European Tour Programs: The Path of Community, Medicine & Leadership (English Speakers)

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Please take a look at this presentation for more details about these programs: Program Presentation (Eng)

For the very first time, the elder brother of our intentional community, Willka Hampi, will be traveling to Europe to share traditional tipi ceremonies, knowledge and experience about living together in sacred circle to manifest the prophecies of various ancestral traditions: a golden age of humanity.

Our unique programs- founded on the ancestral Cosmovision of the Sacred Wheel- have been created by our intentional community, who are guided by a deep and continual ceremonial process. We share sacred wisdom and practices handed down by our indigenous masters, and are guided by the sacred spirits of life to enter in the true consciousness of circle and manifest practical projects for a new society.

Program Objectives:

-To encounter our deeper purpose, motivations, and potential

-To discover how shamanism and ancient traditions can inform a mystical path of leadership formation

-To see the strategy to manifest one’s dreams through developing a practical project which embodies real consciousness

Medicine Formation Objectives:

-Learn traditional sacred chants and the mystical centering to be able to call their medicines

-Discover the authentic attitude and centering to serve the sacred spirits and learn their lessons

-Identify the subconscious conditionings of humanity and ourselves and call the medicine of their transmutation to awaken consciousness

Types of specialized programs for the European Community include

1. Community, Medicine & Leadership: Discover you higher potentialities and service to the current global ecological movement; programs for those discovering the sacred path of shamanism and wanting a safe and authentic way to work with the ancestral practices.

2. Sacred Leadership: for these programs, we invite conscious leaders and professionals involved in social and ecological projects (NGOs etc.) or those building alternative lifestyles to unite, share and work together for an expansion of our common service.

3. Deepening the process (Internal Family Process): informal programs for people who have already experienced our process in Peru and will benefit from undertaking a process in their home country to develop their personal definition and discover project strategies through a supportive dynamic within the community.

Programs include: traditional tipi/fire ceremonies (optional), daily classes and workshops catered to the theme of the particular program, circle discussions, personal mentoring, three meals per day, accommodation, class materials, chanting workshops (includes a CD and song booklet to help you learn the songs after the program) and an ‘After-Program Support’ Packet.

In July, we will be offering a special program in a retreat setting in Tuscany, Italy. This program will be for those who would like to make more ceremonies with us in a shorter period of time, surrounded by beautiful nature. Please state in the interest form if you are interested in this program as spaces are very limited. Please check the gallery and pdf document for more details.

Program dates and places are to be confirmed once we have collected the Interest Registration Forms.

If you are interested in joining one of our programs, please:

1. Read the pdf Program Presentation (Eng) for more information about the tour and programs.

2. If you would like more information about the work we do and what our programs normally look like, please check out our website (particularly our ’Study’ pages).

3. Register your interest on this page soon as possible. At this point, we ask no commitment or deposit, just information from you in order to organize the programs to suit your specific needs. In return for this information, we will add you to our priority list where you will receive notifications of precise program details and schedules, and how to enrol.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to offer to run a program at your place.


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European Tour Programs: The Path of Community, Medicine & Leadership (English Speakers)
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European Tour Programs: The Path of Community, Medicine & Leadership (English Speakers)

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