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12 Day Visionary Medicine Retreats

Discover incredible emotional healing, new awarenesses, and a fresh perspective into your life in these NEW TWELVE DAY RETREATS at our beautiful rainforest healing center, Santuario! Under the safe guidance of Maestro Santiago Enrrique Melendez and his partner, Ayme,  you will embark on the fascinating pathway of Amazonian “Vegetalismo” or Amazonian plant spirit medicine: authentic practices and pure medicine in a safe and nurturing environment. Set on a world wonder, a boiling river, in virgin Amazon rainforest, there is an incredible natural magic at Santuario Huishtin. There is simply no better place in the world to experience the medicine for the first time.

Ayahuasca + Plant Dieta

During our unique 12 day retreats, you will work with the sacred vine, ayahuasca, and participate in a 12 Day Plant Dieta with a plant considered important as both a teacher and healer of the Amazon. Each plant listed below possesses their own unique qualities, healing properties, and teachings that will stay with you for the rest of your life! Simply choose the plant that calls to you and specify this plant in your registration.

Ajo Sacha (Masoa alliacea)

The “opener of the way” in Amazonian shamanic tradition, ajo sacha  has been used for centuries against saladera (a run of bad luck), to banish negative energy from your mind and body, strengthens the senses, and intensify your will power in the face of adversity. A Dieta with Ajo Sacha can also strengthen your visionary powers while in ceremony and is considered a powerful dream teacher. Please visit this link for more information about the 12 Day Power Retreat with Ajo Sacha.

Mucura (Petiveria Alliacea)

Known commonly “Anamu,”  medicine made the roots of the mucura plant is one of the most potent tonics in the rainforest for cleansing and removing the body of toxins. A plant dieta with mucura can help you overcome social anxiety, build self confidence and develops a stronger and more integrated sense of self! Please visit this link to learn more about the Mucura 12 Day Power Retreat

Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia)

A Plant Dieta with Bobinsana can induce lucid and colourful dreams and has been dieted to enhance empathy, compassion, clarity, and concentration! The bark tincture for rheumatism, arthritis, colds, uterine disorders, and edema (water retention). According to Raintree, it has been used also as a treatment for uterine cancer.

Retreat Price: 1199 USD  

All retreats have flexible dates (you choose the dates) and include all medicine, ceremonies, food, and accommodation at the center.

Come to Santuario and Revolutionize the Way you See the World.





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