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Medicine of the Sacred Wheel: Ancestral Wisdom for a Modern World


For the very first time, the elder brother of our intentional community, Willka Hampi, will be traveling to Europe to share traditional tipi ceremonies, knowledge and experience about living together in sacred circle to manifest the prophecies of various ancestral traditions: a golden age of humanity.

Our unique programs- founded on the ancestral Cosmovision of the Sacred Wheel- have been created by our intentional community, who are guided by a deep and continual ceremonial process. We share sacred wisdom and practices handed down by our indigenous masters, and are guided by the sacred spirits of life to enter in the true consciousness of circle and manifest practical projects for a new society.

The following information (with photos) can be downloaded as a PDF here: Willka Hampi Medicine Europe

Join us in a collaborative dynamic in circle to explore the following topics:

What are our deeper subconscious motivations to manifest a new world?

What is the root of pollution and sickness contaminating our society and consciousness?

How can we form ourselves as real leaders of change in front of the challenges we face?

What is the practical strategy to change our current collective reality, and how can I personally participate to this movement?

For the first time, our intentional community and non-profit association will journey through the European lands, offering a unique approach to answer these questions. Working with the wisdom and practices of authentic ancestral traditions, we address these concerns of the modern age.

Through our program, we will:

> define and refine our motivations to participate to the global ecological movement emerging today

> learn how shamanism can be a mystical path of leadership formation

> discover the universal structure and dynamic of the Sacred Wheel and how it can potentialize all areas of one’s life, integrated into the spiritual path

> connect to authentic traditions and practices which guide us in the awakening of consciousness of our true identity and service

> practice circle consciousness, permitting us to learn how to build long-lasting and thriving intentional communities

> identify and start learning how to transmute collective subconscious conditionings (false ideologies, visions, unexamined beliefs or assumptions, mental and emotional functioning’s etc.) that block our path to manifesting a new world in the dynamic of complementarity

> explore practical strategies to manifest local grass-root projects and communities that can constitute a weaving of healthy cells up to the global level of society (e.g. through systems of representation and councils, clan enterprises)

Our community-lead programs include…

> Daily Chanting Circles

> Traditional Ceremonies

> Sweat Lodge

> Discussions in circle consciousness

> Personal mentoring and life planning

> Healthy organic vegetarian food

> Classes and workshops on such themes as…

The philosophy and dynamic of the Sacred Wheel and its application to our lives

Shamanism and the relation with Mother Earth

Shamanism and ceremonial practices – the methodology of the process of the  Sacred Path

Collective subconscious archetypes and their transmutation

How to walk the path in community

Leadership and circle consciousness

Community structure and dynamic (identifying challenges and resolve conflicts)

A new society on the base of the Sacred Wheel including:

A new system of education

Models of governance

Social structures

Systems of representation

Global and local strategy

Clan enterprise

Conscious ecology

Medical arts and sciences

Programs: Places and Dates

Available book now


  • Arezzo, Tuscany: Friday 13th – Thursday 19th July

To start off the tour, we will be uniting at a beautiful farmhouse in rural Tuscany to discover how the Sacred Wheel can inform all aspects of our personal and collective life and teach us the consciousness behind creating communities that can constitute a new world. Through two traditional ceremonies, we will re-awaken our essential connection with Nature and the spirits of ancestral traditions to be guided to our best potentiality to manifest our life’s project.

7 days, Mostly (but, as always, not limited to) English and Spanish speakers, €750 (accommodated, limited spaces)


  • Pobądz: Monday 23rd –  Sunday 29th July

For one week living in the raw natural beauty of the land of an establishing community. The emphasis will be on learning the universal sciences of the shamanic path based on the philosophy of the Sacred Wheel for community development and potentializing sustainable projects. Two traditional ceremonies will guide us in art of leadership formation.

7 days, Mostly English and Polish speakers, €600 (camping)


  • Marquixanes, Ariège: Wednesday 8th – Sunday 12th August

Returning to our roots in nature, we will be coming together to discover our potentialities through the dynamic of circle. We will encounter an ancestral vision to actualize our human resources at service to a local weaving of new communities and projects. Through one traditional ceremony and one sweat lodge, we will be guided to identify subconscious archetypes that permit us to liberate the hidden potential of both the collective and the individual.

5 days, Mostly French and Spanish speakers, €500 (camping)

  • L’Oasis de Serendip, Drôme: Saturday 18th August

Day Gathering: discussions, presentations, and chanting circle.

  • L’Oasis de Serendip, Drôme: Monday 20th August – 2nd September

At this beautiful accommodated location, we will unite representatives of inspiring communities and established organizations to define a strategy to integrate the potentiality of the Sacred Wheel into their projects, developing the consciousness of authentic leadership. Included are two traditional ceremonies and two sweat lodges, connecting us to the universally understood and ancient principles of living in clan/circle.

14 days, Mostly French and English speakers., €950 (Accommodated)

  • Brandérion, Brittany: Thursday 20th – Tuesday 25th September: Natural Medicine Program

A special program for those who want to explore the particular theme of natural medicine connected to the shamanic vision of holistic health. It will be a unique opportunity to collaborate with others who are dedicated to discover the consciousness of healing guided by Mother Nature and her medicines, to initiate a strategy on practical projects together. One traditional ceremony and one sweat lodge will guide us in the discovery of wisdom of the sacred ancestral spirits in the science of health.

5 days, Mostly French and English Speakers, €500 (camping)


  • (Place to be confirmed): Thursday 6th – Monday 10th September:

Uniting with those of the Red Path community, this five-day encountering will be an opportunity to share and deepen our process of formation in the sacred path and discover our collaboration in practical projects that can change the world we live in. One traditional ceremony and one sweat lodge.

5 days Program, English and Spanish speakers, €500 (camping)

*Weekend Encountering’s: We plan to make a few short programs of 3 days on the occasional weekend. If you are interested to attend one of these, please contact us and we will provide more details about when and where they plan to happen.


Camping Programs: As we are travelling as a big team with all our own camping equipment, unfortunately we cannot carry additional tents with us! Therefore, camping programs require you to bring your own tent and sleeping bags. We will provide the food and other basic living necessities!

Prices: We have tried to price our programs as fairly as possible considering that we are flying a large team from Peru, who will not financially gain from offering these programs. Program prices have been made to cover the costs of running the program (including rent we need to pay for the land, travel and food costs). Therefore, if you feel that these programs are worth more and you have financial means, we warmly welcome further donations which can also facilitate us to offer programs to those with less economic means.

For those who are motivated for a program but have financial difficulties, please contact us.

Program re-allocation: If the program you enrol in is not sufficiently full then we will re-allocate you to another program of your choice, or if none correspond to you, we will give you a refund.

How to Book

As we are now opening for enrolment, there is no longer the opportunity to register your only your interest in these programs. In order to secure yourself a place on one of our programs, please fill out our application form as soon as you can. Once we have received it, one of our team will contact you with information of how to pay your (non-refundable) deposit (30% of the total price of the program).

Need more info?

For more information about our community, projects, base of education and programs consult our website and our Program presentation English.

[This information (with photos) can be downloaded as a PDF here: Willka Hampi Medicine Europe]


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European Tour Programs: The Path of Community, Medicine & Leadership (English Speakers)
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European Tour Programs: The Path of Community, Medicine & Leadership (English Speakers)

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