Autumn Yoga & Meditation Retreat - Oxfordshire

  • Oxfordshire
  • Nov 9 - 11, 2018 (3 days)
  • £299- £340 -

About This Event

Join me for a rejuvenating weekend of yoga, meditation and relaxation at this charming country house. A special haven to be still, calm the mind and energise yourself.

The Venue: Braziers Park is a community, a residential college and an architectural treasure hidden deep in the south Oxfordshire countryside in an area of outstanding natural beauty. It was founded in 1950 as an educational trust. Community members share responsibility for running the mansion house (a Grade II* listed building), 55 acres of land, organic kitchen garden and livestock, facilitating courses and organising events assisted by visiting volunteers from around the world.

There will be morning & evening Yoga classes. Guided mindfulness Meditation, Pranayama ( Ancient Yogic breathing techniques) & relaxation ( Yoga nidra ) in the evenings. There will be plenty of opportunity to socialise and meet like minded people. If you’re an outdoors person, you can walk and explore the wild beauty of the woodland countryside during your stay. It also offers a cosy haven for anyone who wishes to chill out by the real log fire or tuck yourself away in the study to read a book or have a massage/one on one yoga session ( extra cost) You’ll be eating delicious organic and homegrown, vegetarian food.

My retreats attract every level of practitioner. I always have a mixture of people attending. I can cater for beginners to advanced. The style of Yoga varies too as I’ve trained in quite a few disciplines, such as Sivananda ( Hatha style ) and Ashtanga. I really work with the feel of the group and meet the needs and requirements of my class participants in that moment, adapting with modifications or more challenging versions of the postures for those who want the option.

We'll start with a 2 hour yoga & meditation session on Friday night to ease us into the weekend, followed by dinner. Yoga will be held in the drawing room. In the classes, I will be giving personal adjustments to correct postures and guiding you through the breath ( pranayama ) and meditation. Please bring your own mats. Thank you

3.30pm arrival
4.30-6.30pm – Welcome talk. Yoga, meditation & relaxation class
7pm dinner
( You can help yourself to Tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit anytime )

8-9.30am Yoga class
9.30am breakfast
Free time to socialise, do country walks, relax or book a massage/yoga session ( extra cost )
1.30 Lunch
4pm tea/coffee break
4.30pm-6.30pm Yoga, meditation, relaxation class
7pm dinner

8-9.30am Yoga class
9.30am breakfast
Free time to socialise, do country walks, relax or book a massage/yoga session ( extra cost )
12-1pm Final group meditation
1.30pm Lunch
3.30pm time to say goodbye

Accommodation: All bedrooms are comfortable have remained their natural features. Most bedrooms have a sink. Bathrooms are communal.

There is also free parking and Wifi areas

Travel: Braziers Park is less than 1.5 hours from London. I’m happy to organise lift sharing where possible. For full travel details go to Braziers Park website: (contact info blocked)

Braziers Park, Ipsden, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 6AN Tel: (contact info blocked)

Autumn Retreat (2 nights ) : £299 shared room, £340 Single. The cost includes all Yoga & meditation classes. Accommodation and all 3 meals and snacks, which will be delicious homemade/homegrown organic vegetarian food. Beautiful nature walks. Log fires. There will be plenty of opportunity to socialise and meet like minded people.If you’re an outdoors person, you can explore the wild beauty of the woodland countryside during your stay. It also offers a cosy haven for anyone who wishes to chill out by the real log fire or tuck your self away in the study to read a book or have a massage/one on one yoga session ( extra cost). It is your responsibility to have an up to date fully comprehensive travel insurance.

Please send a non refundable/transferable deposit of £120 to Ladan Soltani by bank transfer. Email me for details: (contact info blocked). W: (contact info blocked) The balance is due by the end of September 2018. All Bookings made after the cut off dates should be paid in full.

Please note, all cancellations are non-refundable/transferrable.

The retreat welcomes all levels of practitioners!



Thank you for an incredible experience this weekend. I have learned so much and feel so privileged to have shared the whole experience with such an amazing group of people.I am still feeling all the positive energy from the weekend. I have enjoyed your classes so much over the past year or so and am so pleased that I decided to come on my first yoga retreat with you.

It was a wonderful weekend for so many reasons. I loved Braziers Park. It’s such a beautiful house and grounds and it was so lovely to be in the gorgeous Oxfordshire countryside with all the autumn colours. The food was delicious and it was a cosy, comfortable, welcoming place to be and just switch off from everyday life. One of the most special things about the weekend was the amazing group of people I got to share it with.

It really did feel like we were one big family and everyone was so open and supportive and lots of fun! I hope that some of us will see each other again in the future. I learnt so much over the three days in each of the practices that you lead us through and particularly enjoyed starting my day with a yoga practice, something I have yet to introduce into my normal daily routine! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion, warmth and humour and creating a beautiful space for us all to learn in.

It was the perfect first retreat for me and I can’t wait to find out about dates for next year. I’m also going to recommend the retreat to a friend of mine who started yoga recently, so I may bring her along next time too! ‘Dawn’

Hi Ladan
Just a brief note to say thank you for the brilliant yoga over the last 3 days at Braziers park. I have learnt so much and I know my practice has improved and benefited enormously from your sessions.
As a teacher myself (not of yoga!) I really appreciate high quality teaching.
Your instructions are so clear and the pace is excellent, it means that I can concentrate on my yoga without constantly wondering if I’m on the right bit or trying to look up and watch whilst my head should be down.
I also appreciated the fact that you corrected our postures and assisted us in making sure we were doing things safely and correctly. I certainly feel as though I have used all my muscles but nothing was or is painful.
I would love to be able to do a longer retreat with you abroad but probably can’t do that for a few years so in the meantime I’ve subscribed to your Youtube channel and I hope to return to a weekend one you run in the UK.

‘Sue’ x


Ladans dorset retreat was a wonderful experience. She is an experienced and playful teacher who will support and encourage you no matter what level you are at.There was lots of meditation, and time to relax and spend time in the grounds of the beautiful house we stayed in. The healing circle in particular was a powerful and unforgettable experience. This was my first yoga retreat, and I just hope my next one lives up to this one. thanks!

Suzanne xx



My first retreat with Ladan and I hope it will be the first of many. The yoga was the best ever!!! Lovely accommodation and ambience. Food wholesome and nutritious. Beautiful, amazing people whom I hope to keep company with again. A wonderful bubble I was reluctant to leave. Thank you all

Debbie Bee



Ladan ran a wonderful yoga weekend in Dorset which my husband Paul and myself attended. She was able to blend some delightful yoga practices of ashtanga, yin and pranayma with insight and honest openness. A gentle spirit indeed.

Heather Caldwell



A wonderful escape from all at this beautiful retreat in Tuscany. As a novice yogi I was a little intimidated at the thought of going on a weeks yoga retreat and leaving behind my family for the first time in years to do something just for me. With yoga every morning and meditation every evening I was nervous as I was only a once a week yogi but any fears were quickly calmed on arrival as everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The venue couldn’t have been more perfect in idyllic Tuscan countryside with wonderful fresh homemade Italian vegetarian food every evening washed down with red wine grown on the estate. The hosts entertained us as though we were family members. A wonderful place to unwind and gather your thoughts whilst challenging your body and your mind to stretch and release any tension from your working and daily life. Ladan is one of the best yoga teachers I have personally come across, spiritual yet grounded and encouraging at all levels whether beginner or experienced yogi to fulfill and exceed your own expectations. A fabulous experience all round and I’ve made some great friends along the way.

Anastasia Ward


Hi Ladan……just to say what an amazing weekend we all had with you….it certainly took me out of my comfort zone and has encouraged me to work more on bits of me that I have probably ignored and put it down to ‘age’!
THANKYOU for your care and patience…you are truly a special person!
Many blessings

Joyce xx



Attending this yoga & mediation retreat has been such a Spiritual revelation and offered me the opportunity to deepen existing. We often go outside ourselves to gain direction when in reality it is within we must go.
Downward dog took on a complete different meaning for me, I connected to the core of my being …the avocado of my soul.
Surrounded by beautiful Mother Earth in a rural setting and a truly enlightened and compassionate yogi teacher.
It was rejuvenating to be in the inner recesses of other beings whom where open to speaking there truth and share this with my soul.
Every dear soul has past wounds/soul lessons which determine how they perceive the world to be. We had conversations that crossed boundaries and I found this to be so transformative and enlightening. It was so refreshing not to have superficial conversations.
I felt this retreat was full of spiritual revelations whereby I harnessed the magic of my being and trusted my inner guide.
I am ready to experience a new way of loving and connecting to myself and other Beloved souls
Thank you to all dear beautiful souls whom made this a superb experience and booked sessions with me.

Happy <3


Ladan is a fabulous yoga teacher, and her retreats are unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Ladan is focused on helping her students develop both physically and mentally – there is always a strong focus on how yoga practice helps all of us to be more connected to one another, and the world around us.
Ladan’s yoga is varied, you never can predict what is coming next! I love the variety, and broad experience of and exposure to so many poses and styles. She’s brilliant in talking you through what to do, and has an awesome presence in a studio, while still making sure each individual yogi is on track and supported.
Personally I’ve found Ladan’s classes and retreats to be transformative – and can’t wait for the next one already.
Thank you Ladan

Maeve Fitzmaurice



Ladan is a rare combination: she is both a powerful, spiritual guide and teacher and also a thoroughly down-to-earth, gracious, warm and friendly human being. As someone who’s far from being a natural yogi, and can find “yoga wonks” a bit off putting, I found her approach refreshingly straightforward – but also motivating. She convinced me to try things I felt might be beyond me, and as a result I surprised myself as to what I could achieve – and I feel a lot better for it!
As a group leader, she has great presence, but she is refreshingly un-gurulike outside the group room. I horoughly enjoyed my retreat with her, and can recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to dip their toes (or more) into the delights of yoga!

Martin Wright



A retreat with my Ladan invites to you enjoy time with a lovely group of like minded people in a safe and supportive space with a teacher who both supports and gentle challenges you. She takes huge care to ensure that the chosen venue matches the intent of the practice and shares her personal experiences in a way that is highly relatable.
Her expertise as a yoga teacher is evident and extensive so she meets the intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs of her students in every way. The retreat is fun, challenging and hugely rewarding leaving you with a deep sense of calm and know that it was time well invested.
Laden creates a space of certainty and safely enabling her students to push and trying out new and different practices which has enabled me to leave feeling that I have learned more about myself and that I want more.
Thank you so much for the diversity of what you shared and created for us.

Lynn White



Just been on a retreat with Ladan in Dorset. I always thought that would be good but only 2 out of the 20 of us had met Ladan before. Everyone said I was so lucky to have her as my yoga teacher. Such passion and experience.

Martin Lock



I found the retreat to be at such perfect spot as Amatista, a serene villa with possibilities for walks in the surroundings and all facilities required. Your perfectly guided the sessions although we were a group with different levels of yoga experience and you could supply guidance to everyone. With in depth knowledge of yoga philosophy and experience of anatomy in regards of
practical questions you are a highly qualified mentor in the terrain of yoga, I would recommend you workshops to anyone!
Thank you so much for your energy, your guidance, your preparations, your thoughtfulness and your kindness.

Rebekka Sorli



I joined Ladan’s new year retreat in Dorset at the last minute. I’m so glad I did. Everything about the event was more than I could ask for. Ladan herself is extremely kind and I loved her teachings. She accommodates all levels of practitioner but what I loved most was her spirit and energy. I will definitely be going back for more. Thank you Ladan for a great start to my year! X

‘Vicki Kong’



I would like to thank you for your practice. I really enjoyed your classes and it is for sure going to be a big loss for me cause the practice you provide is rare to find!

Eleni Savv



Best yoga teacher I have come across.I have been following Ladan’s classes for 6 months now and Ladan has been an inspiration.Her classes are amazing, well adapted to our level, she pays close attention to our posture and gives appropriate advice when needed. She also uses incense and perfectly suited music to put us in the mood and provides us with meditative thoughts and philosophy, to enlighten/inspire us. It’s like we were transported into an Indian meditation retreat!

Claude Subrina



Brilliant! I’ve been going to Ladan’s Yoga classes for over two years now and it’s a pleasure each time I attend. Not only is she deeply passionate and knowledgable about the practice, she is also spiritual to, with each class starting and ending with a short meditation and a few words of wisdom as food for thought. Ladan is very attentive to each member no matter how large the class is, and is always giving advice and tips whenever she feels the class is not up to scratch on a particular pose. With a fun sense of humour and an honest, down to earth attitude, Ladan is an excellent yoga instructor who makes her classes a joy to be in. Highly recommended!

Enrique Lavado

''Best mentor you can wish for. Ladan is a very experienced and fun tutor. And much more than a tutor: life coach, guide, role model, inspiration… Attending her Yoga classes is like entering a nurturing sanctuary where you feel inspired, safe, supported, challenged, invigorated and just having fun. Thank you for being such an incredible human being, Ladan, emanating life force and the joy of living life'' - Richard Hadju

In contrast to the rest of the group I was an absolute beginner who suffers from arthritis. Ladan helped me to adapt my practice so that I worked within my limits and yet made huge progress over the long weekend. The fellowship within the group, facilitated by Ladan, contributed to an intense and happy weekend of friendship and well-being. Ladan guides you, not only physically, but also holistically, to be the best version of yourself you can be. It was an awesome weekend in the true sense of the word. Kathy Nourse

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