11 Day Women's Traditional Ayahuasca Dieta | March 2018 | Sacred Valley | Peru

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March 12th - 22nd 2018

 ~ 11 Day Women’s Traditional Ayahuasca Dieta ~ Sacred Valley ~ Peru

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Back to the ancient days of time women have always gathered together in ceremonial ways. This has been a practice which transcends all cultures and can be found throughout the world. There is deep power when we come together as women with intention. A time to awaken and feed the sacred feminine inside of each of us. A time set aside to heal, to let go, to nourish our hearts and spirits, connect with ourselves and remember and discover our deepest gifts.

We are only looking for those who are seriously interested in doing deep work. Ayahuasca work is not easy. It is not a magic pill nor do we make any promises for anything. That said we hold these retreats with utmost integrity and care and have watched miracles take place time and time again.

This retreat is a very special retreat that will be a woven tapestry of love and medicine for these times.

5 Ayahuasca ceremoniesPersonal consultation with Maestra ManuelaQero fire ceremony and despachoTraditional native women’s teachingsTalking circlesSacred HikesWoman’s pipe ceremonyLoving healthy mealsYogaWriting meditationsPeruvian challa flower blessingChanging woman ceremony

Sitting in the ancient mountains of the Sacred Valley in Peru, with a Shipiba maestra with over 35 years of experience and training in the plant medicines of the Amazon jungle.

We will open with a traditional Despacho with the Qero elders from the land we are on.

We always honor the land and traditional territories of those who walked before us.

A little about the the eagle and the condor prophecy :

There have been many prophecies shared in circles and ceremonies about the eagle and the condor. The eagle representing North-America, the condor South-America. The eagle, the masculine, the condor the feminine. The prophecy calls for a time of balance that is coming, where the eagle and the condor will share the same sky. A merging of the northern and southern Peoples and nations to share in medicine and healing for our planet. One prophecy shares how the eagle has gotten lost and the condor has come to show eagle the way home. The way back into balance is by allowing and following the energies of the sacred feminine.

As we invite all participants to come and journey in the depth of medicine work we are working with indigenous lineage holders who are true wisdom keepers and carriers of knowledge and magic. And it is a true gift to sit and share together in a sacred circle of women.

Maestra Manuela Mahua

Onanya Ainbo (Shaman Woman) Manuela comes from a long-standing and well-respected family lineage of Shipibo healers in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon.

She is 70 years old with nearly 50 years of experience working with the medicine. She began drinking Ayahuasca with her father at age 13.

She has a vast knowledge and understanding of the natural pharmacy. At the age of 30 she nearly died of an inflammatory disease. Manuela was able to cure herself using specific Amazonian plants she learned of from her Grandfather.

The totem of the Mahua lineage is the flying tree, Palo Volador, known as Noyarao: The Tree of Light. Many years of dieta with this tree has helped Manuela become a powerful and potent healer.

She is a beautiful energy to be around and has an amazing laugh that will keep you smiling forever! It is a true gift that women like her still exist in this rapidly changing modern world and we feel truly honoured to have the opportunity to work with her.

Even today she heals and teaches, both Shipibo and foreigners, and she continues to undertake diets to learn more and gain more healing power.

Manuela is an incredibly generous and positive force, and in each ceremony she always makes sure to work on each participant individually in ceremony through singing her incredible variety of healing songs (called ikaros).

In a rapidly changing and expanding modern world, it is a true blessing that women such as her still exist today. We feel very blessed and grateful to be able to do this type of work with grandmother wisdom carriers who continue to share the knowledge of Spirit and the Earths kindness with us in ceremony.

Athena Guzman-Poole

I have been studying alternative medicine, healing and shamanism for the last 11 years, and what started off as an interest to heal a sick family member, turned into the path where my feet would guide me forward and not turn back Whether i liked it or not! I have been very blessed to sit with many different elders and wisdom carriers, shamans, teachers, monks, lamas, and studied countless healing modalities, all that have passed on many blessings and teachings and insight.

Though i will say, the deepest teachings and awakenings that have transformed into actual skills that are in service have birthed from the dark nights of the soul that have taught me to love greater than I thought was possible. As a young child I was extremely sensitive, as well as difficult, but always had the ability to move between worlds and always had a gift of sight and dreams.

I grew up in a missionary community where on Friday nights i would sing and dance for God until 2 in the morning sometimes. I watched people from the poor Asian communities in the church, fall over with spirit, speak in tongues and then miraculously heal ailments. It was instilled in me from a very young age, that the power of belief had the power to birth a miracle. Though there was a definite religious and hyper masculine undertone that sadly was abused by those in power. My quench for spirit was awake in me and prayer a deeply rooted prayerful practice.

I began working with a traditional shipibo plant medicine lineage in 2010, and over the years I have been dieting and studying fairly intensely with a beautiful lineage, spending months at a time in retreat in traditional dieta in Peru.

I bring a lot of experience and love to the table for those who want to dive deep onto their path and souls journey.

I currently run earth elemental healing, a Healing, body work and sound therapy practice that has supported many people on their life journey. As well as also facilitates classes, workshops, rituals, training, ceremonies and women’s mystery work. I am the mother of two beautiful children. An aspiring Herbalist, Life Coach, Yoga teacher,  Doula and Musician.  A global mut, Born in Greece, and raised in the Philippine islands. My father Indigenous Venezuelan, and my amazing supportive mother South African.  I carry in my pockets, and my heart a deep unwavering love for this Earth and its wisdom and i am deeply devoted to the healing and evolution of humanity. I will never give up on you and will always believe in you.

We feel so very grateful to welcome you on the sacred journey of retreat and ritual with the ancient plant medicine Ayahuasca.

This retreat is a weaving of cultures and medicines as we dive into our ancestral knowing and truth as women on this planet coming together in circle to do the healing work that needs to be done.

We know the world we are in deeply needs to healing, and the best place to start is within ourselves.

Using a shamanic based health care practice, we invite women to come work with different healers and the old plant doctors to heal, let go, and awaken that which wants to come forward as well as tap into the indigenous wisdom that we are blessed is still here and readily available today.

We will be working alongside a tradtional shipibo ayahuasquera/currandera or healer that comes from a long lineage of healers from the amazon basin. Trained since childhood, and serving as an incredible resource of knowledge and wisdom. A masterful beautiful loving and kind teacher and healer who embodies feminine wisdom and earth medicines in her essence. Mama Manuela is a gift to sit with in every way.

Participants also will have the support of experienced facilitators who are there for anything that comes up during the process of retreat. Ceremonies are grounded into practices and activities such as yoga, writing meditations, integration visualizations, pipe ceremony and changing woman ceremony.

We know that every single woman who comes is meant to come and there are no accidents. If you feel to come and join us, we welcome you on this amazing journey of the soul.

If you have any questions, please just be in touch ! We are happy to communicate via email, phone or Skype. We understand it is a big commitment for  participants to jump into this type of healing work, and want to honor the process before, during and after.

(contact info blocked)

Sample Schedule:

Day 1

Arrival to the center, traditional Qero Fire and Coca ceremony. Dinner and settling into rooms. Pick up and drive to the retreat centre. Lunch by our wonderful cook, and then a circle of introduction and connection between the group. In the afternoon we will Sit by the fire and share together in coca ceremony. Qero elder will lead share in some teachings about the sacred valley, condor, mountains, hummingbird and mother earth. As well as taking time to sit and ask permission and support from the land to do this deep healing work.

Followed by lovely dinner.

Day 2

Opening circle, Ayahuasca discussion and Preparation for retreat. Ayahuasca Discussion and Preparation. This day is meant to not be too busy, as it the first of two ceremonies back to back. So we encourage rest, journaling, and walks in the mountains for those inspired.

Ayahuasca Ceremony # 1

Day 3

Rest after ceremony, Prayer Mandala made of seeds. Integration after ceremony is encouraged. In the afternoon we create a prayer Mandala made of beautiful seeds from the mountains. It is a beautiful piece of creative feminine art that we weave together with intention, song, focus and love.

Ayahuasca ceremony # 2

Day 4

Rest day and integration. Talking circle to share and connect about the ceremonies in group setting, followed by a nice healthy Dinner

Day 5

Womens Water Ceremony. Tapping into the trust and power of our walk as women and the divine feminine that lives inside of us. Lunch, followed by preparation for ceremony.

Ayahuasca ceremony # 3

Day 6

Writing morning meditation, Integration, Hike up the mountains. We will begin the morning with a writing meditation focused on writing prompts that inspire deeper reflection, visions and dreams. And encourage Rest and an afternoon hike. Connecting with maestra and facilitators about the process unfolding.

Day 7

Traditional Peruvian Rose Petal Challa blessing. Mid afternoon depending on the sunshine we will organize the Challa Blessing. It is a beautiful blessing with rose petal infused intentions. It is a Peruvian ceremony of celebration and prayer and honoring of the sacred gifts we all carry. A delicious dinner to follow.

Ayahuasca Ceremony # 4

Day 8

Ceremonial integration, and talking circle. Breakfast, Rest and integration is encouraged especially days after ceremony. So much can come up and be unpacked in one night. Nothing is mandatory of course, and everyone is encouraged to listen to what feels best.

For activities, we suggest a hike in the afternoon up the mountains, rest in the hammocks, or sitting in the sunshine with some pastels and paper, a good book, or some sisterly conversations. Followed by a Gourmet Healthy Dinner tonight

Day 9

Unlocking the voice meditation. In the afternoon we will do an unlocking the voice workshop/ meditation. Sound healing and intentional focus to clear and open our creative channels.

In the evening we will have our Final Arkana Ceremony – Ayahuasca Ceremony #5

Arkana ceremony is a traditional practice where the work is sealed in. Participants are sung a special song of protection and love to honor all the work. This is a special important ceremony of closure.

Day 10

Final day, is a day of beautiful integration and connection. We will have a gentle morning, followed by the Changing Woman ceremony that will take place in the afternoon. A  Navaho ceremony that was passed on, and calls in the spirit of changing woman to bring in the changes we are calling into our lives for the better.

Day 11

Pictures, Packing, Seed prayers offered to the water before our departure. Big hugs and goodbyes.Van drives back to the hotel in Pisac.

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  • Cameron Wenaus   July 20, 2019

      Clear, clean and powerful.

    Working with Athena and Jermey was a direct transmission of simplicity, clarity and humility. I very much appreciated the care and guidance she constantly gave during ceremony. I also appreciated that there wasn't anything 'extra' no apparent ego was interwoven in the ceremony. That is a trait I usually see in buddhist teachers so I really appreciated that in ceremony. Lots of laughter and gentleness. Also it was one of the most powerful ceremonies of my life which I'm still working to unpack. A deep thank you for holding such elegant space for me to do my work.

  • Vas Ka   July 20, 2019

      Beautiful soul

    I did a week long retreat with Athena and had the most beautiful and life changing experience of my life! It's hard to describe the feeling of having her around in the best way possible. She is there when you need her or help in general, but only in the right moments when you are ready to receive. She is very loving and caring and has helped me personally break down a few walls that I was putting in my own path. Any chance I could have to spend more time with her, I would gladly take in a second. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to meet her and learn from her and patiently await the next time I see her and all the beautiful ladies that were part of the retreat. Thank you so much for everything Athena <3

  • Michelle Kormos   July 12, 2019

      A powerful, grounded, compassionate and wise woman. A storyteller.

    I attended a two day retreat with Athena in 2018. Being in ceremony with Athena was such a blessing, she created the environment, and initiated a process that allowed me to dive deep within. Athena provided a grounding fulcrum which I was able to use to anchor myself while I journeyed. She created a safe, sacred space for healing. She took the time to ensure each individual under her care was well. I felt deeply cared for. She provided me with some support that was specific to my needs and it it helped me tremendously. In ceremony I witnessed many spirits come through Athena as she guided our group - the hummingbird, the wolf, the bear, the wise elder - many spirits shared their voices. She is a story teller, a singer, a healer, a carrier and protector of the medicine. Thank you Athena - truly.

  • Kristina Coons   July 08, 2019

      A true teacher

    I am very blessed to have found true teachers in my life. I consider Athena (and her partner Jeremy) to be two of those. Athena is real, allowing space for you to grow and rise and expand in your own gifts and become empowered to heal yourself. She does an amazing job of leaving her ego away from ceremony so that the purity of the work may come through. I never knew what to expect from a ceremony, but I felt so safe and supported that I continue to get called back! I appreciate and respect everything she does. She truly walks her talk and is an incredible soul to be in the presence of. I recommend connecting with her in whatever capacity to are feeling called to. Your life will be uplifted.

  • Leigh   June 30, 2019

      A gift from Great Spirit

    Working with and sitting with Athena in ceremony for a few years now has completely changed my life in such a beautiful way. When I first met this amazing sister and medicine woman I was in such despair and my life was not working on many different planes. Through gentle guidance, clearing and transmission of light, she has seen me through a miraculous transformation in my life and being. I now am so much lighter, joyful and carry my own medicine with a grounded sense of being, love and compassion for myself and others. I am forever grateful for this beautiful spirit.

  • Judy Wang   June 30, 2019

      True healer

    I first worked with Athena in 2016, when I was finishing my studies. The years leading to that point was a heady mixture of adventures and tumult. Desperate to recover my health and sanity, I looked at a number of healing retreats before coming across Athena. I felt an electrical connection right away. Her international upbringing made it likely that I could trust her with the particular wounds that come with growing up in multiple cultures. When I reached out to her, I was expecting a brief and impersonal response, but what I got was a sincere note that acknowledged my journey. Health and safety are of the utmost importance to me. Athena’s personal touch made me feel she would look after me. Three years and many retreats later, I feel the same way. The beautiful souls she shares her practice with, Gigi, Mahsa, and Jeremy, are a reflection of the love and integrity she lives by. In ceremonies, I am especially impressed by the deftness with which she guides wayward attention to a grounded state. She is able to do so in ceremonies that last the whole night and move through different phases. I am grateful to sit with a maestra who understands my desire to go deep and is compassionate toward what arises. I will forever remember the time when we spent the night in the ceremonial space after one of the most meaningful experiences in my life. As night turned into morning, she called my name to see if I was asleep. I heard her but was too exhausted to respond. Still she whispered to me, "Buenas noches, hermana." Then she made her way to the exit, every sock-muffled footstep a kiss.

  • James Binnie   June 29, 2019

      Gifted intuitive healer

    Athena is a powerful and graceful facilitator who posseses a very deep well of experience. She is very intuitive, compassionate and capable of channelling and holding powerful energies. She is a natural healer. I have been to 13 ceremonies she has facilitated and have always felt safe with her and in expert hands. If you're looking for someone who walks the walk Athena is your woman.

  • Kelly Bateson   June 28, 2019

      There are no words ♥️

    Joining Athena on retreat may have been the most powerful week of my life! So much healing, so much transformation and there are truly no words for the immense amount of gratitude I feel for her and the most important work she is doing. I am incredibly honored to have been able to work with such a powerful healer and am looking forward to working with her again. At her retreat I felt safe, loved and so deeply cared for. I can’t even express how full my heart was, coming home after just 7 days. If you are called to the medicine and need to work with a healer who is not only doing her own work but also committed to a path of integrity, Athena is your girl! Hands down the retreat I’ve been to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment to this path Athena!!!

  • Katie Greenwood   June 27, 2019

      Light in the Darkness

    I met Athena and Jeremy over a year ago when I had the blessing of sitting with them in ceremony that they facilitated. Immediately, I know I was in a safe and sacred space and in the presence of genuine healers. Their medicine is beautiful and powerful and has helped me so much on my journey. I have also had many healing sessions with Athena. She truly is the light for me as I navigate a deep soul journey. She has supported and been there to guide me when I need her most. I am so grateful to have found such a beautiful soul sister. Anyone would be blessed to work with her. Much love and gratitude 🙏❤️

  • Ryan Grant   June 27, 2019

      One of a kind

    I've had the immense pleasure of taking part in three separate plant medicine ceremonies with Athena and her husband Jeremy. As someone who has incredible difficulty in 'letting go', I immediately felt so comfortable with Athena's attention to detail surrounding all aspects of the ceremony. In my last ceremony with them, I was having a difficult time (still struggling to 'let go') and was constantly being brought back to my centre by Athena and her incredibly kind, nurturing spirit. I LOVE how Athena brings the best of the ceremonial traditions from Peru but also mixes that in with an upbringing in more traditional Western culture. So amazing and unique to sit with someone who is so incredibly knowledgeable with the ancient ways but yet can also relate to the modern world! Athena was also so attentive to proper integration and followed up, regularly checking in with me to see how I was doing or to see if I had any questions. I soooooo highly recommend Athena to anyone that is looking at going down this path of inner discovery!!

  • Anne-Lotta Schubert   February 08, 2016

      The wisdom within

    There is a very fine and beautiful quality to Athena's work as a medicine woman and healer. She is brave, strong and bold and touched me so much with her ability to connect with me on a very transcendent, deep level. With her I was able to finally work on and face some of my rather deep rooted issues - so much so that I was able to move on, change and step towards the light. Experiencing her working with song and touch is such a special beautiful treat and resonated with my body and soul for a long time.I found true inspiration in her work with me and would highly recommend Athena to anyone who is seeking true healing, being rooted and enlightenment.

  • Carole Luz Trepanier   January 19, 2016

      Power Woman

    Athena has been instrumental to my personal healing journey. In her grounded, nurturing way, she has held sacred space, invoked spirit, gathered the women, sung to the bones, guided journeys, voiced her heart, unearthed the depths, birthed the new, and seen through-and-through. I am ever-grateful for her wise and loving offering. Highly recommended.

  • Christian Schmiedel   January 15, 2016

      Dedicated Spirit

    I have known Athena and her family for many years now and very much admire the congruency between their ideals and the life-path they have chosen to create for themselves. I have been to many events and some ceremonies hosted by Athena and Jeremy and have always come back with a better sense of my own definition and place in the world. Athena is a healer whose kindness, dedication and reverence for Spirit and our Earth-Mother are evident at first glance. Many have been the occasions where I have felt gratitude for the gifts she shares so freely and wisely. Medicine Woman is she... dedicated to the healing and harmony of all her relations. Blessed are those who are fortunate enough to work with her.

  • Lynn MacDonald   January 14, 2016

      Athena is a shining light and a gentle spirit

    Athena is a wonderful guide for healing and wholeness. She brings her authentic nature with all of her own healing experiences to each interaction and we are left feeling supported and nurtured on our own paths. Working with Athena, I was able to connect with a deep healing part of myself and I was able to tap into my own inner wisdom. Thank you so much Athena. I would recommend joining any retreat or healing experience where Athena is facilitating. You will be in amazing hands.

  • Mary Stavrou   January 13, 2016

      A Old and Wise Soul in a Young Body

    I have enjoyed two retreats with Athena. The type of spiritual retreats that Athena guides you through are not for the faint of heart. If you are going to be guided you must know deeply in your heart you can trust your guide. Athena is that person for me. She is a soft and loving and yet strong and firm. She resonates Mother essence. I trust her implicitly to guide me through the experiences for the highest good of my soul. Each experience, through her guidance/presence, has deepened my connection to myself, higher self and nature. I am extremely grateful for all she has done for me. I look forward to the retreats she brings to our community. Even as I read these words, they seem inadequate to communicate how deeply she has touched me. Thank you so much Athena....

  • Robyn Brehaut   January 13, 2016

      Soul Sister

    I worked with Athena in ceremony this past year, and was aware of the strength and magic she holds through her heart and voice. She walks in integrity both in this world and the spirit world. She holds a strong protective container for those under her watch in ceremony. Athena is following her heart path offering this work, and is dedicated to tradition but also to her own soul's wisdom that has come here at this time for all of us who are called to work with her. Athena has a pure heart and this comes through her work in a beautiful way. I would recommend her to anyone searching for a loving, accepting, safe space to dive into their deep inner work.

  • Carolyn Ranger   March 26, 2015

      precious gem

    I first met Athena over a year ago when I was feeling unwell. A common friend had referred me for a massage. I did not know I was in for such a treat. It turned out to be much more than I had expected. From the very beginning, she demonstrated compassion and listening skills which immediately put me at ease. She proceed with a thorough treatment during which she sang. I was shocked, her voice and songs were so soothing. She was careful and considerate and even played in my hair, I felt nurtured, in good hands. I am so grateful for meeting Athena. Of course, I wanted to see her again. Luckily, I did and I discovered a very generous and knowledgeable woman. Since I was going to South America to pursue my search for alternative therapies, she referred me to a shaman from whom she had been learning for some time. He spoke very highly of Athena. Thanks to her support, I had an unforgettable experience in Peru. Upon returning home, I was eager to connect again. She hosted a changing woman ceremony to which I participated. Prior to the event, she maintained harmonious correspondence with the participants. The day was well planned and filled with activities tailored to the group and appropriate to its intention. I felt very comfortable and safe in the space she had created although I did not know anyone else. By the end of the day, this inspiring group of women came together to form a tender sister hood. Her devotion to healing arts proved to be outstanding although she is humble about her extensive learning journey. On another occasion, I attended an Ecstatic dance event that she was hosting. Her positive energy and enthusiasm were contagious. Again, she was able to create a safe space in which I was able to let go and feel relaxed. Her contributions to the community are greatly appreciated and very inspiring. Naomi is an incredible facilitator and truly dedicated to helping others. I can't wait for the privilege to share space with her again. I know in my heart and deep in my soul, that she has played an important role in my recuperation and healing. I am forever grateful.

  • Saira Monica   March 16, 2015

      Athena is a shining light

    Taking a retreat with Athena is an uplifting experience. She will take you on a journey into the heart of who you are, where you will find strength, courage, and wisdom. Athena is a highly intuitive woman. She cares deeply, helping to illuminate the path for those who choose to walk with her. I look forward to joining her in ceremony again soon.

  • Zoe Guzman   March 15, 2015

      Amazing Retreats!

    I've been blessed to be a part of several of Athena's retreats. Athena has the ability to create a sacred and safe space. Each retreat I've been to I found tremendous healing and transformation. The facilitation and step by step process allowed me to go to new found depths. I highly recommend any retreat Athena has to offer. I also had the privilege of receiving a massage by Athena. She is skilled with her hands and has trained extensively to understand the body. Her massages are full of medicine songs making them incredibly potent. I've left feeling a million times lighter. 5 stars for sure!!

  • Christina Masotti   March 03, 2015

      Getting to Know a Shining Star

    I am happy to share here my experiences with Athena, both as a person and as a leader in Ceremony. I have engaged in Ceremony within community for many many years, so I know when the space and people are cared for and regarded as sacred. Working and getting to know Athena over the last couple years has been wonderful. Sign of the changing times where the sacred feminine and their innate gifts are emerging once again for all to learn and heal by. What the world needs are authentic, wise, and gentle leaders of ceremony, and Athena fits this bill 100%. She holds space, ceremony, and wisdom as well as any I have had the honor to sit with. Blessings Athena and all who are graced to work with her through this journey call life.

  • Craolyn LaWl   March 02, 2015

      Healing Hands :)

    How to begin describing Athena? She is a beautiful, kind, generous woman who seeks only to walk with healing footsteps across this earth’s journey. I have known Athena for many years and have been touched by her spirit’s powerful healing nature. There was one time I could barely move around or bend over without feeling such awful back pain and without asking me for anything, she asked if she could help me. She sang her beautiful soothing songs and used her magical hands to move some of the pain out of my back. I became functional again that day after days of suffering. This is but one account of the many times I have thereafter seeked to receive her help, from counselling to physical ailments; she has an all round holistic approach to healing and does her best to offer you what you need with a fair exchange. Athena has helped transform my way of seeing the world for the better and has activated positive growth in many lives. I am so blessed that our paths have crossed and grateful to her in so many ways. May your paths cross as well! :)

  • Ed Simon   February 26, 2015

      A truly gifted inspirational healer

    I have had the blessing of knowing Athena several years – and though I have been to many of her events over that time, I am struck by what incredibly strong, wonderful memories I have of ones that happened even years ago. And in one-to-one sessions, her clarity and spiritual insight is unmistakable. Athena is truly gifted healer, musician, muse, advisor, and nurturer; I feel so fortunate to know this infinitely generous and loving person. In all her deeds, she exhibits so much remarkable drive and inspiration; spending time with her is a delight one will always treasure.

  • Alexandra   February 26, 2015

      A wise woman

    I have sat in ceremonies and events that Athena has hosted, facilitated or organized, many, many times now. Each time is as transformative as the last and I always walk away grateful and filled with life again. I find Athena has a gift for intuiting the direction and creating the space needed for the people that show up. Her medicine, skill, knowledge and presence are very unique and down to earth. You will find a strong, loving and humble woman, walking this ancient path that we all are walking, and filling her medicine bag to share with those around her. I appreciate her guidance and direction in ceremony, as well as the ample room she leaves for my own wisdom and healing to arrive. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found her and to know that I can always come back to sit in ceremony with her and remember the beauty of life again.

  • Steven Daniluk   February 25, 2015

      Authentic Magic

    Athena possesses an innate power and depth of spirit. In a world flooded by 'eager to lead' organizers her extent and earnestness of development is both deeply comforting and inspirational. Athena has invoked several fundamental developments within me, in both ceremony and waking life. If there is ever a chance to draw from this authentic spiritual guild and medicine woman I would highly recommend you seize the opportunity.

  • Tahtianna   February 25, 2015

      Mother to all

    Athena is a brilliant Light in this world. I am truly blessed to be held and supported on my journey by her love and wisdom. Athena is a gifted and talented healer who brings a deep sense of benevolent love to all as she facilitates one's own inner healing. She sings like an angel, has a mega-watt smile, and knows how to laugh and forgive. She helped me find my voice, my integrity, and my passion. She sees people for who they really are inside, and honours one's inner spirit. She has been my teacher for many years, and for that, I am extremely grateful. If you ever feel called to sit in ceremony or receive a healing massage with her, you are in for a treat. May the Great Spirit bless all you beautiful souls. Thank you Athena for bringing all that you bring to this planet!

  • Caroline Dowell   February 20, 2015

      a beautiful heart

    "In all she touches, Athena continues to leave one with a deep sense of groundedness, caring and creativity - a breath of fresh air, just when you need one. Her love and admiration for all of life is truly a prize." - A. Porter

  • Juan Escobar   February 11, 2015

      A Natural Healer

    What you are first struck by when you meet Athena, is her incandescent smile. It is genuine and comes from her heart. It is an outward reflection of her love, caring and desire to be of service to anyone in need, and to the larger project of healing and making this world a slightly better place. I have had the good fortune to be in dieta with her, and have seen first hand her dedication to the medicine and her deep love and dedication to the sometimes challenging work that this path can entail. She is a true wise-woman, who brings her own unique blend of caring, grace, humor and wit to the work of healing and personal transformation. Count yourself blessed if you ever have a chance to work with her:)

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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