ceremonial space that you are led to bring
  4. A sacred sound maker(s) of your choice
  5. A ½ cup sampling each of soil, water, and fresh or dry plant material of your choice taken from the most immediate natural environment to where you live
  6. A fist sized stone relative (rock) and five secondary smaller quartz and/or granite type stones
  7. A black top and white slacks/skirts for ceremonial dress
  8. A printed photographic copy of your most cherished spirit guide
  9. A printed photographic copy of your most respected living or deceased traditional wisdom keeper
  10. A printed photographic copy of your ideal Self


Thursday, September 20

3-6pm Check-in

6-7pm Dinner

8-10:30pm Lodge

Friday, September 21

8-9am Breakfast

10am-12pm Lodge

12:30-1:30pm Lunch

2-5pm Lodge

6-7pm Dinner

8-10:30pm Lodge

Saturday, September 22 (Fall Equinox)

8-9am Breakfast

10am-12pm Lodge

12:30-1:30pm Lunch

2-5pm Lodge

6-7pm Dinner

8-10:30pm: Fall Equinox Ceremony

Sunday, September 23

7:30-11am Check-out

8-9am Breakfast

10am-12pm- Closing

12-1pm Lunch & Departure

Check-Out is at 11am on Sunday. You may check-out early before the morning session begins. There will be safe places to put your luggage.

*** Please Note the Schedule is subject to change

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Intiq Wiracocha’s Return: A Shamanic Awakening of Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Healing in Our Lives
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Intiq Wiracocha’s Return: A Shamanic Awakening of Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Healing in Our Lives

at Menla Retreat & Spa

  • Sep 20, 2018 - Sep 23, 2018 (4 days)


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